April 29, 2009

Real Alien Sightings? The Boshkung Lake Invasion

mysteries3The following report was submitted by RU’s own member Longhaircowboy, a UFO enthusiast and investigator.

I became interested in the Boshkung Lake event when I picked up a book at the local library by Curt Sutherly titled UFO Mysteries. I had never read this book, but after reading his account of the Boshkung Lake Invasion, I became interested in why I couldn’t find any sign of anyone doing an investigation.

I posted the sighting to Reality Uncovered to see if, maybe, there were any others out there who may be of assistance.

Investigating “Real Alien Sightings” and UFOs at Boshkung Lake

In trying to solve the Boshkung Lake sightings I’ve only had two accounts to go by. Curt Sutherlys account in UFO Mysteries, and John Colombos UFOs Over Canada. While I’m not sure that Colombos account is related, it did occur in the same area. The one difference being the real alien sighting of occupants. 

Witness, Robert Sufferin, describes an encounter with one of the ships occupants.  He says, “It appeared short and had very broad shoulders,” and describes its movement as apelike. He reported that it wore a one piece silver suit and on its head it had a globe with no visible faceplate. He was the only witness who encountered beings and reported what he believed as a real alien sighting.

Tracking Down Similar Accounts

I was unable to find any contact info for Curt Sutherly, and my email to John Colombo remains unanswered. I am still trying to obtain the Fate magazine article from Nov. 1977.

Here’s the area covered:


Here’s what the lake looks like:

I searched the Library and Archive Canada (the list of town and city names I searched is too lengthy to include, but it is in the hundreds) for any similar accounts, and only found one in the town of Trenton.

There was also a possibility in Toronto.

I also searched all of the RCAF bases that would have been nearby at the time. The following are all of the bases:

  • RCAF Station Aylmer, Ontario
  • RCAF Station Arnprior, Ontario
  • RCAF Station Belleville, Ontario
  • RCAF Station Brantford, Ontario
  • RCAF Station / CFB / 16 Wing Borden, Ontario
  • RCAF Station / CFB Centralia, Ontario
  • RCAF Station / CFB Clinton, Ontario
  • RCAF Station Deseronto, Ontario
  • RCAF Station / CFB Downsview, Ontario
  • RCAF Station Dunnville, Ontario
  • RCAF Station Fingal, Ontario
  • RCAF Station Guelph, Ontario
  • RCAF Station Hagersville, Ontario
  • RCAF Station Hamilton, Ontario
  • RCAF Station Jarvis, Ontario
  • RCAF Station / CFB / 1 Wing Kingston, Ontario
  • RCAF Station Leaside, Ontario
  • RCAF Station London, Ontario
  • RCAF Station / CFS Mountain View, Ontario
  • RCAF Station / CFB / 22 Wing North Bay, Ontario
  • RCAF Sation Oshawa, Ontario
  • RCAF Station Picton, Ontario
  • RCAF Station Port Albert, Ontario
  • RCAF Station / CFB Rockcliffe, Ontario
  • RCAF Station Toronto, Ontario
  • RCAF Station / CFB / 8 Wing Trenton, Ontario
  • RCAF Station / CFB Uplands, Ontario
  • RCAF Detachment Armstrong Station, Ontario
  • RCAF Detachment North Bay, Ontario
  • RCAF Detachment Kapuskasing, Ontario
  • RCAF Detachment Malton, Ontario
  • http://www.rcaf.com/stations/canadian.php

searchrescue My main clues were Mrs. Lunham’ss description of the object and the noise. Witness Mrs. Lunham described the sound they made as a “dull thumping”. This fits the description of the sound of a helicopter, as does the reported behavior of the craft.  Another clue was their trace evidence. Witnesses reported a tripod-like impression in the ground. Also, some witnesses described them as “polliwogs,” or “helicopters without tails” (maybe they saw them head on).

I was unable to contact the witnesses in Sutherlys account, including Earl Pitts, Jim Cooper, Dale Parnell, Pete Sawyer, the Barnes’, Lester Hicks, and the Lunhams. I also failed to contact the journalist, Peter Courtney, who worked for the now defunct Minden Progress, who witnessed an event. I should also note that newspapers in Canada charge a large fee to retrieve articles from their archives for you (none of those that I was interested in were available on the internet).

