May 3, 2007

The Sky is Falling

The moment we have all been waiting for has finally arrived, apparently. Disclosure is upon us and officially started early this morning at 00:15 GMT.

A number of us “RU’ers” were discussing the fact that things had been relatively quiet lately, when out of the tedium popped a messenger of Dan Smith, with news of something big!
Sure enough, not long after this Dan himself contacted myself and RU co-owner Ryan D wanting to discuss the impending events. Not long after this, the following appeared on Dan’s blog:

There has been a conversation with CoR25. There was a discussion as to whether this conversation might constitute a news story. The correspondent said he would be surprised if it did rise to that level.
CoR25 said that he will confirm to whomever that there have been extensive communications between me and RP over a number of years, and that RP is well aware of my bias toward eschatology of the traditional kind.
I have had discussions with OM and RU, and they are prepared to make the case that a confirmable R&D show should rise to the level of legitimate news. Well, OM is so prepared. We’ll have to see about RU. They are welcome to call CoR25.
CoR25 was surprised that the R&D show had not already been publicly confirmed. I contended that it had not been so confirmed, and he readily consented to be the official confirmer of the R&D show.
Any questions?
I then called RP. He did not indicate that he had any problem with this ‘small’ additional step. I don’t recall that we discussed whether this should rise to the level of a legitimate news story.


As you can see from the above, Dan and others are of the opinion that a “confirmable R&D show” is legitimate news. As mentioned at the top of this post, Ryan and I had a brief Skype chat with Dan last night, amid a flurry of online activity by several individuals with close ties to the people and personalities involved. Caryn Anscomb immediately attempted to confirm what was being said by going straight to the source that Dan was using. We quickly realised not all was as it seemed.

The following is the chat transcript (copied with the permission of all participants), Caryn’s comments follow further down.

