May 24, 2010

Ufology Exopolitics Special – Source A Update

Michael SallaThe majority of people who have read our “Source A Exposed” report know they have read a comprehensive and well documented  account of deceit and deception. The tale of intergalactic politics and sentient rocks should never have stood the test of time in the first place, but the people running the show made sure theirs was a tight ship, it was next to impossible to verify even a single aspect of the story. When chinks did appear, such as the Katrina rapes that never were, they were glossed over and ignored.

However, our detailed investigation and subsequent report of the true story behind the Source A information cannot be ignored. Our facts are of the real kind, the kind which can be checked and verified.

The supporters and enablers of the Source A story have therefore attempted to attack our reveal from a different angle. Michael Salla, one of, if not THE principal supporter of Clay and Shawn Pickering’s story, has been very active in what could loosely be termed as damage control.

At OM, here in the comments section of the site and on his own site, he has fastened on to one particular aspect of our investigation and attacked it for all he is worth. His problem? My deliberately ignoring that part of Maccabee’s testimony that was contrary to my intended ‘exposure’. (He conveniently forgets this was a group effort and not the result of one person’s investigation)

Let’s examine Salla’s claim in more detail. He refers to the following section of the report:

“The information we already had was more than sufficient to nail this down, but this was, after all, the man who had personally met with Source A on a navy base and indirectly ended up vouching for him.  I called him up a couple of days later and had a very productive conversation. Whilst on the phone, I told him that we had discovered the name of Source A and I wondered whether Source A had identified himself by name to him. He said he had, to which I replied “Richard?” he answered by saying “Yeah Richard, Richard Theilmann”.

Salla argues:

“Unfortunately, for Broadbent he omits to mention that the same source he used to confirm his outing of Source A, directly contradicts his ‘exposé’. The source in question is recently retired Navy scientist Dr Bruce Maccabee who in 2008 was still working at the U.S. Naval Surface Warfare Center, in Virginia.  This is what Maccabee had to say in a 2009 interview about a meeting he had with Source A in 2008.”

He did get that part right, Bruce Maccabee was indeed our source who confirmed Richard Theilmann’s identity for us. Unfortunately for Salla, this would be the only thing he does get right in response to our article.

Salla then quotes Bruce Maccabee:

“First of all, I work at a Navy Laboratory, at the time, he visited me, I think it was in April 2008. In a Navy Laboratory in order to get in you had to have credentials, you had to have clearances, a badge that would allow you to come in, and even if you get in, you might need an escort, if you didn’t have a sufficiently high clearance. Well Source A came right to my office, without any escort. Which tells me he had the credentials. He gave me a review of all the things he had done over the years. It … certainly looked real. At the very least, he was able to go right through the security of the laboratory and came right through to my desk. I told him how to get to the office and he did it.”

Salla continued (in part)

“So here we have a respected senior Navy scientist confirming that Source A had genuine credentials, and a very high security clearance as well to enable him to enter the facility unescorted.”

In light of the information to follow further below, quite how Salla can go from “..which tells me had the credentials” to “had genuine credentials” is anyone’s guess. The same applies to stating as fact that Source A had “a very high security clearance”.

From speaking with Bruce on the phone, I had the distinct impression that he had been conned by Source A and perhaps others in respect to the base access issue. There were a number of options on the table which could explain how Source A could gain access to the facility, but I didn’t dwell on this aspect because it wasn’t important based on everything else we had uncovered.

Time to Dwell

As it stands, there are a number of ways Source A could have gained access to the base and Maccabee’s office. Firstly, and considering what we had already discovered about Richard Theilmann and the inconsistencies in the Pickering’s story, he could have faked his way in.

Salla only gives a cursory glance to this possibility, with the following comment on this blog:

“If a hoax is what is occurring, that would at the least invite a Congressional investigation of lax security procedures at the Naval Warfare Center that allowed an alleged ‘hoaxer’ to walk around unescorted in the post 911 error [sic].”

Bryce Weiner, one of the researchers involved in this investigation, showed how “the ability for individuals to fake credentials to gain access to military facilities in a post-9/11 era is quite well established.” and provides the following examples:

Man faked his way into Army as an NCO

5 fake Army Chaplains arrested

Fake Naval officer arrested

Another possibility that would explain how Theilmann was able to access the facility, would be his previous service in the US Navy. I checked the visitor information for the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren Division  – Bruce Macabee’s place of employment when visited by Theilmann sometime around April 2008 – in order to better understand the security procedures for the base.

Standard Facility Access:

All visitors access the facility via the Main Gate. Visitors will be issued a visitor badge, which must be returned to the gate upon departure.”

The fact that the base has a standard facility access highlights how one does not need any classified security clearances in order to access the base. RU admin Access Denied showed how a retired naval officer, for example, may want to access the base in order to use the Commissary (grocery store) or the Exchange (general store) facilities available to all retired members of the US Navy. Dahlgren has both of these stores on site.

Base Vehicle Pass:

Visitors will be issued a vehicle pass, when deemed necessary, at the Pass and ID office. A valid drivers license is required.”

Nope, no special credentials or highly classified security clearances needed there, either.

There is no need for us to comment on the “Submission of visit requests for classified visits” section, because as we will see further below, there is absolutely no need for us to do so.

