June 29, 2009

Gary Bekkum and Serpo: A Drama Queen Cannot Exist Without an Audience

binocularsTry as I might, I can never seem to get Gary Bekkum and his overdramatic boy-spy blog out of my life.  Just when we, at RU, think that he’ll be content publishing the same old baseless government conspiracy theories over and over – he throws a real doozy out there…a major faux pas manipulation of the truth that simply can’t go unfixed. As an organization that prides itself upon a “passion for truth,” such an outright abortion of the truth can’t go unanswered. What is this terrible thing? It’s a recent article Gary published at the American Chronicle, a cheesy small online publication that publishes user content from anyone who’s willing to write an article for free for them. In Gary’s recent article titled, “Spy Games Revealed: Spies, Lies and Polygraph Tape,” Gary weaves a very odd web – quoting out-of-context snippets from select email conversations between two friends who happen to be either current or former U.S. intelligence employees.

In this long, volumous article, Gary attempts to paint scammer Rick Doty as a “spy” of sorts – simply a scape goat as part of some sweeping government cover-up operation. The tale he paints is certainly dramatic (he is a drama-queen after all), intriguing, and unfortunately overwhelmingly baseless speculation that turns out to be nowhere near the target.

There are a few things people should know about the incident Gary refers to, where Ron and Green appear to be discussing the “SERPO” hoax.  The facts are as follows.

– Ron Pandolfi did not volunteer his time or attention to the hoax – he was contacted and drawn into it (possibly intentionally) by Dr. Green.

– Ron conducted an unofficial, brief query regarding a few alleged DIA names that Dr. Green told Ron Pandolfi might be relevant and important.

– In the course of trying to ascertain where these names Dr. Green received came from, Ron Pandolfi interviewed Rick Doty via email.

– All of the above activities were done out of a personal, private request from his friend Kit Green – otherwise Pandolfi would have had no interest in this drama

Why did Kit draw his friend Ron into the drama? Your guess is as good as ours – although it could have something to do with the fact that those who were creating and pushing the Alien stories known as “Serpo” were making every attempt possible to make it appear as though the sources “comfirming” the story were official and legitimate.  In his usual tell-only-half-the-story manipulation, Gary Bekkum finishes his article with the following quote:

kit“I need you to know that Col. Weaver has contacted me and said he is Gene Loscowski. Her [sic] referred in detail to the meeting you and I had with Barry Hennessey about Rick’s polygraph records … He quoted what I said, what you did, and the circumstances of the meeting to convince me of who he was. He also told me the essence of the SERPO story was true.”

Everyone reading this article should pause at this point.  Consider what Gary Bekkum is attempting to do…add legitimacy and relevance to the old “Serpo” releases and the sources behind them. Why would someone want to do such a thing – especially after so many of the sources have already been revealed as nothing more than sock puppets for a small group of men who have absolutely no official clearances for this sort of information? Rick Doty…Ernie Kellerstrass…seriously, folks.

To provide readers with the rest of the story, RU will provide Ron’s response to Kit’s claim above, which Gary quoted in his article completely out-of-context.  As you are reading this full quote (we’ve neither redacted nor modified any part of this), please make note that Ron is responding to claims about DIA/visitors from Kit – no one else. It should also be noted that the claimed “Col Weaver” contact was via email, and Kit had not confirmed that the sender was really who he claimed to be.

Kit explains to Ron how these “contacts” related to Serpo typically work:

“I suspect more details are not worthy of email. That said: 100% of all communications have been by email. I have no actual human contact whatsoever…they didn’t show up, ever, for the pre-arranged meetings…not one person: Gene, Paul, Herb, Smith, Joseph, Lackey.

I have erased all the emails…every one. However, I suspect there must be a way to retrieve them from my hard drive or the University Server. if someone knows how to do that, with proper identification, they are welcome to sit in my office and get them. The FBI wasn’t the least bit interested…but then, they never are.

