March 10, 2009

The Philosophy Within the MJ-12 Documents

Bogus MJ12 Document

Bogus MJ12 Document

According to the 2007 MUFON Report, a "mysterious" AF Colonel and Rick Doty contacted Moore initially in September of 1980.  Taking this date into consideration, RU researchers decided to dig further back into the ongoing activities of the U.S. Air Force during this time period, and any place where the same philosophy might have appeared prior to making its way to Moore in 1980.  An obvious place to look would be the Air Force just before, and just after, 1980.  The question was – where to start?

As we previously reported, the 2005 article Hawk Tales by Bruce Maccabee was written as a supplement to Robert Collins’ 2005 book Exempt from Disclosure , and it provides a number of important clues.

This article includes references to names and events that took place at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in 1979 and earlier.  According to Maccabee’s 1985 interview with Kellerstrass (Hawk), Kellerstrass claims that Dale Graff shared an entire litany of alien/MJ-12 stories with him while they both served on the base in 1978-1979.  At the same time, Dale Graff was working very closely with SRI and Hal Puthoff on highly classified remote viewing research.

We eventually interviewed Dale Graff and learned that, at the time of those late-night "gee wiz" speculative conversations, Kellerstrass had only limited knowledge of the RV projects Dale and Hal were working on.  Dale admitted that, at the time, he repeatedly met with his supervisor, Dr. Anthony Cacioppo, to discuss the classified remote viewing research. When asked if he’d attended any "highly classified meetings" with Dr. Cacioppo at the time, would those likely have been the Remote Viewing work?  "Absolutely," Dale answered.  At the same time Dr. Cacioppo, and to a limited degree Dale Graff as well, were also involved in Project Blue Book work going on at the base before the Project was ended.  Kellerstrass reported to Maccabee that Dale and Cacioppo were meeting with a "secret committee" to discuss the issue of UFOs.  UFO believer groups would later label this committee as "MJ-12."

Maccabee states in his introduction that Kellerstrass was “One of the main sources of information" for Exempt from Disclosure .

In the interview, Kellerstrass claims that Dale Graff, as early as 1978, was privately feeding Kellerstrass the same exact themes and ideas (the “Philosophy” as described in the 2007 MUFON document) that would eventually make their way into the early 80’s versions of the MJ-12 documents, and eventually, Project Serpo in 2005 as well.  This philosophy was injected and mixed up with the common UFO "lore" that Moore and Shandera were already feeding Doty. Their Roswell/UFO stories were taken, injected with the philosophy, and recycled back to the UFO community.

In 1978, Ernie claims that Dale Graff told him about:

(1) A secret book containing information about an “EBE” (Extra-terrestrial Biological Entity) and multiple alien races.
(2) Early history of humanity from 10,000 years ago to the time of Christ, suggesting Christ as a central theme.
(3) Captured Alien Craft/Technology and Bodies/Prisoners.
(4) Aliens as vegetarians.
(5) Their star-system having a double-star, or double-sun.

However 1979 wasn’t Dale’s first interaction with SRI – according to Paul Smith’s chronology, in 1975 Air Force FTD became the “primary funder” of the SRI research program, with Dale Graff supervising.  If true, this implies a close relationship between Dale Graff and Harold Puthoff, starting in 1975.  By 1979, this relationship would have been at least 4 years old, and Dale was soon to become a very important figure in the government’s Remote Viewing research.

Shortly after these alleged Dale-Ernie conversations in 1979, the "mysterious" AF Colonel, Rick Doty and others contacted Ufologist and author Bill Moore in September of 1980.

The Philosophy Spreads, Travels from Wright Patterson 1979 to MJ-12 1980s

Rick Doty

Rick Doty

By 1981, Doty had revealed to Moore the information about crashed saucers and dead aliens which were all compiled in the original “Aquarius” document.  The “philosophy” of this document bears striking resemblance to the “philosophy” Dale Graff was feeding Ernie Kellerstrauss during 1978/1979.

In 1980 Rick Doty began actively distributing these same ideas to Moore, and later to Howe.  Obviously, at least these two men, Doty and Graff, were reading from the same book and following the same plot. The real question is, was that plot provided to them from outside individuals?

As Moore pointed out (quote from the MUFON document):

“I do know from first-hand experience that there was a tremendous amount of government disinformation involved, and that a large proportion of what we are hearing today about malevolent aliens, underground bases and secret treaties with the U.S. government has its roots firmly planted in the Bennewitz affair. Stories of an alleged UFO crash at Aztec, New Mexico, are also a part of this picture….
And, since connections can be shown to exist between those who are spreading it now and those who were spreading it then, both from the Bennewitz angle and from within the intelligence community, it seems reasonable to assume that those responsible for it are not satisfied that their task has been completed, even after all this time…. The real question is ‘Why?’"

Moore draws the premature and erroneous conclusion that what Doty provided to him was government disinformation.  The truth is, the disinformation could just as easily have been a group effort from a private group outside of the authority or knowledge of the U.S. government.  Are these individuals still actively trying to distribute this same philosophy? The 2005 Project Serpo debacle tells us that this is so.