Bruce Maccabee

The Real Deal

Prompted by Salla’s constant accusations of disingenuity regarding our “omission” of Bruce Maccabee’s expert testimony, we decided to contact him again.

RU’s Ryan Dube once again opened discussions with Dr. Maccabee, asking for further clarification regarding the meeting with Richard Theilmann.

Bruce replied a short time later:

“Haven’t had a contact from anyone regarding the “Affair of A”.
As for getting onto the Navy base is concerned, I offered to meet him at the check-in entry building, assuming that he would need an escort.
However, he assured me that he could enter without an escort…. and obviously he was correct.
He arrived within a few minutes of the planned time.”

Realising that this was info already in the public domain, Ryan knew that more information was needed in order to discover exactly what the requirements were – as understood by Bruce:

“Thanks for the response Bruce,

According to this document, you don’t need an escort, you only need to have an appointment with someone on base:

As you’ve stated below, you and he had agreed upon a “planned time” when he would arrive – so is it safe to assume that he had an appointment to meet with you? According to the document above, if he had an appointment with you, he could simply pick up the visitor badge at the main gate. There’s nothing in the visitor information page that mentions anything about needing an escort.

Can you confirm?


Keen to receive a response and after hearing nothing for several hours, Ryan sent a further email:

“Bruce, could you please confirm that the information Steve found is true and that Richard did not need an escort to visit you on the base, only an appointment?


You’ve stated that you *assume* he’d need an escort. The documentation from the base shows that he only needed an appointment, not an escort. I hope you can understand how important it is that you confirm the truth and let us know if he really needed an escort or not – not just whether you assume as much.

Thanks Bruce – again, I really appreciate your insight on this.


This time Bruce did reply:

“I thought I answered this question before.
I had assumed he would need an escort and said I would meet him at the entry office when he arrived.
He said he didn’t need an escort.
And, evidently he didn’t.  He showed up at my office within minutes of the appointed time.
That meant he drove through the guard gate and followed a map of the lab to the building where I
To get through the guard gate he would have had to have a badge or a “common access card”  that
would have been checked by the guard.”

Ryan, being the excellent researcher he is, knew we needed specific clarification on this issue and responded with the following important questions:

“Bruce…I understand your point, but people are using your description of the visit to imply that Richard had high-level classified clearances.

According to the visitor rules that Steve found here: (

You mention below that he would have needed a badge – according to the document above, this could have been a visitor badge:

“All visitors access the facility via the Main Gate. Visitors will be issued a visitor badge, which must be returned to the gate upon departure.”

A “visitor” is defined as anyone with an appointment on the facility, and you will notice that the document differentiates between a simple facility visit and a “classified” visit…for some reason you don’t make that differentiation in your own description of the visit.

Salla and others are using your description of the visit to imply that because Richard was able to gain entrance to the facility, that he had classified clearances – however, the official visitor guidelines for the base state that a visitor can visit the facility without security clearances, so long as the visit isn’t a “classified visit”. Please take a look at the link above for the differentiation.

I guess what I’m asking is – isn’t it possible that he was there to visit someone else for non-classified reasons, and decided it would be a good opportunity to visit you? What if someone else at your facility signed for him as a visitor? What if there was an event or a Navy function he was attending at the facility, as a visitor?  Aren’t there dozens of reasons he could have had access to the facility that don’t necessarily imply he has special classified clearances?


The questions had the desired effect and Dr. Maccabee responded to Ryan later that day and was much more specific with his answers (emphasis added):

“My recollection is that a visitor badge had a big “V” on the front.  I didn’t have that many unclassified visitors over the years so my memory is hazy on this.  But my recollection is that he did not have a “V” badge.
However, I could be wrong on this.  I didn’t pay close attention to all the details of the visit because I didn’t foresee this controversy.  I was doing C&S P a “favor” by agreeing to meet “A”.  So far as I knew, they had much more information than I had about “A” and his testimony.   He certainly did not need a high level clearance to have an unclassified visit with me. However, because of all the “hush hush” activities and the claim by C&S P that he was working for an Admiral, I assumed he had a high level clearance. He never said anything to me that would make me think that he had no clearance level.  Had I thought that I was supposed to be thoroughly vetting this person I would have taken notes at the time and I would have written down all the pertinent info on his badge.

At any rate, the truth or falsity of his various claims will be determined by further investigation.”

Boom! That is the sound of Salla and Co’s hopes and dreams for the Source A story exploding around their ears. The one remaining aspect of the story -in their eyes at least- that these people could use to prove to others there MUST be something to the story, has gone up in a cloud of white hot shrapnel and billowing smoke. Salla’s assertions that Theilmann gaining access to the base and meeting with Maccabee “supports his claims that he was a covert operative for classified programs involving senior US Navy personnel” are thus completely and utterly without merit.

Bruce says he didn’t pay attention to all the details of the visit and was actually doing Clay and Shawn Pickering a FAVOR by agreeing to meet Source A! One can only speculate why Clay and Shawn would need such a favour. To lend veracity to their claims, perhaps?

In case you missed it above, Bruce also confirms that Source A “certainly did not need a high level clearance to have an unclassified visit” with him. Bruce confirms that he only assumed he had a high level clearance based on what he was told by the Pickerings.