The following was one of Ron’s responses to the strange story that Kit was telling him (Ron also confused “Gene” as a woman – the source is actually portrayed as a man…inconsequential of course because Gene isn’t really “Gene” in the first place):


From: Ronald Pandolfi [mailto:xxxxx@cox.net]
Sent: Sat 9/2/2006 2:29 PM
To: Green, Christopher
Subject: RE: PRIVATE: Search For Two DIA Sources


I was not with you during the meeting you had with Barry Hennessey about Rick’s polygraph records. The meeting you and I participated in included Barry Hennessey, Col. Weaver, and the CIA CI Director and did not involve any discussion of Rick’s polygraph records. So the quote from Ms. Loscowski regarding what I did and the circumstances of the meeting could not have been correct. More likely the person who claimed to be Ms. Loscowski described what she had read on the Internet concerning the fabricated story that you and I had met with Barry Hennessy to discuss Rick’s polygraph records. Therefore the lady who contacted you most likely was not Col.

Your expansion of the story of the two DIA employees visiting LANL and being known to others has me concerned. The names you provided do not correspond to any DIA employees. There are no people with those names that have TS//SCI clearances. If the story of the sources/visitors is true, they are falsely representing themselves as DIA employees, possibly to access sensitive facilities and acquire classified information for a foreign service.

I am nearly certain that Rick fabricated this entire story, and that he is Mr. Anonymous, Ms. Loscowski, and the two DIA sources/visitors. If so, Rick may just be having a good time, and we need not be concerned for national security. If not, there may actually be a network of foreign agents penetrating some of our most sensitive facilities under the false flag of a DIA operation. Therefore please be very clear in describing the form of communications you had with Ms. Loscowski (e.g. phone, e-mail, etc.); how you acquired the additional background concerning the DIA sources visitors; and what you know of about the many people who know them.



Not very long ago, Ron was kind enough to offer RU investigators a short briefing about the entire episode that transpired between he and Kit, and how Kit’s claims, in particular about Dearlove’s reactions to the alleged DIA names, caused Ron a lot of personal embarassment when he attempted to follow-up the story Kit was claiming with officials within the Agency. In the end, the DIA names turned out all completely fabricated, save for one – a DIA clerk without security clearances but who’d just started her job. Somehow, the scammers had obtained her name from a directory or other source, and started using it as a “DIA contact” – that person’s name was Tamara Linden. In fact, the scammers continue using a Tamara Linden email address today, as well as the Gene and Paul accounts – all fraudulent email accounts using fake or borrowed names. Not a single legitimate DIA source exists, nor does a single ounce of government interest exist in “SERPO,” to support the strange, delusional tales that Gary Bekkum weaves with each article he writes.

And now you know the rest of the story.

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    Ryan … I cannot be responsible for how this saga is interpreted.

    As you know, ALL of the various players have agendas, some which conflict with each other.

    As for my own agenda, for which you certainly appear to be clueless, some aspects must by necessity remain unspoken.

    There have been serious abuses of guidelines regarding government persons and their behavior on the Internet. That has been, and will remain my primary focus which began with my contacting the FBI about these concerns in 2004. You will recall my response to this generic question came from the Joint Terrorism Task Force.

    Re: your unwarranted comments concerning American Chronicle, they are very effective at improving exposure and much less expensive than the PR services I previously employed. I enjoy editorial rights at American Chronicle to approve my own stories, which appear almost immediately in the Google News aggregator.

    As for the rest, Ron’s mistake in assuming a Ms. Loscowski shows he either wasn’t paying very close attention, and should hardly be cited here as an expert witness, or … ?

    Kit Green remains a highly respected member of the Intelligence Community. That said, Ron and Kit both have agendas and requirements concerning their security clearances.

    You are also aware of a great deal of additional information in the email release, which I intend to address in future articles.


