October 27, 2009

Who Exactly Is Gordon Novel and What is RAM?

gnovelOver the past few years, the topic of Gordon Novel has come up surrounding the question of alleged government involvement in the field of Ufology. The question of government involvement usually focuses on the two issues of sociological study and/or the monitoring of advanced technological advancements. For anyone who has had any insight into the real man named Gordon Novel – neither subjects immediately come to mind. As of a few years ago, his name was never associated with Ufology either. The JFK assassination? Yes. UFOs? No. So why now? First, a little history.

The JFK Madness and Gordon’s Part

Instead of detailing the sordid past – there’s more than enough material on the web covering this aspect of Gordon’s activities – I’m going to quote from one of the best sources for learning about Gordon’s JFK association. That is an article titled, “Gordon Novel: CIA Agent or Con Artist?” by Dave Reitzes. If you’re curious about the accuracy of what Dave has written – just review the first part of that page where Gordon Novel has repeatedly threatened Dave to take down the page. Obviously there’s something there Gordon doesn’t want people to know.

Here’s a repost of some assorted notes on Novel, beginning with the subject that brought Novel his original notoriety — his claim that a munitions burglary he participated in had actually been a CIA operation.

This is, in fact, what lies at the heart of Gordon’s alleged JFK investigation involvement.

Contrary to later claims by participant Gordon Novel (a self-proclaimed electronics expert who was working with Garrison until Garrison decided that Novel’s associations were suspicious and subpoenaed him as a witness, whereupon Novel left the state), the heist appears to have been, in fact, a simple burglary, not the CIA “weapons transfer” alleged in many conspiracy books (cf. New Orleans States-Item, May 25, 1967; Grand Jury transcript of Rancier Blaise Ehlinger, March 30, 1967). Nevertheless, even Gus Russo reports the incident as a CIA weapons transfer (Russo, Live by the Sword [Baltimore: Bancroft, 1998], pp. 150-53).

This is only partially true – a few years ago I spoke with Gus on the phone when he was working on an article covering alleged CIA Ufology involvement for Dan Smith. During that phone conversation, he mentioned his past investigation and work on the JFK assassination, so I asked him for his opinion about Gordon Novel, because for a few years RU investigations have seen him poking his head around the fringes of the Ufology crowd. Russo’s opinion of him was swift and clear, he essentially reported that Gordon was pretty much just a phony.

The oddest part of the Dave Reitzes piece is that Gordon wrote to Dave denying his CIA claims, even though they are well documented in Dave’s article, throughout the Internet as well as throughout the many mailing lists that Gordon currently uses to distribute his “RAM” promotional diatribes. With that said – there are a number of scientists that do support and promote Gordon – we’ll get to them in future posts.

According to one account by Gordon Novel, “It was one of the most patriotic burglaries ever committed . . . the CIA virtually gave us the key to the bunker . . . my fellow burglar, Arcacha Smith, and I are still employed by the CIA” (A. J. Weberman Web site, Nodule 21).

RU investigators have been privy to Gordon’s claims in our own investigation of the “RAM Project,” an odd assortment of fringe scientists who have been collaborating with Gordon for years in attempting to extract risk capital investments from wealthy investors. What’s the project? It’s a reverse-engineering effort to, put simply, reverse-engineer a UFO “craft” using the most “advanced” propulsion technology available to mankind.

The fact that the alleged propulsion technology proposed by these scientists currently can’t even lift a balloon into the sky, let alone a heavy craft, completely flies over the head of many investors. They have more money than they know what to do with (they really don’t care if they lose it – that’s the nature of risk capital), and not enough brains to differentiate between fact and fiction. As long as there’s a possibility that such technology could exist at some point makes some of them open up their pocketbooks to the snake oil salesmen.

We’ve also seen the claims Gordon has made in emails to potential investors – claims related to his alleged connection with CIA as late as July 2009. These claims stem from his contacts with the elusive and mysterious “RP.”