That Richard Theilmann accessed the base is without question. However, there were any number of ways he could have done this, none of which necessitate the need for any kind of classified clearances whatsoever. The people pushing this story need you to believe that he did have such access, because without it, the story is dead in the water.

It is clear to us that Bruce Maccabee was used as an unwitting pawn in the game being played by the Pickerings. Based on Salla’s extensive comments on this subject and past behaviour promoting the outlandish claims, one would be forgiven for wondering if he – and others in the exopolitics crowd – are more heavily involved in this apparent con game than at first thought.

This is something we are actively investigating.

Richard Theilmann

There has been one other major development in the Source A investigation. I spoke with Richard Theilmann on the telephone today and had a brief, but amicable conversation with him. Due to the  nature of the information discussed, I shall refrain from mentioning any details for the time being. However, further calls have been arranged and we will be reporting on these conversations in the very near future.

Stay tuned for further updates.

Stephen Broadbent

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  1. avatar

    I stand yet again in awe at the detail and thorougness thats gone into this matter
    Thank You so much for bringing such clarity to the matter at hand.

    As i suspected all along Theilmanns access to this facility was no great cunning stunt

    Typically the Players behind this hoax, have tried to make maximum milage out of a very minor facet.

    This new data is highly significant

    Once again Thank you

    Comment by Mike — May 24, 2010 @ 1:47 am

  2. avatar

    It is great to see this subject is finally going somewhere.

    Thanks to all parties for their good work,..for at the end of the day truth will be revealed.

    Comment by Ben D — May 24, 2010 @ 1:57 am

  3. avatar

    Another Great report Steve….and thanks again to all the great team members!

    Comment by murnut — May 24, 2010 @ 2:21 am

  4. avatar

    Great report and excellent work.

    But I think you are being too kind to Maccabee. He was obviously trying to put some helpful ooga booga spin on the Source A fraud in his original descriptions. He was trying to add authenticity to Source A.

    Maccabee originally said:

    “you might need an escort, if you didn’t have a sufficiently high clearance. Well Source A came right to my office, without any escort.”

    …even while Maccabee apparently knew that “sufficiently high clearance” would consist of simply being a civilian with an appointment—very high level, huh? I am surprised that he didn’t bother to make up a security rating for getting in to see him: Maccajestic 12 or something like that.


    Comment by Lance Moody — May 24, 2010 @ 2:33 am

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    I had to re-post this. Coming from such a great researcher this is fantastic!

    begin quote-
    From RU :

    I would like to offer my congratulations to the excellent research done here. Perhaps I can clarify my own “knowledge” about this case, such as it was.
    Ted Roe is right that I did defend the legitimacy of Mr. Theilmann over the phone. I had met him in person at the 08 X-Conference. We talked privately for a short while, and he gave a good presentation of himself. Following that, I attempted to obtain follow up information from Mr. Theilmann in order to get him to be more specific about his claims. He never did so, not to my satisfaction.
    Ted might have a better memory than I do on this, but I am fairly sure that when we had our phone conversation, it was before the surgery event. It was that whole thing, and the non-believable nature of it as described to me, that forced me to tell the Pickerings I was not interested in spending any more time looking into this case. After that, I decided just to let it go.
    At no time did I ever publicly endorse this case. Other than my phone conversation with Ted, I don’t think I gave support of the case to any other researcher. Although I will admit that privately I did think for a while that a meeting of some sort did take place at the U.N. Yep. Never pretended I knew it was true, but I did think it seemed that it happened. Now I think we all know better.
    It just shows for the umpteenth time that talk is cheap. The researchers who uncovered this case deserve everyone’s thanks and appreciation. So, from myself, a deep and heartfelt THANK YOU.
    Richard Dolan
    Comment by Richard Dolan — May 24, 2010 @ 12:38 am -end quote

    Comment by Crystal — May 24, 2010 @ 2:34 am

  6. avatar

    If I was Richard Theilman I would come forward and do radio appearances to present his side of the story. We cannot assume that Richard has no “security oath contract” from past Navy activity. There is a possibility that he does still live under a security contract.
    If Richard feels that he violated a security oath from past service, the safest thing now would be to come forward and go on as many radio shows as he can and plaster his face all over the place in order to protect himself in the event he feels he might be in danger.

    Comment by Skymon861 — May 24, 2010 @ 2:46 am

  7. avatar

    The below is an excerpt from an email sent to me by Pandolfi when I questioned Rick Doty’s ability to freely move in and out and around AFB since his retirement….


    Friday, September 1, 2006 1:54 AM
    From: “Ronald Pandolfi” View contact details To: “‘caryn anscomb'”


    What is your understanding of the term “full security clearance” and what is your basis for assessing that Rick still has this? Retired US military personnel all have ID cards that give them immediate access to military bases. Accesses to military bases do not require any clearance.


    Comment by caryn anscomb — May 24, 2010 @ 2:03 pm

  8. avatar

    Navy officer faces arrest if he doesn’t disavow secret UN talks on UFOs

    “More disturbingly, Theilmann is being threatened with arrest if he doesn’t disavow his earlier revelations about secret UN UFO discussions.

    The failsafe, if activated, would lead to him being arrested for impersonating a military officer and his public discrediting by the mainstream media.”

