August 20, 2009

Jacques Vallee Interviews Offer Insight Into the “Aviary”

messengers Since 2006, I took part in a very long series of in-depth emails with Dr. Christopher "Kit" Green who we’ve mentioned here in this blog a number of times related to other Ufology research we’ve conducted into Serpo, MJ-12 and other matters. It is common knowledge that Dr. Green, a former CIA analyst, has had a life-long interest in paranormal phenomenon, and has been very active throughout the ufology community throughout the decades. In this article, I wanted consider a critical comment that Dr. Green made related to the "Core Story" to myself and to many others throughout the years.

What Is The Core Story, Exactly?

Ultimately, the core story isn’t anything significant at all.

Picture this. You’ve got three scientists that much of the "mainstream" scientific community consider a bit "odd" because they have strong interest in very fringe and unorthodox topics like remote viewing, strange energy theories and UFO cults. In the early 1980s, these were three fairly young guys, sitting in a Denny’s Restaurant in the middle of the night, discussing philosophy and the nature of the Universe as they observed folks walking in and out of a coffee house across the road.

Those three scientists were Hal Puthoff, Kit Green and Jacques Vallee. It was only a few years before Hal and Kit would "retire" from full-time government contracting or service, and would enter private industry – or, in the case of Hal, start his own business in the form of his privately funded Institute.

This event was very significant, at least for Kit, as he mentioned it prominently throughout our discussions and defined the "core story" as nothing more than the basic elements of the phenomena that these three particular scientists could agree on. Kit has never elaborated greatly on those elements – but only a couple of years after that late night discussion, not only did Kit and Hal retire, but major events related to Roswell, MJ-12, Moore and Rick Doty rocked Ufology forever.

The Core Story or a Core Hypothesis?

It’s important to recognize that these three men were also larger-than-life personas. Kit had just spent many years working on a major project within the CIA related to life sciences, Hal had just completed a long series of projects contracting for the CIA, DIA, Army and other government entities trying to prove that ESP and clairvoyance had some semblence of validity and usefulness for Intelligence data-gathering. Vallee had published many books on the subject of UFOs and Aliens (specifically UFO cults) and in his books and interviews clearly considered himself a leader in the valid side of the UFO research community. In fact, all three of these guys had that opinion of themselves. In their minds – the hypothesis they could agree on was clearly a significant and important one.

The Hypothesis

While Kit may communicate with many people throughout ufology, he shares very little verifiable information – and certainly would not clearly elaborate on the core story other than to mention the titles (but not names) of folks who offered him evidence that supported it. Hal is secretive and quiet, except to a select few like Bob Collins, who he not only discusses these matters with, but he also introduces Bob to "inside sources" like the man (Angleton Jr) in Florida we recently discovered was presenting himself to Bob Collins as the true relative of CIA chief spy-master James Angleton (he is not.) Clearly Hal is not a good source for the true details either.

This leaves Jacques Vallee, the prolific writer many within the field of Ufology have come to admire and respect for his philosophy and unique perspective about the UFO and Alien phenomenon. In a 2006 interview in Alternate Perceptions Magazine, select quotes provide a few distinct elements of Vallee’s thought process during that time period (the early/mid 1980s).

The Alternate Perceptions Vallee Interview

It’s very important to read these excerpts while keeping in mind three important things. Number 1 – that at least the heart of this man’s philosophy made it into the “Core Hypothesis” of these three men. Number 2 – that two of those men have had a very tight relationship to the storyline and the players involved in the distribution of the MJ-12 material received from “anonymous” sources. And Number 3 – think carefully about the core elements of the philosophy embedded into the Moore/Roswell/MJ-12 documents that we discussed earlier in this blog (I’ll repeat the critical, parallel elements below).

jacques vallee

In this interview, Vallee stated:

The phenomenon presented by UFOs is far larger than current speculation about “aliens from space.” It raises questions about consciousness, about the nature of reality and about human history on the Earth.

Important element:: human history on earth – or human evolution.

Ingo Swann and I had many discussions when he first came to SRI and began structuring the program, interviewing some of the Institute scientists. I told him I thought the problem would be best approached as an information processing problem rather than a signal transmission problem, as the physicists and engineers planned to do.

Important element: Information Processing problem (control system approach). Also Vallee clearly ties the two phenomenon of psychic functioning and the alien/ufo phenomenon together. In another interview published at, Vallee respondes to the interviewer’s questions with the following important quotes as well.

When I met Stephen Spielberg, I argued with him that the subject was even more interesting if it wasn’t extraterrestrials. If it was real, physical, but not ET.

Important element: Met Stephen Spielberg personally, and has a strong interest in the concepts presented in the movie Close Encounters.

Where I think that technology can be of help is in looking for patterns. And I did as much of that as anybody else.

Important Element:: An interest in the use of technology to test the phenomenon.

From a 2007 article on OurStrangePlanet, Vallee writes:

Then there is a third level, the mythological or sociological level. At that level, the physical reality of the actual UFO is totally irrelevant. Proving that Jesus Christ never existed would have little effect on our society in terms of belief systems; at this point, the influence of Jesus would remain even without a historical Jesus.

Important Element:: An interesting focus on Jesus Christ throughout his writings, including his earliest books in the 1970s. More on this in future posts.

Final Words

All of these excerpts above represent very brief examples of an entire library of excerpts throughout interviews, articles and his books, that represent at least a third of what went into the "Core Story" back in the early 1980s, just before MJ-12 and Roswell nonsense struck Ufology like a landmine and sent it spiraling into an abyss that it has yet to return from.

In following updates, we’ll review some of the earliest writings of Jacques Vallee just before the earlier critical point – the moment in the late 1970’s when the MJ-12 and Roswell proponents/scammers were just getting started.

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    Oh man I’m crushed. Jacques Vallee part of the “Core” story. How shall I carry on?

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