May 4, 2009

WW III & UFOs Intervention

nuclear strike Beginning as early as the 1970’s, Jacques Vallee, the renowned investigator who eventually became famous as an expert regarding the UFO abduction phenomenon and UFO cults in particular, began publishing a long series of books that touched on concepts related beleifs surrounding concepts like WW III & UFOs Intervention.

Understanding Memes: WW III & UFOs Intervention

Many abductees across the world are attracted by the alluring nature of the alien message they receive, and many start to turn their fear and anxiety into acceptance of the message – even to the point of embracing it and preaching it to the community (both offline and online) around them. Other abductees recognize the messages as apparently significant, but don’t know what to make of them.

Common themes that are spread throughout these shared experiences include:

1. Extraction of reproductive fluids for some insinuated “breeding” purpose. Sometimes blatently presented to the abductee in the form of a hybrid baby.

2. A message, delivered to the abductee in some format, of impending global disaster, either environmental or through in a scenerio of WW III & UFOs intervention.

Dr. Karla Turner, an abductee researcher (and experiencer herself), brings up some excellent points regarding the modern day “explanations” that many researchers offer when she writes :

“So the researchers announce that the problem is solved. The aliens are doing cross-breeding experiments, UFOlogists tell us. Never mind the overwhelming evidence against the viable commingling of different species. Or, we are told, the aliens are here to save us from destroying ourselves and our planet through violence, drug use, epidemic disease, pollution, and resource depletion. Never mind that these problems have grown worse , not better, since the ETs began visiting us. Or, most infuriating of all, we are assured that there are no actual aliens, that our experiences spring from our own subconscious turmoil or from our need for fantasy fulfillment. Never mind that many abductees are young children , too young to be suffering from such psychological disturbances.

Well, then, the resourceful researcher counters, the imagined aliens must spring from some collective human super-psyche that is mirroring our failures and dangers back to us. This particular theory adores the archetypal gray ET, because it resembles some sickly fetal form of humanity and must therefore be an objectified warning of what our species is in danger of becoming if we don’t mend our ways. Never mind that many, many abductees have no dealing with grays, but instead are victimized by robust reptoids and insectoids . Not to mention the totally human-looking blond beauties and black-headed, black-robed clan with the widow’s peak hairline.

Common Elements of Abductions

ufo She also points out the common elements of the abductee experience.

— The beings appear to have the ability to alter the perceptions of an experiencer.
— They can control thoughts and vision and appear in a variety of forms.
— They can actually take over the “consciousness” of an experiencer, and utilize the abductee’s own body against their will.
— These beings are sometimes reported as being present but invisible or partially visible at times.
— Experiencers sometimes receive real, physical marks on their bodies such as scoops, straight-line scars, single punctures, multiple punctures, large bruises, claw marks, and triangles.
— Females abductees experience gynecological problems after encounters including various cysts and cancers.
— Medical procedures during experiences include both extraction and injection of fluids.
— Many experiencers develop serious illnesses following the “abduction.”
— There are many cases of degraded mental, social and spiritual health after these experiences, including the start of drug or alcohol use, or other excessive behaviors (similar to manic/bipolar behaviors).
— Most experiences include adult sexuality, child sexuality, and often physical pain.
— Experiencers are “trained” by being shown a variety of images and “lessons.”
— Some experiencers report being taken to very human facilities where there are also humans present, usually in military uniform.
— Beings encountered include gray, reptoid, insectoid, blond, and “widow’s peak.”
— Visions often include hybrid creatures including humanoid fetuses as well as vats holding human body parts.

What do all of these common elements tell us? Not a whole lot. What does the aftermath tell us? A great deal.

UFOs & Economic Collapse

These dreams, visions or experiences, shared by many thousands of people across the world, are real and valid experiences. Setting aside the need some people have to explain them away, or the desire other people have to justify them so that they can be confident they aren’t crazy – one thing is true; the experiences share common themes.

Here at RU, we’ve been busy researching how one particular group has been extracting memes out of Ufology and abduction experiences for many years, and they’ve been using them for their own purposes. Setting that aside – are those dreams and experiences any less real simply because there are certain cold-hearted and unethical scammers who would likely rob a crippled old lady on the side of the road if given a chance?

No, these experiences are real, and with the current economic crisis looming, people need to be cognizant not to incite paranoia and panic that what these “entities” are telling people might be coming true. We’ve been here before, there have been a number of serious financial crisis in this country – and the world goes on. Remember that.

When the “entities” that you face each evening preach a theme of world crisis, and that they are going to “save us,” you can be sure that these particular beings are what Vallee termed, “Messengers of Deception.”

Still struggling to understand who and what they are? These are the issues that we’ll be helping people deal with moving forward. First order of business is to destroy the man-made machinery that a group of scammers have constructed to take advantage of your vulnerable condition. Help is here.

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    Wow, nice done guys

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    Thanks for your comment Andy, and we appreciate your support! :)

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    DYST – thanks for your comment, I’m glad you feel that way!

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    hey this is a very interesting article!

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