    Comment by Mike — May 24, 2010 @ 11:18 pm

  9. avatar

    More lies without any evidence from Exo’s…..pathetic

    Comment by murnut — May 25, 2010 @ 12:30 am

  10. avatar

    @Salla, “as we were speaking, his military records were being expunged”

    That’s the funniest thing I’ve read all week… and it’s only Monday.

    ETA: Do Exopolitical Certificates come with a money back guarantee?

    “Theilman’s visit to the Naval Warfare Center in April 2008 to meet with Dr Maccabee reveals that he did have a current military ID badge and security clearances, as he showed to me and other researchers.”

    Was reading comprehension not a prerequisite for Dr. Salla’s PhD in Philosophy?

    “His strategy was that by telling Broadbent that he made most of it up”

    Most of it? Try all of it…

    Comment by Access Denied — May 25, 2010 @ 1:54 am

  11. avatar

    Yeah you have to hope this guy catches the bus to work, its horrifying to think of this sort of intellectual paragon behind the wheel of a car.

    they havent yet “expunged” his name and rank from the navel order website

    Comment by Mike — May 25, 2010 @ 2:09 am

  12. avatar

    Oh that article is comical

    If this Richard guy really was legit, and they now needed to activate a “failsafe” to cleanup this mess, he would be in some MAJOR trouble for reveling top secret information. So the first thing he does is tell a REPORTER the failsafe plan? Knowing well that the reporter is going to, um, report what he was saying?

    Oh and he says that he would be reassigned to another covert role in the UFO world after serving a small stint in jail? Sorry dude, you just committed the biggest offense a person with classified information can commit, and they are going to reassign you to another classified role? I think not. Nice try. Enjoy prison.

    Comment by TattarattaT — May 25, 2010 @ 2:45 am

  13. avatar

    As someone at the Military times put it

    “Covert operatives have nothing in their records (if they are military) that could identify them as COs. If there is a need for a non-military CO to be taken for a military officer his records will be ficticious and nondescript.

    This whole tempest in a teapot is just a big steaming CROCK!”

    Comment by Mike — May 25, 2010 @ 3:25 am

  14. avatar

    Bravo, Mr. Salla, Bravo! Well played indeed. Explaining the confession before it comes! Before a single word of confession has even left the lips of RT, you have now conveniently explained why such a confession would not actually be real…..Man, that is good.


    Completely unbelievable and lacking any evidence just like the UN/Source A Disclosure itself. With all the falsehoods and deceptions, the phony SOM manual, et al, why would any extravagant claim related to this story be believable now? The better and easier scenario, which actually follows Occum’s Razor, is that this false claim of disclosure that was so heavily endorsed by you and Morningstar is coming apart at the seams. The veil has been lifted and certain parties are attempting their best form of damage control in order to salvage at least a trace of their reputation.

    Man, that was some creative thinking though. Fits right into a grade B movie plot like a glove but unfortunately this is reality……and this is reality uncovered.

    Comment by jeddyhi — May 25, 2010 @ 3:46 am

  15. avatar

    The people running Truth Revealed probably have never served their country before or done anything besides hiding behind a computer thumbing up a blog or story to get themselves attention. If I were Truth Revealed I would stay out of messing with top level Intelligence operations until you know what your dealing with and who your talking to.

    Comment by Rwa100 — May 25, 2010 @ 7:39 am

  16. avatar

    Oh for goodness sakes there is no “top level Intelligence operations ”
    What we really have here is a retired field grade officer, who by his own admission has faked the whole story and is looking at being arrested and jailed for doing so.

    Thats what we are dealing with here

    The truth is the fact that hes tried to pass himself off as an active high ranking operative, when in reality hes only a retired field grade officer has landed him in some hot water

    Comment by Mike — May 25, 2010 @ 7:50 am

  17. avatar

    Actually i retract the statement hes ex navy…….

    I predict he’s faked that aspect of the story too

    He himself has said it will play out thus

    Theilmann says hes about to be arrested for impersonating a military officer , and his military records expunged…. read: look like they never existed at all……..

    I predict he was never in the navy, That there never were any military records and that what he has indeed done is impersonate a military officer

    much as this guy did

    Comment by Mike — May 25, 2010 @ 10:28 am

  18. avatar

    Possibly Mike – but it wouldn’t be an isolated case for an ex or even current military/intel (let’s also include lawyers) guy to abuse his past/current position and over inflate rank/importance to con folk for a few bob or notoriety. And this is what concerns me the most-the volume of folk coming to light that have been getting away with it for way too long. High time a full Gov. backed investigation was initiated……If anyone wants to start correlating the material and work on petitioning gov for full enquiry let me know……

    Comment by caryn anscomb — May 25, 2010 @ 12:55 pm

  19. avatar

    Dear Reality Uncovered–
    It would help me if you put together a composite picture of who Richard Theilmann IS. So far, I gather he used to be in the Navy (for 20 years) and got out some time ago. Then he started a business but went bankrupt. He then got a divorce from his wife and she kept him on their health insurance so he could have a “heart” operation–but I didn’t see any scars on his chest in the porno picture. He is a member of a retired personnel Navy organization in New York City. He goes to a lot of glitzy gatherings, even dresses up in a tux, and has his picture taken often.