    Comment by Gary Bekkum — June 30, 2009 @ 1:30 am

  2. avatar

    Gary – you are responsible for how it is MIS-Interpreted by providing a biased out-of-context release of only the information that appears to support your own theory about Serpo, and ignoring the information that disproves it.

    Your pursuit of “government persons” and their behavior on the Internet, speaks volumes to your lack of understanding and reveals how clueless you really are about the real source(s) of the Serpo releases you continue to write so much about. You are walking a very fine line in your latest articles, bordering on outright lying.

    Ron’s mistake, as you know because you’ve seen the emails too, was related to Kit mistakenly typing “her” instead of “he” when referring to Gene. Again – you ignore the evidence in order to support your belief that Ron wasn’t paying attention. Exercise a little bit of critical thinking for once, Gary, and look at the facts that are right in front of your face.

    Finally – concerning American Chronicle – self editing and self publication is for people who can not get published professionally, which is typically through a high-quality edited online or offline publication. American Chronicle is nothing of the sort. Anyone can enjoy “editorial rights” at American Chronicle…lol.

    I will be sure to follow the “additional information” that you selectively provide, and I will make sure to follow up each time with the true story. Apparently, you desperately need someone to fact-check your stories for you – because you do a miserable job doing it for yourself.


    Comment by RyanDube — June 30, 2009 @ 1:43 am

  3. avatar

    Well done Ryan… Gary is a liar and a fraud and he has absolutely no clue what he’s talking about. Kit hasn’t been a government official since he left the CIA in 1985 (fired by Ron according to Dan) and what “highly respected member of the Intelligence Community” would delete all those emails (material evidence) including the one he claims was from Weaver? How convenient. No doubt he lost his clearance too.

    I bet Gary can’t prove he contacted the FBI and received an email from “Joe” at the “Joint Terrorism Task Force” either. The headers in this purported copy of the email don’t check out…


    Note also that the email address in the “Return Path” field contains fewer characters than the one in the “From” field. Never mind the typo in the body…

    Obviously Gary’s sole purpose in all this is to try and frame Ron as part of the official “cover up” while painting Kit as an informed “insider” when nothing could be further from the truth.

    If I had to guess I’d say the motive is revenge…

    Comment by Access Denied — June 30, 2009 @ 5:25 am

  4. avatar

    You know I get such a kick out of Gary I’m thinkin he has a future in standup comedy if he ever gets tired of this silly SERPO crap. I mean really now this thing was debunked long ago at ATS and anyone who still harbors hope of its reality is a candidate for Belleview. Put a straight jacket on it GARY.

    Comment by longhaircowboy — June 30, 2009 @ 10:52 pm

  5. avatar

    This will be the last (I hope) time I comment on this:

    First: Ms. Loscowski is an inside joke. Ms … or MS … MASTER SERGEANT (DOTY)

    The entire conversation was clearly orchestrated as it is an example of what is called literary exposition.
    I was aware of this from the beginning.

    An orchestrated series of messages directed to Reality Uncovered, between two senior intelligence persons.

    Comment by Gary Bekkum — July 3, 2009 @ 10:35 am

  6. avatar

    Typical – Gary tries to save face with a conspiracy theory.

    First – the word is “suspected” not “aware.” You can only be aware of something of which you have evidence for. You can only suspect or believe something when you have no evidence to support it, as in this case.

    Secondly, your suspicion/belief is unfounded, because we did not directly receive the correspondence between these two intelligence persons. You incorrectly assumed (ASS-U-ME) that they were sent to us by one of the parties as part of an “orchestrated” conspiracy. Once again, the FACTS (yes, that’s in capital so maybe you can learn how to spell it) are that we only received them after asking a third party. Neither of the persons (calling them “intel persons” is a bit of a stretch, by the way) knew that we had this particular correspondence.

    Your definition and warping of the meaning of “literary exposition” is simply ludicrous and irrelevant.

    Your explanation of the “Ms.” mistake is absolutely juvenile.

