February 4, 2009

Remote Viewing is All About Scientology?

Tarot CardsGary Bekkum of Starstream Research responds to our last update somewhat heatedly at his blog, calling it “naive” to think that the CIA would not know what it is that they were allowing into the government’s scientific domain.  Gary writes:

“REALITY UNCOVERED’s Ryan Dube latest blog post suggests the story behind the AVIARY “Core Story” of US government contact with an intelligence not of this Earth begins with L. Ron Hubbard and the inner teachings of Scientology.”

He goes on to imply that the focus of RU is Scientology, and that we’re drawing some kind of direct connection between Scientology and the “Core Story.”  Even though the article did nothing of the sort.  The intent was to point out what religious-like beliefs can do to destroy a scientific study.

He continues:

“Dube appears so focused on the connection of key researchers at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) to Scientology that he completely overlooks the game of ‘psychic (cold) warfare’ CIA and KGB initiated at least ten or more years prior to the effort at SRI.”

In fact, the reason we overlook the cold war antics between the CIA and KGB is because they do not factor into the Core Story.  To be clear, there is virtually nothing within government or military that factors into the Core Story.  Nothing, except what the creators decided to filter into it from their own experiences during their time working within those (now declassified) projects. But those connections are superficial at best.

In response, I’ve sent Gary an email trying to clarify what the message of the last article really was.  In that email, I wrote:

“Thanks for your comments Gary – I’ve responded as well.  Based on your opening paragraph you may have misunderstood the article.

The point wasn’t that the source of the “core story” was Scientology…I think a few of  us here would agree that theory was put to bed a long time ago.

The *only* point of the post was that by allowing a religious belief system into a government research program, the government inadvertently introduced into the government scientific community a dangerous instability.  Vallee has noted in his book “Messengers of Deception,” what this instability can do within the general population – it leads to cults.  I’m simply drawing the same sort of parallel to what the government experienced within the Remote Viewing program from the 1970’s through the early 90’s.

What I find fascinating is the point where the military RV’ers – the guys who believed it was important to adhere to the “strict” documented protocols, and guys like Dale Graff who thought it was perfectly okay to allow civilian practitioners of tarot cards, meditation, and various other techniques.  Any insight into those disagreements would be very useful – if you have any documentation on that.  Dale seemed to greatly despise Ed Dames by the way…

Again – these are the sort of things one can expect from spiritual/religious based belief system being used as the foundation for a scientific study.

Best Regards,

Gary asked me to post my comments, so in the spirit of openness, I’ve posted the email here just in case there were any other readers out there who may not have clearly understood our position on this.

Just remember – the Core Story was created by civilians, not government officials or military insiders.  It is based on a religious-like belief system founded on the interpretation of data that these particular folks consider “hard data,” but which others might not.  Instead of sharing the hard data with us, we get the ridiculous public version of the Core Story – which has morphed through the decades into the pathetic beast that we see today.


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    Ryan writes, “the Core Story was created by civilians, not government officials or military insiders. It is based on a religious-like belief system founded on the interpretation of data that these particular folks consider “hard data,” but which others might not.”

    Unsubstantiated evidence suggests that DCI Richard Helms’ also had a version of the “core story” (a reminder that the “core story” comes in many flavors). If true, Helms’ “required secrecy” concerning his version of the “core story.”

    In December of 1963, according to a document found in the CIA FOIA STAR GATE collection, it was Helms who suggested on-going psychic mind-control research to Clandestine Services at CIA (CS), as an extension of the on-going Technical Services Division (TSD) MKULTRA and related programs. Helms’ noted the on-going interest of the Soviets. Later SG documentation noted substantial involvement by the KGB.

    It was Helms, then Director of CIA (DCI) who ordered documentation destroyed, around the same time that TSD funded Puthoff and Targ at SRI.

    The history of CIA interest in paranormal (aka paraphysics) is not entirely about research into intelligence collection using “unconventional sources.”

    Comment by Gary S Bekkum — February 4, 2009 @ 4:57 pm

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    Gary – As I’m sure you realize by now, the Scammers have used a long list of fabricated identities of both imagined and real (but now deceased) people. In a few cases they even misused the identities of real/living people. The fact that Paul McGovern’s name was used, and several other “real” identities were used – I would highly recommend that you carefully review our investigations regarding how how “unsubstantiated evidence” coming from these folks are almost always fabricated. I would not put it past them to use Helms’ identity as well, simply because he was previously interested in the phenomenon.

    Again, Gary, review the investigations we’ve posted throughout the main page and observe how they make claims regarding what certain people supposedly “said” or believed. Those claims are always unsubstantiated – and always untrue. Putting any weight to those claims, as you have in your comments here, is, respectfully, a bit naive.

    Comment by RyanDube — February 5, 2009 @ 2:45 pm

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    My unsubstantiated evidence comes partially in the form of private emails from 2005 shared between three key persons that were provided without permission of two of the parties.

    One works for the government, one contracts for the government, and the third is an associate of the other two.

    Of course I am interested in the mind-matter psycho-paraphysical research and you are focused on the alien UFO tales, which are not of much interest to me.

    Comment by Gary S Bekkum — February 7, 2009 @ 2:57 am

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    That’s the point that you’re missing Gary. Your unsubstantiated evidence comes from private emails involving the same “key persons” who were involved with the “alien UFO tales.” We at RU are focused on BOTH the mind-matter psycho-paraphysical research as well as the alien/UFO aspect. You, unfortunately, are missing half the picture. If you paid attention to the alien/UFO data that comes from the same sources that feed you the parapsychology data, you’d realize the ramifications of my previous comment. A lot of claims are made from these sources you refer to, about what these officials allegedly said about these matters when they were alive – about both parapsychology as well as the UFO matter, those parallels are glaringly obvious and when they are taken together the manipulation of truth by those sources is blatently obvious. It’s unfortunate that you don’t see that.

    Comment by RyanDube — February 10, 2009 @ 1:52 pm

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