    According to the Pickerings, he is a person of extremely high prestige in Navy circles and he was called into active duty from the Naval reserves to interface with the aliens as well as represent a pro-disclosure faction of the Navy. As part of his faction-representing work, he confided in the Pickerings that aliens are real, the US Navy has meetings with them, and he’d been to some of those meetings. The Pickerings’ gig was to tell the UFO community about this in order to let the American people know the truth. Have I got that right?

    Actually, what was the alleged purpose of the Pickerings telling the UFO community about aliens? We’re not exactly a high status group in the overall scheme. We’re the lunatic fringe, everybody says. So what good would it do the pro-disclosure faction of the US Navy to tell us? Besides that, we already know it.

    Ok, ok, I know, it was all a hoax. They were going to make a screen play out of it, after they got done with us. But I still don’t get it all. And the most important thing I DON’T GET is the PORNO PICTURE. That’s why I asked, who IS Richard Theilman? And by that I mean in his supposed regular life–the life where he’s the retired Navy officer who belongs to the retired Navy officer organization in New York and goes to the glitzy gathering. THIS GUY has a Facebook page in which he puts up photos of himself in handcuffs, being spanked? by a lady who looks like she ready to go shopping?? I don’t get it, guys. Can anybody help?

    And there is the question, raised by others, if Theilmann is retired Navy, wouldn’t he have health coverage from the Navy? BTW, does anyone know how Theilmann is supposed to be making a living these days? Does he work anywhere?

    I read Salla’s latest output. Highly creative, I agree. On the other hand–Reality Uncovered’s picture of Theilmann is not quite cohesive–yet–ESPECIALLY the porno picture. That picture doesn’t fit anybody’s explanation of who Theilmann is. It doesn’t fit Salla’s, the Pickering’s, or RU’s picture. That porn photo, publicly posted, would lead to social ostracism in any of the proposed lives Theilmann is alleged to have been living.

    Elaine Douglass

    Comment by Elaine Douglass — May 25, 2010 @ 9:14 pm

  20. avatar

    Outstanding stuff! I’m continuously astounded that these guys get any airplay at all, let alone develop reputations as serious, trustworthy sources of information. They don’t understand how to interview people, how to communicate to people, how to fact check information, or how to be HONEST, and yet people set them up as heroic figures asserting the truth regarding the extent our government will go to hide this type of information from the public. Does anybody really believe that our government is THIS idiotic? I’m just stunned — great work guys. Every day I see indicators that these people and those who trust them just know absolutely nothing about military security protocol — and if they did just a little research, they’d discover in a second why so many ex-military personnel are without doubt positive that they are lying or are just the most reprehensible fools in the world. Another great example goes on the list!

    Comment by James Carlson — May 25, 2010 @ 9:28 pm

  21. avatar

    Honestly, i wonder if that pic isnt the most honest representation of just who RT is.
    A man who likes to live in a “fantasy” land a man who likes to dress up in a costume and play a role……

    Comment by Mike — May 25, 2010 @ 10:14 pm

  22. avatar

    Mike you may feel like you have all the answers and you may really think you are “Mr. Know it all”, but I would hope you would have solid evidence before you start declaring “Stolen Valor.” RU has no evidence of “Stolen Valor” and no evidence that supports most of your claims. So don’t jump straight to your instant conclusions and proclimations, its no better than Salla for you to make wild declarations.

    Comment by Sharklive6 — May 26, 2010 @ 2:21 pm

  23. avatar

    Once again authority and good work win out over notoriety and sensationalism…. Mr. Salla and the Pickerings are exposed for the frauds and cons they are… now its time to exercise due diligence and make certain that the world knows which cowpies to avoid…
    Ted Roe

    Comment by Ted Roe — May 26, 2010 @ 3:38 pm

  24. avatar

    Excuse me for raining on the parade here, but nowhere does Maccabee say that Theilmann did not have a valid military ID card and high security clearances in order to gain access to the Naval Warfare Center in April 2008 for his unescorted visit as Maccabee originally assumed. All please recall that in his first exposure article, Broadbent said Theilmann had not been active military since at least 2001. However, when I saw Theilmann’s military ID in October 2008 it was current and valid for a three year period, and had a vertical barcode on the front left hand side, see: I don’t recall when the expiry date was but it was clearly the same one he used to gain entry to the Naval Warfare Center six months earlier. This is SUPPORTED in Maccabee’s response where he says: “My recollection is that a visitor badge had a big “V” on the front. I didn’t have that many unclassified visitors over the years so my memory is hazy on this. But my recollection is that he did not have a “V” badge.”

    So let’s be clear about this, Maccabee says Theilmann did NOT have a visitor “V” badge as he recalls. Why not? The answer is that Theilmann had a current and valid military ID card with the security clearance he needed to gain access to and driving around the Naval Warfare Center without a Visitor badge. To top it off, he was then able to go to Maccabee’s office without an escort using his ID card/badge. How do I know, because I and others saw Theilmann’s military identity card.