When potential investors confront “RP” directly about such claims, he will often write an obscure diatribe that hints at a deeper meaning – a metaphorical collection of words and potential clues. “Believer” investors think he’s hinting at authentic CIA involvement. RP bcc’s these emails to friends that he considers as “sane” as though it’s a joke. I asked him once how he can find a $200 million scam funny. His response was, “Because I know the $200 million scam will only turn into a $200 fraud.” The man has a strange, sick sense of humor. Is it possible it’s because he was slapped on the wrist and placed in the “back room” (weird-desk) after his episode in the Hughes/China fiasco in the late 1990s and he needed something to occupy his active mind and his private time? Maybe. One thing we do know is that he uses Gordon in the same way he uses Dan Smith.

Gordon Novel’s CIA Involvement

Imagine it’s 1998, and word gets back to the CIA that someone out there is claiming to be a CIA operative as part of the JFK assassination conspiracy madness.

The CIA Office of Security conducts a brief investigation, and as a result we have this declassified documentation – an internal memo/documentation contained in CIA security file record number: 104-10305-10000. Page four of the file states:

“Sergeant Haas was advised that a Gordon Novel, believed to be identical to the Gordon Novel of interest to Fort Lauderdale’s Organized Crime Division, is not now nor has he ever been an employee or employed in any capacity with the CIA. The undersigned added that since the late 60′s, Gordon Novel has periodically claimed employment with the CIA.”

Why was Gordon claiming CIA connections? The page 5 incident report lays it out nicely:

He is claiming to be affiliated with the Agency and under this guise has approached several companies specializing in electronic surveillance. It is for this reason that caller wishes to verify SUBJECT’s employment.

Another clue, from page 7:

Subject advised that he had an economic formula which would solve the world dollar dumping crisis – IR – 9 February 1973

Another clue, from page 10, dated 1980:

…and in the ensuing conversation Novel indicated that he was involved in a “commercial venture” and felt that the results might be of interest to “ONI”. He indicated, in essence, that his project involved outfitting a “fast patrol craft” with various means of testing defense systems (NFI).

In the conversation above, Gordon claimed, once again, an affiliation with the CIA. Page 16 reads:

Mr. Jameson also requested traces on two individuals who are alleged to have been involved in this matter — Larry Blanscett and Bridget Pfiffer. He was advised that the Office of Security had no record of either of these individuals.

Now – while it’s clear that this particular individual has a long history of attempting to “sell” his commercial ventures, what’s a little bit strange is the question of whether he works alone. The introduction of the two individuals above suggests one of two things. It may be possible that Gordon Novel was working alone and invented those identities of his own accord. However, it might also be possible that there are others, either faking Intel involvement, or misrepresenting their actual Intel status and position, in order to manipulate and use this figure from the organized crime community. While the knee-jerk reaction is to suggest that this is an official, covert action of a U.S. Intelligence agency – a more likely possibility is that it is part of an organized, private effort that actively exploits such “believers” for their own financial purposes.

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October 13, 2009

Jacques Vallee Crosses UFO Research with Psychic Research

brain2One of the things that we’ve mentioned often here, in our review of the general belief system many of the Parapsychologists/Paraphysicists had during the the early government/SRI psychic research was that there was an obvious intersection in the 1970′s between UFO research and Psychic research, such as in our MJ-12 philosophy article. A long list of strange events took place during that time that indicate a few individuals working with the SRI psychic research project, either directly or indirectly, had a hand in the creation and distribution of strange tales and myths over the next few decades. We’ve revealed all of the evidence that proves, beyond any doubt, the involvement of Dr. Christopher Green and Dr. Hal Puthoff through the years, from MJ-12 and all the way up to Project Serpo. In our last blog update we also finally revealed Kit Green’s admission that a small group of three “intellectuals,” including himself and Hal Puthoff, came up with a “Core Story” that represented what those three men commonly believed regarding the UFO phenomenon. The third man was Jacques Vallee.