    Get lost. Observe over the next few days and watch carefully how collecting evidence and presenting it in a factual way is actually done. Who knows, you may even learn a thing or two.

    Comment by RyanDube — July 4, 2009 @ 3:04 am

  7. avatar

    Note to self: Refrain from reading anything written by Gary Bekkum when I am drinking anything carbonated. Milk makes a big enough mess coming out the nose, but cabonated bevos really burn the sinuses!!! Oh what a tangled web ye weave, eh Gary?

    Comment by Ray — July 4, 2009 @ 3:24 am

  8. avatar

    The “Ms.” was confirmed with another party. I wasn’t very interested at the time (Sept. 2006, as I was involved in trying to arrange something with someone else at DIA involving sensitive issues not related to any of this or to the Ron-Kit-Dan-Rick fiasco).

    You may recall Ron’s later joking about Doty:

    From: Ronald Pandolfi [mailto:rspandolfi@xxx.xxx]
    Sent: Thursday, January 25, 2007 7:27 PM
    To: ‘Fidelio’
    Cc: Dan Smith; Christopher Green; Jack Sarfatti; Richard Kline; Bob Shaheen; Gordon Novel; ryguy@xxxxx.xxxxx
    Subject: RE: “Project SERPO”: Freedom Of Information Hindered By Massive Backlog!


    Please help me understand the nature of your e-mail. At one time I thought that Gene Loscowski was a woman, but I later learned that he is Rick Doty. Am I now to understand that Gene Loscowski is Rick Doty’s ailing mother and that Rick Doty will speak for himself only after Gene Loscowski recovers from kidney failure? I am sure some of this is true, but clearly all of it cannot be true. For example, Gene Loscowski cannot be both Rick Doty and his mother, unless of course it is Rick Doty that is suffering from kidney failure. I recall the story that Rick Doty’s former wife left him for another woman. At the time I assumed “another woman” meant that his wife had realized she was a lesbian and had left Rick Doty so she could be with another woman. Now I think the correct interpretation may have been that Rick Doty’s wife left him so she could be with Gene Loscowski, which of course would mean Rick Doty simply assumed the persona of a woman named Gene Loscowski who was posing as his mother. Perhaps Kit can shed some light on the medical aspects of this mystery. Most likely Rick Doty’s mother will need a kidney transplant to recover from kidney failure. If Rick Doty donates a kidney to his mother, how many kidney’s will Gene Loscowski have?


    Caryn was instructed to pass the messages to RU.

    I studied exposition extensively as used in screenwriting (3-act structure, exposition, turning points, etc.) It’s fairly obvious.

    Comment by Gary Bekkum — July 4, 2009 @ 4:29 am

  9. avatar

    Confirmed by another “unnamed” party – how convenient for you. Yes, I recall Ron joking about Doty many months later during an entirely unrelated email exchange – once again you are simply pulling excerpts from disjointed conversations to try to confirm whatever it is you want to believe. By the way the email you quoted had some great inside jokes which you apparently missed – and Kit’s response to Ron’s email above was very enlightening – you should quote that one too. Oh wait, that’s right – it would throw a wrench into your plot.

    Caryn was asked (by us) to collaborate with RU, and that’s when she shared some information. Not all of the exchanges we have come from her, but in this case the data was provided after WE initiated collaboration. She may have asked for permission to provide them to us, but they were not provided as part of a far-reaching plot. On the other hand, I do find your position as mouthpiece for Scammers, Inc as more and more obvious as the days progress.

    How wonderful you studied screenwriting. What else are you proficient in – pole vaulting, skeet shooting and ballet dancing? Get over yourself.

    Comment by RyanDube — July 4, 2009 @ 5:37 am

  10. avatar

    Damnit Ryan, now YOU owe ME a Diet Pepsi. The stupid, it burns!

    Comment by Access Denied — July 4, 2009 @ 6:45 pm

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