May 3, 2007

The Sky Fell

The following email is in response to Ryan D’s Update post below and is from the source identified by Dan Smith as “CoR25″.

Ryan listed a number of hypothetical situations, all of which would indeed be deemed newsworthy *if* CoR25 could or would confirm any of them.

The following response is published with the kind permission of CoR25:

Ryan is correct, as is often the case.
I also have it on pretty good authority that CoR25 would absolutely refuse to merely repeat what he has HEARD only from Dan, or read on his Blog, or in other person’s email, never RP (Although CoR25 has been accused fairly of being a gossip…this is getting a little silly…Ryan’s characterization “stupid” may be more accurate:

“RP talks to Dan extensively about eschatology and issues related to ufology – and supports and encourages Dan positively in his online Blog statements related to eschatology, ufology, and related phenomenology.
Furthermore – RP submits correspondence to Dan on various ufology issues in a supportive role, including controversial issues such as supporting Gordon Novel’s RAM project both on the Blog and monetarily (encouraging Dan to invest a few thousand dollars in Gordon’s project), investigating Rick Doty’s involvement in Serpo, and all of the other issues discussed on Dan’s Blog. RP has had Dan meet with officials, members of Congress, and even foreign delegates.
These activities appear, at least, to represent official, not personal, investment and interest in Dan Smith – a controversial figure in Eschatology, Ufology, and Phenomenology who RP has reportedly called insane and ‘sick’.”

CoR25 agrees totally with Ryan…the ABOVE statement may be deemed newsworthy by bloggers and web-sites…but since not a single statement in Ryan’s good hypothetical statement has CoR25 ever heard from RP…not one of …Ryan’s presumptions of the lack of interesting material in fact, is true.

It would appear all outstanding questions have now been answered, have they not?
Actually there is more…

Caryn Anscomb also posted an email to Dan that went to a number of recipients. CoR25, who appears in a very talkative mood this evening, responded thusly:

I would like to associate myself 100% with Caryn’s comments, and analysis.

I suspect CoR25 is alternatively becoming amused and incensed that rather than any hope of a rational explanation of “why” the R&D show being (Yawn) stated for the umpteenth time as an accident of frienship is news-worthy…he (and others are instead being increasingly played for a fool, or at a game so ill-defined as to be a Serponian Stick-ball substitute of Rugby. Naturally…just keeping people talking non-specificially is a great definition of true Narcissicism.

I really must try and find CoR25 to see if he sees anything valueable in any of this…absent any communication from the sentinal communicant…RP. CoR25 seems to have disappeared after reading the comments today.

I think CoR25 has been thunderstruck with the very thought Caryn raised…a very important hypothesis…that someone quite nasty is playing a “Bennewicz (sp) card.” If that turns out to be the case, CoR25 will himself turn really quite nasty himself and several friendships will have been abrogated and ended due to what he would consider abject betrayal of all that is reasonable and decent. The Quest will have turned to a Farce.


Where do we go from here? Is the sky still in the same place or did it just come crashing down all around us? I suspect the next few days will provide more enlightenment…

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    Glad to see the blog. Maybe I can
    more easily catch up on what’s up with the Ron and Dan show, and the related things, by reading the blog articles and their summary reports. So, there’s a Bennewitz
    dynamic operating here? Or, is that what just some people think?
    I’ll try to pore over the material when I get the time.

    Oh…so Caryn has a blog also? I saw a post referencing it, I think.

    BTW, just a little sharing of what it’s like to check in and see what’s being posted lately: spending so much time with caucus preparations AND a campaign for one of the candidates, and then to read about what Dan is up to (and this mysterious source with the coded name????), is a pretty strange shift in gears.

    Comment by Mike — May 5, 2007 @ 1:01 am

  2. avatar

    Okay, I think I’m all caught up
    now. Also found Caryn’s blog.

    Comment by Mike — May 5, 2007 @ 1:32 am

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