Potential Craft Explanations

Also, unlike in the U.S., I couldn’t gain access to flight logs at airports or military facilities. These are under the perview of the Defence Department and are not considered public record. Here in the states, I just call the airport and voila!

Mrs. Lunhams description of the landing pattern, as noted in a Lindsey Post article, was a “v-shape with two pad like markings”. This would seem to point to a helicopter, as there are many that have similar landing gear.

So I looked for helicopters used by the RCAF and the squads nearby. According to rcaf.com, the helicopters that have 3-point landing gear used are:

  • Boeing CH-113A (Labrador)
  • CH-147 (Chinook) heavy lifting
  • Vertol H-21A/B
  • Vertol HUP3
  • Sikorsky H-34, H-5/S-51, CH-124A (Seaking) used in search and rescue
  • CH-148 (Cyclone) used in search and rescue

Keep in mind, most of these were heavy-lifting craft or used in search and rescue. However, I was unable to confirm they were in use in the area and at the time of the sightings. The best I could find was that in 1972, CFB Shearwater was home to the 406 and 450 used the Seaking, and the Chinook and CFB Borden(400) employed the Seaking, Chinook, and Cyclone (dates unknown). I also checked CFB Downsview, home to the 400 Tactical Helicopter, the 411 Tactical Helicopter and CFB Rockliffe, which ceased flying in 1962.

There are 2 local airfields the Muskoka Airport, and the Haliburton/Stanhope Airport. All of which were unable to answer my inquires. I was amazed to learn that in Canada, even the flight logs at private and public airports are not available to the public. I can understand this with military air fields, but here in the states I can just call the local airport and get the info.

Here’s some other possibilities:

Although none of these have any apparent links to the events described in Sutherlys book.

I also found the following account from North Bay:

RCAF Station North Bay

Typically, two wings of night fighters and a single wing of day fighters were stationed there, originally the CF-100 Canuck/F-86 Sabre, and later the CF-101 Voodoo.


This would seem to rule them out of the helicopter equation. I also found this interesting account from CFB North Bay:

Following defence cutbacks in 1972, only a single flying unit was stationed at the airfield, the 414 Electronic Warfare Squadron. CFB North Bay remains Canada’s primary NORAD site, with responsibility for monitoring the Canadian NORAD sector, namely the ADIZ surrounding Canada. Tools used by 22 Wing include the North Warning System which stretches across the Canadian Arctic, as well as coastal radars on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of Canada (primarily used by Maritime Command, these radars reportedly have the dual ability to track small aircraft), and any Airborne Warning and Control System aircraft operated by the USAF or
NATO in Canadian airspace.

Not widely known is a UFO incident associated with CFB North Bay. Several teenagers and base residents reported seeing a massive triangular shaped craft hovering over the base for several minutes on Sept 13th, 2001.

There was no such craft detected by the American or Canadian operations bases for NORAD during that evening.


The CFB and RCAF are not the same thing. CFB is Canadian Forces Base and RCAF is Royal Canadian Air Force. In some cases they were originally air bases but then merged with the larger Canadian Forces. Or in other cases they were downsized to squads and moved around the various bases.

I looked at the VSTOL angle and I couldn’t place any VSTOL craft in the time frame and area.

I did find one interesting one. At the International V/STOL Historical Society, there’s the NORD 500 Cadet (its under the history section) which bears a striking resemblence to the phenomana described. Alas, it only had one tethered flight and was canceled in 1968.

Final Words

The various chambers of commerce in the area that I contacted were unable to provide any assistance.

I checked the weather for the area at the time of the events and found no anomolous weather occurences. All reports showed favorable conditions. In short, I was unable to reach any decisive conclusion concerning the Boshkung Lake event.

So barring anymore evidence turning up, I can only conclude that this event was and still is a mystery.  Although, it is my opinion that what the witnesses saw was probably a front on view of a helicopter. This seems likely, as they may have been conducting some type of training in search and rescue in the area. There was a training squad based not too far from Boshkung Lake, and although I was not able to confirm (the Dept. of Defence are very tight lipped) it does present the most likely scenario.

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April 27, 2009

For Pete’s Sake, It’s Just Swine Flu!


