July 2, 2009

Do Aliens Exist?

earth2 Do Aliens Exist? It’s a question man has asked for many years now. We’ve tried every means at our disposal to ascertain whether we are alone in the universe. We’ve sent messages across the vast expanse of space (our TV and radio transmissions) and searched the many radio waves for anomalies that would indicate advanced peoples.

Frank Drake, in the early 1960s, came up with an equation (called the “Drake Equation”) that calculated the possibility of extraterrestrial life.




Astronomer David Darling argues in Life Everywhere (2001)  that life is highly likely to be common but also says we lack the knowledge to definitively conclude that it is likely to be uncommon. Keep in mind that our sun is hardly a “typical star” as 95% of stars are less massive.

He determined that there was a possibility of 100,000 to 1,000,000 extraterrestrial civilizations in our galaxy (the Milky Way) alone.

Is Life Elsewhere Impossible?

On the other side of the “Do Aliens Exist?” question is the rare earth hypothesis. In the 1995 book, The Creator and the Cosmos, physicist Hugh Ross lists 33 characteristics a planet must have to support life. He estimates the probability of such a combination to be found in the universe as “much less than one in a million trillion.”

In their 2004 book, The Privileged Planet, astronomer Guillermo Gonzalez and theologian Jay Richards carry the notion further, asserting that our place in the cosmos is not only special but also designed for discovery.

UFO and Alien Witness Accounts

Some people swear they have proof of the existance of alien beings yet it is lacking since it is merely words with no direct physical evidence. Take this witnesss account from UFO Alley for example:

“With equal certainty I can tell you they are here and have been for some time. I personally have only been involved directly for just over two years now. My wife and I witnessed a incoming “Disabled UFO.”

It is still quite near, actually 9 kilometers from where I am writing. It is disabled and not leaving. It is split and lifeforms of some type are exiting the craft. They have been for two years.

I have said that mankind has little to do with this climate change. Our Alien arrivals are filling the skies with their UFOs and themselves. Warming the atmosphere. Climate change will be far more rapid than anticipated.”

 The skeptics argue that the evidence is less than convincing, since most UFO sightings (95%) can be explained by natural phenomenon. Some even go so far as to question the witness’s reliabilty.

Michael Shermer, the editor of Skeptic Magazine, says, “The parade of astronauts or police officers or politicians like Jimmy Carter  it’s irrelevant. Because they’re human and their brains and nervous systems and sensory apparatus are structured just like the average Joe’s.”

Also consider the people who claim to have physical proof of alien visitation, such as this witness account from iReport:
“What I’m showing in this video is an actual fragment of a UFO which crashed near Muncie Indiana in 1988. It was recovered by a dear friend of mine who is much older than me. He worked on a project in the 1990’s which was funded by DARPA. He recovered the fragment in 1989 when a friend of his who was a FEMA agent brought him to the site.”

These are not to be confused with the many abduction stories. And until sleep paralysis can be positively ruled out they hold no hope of solving the puzzle.

Do Aliens Exist – The Public Perception

In a recent poll conducted by quizilla.com on whether people think there are other civilizations in the universe the results speak for themselves.

– Nope. Never existed and never will. -> 9% (141)
– Of course they exist. They even come to Earth! -> 22% (342)
– Only in the movies. -> 8% (131)
– Maybe somewhere in the universe but not anywhere near Earth. -> 59% (891)

So do aliens exist? SETI is actively sweeping the known radio frequencies for signs of intelligent communication. They are sifting through the cosmic noise for a distinct signal. Except for a couple of anomolous signals (the WOW finding for example) they have yet to find any verifiable signs that anyone is sending us signals. Their search is a huge dragnet meant to turn up a needle in a haystack.