    So let me give another more plausible scenario to that laid out by Broadbent’s speculative foray above. Theilmann arrives at the Naval Warfare Center Guard gate in full dress uniform showing his rank (LtCmdr) and hands over his military ID. The Guard scans it and it shows that Theilmann’s ID is valid, current and he can drive around the base WITHOUT a visitor pass. Theilmann then drives to Maccabee’s lab and goes to the Entry Office, and again shows/displays his ID card/badge. Ordinarily, those with a Visitor badge would need to be met at the entry office of any Federal/military facility, and escorted to the person/office they were there to visit. That’s SOP. How do I know, I’ve done it myself when visiting Federal buildings to meet federal employees/VIPs. Those with a Visitor pass have to be escorted inside secure federal/military buildings. Those with another form of ID that has the necessary clearance can walk around unescorted. That explains why Maccabee made the initial assumptions he did about Theilmann having the credentials and a high security clearance. Broadbent’s speculative excercize fails to explain how Theilman was able to walk unescorted to Maccabee’s office WITHOUT an escort from the Entry Office.

    Broadbent makes much out of the following response by Maccabee, “He certainly did not need a high level clearance to have an unclassified visit with me.” That is very far from saying that Theilmann did NOT have a valid military ID with high security clearances in order to both gain access to the base, and visit Maccabee’s office without an escort from the entry office to the building. The scenario I sketched out above supports that conclusion. Again, Broadbent omits important facts and events, and spins the data to reach a preconceived conclusion that Theilmann is hoax. A more plausible and simple explanation is that Theilmann had the credentials and clearances he claimed at the time, and that this does support his claims of being a covert operative spilling the beans on the UN UFO discussions.

    Comment by Michael Salla — May 26, 2010 @ 6:28 pm

  25. avatar

    Mike- I’ve made exactly that point at Amkon on a number of occasions- only to be met with the usual noise you’ve alluded to. On the other hand these facts, in themselves, do not indicate that Theilmann and the Pickle People were not involved in a hoax. I mean- really now… an invasion of Hortas?? Doesn’t such an extraordinary claim require even a modicum of proof?

    Comment by Kim Walker — May 26, 2010 @ 6:51 pm

  26. avatar

    There you have it, Mr. Salla – credible by declaration…. Gilles Lorant, debunked, Richard T, debunked… Secret UN meeting, debunked…. not shred of proof that any claim made has merit. It was all just talk and when we go to look for substance we find frauds like Lorant whom Mr. Salla promoted widely and obviously without even TRYING to validate their credentials (and apparently believed that his word was good enough to vouch for).

    “A more plausible and simple explanation is that Theilmann had the credentials and clearances he claimed at the time, and that this does support his claims of being a covert operative spilling the beans on the UN UFO discussions.” Mr. Salla

    Actually its Mr. Salla’s and C/S Pickerings claim that he is a covert operative spilling the beans on the UN UFO discussions.. Its Mr. Salla and the Pickerings claim that there even were UN discussions and none of it has been validated. In fact it has been clearly refuted… Mr. Salla’s note above describes his scenarios that support his conclusions but he offer no proof, just speculations, as he accuses Broadbent of sloppy research…

    Now Mr. Salla claims, as Dr. Vallee predicted, that he is right but the Gov is cleaning up. A victim of disinformation…

    As I said before, the victims here are the people who took Mr. Salla at his word. The sources of that disinfo are Mr. Salla and the Pickerings…

    You would think that such a “studious and credible” [sarc] researcher as Mr. Salla would have taken the most basic steps to validate his story without presenting it like a kid with a flashlight under his chin and talking about government intrigue around UFO like he actually knows something while offering only hearsay and anonymous witnesses…. Again, Vallee called this very clearly in his breakdown of psy-memes – see post 46 on the first page…

    But Mr. Salla will claim instead that he was right and misunderstood and the victim of meanspirited sloppy researchers as he continues to push his conspiratorial speculations around as facts.

    Comment by Ted Roe — May 26, 2010 @ 7:19 pm

  27. avatar

    Mr. Salla,

    You’re missing the basic point of the entire update. Any military officer, active or reserve or retired (yes even retirees still get issued up to date military ID cards) can enter the base. No high level clearances are required. Richard, in full uniform with current military ID, would have had no problem entering the base and visiting Maccabee’s office. This visit did not necessitate any special high level clearances which you are implying. Not in the slightest. So I fail to see your point on bringing this visit up as some sort of verification of the Source A story.

    All it proves is that Richard met with Maccabee at his office which is not disputed.

    Comment by jeddyhi — May 26, 2010 @ 7:40 pm

  28. avatar

    Mr Salla did you read the article ?

    Dr. Maccabee responded to Ryan later that day and was much more specific with his answers
    “He certainly did not need a high level clearance to have an unclassified visit with me.”

    @sharklive6 Theilmann himself has said he may be arrested and jailed for “impersonating a military officer” If thats not Stolen Valor what is ?

    Comment by Mike — May 26, 2010 @ 8:18 pm

  29. avatar

    @ To Jeddhi. The point is that once Theilman went to the Entry Office for the building that Bruce Maccabee worked at, that he would need whatever clearance was required to enter ‘unescorted’. That’s what you, Broadbent, etc., are missing. That without a sufficiently high security clearance, Theilman couldn’t just walk in unescorted. The laboratory where Maccabee worked had its own security clearance but I have not been told what it was, but Theilman’s ID needed to have it to walk in unescorted.

    @ To Ted Roe, are you claiming the following is fraudulent? . If not, then stop referring to me as Mr Salla which is incorrect and trying to bait me into unproductive exchanges over titles that detract from actively being debated and investigated.