The Contemporary Release of the "Philosophy"

Kit, Pat, and Hal

Kit, Pat, and Hal

This time, the same group who released the earlier MJ-12 documents attempted to use the technology of the Internet to distribute the same meme again, nearly 25 years after they started the effort in 1980.  That attempt to utilize the power of the Internet is ultimately what led to their demise.  The group which RU researchers discovered actively distributing Serpo related materials included the same folks who were central figures in the MJ12/Aquarius activity with Moore/Pratt/Shandera….that group included, in part, Robert Collins and Rick Doty.   But this time, through a counter-intelligence initiative conducted against the group by Reality Uncovered investigators, additional members of those involved alongside Doty were finally revealed. Two of these individuals included Dr. Harold Puthoff and Dr. Christopher (Kit) Green.

Those were only the "semi-public" individuals who portrayed themselves as only involved with "investigating" the releases alongside those individuals who were chosen (by allegedly "anonymous" sources) to release the information via email and the web. Their (Green and Puthoff’s) intention was to remain "under the radar," during the releases. The non-public members of the group consist of a satellite group of ex-intelligence and ex-military men – all collaborating to inject various parts of this story into the field of Ufology.  These satellite “agents” include: James Angleton Jr., an Arizona group which may or may not include a J. Lackey, and other individuals who may be posing as fake email identities (either real stolen names, or fake ones entirely) including a Paul McGovern, Gene Lakes, Herb Milton (no longer active), and Tamara Linden.  One involved individual even falsely presented himself, in person, at a UFO conference as Paul McGovern. There may still be additional individuals involved as well.

Serpo – More of the Same

The general theme of the storyline coming from Dale Graff in 1979, and Rick Doty in 1980 are now clear.  The Aquarius document and MJ12 stories originated from the same place and had the same themes, the “Philosophy” that MUFON investigators recognized from the MJ12 information, and the following ideology that came from Graff/Kellerstrass. All of those sources seek to promote the same philosophy.

(1) A secret book containing information about “EBE”, multiple alien races
(2) Early history from 10,000 years ago to the time of Christ
(3) Captured Alien Craft and Bodies/Prisoners (Genetic Engineering)
(4) Aliens as vegetarians
(5) Their star-system having a double-star, or double-sun.

In 2005, we discovered the same story recycled under the new name Project Serpo:

Original “Anonymous” posting November 2005 (Crashed Alien Ship and “Prisoner”):

“One live entity [EBE] was found hiding behind a rock. The entity was given water but declined food. The entity was later transferred to Los Alamos.”

Posted by “Anonymous” November 4, 2005 (Double-Sun):

“The planet had two suns but their angles were small and allowed some darkness on the planet depending on one’s location.”

Posted by “Anonymous” November 7, 2005 (Secret Book about “EBE” containing information about multiple Alien races – genetic manipulation also used as a theme)

“The "Red Book" lists nine different visitors . We determined recently that some of the visitors were the same type of race but a "mechanical lifeform." They were hybrid beings that were created in a laboratory rather than by natural birth.”

Posted by “Anonymous” November 9, 2005 (Early history from 10,000 years ago to the time of Christ):

“The Eben civilization was estimated to be about 10,000 years old . They evolved from another planet, not on Serpo. The original home planet of the Ebens was threatened with extreme volcanic activity. [snip]

The Ebens have been space travelers for the past 2,000 years. The Ebens first visited Earth about 2,000 years ago.

The Ufologists who were publishing and promoting this new material, actually had the insight to recognize the comment of the visitation 2000 years ago from the 1980’s Aquarius document, and even called attention to it on the Serpo website.  Ironically, they considered the “match” a form of confirmation that the new information was legitimate.  They did not realize, or could not realize, that the source in both cases was the same exact person, Rick Doty and his group.  And that’s why the material was identical.

Posted by “Anonymous” November 14, 2005 (Aliens as Vegetarians):

"As I mentioned before, the Ebens allowed us to kill the beasts for meat. The meat isn’t really bad, 899 says it tastes like Bear, which I never ate. But Ebens look at us very strange when we eat meat. Strange, they can clone creatures and other species of humans but they can’t eat meat.

Same “philosophy” and the same core story, with a whole lot of erroneous “details” thrown in for show.  But what we were looking at in 2005 was a rehash of the information Moore received in 1980 from Doty and others, Linda Howe received from Doty and others, and which Ernie Kellerstrauss allegedly received from Dale Graff in 1979.

The origin of the story appears to be between 1978 and 1980.  And the group who created it appears to be centered around the active (at the time) Remote Viewing work, which during 1979 for the Air Force, was at Wright-Patterson FTD (Dale Graff/Ernie Kellerstrass) and SRI (Hal Puthoff), and for the CIA was the Office of Science and Technology (Kit Green).

It should be noted that the involvement of particular individuals in these releases, from 1979 through 2005, does not automatically imply nefarious motives. But it does demand appropriate explanation.  False stories were injected into Ufology, a field that strives, even today, to achieve credibility.  These stories negatively impacted that credibility in a big way, especially after th 1988 UFO Live! broadcast.