In our last post we revealed how the prolific Jacques Vallee, who was giving a great many interviews throughout the 1970s to promote his new Ufology books, suggested that the phenomenon represented an informational control system and that researchers should be looking for patterns in order to understand the phenomenon. Next, I would like to cover another early interview with Jacques Vallee published in 1978 by FATE Magazine.

Vallee Ties Ufology to Religion in Passport to Magonia

In his 1969 publication Passport to Magonia, Vallee makes it clear that he’s no typical Ufo believer. Rather, he represents a new group of Ufologists that are to arise throughout the 1970′s from the small legion of Parapsychologists working on the question of psychic functioning. In doing so, Vallee ties the UFO phenomenon not to physical extraterrestrial visitations, but to existing religious belief systems of a society – and he views the phenomenon as a tool or weapon that harnesses those beliefs for some other, possibly darker, purpose. He writes (excerpt from the link above):

“When the underlying archetypes are extracted, the saucer myth is seen to coincide to a remarkable degree with the fairy-faith of Celtic countries … religious miracles… and the widespread belief among all peoples concerning entities whose physical and psychological descriptions place them in the same category as the present-day ufonauts.”

It isn’t until he published the Invisible College that he suggests Ufo researchers should actively interact with the “control system.” However, in this 1978 interview with FATE Magazine, Vallee makes it extremely clear what he believes the correct “test” approach should be when he responds to the interviewer’s question about abduction cases.

“An engineer observing a computer would want to look at the back and open up the boxes. He would want to take a probe and examine the different parts of the computer. But there is another way of looking at it; the way of the programmer, who wants to sit in front of the computer and analyze what it does, not how it does it. That’s my approach. I want to ask it questions and see what answers I get. I want to interact with it as an information entity.”

As an engineer myself, Vallee’s approach makes sense – however, it is surprisingly naive coming from such an intelligent man.  It makes the observer (us) wonder exactly how Vallee would attempt to “ask it questions” in order to watch the reaction of the “information entity”?  And going there, we must then ask the question, what would such “questions” look like to the folks who are simply observing the social reaction to the phenomenon?  How would those “questions to the control system” appear to public visitors on blogs, websites and forums? How would it appear to passers-by who are simply curious about a particular strange abduction case or UFO sighting? At what point do those “questions” become misinformation to the casual observer?  Or, to the scientists attempting to reverse-engineer this social informational control system – are casual observers simply collateral damage? Maybe they consider that their ultimate scientific agenda has a much higher purpose?

Was Vallee really considering, likely along with his scientist friends, actively “testing” the control system? In Vallee’s own words (remember, this was in 1978) – emphasis is mine:

“I’ve come up with the control system concept because it is an idea which can be tested. In that sense it’s much closer to a scientific hypotheses than the others.

There are different kinds of control systems – open ones and closed ones – and there are tests you can apply to them to find out what kind of control system you’re inside. That leads to a number of experiments you can do with the UFO phenomenon, whereas the other interpretations don’t lead you to anything.

The control system concept can be tested by a small group of people – you don’t need a large organization or a lot of equipment – and you can start thinking about active intervention in the phenomenon.”

Finally, after confusion by the interviewer, who asks him for more specifics, Vallee finally expands upon how exactly he wants to “test” the Ufology control system.

Vallee: I hesitate to be too specific. I’m speaking, as I’m sure you understand, of the attempted manipulation of UFO manifestations. It’s a pretty tall order. We’re assuming that there is a feedback mechanism involved in the operations of the control system; if you change the information that’s carried back to that system, you might be able to infiltrate it through its own feedback.”

Final Notes

The RU suggestion here is significant. We are proposing that a group of UFO researchers, in the 1970′s, formulated their own “attack plan” against the UFO phenomenon. Vallee published more books in the latter part of the 1970s that would elaborate upon what subject matter they would use and how they would test the system. We will show how these “scientific” tests conducted against the “control system” ultimately muddied the waters and destroyed the chance for legitimate study of the UFO phenomenon throughout the 1980s and 1990s. Shockingly, these scientists refuse to give up on their efforts, even today.

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