January 21, 2009

George Knapp Interviews Gary Bekkum on C2C

Gary Bekkum

On January 20, 2009, George Knapp interviews Gary Bekkum on Coast to Coast AM.

George Knapp provided a summary to Jack Sarfatti’s list.  I will summarize the summary here:

The discussion centered around if and how the government monitors the UFO field, and what type of material is usually discussed on groups like Sarfatti’s list.

Gary speculated regarding the following topics:

  • The possibility that that U.S. monitoring is because they are convinced of the potential for infiltration there by foreign agents to access information
  • Mentioned Jack Sarfatti’s association (but not being a member of) Aviary folks
  • Said he believed in official, classified working groups on UFOs
  • Referred to the Aviary as publicly portrayed inaccurately as a "dark cabal, akin to MJ12."
  • Talked about high level, exclusive discussion groups like Jack’s list, made up of people with high-level clearances who discuss UFO-related ideas
  • Names discussed: Uri Geller, John Alexander, Bruce Maccabee, (said he wasn’t sure about Doty and Collins)
  • Mentioned Kit Green briefly
  • Talked about Dan Smith at length and why he hired Gus Russo to investigate
  • Discussed pieces of the Stargate FOIA documents

You can catch the radio show here .  I plan to do so and then provide a second review covering the issues, and discussing the accuracy/inaccuracy of the material discussed in the Interview.

In a brief overview of the topics and some of the things Gary discussed, it appears that he speculated a great deal as he is known to do.  However, given that this was a radio talk show where speculation is part of the discussion, that’s surely his right.   However, based on the synopsis, there is certainly one major issue that RU takes issue with.

"Intelligence agencies could be using the Internet as a social control experiment. He cited Project Serpo (about a human/ET exchange) as an example of a possible disinformation leak that was introduced in order to observe how the information spreads and changes."

While Gary Bekkum’s guess is eerily close to the mark, unfortunately he completely misses the target by blaming "Intelligence agencies" for Project Serpo.  U.S. Intelligence agencies, or the U.S. military, had nothing to do with Project Serpo or related MJ-12 documents.  However, ironically Gary’s speculation partially hits the mark – as we will continue to lay out here in upcoming updates.

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    A brief comment regarding SERPO and US (or other foreign / private) intelligence persons and agencies:

    I need to clarify that from the beginning I paid little attention to the SERPO material. As far as members of the I.C. and SERPO, it is quite possible for intelligence persons to take advantage of any opportunity they discover on the Internet that might be useful for intelligence collection or counterintelligence purposes.

    It is interesting that RU received ‘leaked’ email messages from a senior I.C. person in the same period of time that DIA was authorized to use the Internet for intelligence collection, as was reported in the mainstream media.

    And, as Ryan explains, one is certainly free to speculate until the cows come home (or have been abducted!). It is more important to clarify sources, methods, and analysis, to avoid confusion.

    P.S. I was happy to see Ryan investigate the SG / USAF FTD connection. There is a substantial body of documentation that refer to FTD in the STAR GATE files.

    The infamous USAF FTD program that RV’d the downed airplane was called HAVE STAR, if my memory serves me.

    Comment by Gary Bekkum — January 21, 2009 @ 7:23 pm

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    Hi Gary – thanks for your comments! While I agree somewhat with your hypothesis regarding why intelligence persons may become interested in material like the Serpo hoax, I also believe that they become interested for reasons related to the fact that people they are monitoring (ex intelligence/ex military) are also interested. In order to understand and appreciate the relationships and activities of those folks, the intelligence person in charge of monitoring them must follow those relationships and try to understand why those folks have become interested in such silly stories. By the way, why do you capitalize Serpo?

    Comment by RyanDube — February 2, 2009 @ 4:55 pm

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    eh. attractive :)

    Comment by Teedbast — May 23, 2009 @ 7:50 am

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