Next, we will discuss a shocking additional person who was also discussing elements of this same exact philosophy in the mid-to-late 1970’s, around the same time the Graff-Kellerstrass conversations were allegedly taking place.


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    I suggest you rely a bit more on the official records (now that many have been released to the public) and less on hearsay evidence.

    Also, statements concerning persons’ involvement in alleged or even nefarious activities should be supported by sourcing or methods explicitly stated within your articles. Anything less appears to be potentially libelous.

    For example, had you actually checked the record, you could state that according to a SECRET CIA OIS memo dated April 23, 1976, “Mr. Graff was met and briefed by [redacted] concerning the history and results of CIA’s R&D efforts in parapsychology … Mr. Graff admitted he has already committed 50K to SRI with the intention of providing another 50K next year … Mr. Graff does not have a charter which allows him to do research. Therefore, he was very pleased to learn that some basic work had been done by CIA … Mr. Graff invited OTS to closely follow his program.”

    Some of your references above may be related to the GRILL FLAME WORKING GROUP which acted as “A clearinghouse for exchange of information and technologies among DoD participants.

    You might then have checked and learned that the GRILL FLAME COMMITTEE members were:

    Randy Clinton, Charles Carter of MIA
    Bill Stoner, Col. Jack Capps of ARMY/ACSI
    John Kramar, Col. Albert de Prospero of AMSAA
    [members and sponsor agency redacted entirely]
    Dale Graff, FTD
    Ruth Davis, Lowell Dailey of USDRE
    Dr. Bill Mehuron of NAVY
    [members and sponsor agency redacted entirely]
    [members and sponsior agency redacted entirely]
    Maj. Scott Watt, 1Lt. Fred Atwater of INSCOM
    LTC. Michael Bloom of AIR STAFF

    On the 28th of Novmerber, 1978, it is reported within the minutes of the GRILL FLAME meeting:

    “Mr. Graff suggested a COVER STORY [my emphasis] be developed for the program.”

    It should also be noted that at the time SRI funding was coming from multiple sources:

    100k from FTD
    115k from AMSAA
    20k from DIA


    On May 4, 1979, Graff briefed the DoD GRILL FLAME Committee:

    “Dale Graff briefed the committee concerning the recent exercise done by his people in helping the Agency locate a missing aircraft. Details of the exercise are considered very sensitive by the AF and all committee members had to sign a statement of acknowledging receipt of the information.”

    Following from this you would also have learned that during a meeting held at DIA on Sept. 25, 1979:

    Graff briefed the committee on “on-going research in parapsychology phenomena in the Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia, and Rumania.” Graff was therefore tasked to monitor and collect information on foreign persons and organizations of interest.

    Comment by Gary Bekkum — March 11, 2009 @ 4:51 pm

  2. avatar

    Thanks Gary – we are, in fact, aware of all of that, and it doesn’t change a single fact presented in this article. But your desire to promote the theory that the whole thing is a government cover-up and not a scam promoted by a private group is duly noted.

    Comment by RyanDube — March 11, 2009 @ 5:20 pm

  3. avatar

    Who died and made Gary Bekkum an RU editor?
    I find it a tad hypocritical of Gary to be perfectly honest. See the Ron Pandolfi “classified” email leak fiasco [as touted by Mr. Bekkum] for a perfect example of why.

    Comment by Stephen Broadbent — March 11, 2009 @ 5:30 pm

  4. avatar

    You often make statements without providing any supporting information. You also need to clarify where you are making statements based of fact as opposed to statements of opinion and belief. I find it is often difficult to distinguish fact from opinion at the RU website.

    Comment by Gary Bekkum — March 12, 2009 @ 3:51 pm

  5. avatar

    I recall having this same conversation regarding Starstream, and your tendancy to draw sweeping conclusions based on obscure documents and putting it forth as “fact.” If you want to distinguish fact from opinion at the RU website, it’s simple. If we’ve published it in one of the articles, it’s fact and it’s supported by documentation and evidence, some of which may not be provided in full in the article for lack of space, but absolutely available to anyone who requests it. If there’s a particular statement that you feel isn’t a fact, then be specific and point it out – and we’ll be happy to provide you with the documentation that proves it. Your blanket statement about the RU website is a shallow and transparent attempt to discredit RU. Again – your efforts here are duly noted.

    Comment by RyanDube — March 12, 2009 @ 7:19 pm

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    I love you guys

    Comment by Mur — March 13, 2009 @ 4:19 am

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    Thanks for good post

    Comment by Jessicaoxido — May 10, 2009 @ 2:50 pm

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    I really liked this post. Can I copy it to my site? Thank you in advance.

    Comment by KrisBelucci — June 2, 2009 @ 1:41 am

  9. avatar

    Hi Kris – thanks for your comment. Feel free to quote or post, but make sure to link directly back to this page to provide proper credit for the source. Thanks!

    Comment by RyanDube — June 4, 2009 @ 2:42 pm

  10. avatar

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    Just wanted to drop you a line to say, I enjoy reading your site. I thought about starting a blog myself but don’t have the time.
    Oh well maybe one day…. :)

    Comment by Donnieboy — October 12, 2009 @ 3:02 pm

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