They’re at it again – the alarmist media and the general public.  This morning, with news reports like, “40 Swine Flu Cases Confirmed in the U.S.” and “Swine Flu: 5 Things You Need to Know About the Epidemic,” the U.S. news media is playing the same old game.  With alarmist news reports coming in at a record pace, and a population that has been fattened on Pandemic End-of-The-World movies for over two decades – the panic has already taken hold. They couldn’t kill you with the Bird Flu, but apparently the Pig Flu is going to be much more virulent.

Notice how they couldn’t call it “pig flu,” it had to be Swine. Why?  Well, Pig would remind people of the cute little piglet from Charlotte’s web. Not nasty enough – not vile enough to serve as a representative of the next big thing we must believe and we must fear. Ahh yes, swine sounds so much more evil – so much more vile. Those nasty and dirty swine.

What IS The Swine Flu?

The media is constantly reporting how many “new” cases have cropped up.  There were originally 80 deaths in Mexico. Now, the news report is correct in that statement, but only a few of them bother to tell you that 1600 people actually got sick.  No wait, the latest report has the “suspected death toll” at 149. Apparently someone’s having a hard time counting down there in Mexico? Or might it be the fact that the alarmist media and local panic has Mexico hospitals re-examining cases and saying, “Wait a sec…maybe this person died of this evil Swine Flu too!”

And so the idea spreads. Swine flu is spreading! Stop the press! Alert the world – it’s the major pandemic we’ve all been fearing…and the human race lies on the brink of extinction if it gets out of hand! Now other countries are following suit. There are now 20 confirmed “infections” in the U.S. France, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Spain are all reporting in regarding cases of this new strain of influenza. Yet, so far, only those 80 out of 1600 died in Mexico. That’s a 5 percent mortality rate. Yet, the media has us standing on the brink of a worldwide pandemic.

What’s Swine Flu Got to do With RU’s Research?

Here’s what has me so angry about these news reports. This entire mentality is what’s wrong with society, and it’s the reason so many people get sucked in by the constant barrage of poorly written news stories about UFO sightings, written by barely-educated communications majors that write the news.  Here’s what you really need to know about the “SWINE” flu:

  • blackplagueThe SARS “pandemic” had a death rate of 9.6%
  • The death rate for pneumonia is 10 to 20%.
  • Death rate for chronic bronchitis is about 4.5%
  • The bubonic plague had a death rate of 50 to 75%
  • Cholera, untreated, has a death rate of 50%
  • 3 Million people die of Tuberculosis every year
  • The mortality rate of Tularemia (rabit fever) is 15%

So, now there’s a flu that had a 5% mortality rate in Mexico, a place that we all know isn’t the most sanitary on Earth – and we can be sure the water didn’t help much. We should all be asking CNN, Fox, CBS and all the others who bring us our nightly “Pandemic Update,” have you checked your sources?  Have you really thought this thing out? Why do you fuel the fire of mindless belief and panic?

The Pandemic of Mindless Beliefs

This is the real pandemic – people who believe what they’re told on the nightly news, and use it to judge what they should be afraid may happen to themselves or their family. This situation is almost identical to what happens when there’s  a UFO sighting in one part of the country. Whenever the national media picks it up and runs with it, suddenly you’ve got millions of people watching the skies and reporting sightings of unidentified flying objects. The next thing you know, you’ve got the media reporting that “new UFO sightings are taking place around the country.”  Call it the power of suggestion or whatever you like – but it seems to be a strange artifact of human behavior. People see what they are told to expect to see, and very few ever bother checking to see if the original source was even correct.

Do not trust your news reporters. Do not trust your politicians or your governmental leaders (they simply go with the flow of popular opinion).  Trust your own instincts and check out the facts for yourself! Swine flu?  The seasons are changing. It’s flu season people, chill out.

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April 18, 2009

Colour of Money Update

Joe Firmage

In our previous article, we wrote about the interaction of millionaire philanthropist Joe Firmage with Bob Collins and Rick Doty. Since the article was published, we have received a large number of emails from fellow researchers, so-called “insiders” and Bob Collins himself.

One of those insiders confirmed to us that Bob was indeed involved in the Firmage episode, but as an unwitting and honest “broker”. Essentially he is saying that Mr. Collins was conned along with Mr. Firmage, something we at RU have long thought to be the case. The source further revealed that Joe Firmage was taken for the astonishing figure of around the $60 million mark, later rounded down to a still eye-watering $24 million by another source. Enquiries into the actual amount “invested” by Mr. Firmage are still ongoing and we will update this information in a future update.