[00:15:15] Dan Smith says: disclosure starts tonight???
[00:15:21] Zep Tepi says: do tell
[00:15:26] Ryan says: well i’d call that excellent news…
[00:15:45] Dan Smith says: well, I’m supposed to blog it soon…
(Despite our requests, we never did learn who told him to blog this latest “news”)
[00:16:02] Ryan says: to what degree will CoR25 confirm?
[00:16:12] Dan Smith says: I want to run it by you all…
[00:16:18] Ryan says: ok
[00:16:21] Zep Tepi says: ok
[00:16:26] Dan Smith says: CoR25 will confirm to whomever…
[00:16:43] Dan Smith says: Sharon Weinberger???
[00:16:47] Zep Tepi says: what will he confirm?
[00:16:50] Zep Tepi says: Yes I know her
[00:16:50] Ryan says: right – confirm what? only that RP talks to you…or confirm that RP supports what you say
[00:17:14] Dan Smith says: no only talks…
[00:17:30] Dan Smith says: is that not newsworthy??
[00:17:34] Zep Tepi says: we know that already?
[00:17:43] Ryan says: not really newsworthy…that’s more than public
[00:17:50] Ryan says: sorry…shoot
[00:17:52] Dan Smith says: you know it, but Sharon does not….
[00:18:06] Zep Tepi says: maybe Sharon does not care?
[00:18:25] Ryan says: i’d be interested in her take…i hope she doesn’t just blow it off as unimportant
[00:18:30] Dan Smith says: well, that’s what we need to find out???
[00:18:52] Ryan says: it’s not as great as if CoR25 would say that RP encourages you to post what you post
[00:18:54] Ryan says: but it’s a start i guess
[00:18:56] Dan Smith says: next step…no?
[00:19:03] Ryan says: seems rather weak of CoR25, don’t you think?
[00:19:27] Ryan says: figuring, he has the capability to confirm so much more
[00:19:52] Dan Smith says: no he doesn’t about R&D…
[00:20:15] Ryan says: he doesn’t see what RP sends you on the subjects you discuss?
[00:20:19] Dan Smith says: Of course RP encourages me…
[00:20:28] Ryan says: he doesn’t “witness” RP encouraging you?
[00:20:44] Zep Tepi says: I don’t think she will be very interested in knowing someone who has a blog also talks sometimes with RP, you will need to be VERY specific when talking with her
[00:20:48] Dan Smith says: RP has sent me nothing on eschaton…
[00:21:10] Dan Smith says: specific….of course…
[00:21:13] Zep Tepi says: so again, where will this get us?
[00:21:14] Ryan says: what about ufos…aliens….RAM….remote viewing….ghosts….god….etc…
[00:21:41] Dan Smith says: all that crap comes after the eschaton stuff…
(note: Charming!)
[00:21:47] Ryan says: i think it would be newsworthy if there was confirmation that a government agent was discussing UFO’s legitimately with a civilian
[00:21:53] Ryan says: or any other paranormal topic
[00:22:07] Dan Smith says: Eschaton isw ##1 priority….No??
[00:22:17] Zep Tepi says: I don’t see it like that, unless he is talking on the record…
[00:22:18] Ryan says: Eschaton is the big picture, yes?
[00:22:30] Dan Smith says: yes…
[00:22:32] Ryan says: he’s talking to a “crazy” person…why is that?
[00:22:40] Ryan says: i’d say a journalist would take notice of that…
[00:23:30] Dan Smith says: come on you guys…get this straight between yourselves…
[00:23:38] Zep Tepi says: why?
[00:23:44] Ryan says: haha
[00:23:54] Zep Tepi says: we don’t always agree on things
[00:23:59] Ryan says: certainly not!
[00:24:15] Dan Smith says: obviously…..!!! no shit Sherlock…
[00:24:16] Zep Tepi says: you said earlier disclosure starts tonight
[00:24:25] Zep Tepi says: disclosure of WHAT?
[00:24:34] Ryan says: and did anyone encourage you to blog tonight?
[00:24:40] Zep Tepi says: that a government official talks with a blogger?
[00:24:48] Zep Tepi says: whoppie doo! :)
[00:24:55] Dan Smith says: of R&D to whomever…. NY times???
[00:25:25] Ryan says: not that he only talks…but that he talks legitimately about a paranormal topic…(assuming CoR25 will confirm that part)
[00:25:28] Ryan says: but it sounds like he won’t
[00:25:35] Ryan says: so i’d say it’s a bust unfortunately
[00:25:44] Dan Smith says: to whom would you like??
[00:25:52] Zep Tepi says: lets go through it here
[00:25:59] Zep Tepi says: pretend I am Sharon
[00:26:06] Zep Tepi says: first contacy
[00:26:09] Zep Tepi says: contact even
[00:26:13] Zep Tepi says: what say you?
[00:26:35] Dan Smith says: She knows RP…
[00:26:49] Zep Tepi says: right ok, I gathered that part
[00:26:56] Dan Smith says: She knows he is a major player…
[00:27:11] Dan Smith says: He plays with me…
[00:27:23] Zep Tepi says: right, that is certainly true
[00:27:36] Zep Tepi says: she knows you too?
[00:27:48] Dan Smith says: so then I am either Bennewitz or Jesus…
[00:27:50] Zep Tepi says: if not you need to introduce yourself to her
[00:28:18] Ryan says: just don’t say you’re Bennewitz or Jesus…at least not at first 😉