And when/if we do find some other civilization – what then? Maybe as Dr. Michio Kaku said in Physics of the Impossible (2008) P. 147: 

“But a Type III civilization would likely not be inclined to visit us or conquer us, as in the movie Independence Day, where such a civilization spreads like a plague of locusts, swarming around planets to suck their resources dry. In reality, there are countless dead planets in outer space with vast mineral wealth they could harvest without the nuisance of coping with a restive native population. Their attitude toward us might resemble our own attitude toward an ant hill. Our inclination is not to bend down and offer the ants beads and trinkets, but simply to ignore them.”

In all likelyhood, it would seem a good bet that we are not alone in the vast universe, but trying to prove it is a task that could occupy our many years to come.  And man, by his very nature, will continue to search the vast heavens for signs of life. But until we drop our homo-centric pretexts and open our thinking to the many possibilities that might exist in the universe, we may just be spinning our wheels. After all, who knows that they haven’t already been here, yet we let our myopic view get in the way.

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    You say: “In their 2004 book, The Privileged Planet, astronomer Guillermo Gonzalez and theologian Jay Richards carry the notion further, asserting that our place in the cosmos is not only special but also designed for discovery.”

    What do the authors mean by “designed for discovery?” Are they suggesting ET’s would be looking for a planet/star like ours? Why?

    Also, as far as trace evidence goes, Stanton Friedman claims numerous physical trace evidence examples exist, although I’ve not looked enough into his work to verify this (I suppose the “genuine” crop circles are possible evidence of this). In addition, one particular physical trace case has been at the forefront of my attention: Bob White’s artifact. It needs more study, but it shows some very interesting characteristics that point to being extraterrestrial (or at the least a top secret project, but that seems unlikely). Of course, according to UFO Hunters, the people that performed the required tests on the object hid the results from him. This could be a very elaborate hoax, but it hasn’t been disproven yet. I cannot say that there is definitive evidence that ET is already visiting Earth, or even exists at all in the universe, but my gut feeling tells me they are here and, as lame as an X-Files quote is, the truth IS out there.

    Comment by David Savage — July 6, 2009 @ 4:38 pm

  2. avatar

    The key word in that sentence is designed. These are the ID folks. There’s no room in there universe for other civilizations. I can’t remember what the discovery part was about but it had nothing to do with others finding us.
    As for your trace evidence, there are some cases that remain mysteries but once you attach the UFO Hunters(Bill Birnes) to it there is an immediate taint. Run, don’t walk away from the UFO Hunters.

    Comment by longhaircowboy — July 7, 2009 @ 7:50 pm

  3. avatar

    The key word in that sentence is designed. Remember these are creationists and IDers. I can’t recall what the discovery was about in particular but it had nothing to do with ET.

    Comment by longhaircowboy — July 9, 2009 @ 8:32 pm

  4. avatar

    Fair enough, the UFO Hunters are terrible, but I had heard of this object before the UFO Hunters covered it, it was just an easy way for me to reference what I was talking about so others could check it out if they haven’t heard of it. And they present some astonishing factoids (hopefully true, but like you said, with UFO Hunters attached to it, who knows) about the object. I think Bob White was simply looking for more exposure about his find, and who could blame him for using the most watched UFO program on television?

    Comment by David Savage — July 10, 2009 @ 3:53 pm

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    nop… i do not believe they exist. and for people who say they saw ufos and aliens- they just want media attention,,,, NO WAY do they exist 9 that is ma opinion

    Comment by noway — July 26, 2009 @ 8:15 am

  6. avatar

    living in denial that we are alone in the universe is the moost ridiculis thing i ever hear i don’t thing so i believe that we are not the only ones you may check you history if not check it again love peace for all us

    Comment by saitek — July 27, 2009 @ 4:33 am

  7. avatar

    For noway- You have every right to believe they don’t exist. But I have seen 4 UFOs in my lifetime and let me assure you they do exist. Now whether they were from some other planet I can’t say, but they were definitely unidentifiable and they were objects that appeared to fly. You see most people associate the term UFO with alien space craft which just isn’t how it works. If you see something in the sky that can’t be identified then you just saw a UFO(or UAP as some prefer).

    Comment by longhaircowboy — July 27, 2009 @ 9:05 pm

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