    Comment by Michael Salla — May 26, 2010 @ 8:27 pm

  30. avatar

    Don’t make the mistake that Salla is missing a point, etc. He’s not. It’s like talking to a kid who knows he is lying and has been found out. He pretends to not understand the point raised and then makes a lame pretense of not understanding the matter at hand.

    Of course Salla disingenuously (the only way he does anything, it seems) ignores the whole issue of the super secret vetting for the top secret UN-attended meeting that turned out to be a public meeting with no one from the UN present etc. etc..

    Salla ignoring the main points of the original article is proof positive of what a cowardly and weak clown he is. He is, holding onto his fantasy world at all costs and hilariously imagining that no one sees him for the absolute fool that he is.


    Comment by Lance Moody — May 26, 2010 @ 8:37 pm

  31. avatar

    Michael i really do think you are being deliberately obtuse here.
    Bruce has stated “He certainly did not need a high level clearance to have an unclassified visit with me.”

    You have stated his rank as being LtCmdr

    According to the article on this matter at the military times

    “For the record, an O-4 in the Navy is not considered Field Grade. We don’t do that until O-5. … but that’s irrelevant. You’re right, he’s not such a “High-ranking Officer””

    So lets review, according to Dr Maccabee he did NOT need high level security clearance to visit him, and according to the military hes not a “high ranking officer”

    What then is the proof that he had high level clearance as you assert so voiciferously and in defiance of the glaring facts

    Comment by Mike — May 26, 2010 @ 9:15 pm

  32. avatar

    I think quite a few people are ignoring his rank and it’s significance in all of this.
    It’s one thing to focus on one aspect of this case (base access) and completely ignore everything else that shows the Source A story to be a complete and utter sham.

    We have the main witness stating high level clearance was not needed to visit him, and we have shown with the second update why it is by no means impossible to get on the base even in the event of no legitimate clearances at all.

    Yet still they persist.

    Comment by Stephen Broadbent — May 26, 2010 @ 9:41 pm

  33. avatar

    @Mike. As far as Maccabee’s response is concerned, there are several nuances in it that shouldn’t be overlooked. I would agree that for an “unclassified visit” one does not need a clearance if they are met at the facility entrance by the person signing them in, who then escorts them to some unclassified area – coffee lounge, personal office, etc. BUT, to enter the building on one’s own steam and proceed to walk around unescorted a laboratory with all sorts of classified projects being conducted, one would NEED a security clearance of some sort. Back in 2009, Maccabee thought it would be high. Again, here is what he said: “I think it was in April 2008. In a Navy Laboratory in order to get in you had to have credentials, you had to have clearances, a badge that would allow you to come in, and even if you get in, you might need an escort, if you didn’t have a sufficiently high clearance.” It’s important to understand that he isn’t talking about entering the base through the front gate, but entering his laboratory facility through the entry office!

    Now with his recent email response to Broadbent, Maccabee appears to be backtracking and is now saying that the security clearance doesn’t need to be so high after all. That’s understandable since he would be breaking security if he was too specific about security levels at the laboratory where he worked. So he needs to speak in general terms, and that’s all he is doing in response to Broadbent’s inquiry. That’s pretty obvious too me.

    Regardless of how high Theilmann’s security clearance was, Maccabee’s original statement is quite clear that one needed a security clearance to get in and walk around unescorted the Lab where he worked. Your are ignoring that basic point and ignoring the nuances in his response to Broadbent which is very general and can be read in a number of ways. Basically, the fact that Theilmann walked around UNESCORTED WITHOUT A VISITOR BADGE at a secure naval warfare laboratory is evidence that he had a current security clearance. As to how high it was, that’s all Maccabee’s recent response calls into question.

    Comment by Michael Salla — May 26, 2010 @ 10:05 pm

  34. avatar

    We dont know that he wasnt wearing a visitor badge

    “My recollection is that a visitor badge had a big “V” on the front. I didn’t have that many unclassified visitors over the years so my memory is hazy on this. But my recollection is that he did not have a “V” badge.
    However, I could be wrong on this.”

    The only person in a position to know states his memory is hazy and he could be wrong.

    There is still no concrete prrof that source A had high level clearance.

    The fact that hes told you he may be arrested for impersonating a military officer is to my mind a better indicator of the real truth in the matter.

    Comment by Mike — May 26, 2010 @ 10:32 pm

  35. avatar

    Comment posted at the Military Times

    “If he has been in long enough to have been in Vietnam, that would put him well over 30 years. To not be higher than an O4, even as a reservist, after that period is just ludicrous. Additionally, if he never finished college, the only way for him to be a line officer is with a battlefield commission.

    This just smells to high heaven of bullshit. Another wannabe who’s trying to make himself out to be more important that he is. I hope his wife isn’t complicit in the whole thing. “

    Comment by Mike — May 26, 2010 @ 11:06 pm

  36. avatar

    @Lance, bingo. What the HELL is wrong with all these people?

    @Salla, did you even read the original expose? Let me remind you that we have Theilmann on the record stating he was “ex-military” and “bankrupt” in 2005 and he was “self-employed”, unable to find work, and without health insurance in 2008 just one month after his alleged visit with Maccabee that you claim is “proof” he’s an active duty military “covert operative” with “clearances”.

    At least one of these scenarios is a lie, which do you choose to believe? The one that supports your delusional version of reality that you’ve been (literally) selling to others?