[00:28:24] Zep Tepi says: lol
[00:28:36] Dan Smith says: ok what should I say???
[00:28:42] Zep Tepi says: well, if the choice is Bennewitz or Jesus Dan, I go for the former
[00:28:45] Ryan says: haha
[00:29:00] Zep Tepi says: say anything along those lines to Sharon and she will run a mile
[00:29:11] Dan Smith says: fine…no problemo….states witness with CoR25…!!!
[00:29:21] Ryan says: wait a minute…do you have it in writing that CoR25 will “back you up”?
[00:29:33] Ryan says: or has he simply told you so over the phone
[00:29:50] Dan Smith says: I have it verbal…big VERBAL….
[00:29:58] Ryan says: uh-huh
[00:30:05] Ryan says: you know what we say to our managers at work?
[00:30:10] Ryan says: if it ain’t in writing – it ain’t
[00:30:17] Dan Smith says: I blog it…he confirms it….
[00:30:23] Zep Tepi says: and more to the point, on whose authority was you made Jesus?
[00:30:29] Ryan says: how do you know he doesn’t turn around on you after you blog it?
[00:30:29] Zep Tepi says: RP’s?
[00:30:44] Zep Tepi says: RP gets to decide these things? Does the Pope know about this?
[00:30:47] Ryan says: “No idea what Dan’s going on about, I never said any such thing”
[00:31:02] Ryan says: RP is God mate…did you forget?
[00:31:02] Dan Smith says: well…that is the entire issue here….
[00:31:10] Zep Tepi says: the thing is though Dan
[00:31:15] Zep Tepi says: you blog something along those lines
[00:31:27] Zep Tepi says: and CoR25 doesn’t back you up
[00:31:32] Ryan says: not good
[00:31:36] Zep Tepi says: where does that leave you then?
[00:31:41] Zep Tepi says: In Bennewitz country
[00:31:57] Dan Smith says: then CoR25 will have broken his word for first time…
[00:32:14] Zep Tepi says: you need to be specific though
[00:32:35] Ryan says: the first time huh?
[00:32:36] Ryan says: wow
[00:32:36] Dan Smith says: I’m fine in Bennewitz country….are you stupid about that???
[00:32:44] Zep Tepi says: simply saying “CoR25 confirms government official in contact with blogger” is not exactly the start of disclosure
[00:32:51] Ryan says: it’s stupid to be fine in bennewitz country
[00:32:53] Zep Tepi says: you’re fine about that?
[00:32:54] Ryan says: but that’s neither here nor there
[00:32:59] Zep Tepi says: exactly
[00:33:11] Dan Smith says: eschaton blogger is not a laughing matter….
[00:33:21] Zep Tepi says: it isn’t?
[00:33:33] Zep Tepi says: what did CoR25 say to you?
[00:33:58] Dan Smith says: i am about to write that on the blog…
[00:34:07] Zep Tepi says: ah right, yes you did say
[00:34:17] Dan Smith says: i will tell you when it’s ready..
[00:34:21] Ryan says: thought you were going to pass it by us?…oh ok
[00:34:32] Ryan says: still need to write it up then
[00:34:37] Zep Tepi says: don’t want you shooting yourself in the foot
[00:34:38] Dan Smith says: I already have…
[00:34:49] Ryan says: or someone else shooting you in the foot
[00:34:54] Zep Tepi says: or being used as a pawn in a childish game
[00:34:59] Dan Smith says: me shoot myself…..not really,…
[00:35:22] Dan Smith says: childish…eschaton….oxymoron…
[00:36:05] Zep Tepi says: have you thought that eschaton isn’t the game being played here?
[00:36:38] Dan Smith says: of course…but that is the game that RP encourages for 16 years…..
[00:37:00] Dan Smith says: problemo….???
[00:37:19] Zep Tepi says: erm…no?
[00:37:40] Dan Smith says: no problemo….excellente!!!
[00:38:07] Zep Tepi says: but like I said, I don’t want to see anyone being shot in the foot
[00:38:12] Ryan says: or lied to
[00:38:18] Ryan says: that’s our only beef – ever
[00:38:45] Zep Tepi says: there could be several bouts of schadenfreude in the air after tonight
[00:38:52] Ryan says: lol
[00:38:59] Dan Smith says: sayonara…. Hasta la vista, Baby…!!!
[00:39:00] Zep Tepi says: but not from us I hasten to add
(Note:I know, I know, this very post could be deemed “shadenfreude-esque”, but it is simply a reporting of the facts)
[00:39:16] Dan Smith says: from whom???
[00:39:33] Zep Tepi says: the great unwashed?
[00:39:42] Ryan says: the “untouchables”
[00:39:51] Ryan says: mr and mr. bulletproof
[00:40:00] Dan Smith says: you speak in parables…
[00:40:04] Ryan says: thank you
[00:40:11] Ryan says: coming from jesus that means a lot
[00:40:16] Zep Tepi says: I speak several languages, parables is just one 😉
[00:40:38] Dan Smith says: any other questions or suggestions???
[00:40:54] Ryan says: i’d say go for it dan
[00:40:58] Zep Tepi says: me too
[00:41:04] Ryan says: you’ll only find support from us, caryn, and the likes of us
[00:41:15] Zep Tepi says: can’t say anything more until we’ve seen what you are about to post
[00:41:21] Dan Smith says: …going for IT……………………….
[00:41:31] Ryan says: excellent

