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New Blog, New Content
10th January 2009
We are pleased to announce a NEW Reality Uncovered Blog here on the RU website. The new URL is http://www.realityuncoverd.net/blog and can also be visited by clicking the Blog menu item on each page.

Ryan Dube has posted an update to our Core Story feature, entitled "Bruce Maccabee Glimpses Behind the Curtain". This fascinating update can be read here.

Rotten to the Core - A Brief Explanation
2nd January 2009
The Core Story at its most basic level is about the “reality” of alien contact. The reality behind the Core Story however, is very different.

The Core Story was created by a small group of people, intent on perpetuating a belief in the alien contact myth in order to achieve their own, distinctly human, objectives.

This small group have used their previous employment by various government and military agencies to cement and enhance their standing within the so-called believer crowd. This larger group have done an excellent job in further spreading the myth, passing along stories and tales that they believe have come from those “in the know”.

Once the idea of the Core Story was planted, it was a fairly simple task for those within the small group to identify and target those people within the believer crowd whose pockets were deeper than most. Selling the promise of exotic alien technology or providing “proof” for those desperate for confirmation of the astounding is much more lucrative than you might think. Much, much more.

All of the above facts will be expanded upon in great detail over the coming days and weeks. The What, Who, How and Why will become very clear as we publish our evidence with each new update. Stay tuned!

Discuss this update here.

Kit Green responds favourably to Interview write-up
12th August 2008
Dr. Christopher "Kit" Green, the subject of our recent Interview report here, has responded with some glowing comments regarding the original interview and our subsequent write-up of same. You can read his comments by clicking the link.

Christopher "Kit" Green
9th August 2008
This month, Dr Christopher C. Green, a former analyst at the CIA's Office of Scientific and Weapons Intelligence, and well known personality at Reality Uncovered, provided LoveToKnow a rare and exclusive interview. Ryan Dube dissects what was said here

Alleged O'Hare UFO Photo Reveals Possible ATS Hoax
31st July 2008
Reality Uncovered member Torbjon Jensen presents a comprehensive look at the goings-on at abovetopsecret.com during the Chicago O'Hare UFO furore.
Read the article here

Serpo Uncovered - The Whole Story
8th July 2008
The Serpo section is undergoing an extensive reorganisation in order to provide ALL of the information which we uncovered during the course of our investigation. The old data doesn't tell the whole story, with the actual information being spread out over a wide area, including the RU website, the old Tacitus' website and also the forums. The new section brings everything together in one place and makes it much easier for the reader to see exactly what's what without any noises or distractions getting in the way.

Part One explains how we discovered the online identity behind the "Request Anonymous" persona.
Read it here

Feeding The Frenzy
27th June 2008
The recent sighting of an alleged UFO by the crew of the South Wales Police Helicopter has generated a veritable storm of inaccurate reporting and sensationalism by news media outlets worldwide.
RU's Stephen Broadbent attempts to shed some light on the event here

A History of Remote Viewing - Part Three
10th May 2008
Mike Jamieson continues his series focusing on the intriguing world of Remote Viewing (RV). Part Three focuses on the use of geographical coordinates to target remote locations.
Read the article here

Putting the Noise Back into the System
6th May 2008
A Postmodern Fortean analysis of Consumerism, Cargo-Cult Belief, and Ufology.
RU are pleased to present another fascinating and wonderfully written essay by respected UK author Colin Bennett. Read the article here

Project Serpo Uncovered
1st May 2008
The Serpo section is currently undergoing an extensive reorganisation in order to provide ALL of the information which we uncovered during the course of our investigation. The old data doesn't tell the whole story, with the actual information being spread out over a wide area, including the RU website, the old Tacitus' website and also the forums. This new section will bring everything together in one place and make it much easier for the reader to see exactly what's what without any noises or distractions getting in the way. Go here for the new Serpo section.

Alleged Purchase of Classified Documents Sparks Investigation
Recent reports to a U.S. Government official regarding the alleged sale of classified documents, has sparked an investigation into the individuals behind both the solicitation of the buyer, and whether the documents involved are actually authentic government documents. Read the article here

Nothing Lasts Forever - Update 2
The following blog article uncovers the motive behind the UFOlogy scam as operated by the Imaginary Intelligence Agency (IIA) outlined in our previously published “Nothing Lasts Forever” article.
Read more here

Meme Wars: **Update**
Part 2 of Colin Bennett's riveting "Meme Wars" essay has been released and is available to read here

Meme Wars: We Have an Agenda
-A Fortean Essay in Story Technology by Colin Bennett.

Following on from his guest commentary at the end of June this year, Colin expands on those thoughts in this inspired and unique take on recent events in the UFOlogy field.
Read Part 1 of this must-read article here.

Nothing Lasts Forever
We’ve all heard of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA), along with a myriad of other, acronym rich organisations tasked mostly with the job of keeping tabs on the bad guys. I think it’s a safe bet to assume that none of you have ever heard of the “Imaginary Intelligence Agency”. Read more here

The Real 'X-Files' - Is Uncle Sam a Closet UFOlogist?
A must-read article by investigative reporter and author Gus Russo that deals with the apparent involvement of several government insiders and the people they interact with in the UFOlogy field.
Click here to read this fascinating story. Reproduced in full and with the kind permission of the author.

The Witchery Way
The Skinwalker and Other Dimensions

The Skinwalker Ranch in North-eastern Utah, otherwise known as the Sherman Ranch, has a long history of paranormal phenomenon. This article, by Reality Uncovered's Ryan Dube, compares many of the phenomenon observed by the researchers at the ranch, with the long and fascinating Native American history of the area. The parallels that are uncovered when the two are placed side by side are very interesting, as well as somewhat disconcerting. Read the article here

The World Below Us
When most of us think of UFO’s or "Flying Saucers", we think of the possibility of aliens from "outer space". We think of intelligent beings which have traversed both time and space in order to reach our planet. In this article, I would like to offer an alternative scenario. One that proposes such intelligent life was with us all along. This is a scenario that suggests that they are not visiting us from above, because they’ve always been with us. Read the story here

Uncovering the Reality of US Political Military Procurement
RU Member "Max" puts into perspective the cause and effect that certain actions or inactions, on the part of US politicians, have had for the everyday common soldier fighting on the front lines.
Read the article here

911 Conspiracies - Attack on the Pentagon
Much talk about the terrorist strike of the Pentagon on 9/11 revolves around the possibility, or to some, the probability, that a missile, not an airplane, actually hit the building. This article, written from the perspective of someone familiar with the Air Traffic Control (ATC) system will attempt to shed some light on the event. Read the article here

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The Paracast Interview
RU's Stephen Broadbent (Zep Tepi) spoke with Gene Steinberg and David Biedny of The Paracast in November 2006. The interview revolved around our investigation of the Project Serpo hoax and can be downloaded here (MP3 format)

Majestic 12 - The Truman Signature
Television producer (and amateur ufologist) Jamie Shandera says he received a roll of film in the mail from an anonymous sender. Once developed, the documents consisted of an eight page briefing paper to President Eisenhower detailing a UFO crash at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947, another crash at El Indio, Texas in 1950, and listing the members of the government's special Majestic-12 or "MJ-12" UFO group. Read the article here

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