It is worth pointing out so there can be no avoidance of doubt; we know who the core people are behind Scammers Inc and Bob Collins is not one of them.

Bob has indeed been the victim of a elaborate and long running con job. Our next update will reveal the true extent of just how far Mr. Collins has been taken for a ride and how he, perhaps more than anyone else, has helped the scammers achieve their aims.

Keep your life jackets at the ready, there are rough waters ahead!

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April 11, 2009

The Colour of Money

A very recent email exchange has brought with it an extremely revealing admission from Bob Collins, author of Exempt from Disclosure and one of the main mouthpieces for the people behind Scammers Inc.

As we exclusively reported in February of last year, an investigation was launched after Collins admitted paying Rick Doty, former AFOSI security guard and current New Mexico state trooper, a large sum of money on behalf of millionaire philanthropist Joe Firmage for allegedly classified information.

As we concluded at the time, if the documents were found to be fake or fabricated, the official investigation was likely to be dropped. Seeing that no more was heard of the investigation, it is safe to assume the documents were found to be bogus. It does of course beg the question why no one has sought to bring criminal proceedings against the hoaxers for fraud. As we have also reported previously, there is a precedent in the field of UFOlogy for this kind of thing.

Since Friday, RU researchers were included on an email exchange between UFO researcher Robert Hastings and Bob Collins. Collins, as he is wont to do, was busy in the process of rewriting recent history regarding the IP evidence that shows Rick Doty and Paul McGovern are one and the same person. Having established a somewhat amusing (for us) dialogue with Collins, with Ryan highlighting the extensive use of sock puppets by Scammers Inc, Collins wrote the following email in response:

“I doubt they’d stick their necks out. Even Kit Green was suppose to meet with Lakes, but Lakes told Kit the FBI was after him. And Doty has enough State Police contacts to track anyone down no matter where they hide. He has cracked a lot of drug cases….And, it’s not in some person’s mind, it’s called experience and training knowing the right people……Rmc”


Ryan replied to this with the following:

“They won’t stick out their necks because they aren’t real. A fake identity can’t meet with a real person in a real cafe to share a real coffee because they aren’t real.

Maybe if I tell Rick Doty that I’m a secret DIA insider, and I agree to meet him privately if he wears a baseball cap to identify himself, then maybe he’ll meet with me?

Your computer forensics expert, Rick Doty, floundered helplessly when it came to tracking down Tacitus? Stephen Broadbent led Rick on an electronic wild goose chase, and Rick was helpless to do a single thing about it. He has no computer forensics skills, and he has no high level intelligence contacts.

Everyone in your group knows that. You do too.”

Collins replied, his frustration becoming more evident with each new email. To say we know and try to exploit this aspect of Collins personality would be somewhat cruel, but ultimately true…

“Ryan, wake up, you a show a lack of experience. When was the last time you were in the Intelligence business? And Rick could check you out in a microsecond. Yes he has plenty of high level contacts and Joe Firmage paid him to get in contact with them. And Rick was doing a lot hacking before he gave it up using NSA equipment. You’re blowing a lot of nonsense…..Rmc”


Aside from the fact that if Doty did check Ryan out in a microsecond(!) it would be a clear abuse of his position in the New Mexico State Police – actually, add hacking to that same charge – Collins once again falls back on his favourite namedrop, Joe Firmage.

Fellow RU administrator Access Denied entered the discussion at this point with the following highly relevant snippet:

“Then Joe Firmage is an idiot… as they say a fool and his money are always willing to part.

As is anybody who believes a former AFOSI desk sergeant who volunteered for the job and managed to get himself busted and relieved from performing his relatively simple duties…”

“While assigned to duties with AFOSI at Kirtland AFB, NM, I did investigate a number of UFO sightings. However, my normal duties were that of an counterintelligence investigator. I did not devote my entire time to the conduct of UFO investigations.

At present, my job deals with investigations and I do work for a Government agency. However, I do not have anything to do with UFO research or investigations.

My own personal beliefs regarding the subject of UFO is this. I think Earth is not the only planet in the Universe that supports intelligent life. Whether Earth has been visited in the past by visitors from other planets I simply don’t have enough information to make a personal decision.”