Well, we saw what he was about to post and sure enough, it wasn’t really all that significant. The answers are all available in the chat above. Dan states this is very significant “newsworthy” stuff – the fact that a government official talks with Dan, an “Eschaton blogger”. Yet Dan also says of that very same official: “RP has sent me nothing on eschaton…”

Caryn Anscomb reports from her blog on her chat with CoR25, specifically what will be “disclosed”:

“I have no clue what the “confirmation of the R&D show means”…I said I would tell ANYONE that I know RP and Dan are friends, have talked about all manner and matter of stuff for years, they disagree vehemently essentially any matter of substance, have great humor, and know each other very well: they talk often, and are very open when asked by anyone that they communicate a great deal in person, by phone, and by email, but neither knows what the other is really all about…not do I. If THAT is the “R&D Show…” you bet: I will tell anyone THAT…good heavens I have been confirming that for many years!”


Read Caryn’s full report on her blog here,
absolutely essential reading for those who truly do want access to the big picture.

In the meantime, let us remind ourselves of a little nursey rhyme. Any similarities or likenesses to real people are purely intentional…

Chicken Little

Chicken Little likes to walk in the woods. She likes to look at the trees. She likes to smell the flowers. She likes to listen to the birds singing.

One day while she is walking an acorn falls from a tree, and hits the top of her little head.
My, oh, my, the sky is falling. I must run and tell the lion about it” – says Chicken Little and begins to run.
She runs and runs. By and by she meets the hen.
Where are you going?” – asks the hen.
Oh, Henny Penny, the sky is falling and I am going to the lion to tell him about it.”
How do you know it?” – asks Henny Penny.
It hit me on the head, so I know it must be so” – says Chicken Little.

Let me go with you!” – says Henny Penny. – “Run, run.”

So the two run and run until they meet Ducky Lucky.

The sky is falling” – says Henny Penny. “We are going to the lion to tell him about it

How do you know that?” – asks Ducky Lucky.

It hit Chicken Little on the head” – says Henny Penny.

May I come with you?” – asks Ducky Lucky.

Come” – says Henny Penny.

So all three of them run on and on until they meet Foxey Loxey.

Where are you going?” – asks Foxey Loxey.

The sky is falling and we are going to the lion to tell him about it” – says Ducky Lucky.

Do you know where he lives?” – asks the fox.

I don’t” – says Chicken Little.

I don’t” – says Henny Penny.

I don’t” – says Ducky Lucky.

I do” – says Foxey Loxey. – “Come with me and I can show you the way.”

He walks on and on until he comes to his den.

Come right in” – says Foxey Loxey.

They all go in, but they never, never come out again.

More to follow.



Update from Ryan D.

Any questions?

Just a couple comments if I may.
When you stated this:

CoR25 said that he will confirm to whomever that there have been extensive communications between me and Ron over a number of years, and that Ron is well aware of my bias toward eschatology of the traditional kind.”

and this:

CoR25 was surprised that the R&D show had not already been publicly confirmed. I contended that it had not been so confirmed, and he readily consented to be the official confirmer of the R&D show.”

I think it’s important to define “confirmation” here. Is “Ron talks to Dan extensively, and is aware of Dan’s bias toward eschatology..” confirmation? It’s certainly confirmation of what anyone who is on Jack’s list, or reads the forums, or has even a passing familiarity with the “Aviary” side of ufology -already knows. Will a journalist find it newsworthy? Probably not. Is it worth a try? Sure – go for it.

What we were trying to convey to you last night, Dan, is whether something of this nature would be a little more interesting to the general public:

Ron talks to Dan extensively about eschatology and issues related to ufology -and supports and encourages Dan positively in his online blog statements related to eschatology, ufology, and related phenomenology.
Furthermore – Ron submits correspondence to Dan on various ufology issues in a supportive role, including controversial issues such as supporting Gordon Novel’s RAM project both on the blog and monetarily (encouraging Dan to invest a few thousand dollars in Gordon’s project), investigating Rick Doty’s involvement in Serpo, and all of the other issues discussed on Dan’s blog. Ron has had Dan meet with officials, members of Congress, and even foreign delegates. These activities appear, at least, to represent official, not personal, investment and interest in Dan Smith – a controversial figure in Eschatology, Ufology, andPhenomenology who Pandolfi has reportedly called insane and ‘sick’.”

That would constitute confirmation.
As to this:

I have had discussions with OM and RU, and they are prepared to make the case that a confirmable R&D show should rise to the level of legitimate news.”

That is absolutely true. But only if something like the above statement is confirmed. CoR25’s current comments to you represent a tongue-in-cheek statement – that make the request for confirmation appear amateur and ridiculous (and dare I say stupid), intentionally or not. To them, this appears to be a big joke. If CoR25 is willing to confirm the statement that I’ve suggested above – we would be more than happy to publish an article on the matter to our website, and submit the news to as many journalists, forums and bloggers as we have access to and support from. CoR25 may not consider some of those avenues properly journalistic – but, if so, he underestimates the power of the internet and undermines the intelligence of most of us here. I suspect Gary Bekkum & Caryn Anscomb would likely agree that such a statement as the one above would be newsworthy as well.

Otherwise, CoR25’s tongue-in-cheek comments to you aren’t worth the electronic bits and bytes they’re displayed on, unfortunately.


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