November 12, 2007

Scammers Inc

You may have noticed the main site went missing over the weekend. Fortunately, the site itself is now back online but the RU Forum is still unavailable. You may think this was due to technical difficulties or server issues, but you would be wrong.

You may also know there are certain individuals out there who do not like REALITY uncovered very much. They don’t like the fact that we regularly expose them for the hoaxers and conmen that they are, nor that we are close to bringing down the curtain on the man who has sat comfortably behind it all of these years.

You may also know that we regularly inform our growing membership of all major updates as soon as they are published. It is part of the service we provide and the email only goes to those who have registered at the forum. Some of the more dubious behind-the-scenes characters have registered at the forum and used it in the past to promote their own agendas, or in some cases to try and defend themselves from the various accusations that have been levied against them. Usually they have failed to do so and left with their tails between their legs. Quite right too.

This past week, we sent out a couple of emails to our members. One informing them about a conversation with one of the people behind the nonsense (Rick Doty) and the other an update regarding Kit Green. What one of the more dubious characters have done (not Green or Doty) is file a complaint of “spamming” to our webhost. Normally that wouldn’t be a problem. We would be contacted and informed of the complaint and everything would be explained. Like I mentioned previously, the only emails we send out “en masse” are to the RU membership – those dubious characters included…

Like I said, normally this wouldn’t be a problem. It becomes a problem however, when the only people available at the host are some junior grade technical types who don’t really have a clue what they are doing and act on impulse – with disastrous consequences. They suspended the account, which has now thankfully been reinstated as of this morning, but as a result of this there is still a problem bringing the forum back online. Hopefully, by the time you read this that will be resolved.

We don’t need anymore evidence to show that these people – i.e. Scammers Inc. – are a bunch of lowlife, arrogant, manipulative pieces of scum, but this episode simply reinforces that sentiment.
We have a very good idea exactly who it was that made the complaint. Not to worry though, vengeance will be oh so sweet.

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