Richard C. Doty – March 3, 1989″


We are used to Bob Collins inadvertantly divulging information in the process of defending his position, but even we didn’t expect his latest slip to be as revealing as it actually was.

Bob wrote:

“Yes, if Rick thinks you are an idiot he won’t tell you the truth. I saw that over and over. Any loud mouth jerk will get dismissed. Firmage contracted with us in the Spring of 1999 thinking we’d give him a dead body or some other hard evidence……The LANL source didn’t want to talk to Firmage…..Rmc”


In case you didn’t catch it, here is the best part:

“Firmage contracted with us in the Spring of 1999 thinking we’d give him a dead body or some other hard evidence……”

And again with emphasis:

“Firmage contracted with us in the Spring of 1999 thinking we’d give him a dead body or some other hard evidence……

It is amazing what such a short sentence can tell us. For one thing, it shows us that Rick Doty and Bob Collins were actively working together in the Spring of 1999 AND they had some kind of contract with Joe Firmage. However, it also tells us that they were quite happy to take Firmage’s money even though they knew he wouldn’t get anything in return.

“thinking we’d give him a dead body or some other hard evidence……”

Why would Firmage think he’d be given a dead body or some other hard evidence unless he had been misled by the Doty & Collins partnership in the first place?! Furthermore, the way Collins words the sentence, he makes it pretty clear that both he and Doty kNEW he wouldn’t be getting anything for his money.

Did they give Firmage his money back? After all:

“The LANL source didn’t want to talk to Firmage.”

More to come.

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April 4, 2009

UFOlogy Uncovered: Handicapping the “Other Side”

UFOlogy is frequently criticized for not making new information or analysis that may cast an “unfavorable light” on a given case or cases readily available to others. In some cases it would appear opposing points of views are actively being suppressed by handicapping the “other side” in various, sometimes subtle, ways.  The following may be one example of how this is being accomplished.

On April 1st, RU received the following email from Robert Hastings…

This will be posted on UFO Chronicles on April 2nd.

RU’s contributions to the exposing of Doty and Collins are appropriately noted, as is my justifiable criticism of your group’s collective shortsightedness regarding the core UFO phenomenon.

Attached to this email was a copy of Robert’s new article entitled “The MJ-12 Saga Continues: Operation Bird Droppings” in Microsoft Word format.  Considering Robert had previously requested our permission to use the material and finding RU’s contributions were indeed properly cited in the form of numerous URLs linking back to the relevant content on our site, we were looking forward to commenting on it after it was published.

On April 2nd, Frank Warren published the article on his web site UFO Chronicles and we immediately noticed that all the URLs linking to RU had been replaced with indirect links going through the third-party TinyURL service.  We found this problematic for a number of reasons, some of which were expressed in this email Steve sent to Robert Hastings that same day…

Thanks for sending the draft, it makes interesting reading.

However, the links have been changed to tinyurl’s from the original full links in the draft. There is no justifiable reason for this as the urls aren’t long.  Clearly this is an attempt to use our research to further an agenda but not allow us to benefit from the cross linking. Not only is this highly unprofessional, it exposes a bias in favour of only presenting one side of the story.

I would appreciate this being changed back to how it was in the draft within the next 24 hours. In return, we will provide links back to the original article. In the interests of transparency and fairness, I expect this is not asking too much.

And Robert responded with this…

“Clearly” ? Not so. I am a cyber-dinosaur and rely on others, including Frank Warren at UFO Chronicles, to post my articles. If you write to him, I suspect he would comply with your request. But I can not speak for him. I have copied him on this message.

BTW, if you guys investigated some of my own research, you would be a lot closer to uncovering reality.

To which Steve replied…

Thanks for the copy to Frank.

Frank, I would appreciate the URL’s changing back from the tinyurl’s to the original, thank you.

As for uncovering reality… one step at a time, one step at a time :)

To which Frank Warren replied…


The links were shortened “for no other reason” then to accommodate the rather slim” main column; however, they were meant to be “full functioning” links, as presented by the author, Robert Hastings.

Quite frankly I didn’t understand the problem until rechecking the piece and seeing that they are in fact “non-functional links.” We at UFO Chronicles (unless a prearrangement has been made for editing) strive to publish articles from our contributors exactly as they were presented, or as close as possible within the constraints of the template of our site.

In any event, the issue will be remedied in short order.

Let’s examine this response for intellectual honesty.  After all, it’s entirely possible we were too quick to judge Frank’s intent as Robert indicated in his response…

Thanks, Frank. I knew that you would respond appropriately. Perhaps after dealing with Doty and Collins, the guys at RU aren’t used to straight-shooters and just automatically assume the worst.

Frank first claims the only reason the links were shortened was because they were too long but is this true?  Here an excerpt from Roberts’s original draft…

So, Mr. Doty and Mr. Collins, what kind of excrement will you two birds drop to rebut this illuminating cache of information from the Reality Uncovered folks? Go for it! I have already pulled on my Hi-Top rubber boots.  

Regardless, I think Shawnna Connolly—given her sincere quest for the facts and her obvious bravery in the face of intimidation—would make an excellent witness in a courtroom. So would Stephen Broadbent and the other researchers associated with the Reality Uncovered (realityuncovered.net) exposé on Serpo, MJ-12, and related disinformation. A fuller discussion of these topics may be found at:


Aaaargh! Speaking of MJ-12, I must now return to that sordid subject yet again.

MJ-Hell: It Still Lives!

For those of you unaware of this unfortunate development, we now have new-and-improved MJ-12 “documents” to further muddy the waters. Although no involvement with them on the part of Moore, Doty and/or Collins has been proved thus far, both Doty and Collins endorse their authenticity. These bogus papers came out of the woodwork, just as the first batch did 25 years ago, with no verifiable origin—that is, having no provenance, something essential to historical research, not to mention separating fact from fiction. Despite the sometimes obvious, sometimes subtle flaws and fabrications found in the latest batch of MJ-12 papers, a few well-intentioned researchers—who should have learned their lesson the first time around—have taken the new “documents” to heart and have, of their own volition, disseminated them far and wide while vouching for, or at least implicitly endorsing, their integrity. There are several websites devoted to the supposed validity of this MJ-Crap 2.0, but I certainly won’t advertize those fetid flytraps here.

I recommend instead the Fund for UFO Research’s online heads-up about one of the “documents,” the so-called SOM 1-01 field manual, supposedly written for military personnel engaged in the recovery of crashed UFOs:


On Frank’s web site the link to CUFOS is retained but the link to RU is replaced by a TinyURL.  Why?

[actually ALL the links to RU have now been removed and rendered non-functional but more about that later]

At 37 characters long, the RU link is only 7 characters longer than the CUFOS link and looking at Frank’s web site, the “rather slim main column” appears to be able to accommodate at least 60 characters given the font size he chose for the body of his article.  In fact a review of Robert’s draft finds that the longest of any of the links to RU was only 55 characters so this claim appears to be dubious at best.

Furthermore, Frank then goes on to claim that he found the links were “non-functional” in the original piece but this is simply not true.  Clicking on the links in Robert’s original Word document takes you to the intended web site so this appears to be another deliberate red herring.

At any rate, Frank then ends his message with the claim that the issue will be “remedied in short order” giving us (and Robert) the impression that he would replace the TinyURLs with fully “functional” direct links to RU as requested but is that true?  I assumed Frank was acting on good faith and responded…

That Robert would be an understatement.  :)

Thank you Frank for your understanding.  Please let us know when you get the direct links restored so we can return the favor.

As an aside, I still remember stumbling on to your site years ago when you had pretty much the only detailed information on the “Battle of LA” to be found anywhere on the net.

To which Frank responded…

No problem! I was surprised that I missed that; I appreciate the “heads up.”

BOLA is one of my pet cases, and the research continues to this day . . . I appreciate the acknowledgment.

Then some time later after some discussion of the BOLA case I got this second response to my above message from Frank…

links are in place by the way . . .

So I went back to his site to review the changes only to find… nothing had changed.  I responded…

I’m not seeing it… even tried Ctrl-F5.

To which Frank, perhaps confused, replied with a link to his website related to the BOLA case and I responded…

I was talking about the links to RU in Robert’s article… it appears you haven’t corrected them yet.

It was late and I got no response so I went to bed only to find this message from Frank in the morning…

Mornin’ Tom,

I just checked all the links in the piece and they are “all” functional . . .

To which I replied before heading off to work…

No they’re not.  The use of tinyurls (indirect linking through a third party) prevents the links from being indexed by Google and other web crawlers thus preventing the sites you link to benefit from cross linking.  In addition, tinyrurl is blocked by many web filters thus preventing those behind corporate firewalls from following the links.

This is bad netiquette and improper attribution of other people’s work is considered highly unprofessional.  One might get the impression you’re unduly biased against other points of view and I would hope a serious UFOlogist like Robert would prefer not to have his work associated with such practices.  As you know, credibility in this field is tough to come by and in the court of public opinion, credibility can be irrevocably lost in an instant these days.

If the links aren’t restored by the time I get home from work this evening I will assume you’re acting on bad faith and reneging on your statement to us that you would fix the problem and I will publish an expose in my critique of Robert’s article on both RU and BAUT detailing this and the spammer like technique you use to draw attention to your website and were recently called out for on ATS…


When I got home I found this response in my inbox…

I have to say Tom, your accusatory tone and your assumptions towards people you don’t know give me pause in regards to your research. I see much irony here as you use “netiquette”,  i.e., courtesy and civility re Internet protocol as an argument to get your way; however, you seem to ignore the parent values in which they were derived, that is “etiquette” civility and common courtesy to the individual.

Furthermore, threatening me as a ploy to do your bidding isn’t a prudent move on your part–“honey” trumps “vinegar” every time.  As I stated previously:

“The links were shortened “for no other reason” then to accommodate the rather slim” main column; however, they were meant to be “full functioning” links, as presented by the author, Robert Hastings.”

I’m relatively certain Robert didn’t pen the article for your benefit, and I can say emphatically,  I didn’t publish it for that purpose.

I passionately support the ethics of “giving credit where credit is due” which is one of the reasons why I don’t yank the links out all together right now! The other is the respect I have for both Robert as a friend and colleague, and the appreciation I have for his decades of research/investigation into the UFO field. 

Credibility, and or respect  for a person is earned , and is only cognizant by those who are erudite with his or her character; I have achieved both long ago, and those who know me would vouch for that, as I would them.  Moreover, my actions have never been, nor will they ever be, dictated by the thoughts of others and or their opinions.

As I don’t know you, I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt, and assume you wrote this missive in haste and without forethought.

My participation at ATS is to enlighten the ignorant, and provoke intelligent conversation, which is usually the end result there. What you fail to mention in association with the link provided (to the thread)  is that the critics were in the minority, and the thread was very highly rated by the merit system employed by ATS. Moreover, if you read the entire thread, you’d see that “it”, and myself,  were appropriately sanctioned by ATS CEO, Mark Springer. 

Paradoxically, that thread was instigated by “Robert’s work” in bringing two more missileers to the table to report their respective eyewitness account of UFOs at or near nuclear missile silos. Additionally, I have started a thread there for this article as well, as I often due with penscript that is unique to TUC.

Finally, I have never had any complaints, comments etc., in regards to using “Tinyurl” to shorten URLs to accommodate our site; no one has ever indicated that they could not get to a site we highlight using this tool.

We currently have readers in over 145 countries and in monitoring the traffic “for this article” and I can safely say that the numbers are significant, and I would presume, given the fact that there are links in place to your site, you are seeing some collateral traffic . . . which of course wouldn’t be the case if Robert hadn’t have penned the article in the first place, as well as by us inserting functioning links.

Had you expressed your concern with the common courtesy and decorum that you allude to “for the internet” I would have responded in kind. That said, I’m going to remove the “tinyurl link” and replace it with your web-site name.

It would appear Frank lied and never had any intention of honoring our request and fixing the links in the first place.  The links are all “non-functional” now.

By the way, this was Steve’s response to the above missive…

Hi Frank,

It might be easier in the case of long urls in a narrow column to shorten them as so:

<a href=”http://www.realiyuncovered.net/serpo”>Text goes here</a>

The only thing that would be displayed on your site would be:

Text goes here

Obviously, you can change the text to anything you like.

As for the problem with tinyurl’s, Google rankings and search results are determined in part by other sites cross-linking to each other. Using tinyurl circumvents this and thus the site being linked to does not receive any “credit” from Google and the like. Actually, using the correct url’s also benefits your site in the same way.

I hope that helps.

Was our initial skepticism justified?

You be the judge.


UPDATE: A copy of Robert’s article The MJ-12 Saga Continues: Operation Bird Droppings has now been posted in our forum for discussion.

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