    “Without institutional support many scholars, ‘whistleblowers’, and ‘contactees’ would not be able to present to the general public the invaluable information and technologies gained from their research, work, communications and/or contact with extraterrestrial races. The Exopolitics Institute has sponsored a number of exopolitical inititiatves…”

    Consider yourself lucky if you haven’t been sued for fraud by any of your customers yet…

    Comment by Access Denied — May 27, 2010 @ 2:06 am

  37. avatar

    What i took from the recorded conversation with Mr Theilmann posted on YouTube today, was that far from being un unwitting dupe in the Pickle bros story, he is either the primary or at least one of the principle sources, That this was as far as he’s concerned a “harmless prank”.
    And its true no one was hurt, just their egos.
    With that in mind i’d invite him to expand on that aspect, Come clean and expand on why he considers it no more than a harmless prank, I think once he does that a lot of the heat will die off, A lot of people (im not suggesting everyone) but a lot might even have a chuckle with him on a prank very well played and be happy to walk away from the matter.
    He’s had his fun, the gig is up and i think it would be to his own personal advantage to expand on his perspective in regards to the prank.

    I think in terms of getting past this event and getting on with his life unencumbered by it, its an option he would do well to consider.

    Personally i can take a joke, just as long as its understood beyond a shadow of a doubt it was a joke

    Just my two cents i dont expect everyone to agree

    Comment by Mike — May 27, 2010 @ 7:12 am

  38. avatar

    B.M.~“First of all, I work at a Navy Laboratory, at the time, he visited me, I think it was in April 2008. In a Navy Laboratory in order to get in you had to have credentials, you had to have clearances, a badge that would allow you to come in, and even if you get in, you might need an escort, if you didn’t have a sufficiently high clearance. Well Source A came right to my office, without any escort. Which tells me he had the credentials.”

    “A badge that would allow you to come in”~ ???

    “you might need an escort”~????

    Salla -“for an “unclassified visit” one does not need a clearance if they are met at the facility entrance by the person signing them in, who then escorts them to some unclassified area – coffee lounge, personal office, etc. BUT, to enter the building on one’s own steam and proceed to walk around unescorted a laboratory with all sorts of classified projects being conducted, one would NEED a security clearance of some sort.”

    OK- “Doctor”- Did the U of Queensland tell you that there were classified projects being conducted in the direct vicinity of Bruce’s office? Or did you sense that with your philosophical insight?
    You are a doosh and a fraud- sir – and putting on airs the of a “Phd” is not required by such a being- only to bow to those more intellectually capable and exit from your scene of embarrassment. Sitting across the table from you in Kealakekua was enough for me to see that you were a man absorbed in your own little world- and willing to listen to reason- yet not able to hear it. Your postulations about the reality in which we live had little foundation, like your arguments regarding this farse.

    Comment by Karl Roe — May 27, 2010 @ 7:49 am

  39. avatar

    Water, water everywhere… But wine to drink!

    Comment by Puppetburglar — May 27, 2010 @ 8:08 am

  40. avatar

    Great to hear,so whats up with the whole disclosure project/greer,etc ? credibility?
    i think now there is a big gap..

    Comment by twentythree — May 27, 2010 @ 9:49 am

  41. avatar

    “Mr. Salla,

    You’re missing the basic point of the entire update. Any military officer, active or reserve or retired (yes even retirees still get issued up to date military ID cards) can enter the base. No high level clearances are required. Richard, in full uniform with current military ID, would have had no problem entering the base and visiting Maccabee’s office. This visit did not necessitate any special high level clearances which you are implying. Not in the slightest. So I fail to see your point on bringing this visit up as some sort of verification of the Source A story.

    All it proves is that Richard met with Maccabee at his office which is not disputed.

    Comment by jeddyhi — May 26, 2010 @ 7:40 pm ”

    Hey Jeddyhi – glad someone took note of the email excerpt I posted above!! “Retired US military personnel all have ID cards that give them immediate access to military bases. Accesses to military bases do not require any clearance.” That’s the bottom line – Salla can try to twist this until blue in the face-but this basic fact remains.

    Hey Ted! Good to see you here my friend…………

    Comment by caryn anscomb — May 27, 2010 @ 10:26 am

  42. avatar

    Again, Mr. Salla is NOT missing the point. He is intentionally pretending to miss the point. No one alive is so utterly stupid that they wouldn’t understand the basic concepts put forth here about military base access.

    No, this shows that Mr. Salla is not just a silly little pipe dreamer, instead he is willfully misleading, just like his colleagues Bassett, Greer, Webre, etc.

    I also again note that Mr. Salla continues to ignore the very obvious and devastating basic facts of the exposure. It’s like saying “You are on fire!” to someone engulfed in flames and having them respond, “The bottoms of my feet feel perfectly cool.”


    Comment by Lance Moody — May 27, 2010 @ 12:22 pm

  43. avatar

    Agreed, Lance…Salla, Webre, Greer et al deliberately and wittingly disregard the facts to perpetuate their fraudulent activities. If only the UFO community at large would sever the life support they offer to these kooks and fully comprehend the damage these parasites have done to any chance of valid research into the UFO enigma.

    Comment by caryn anscomb — May 27, 2010 @ 1:19 pm

  44. avatar

    “Water, water everywhere… But wine to drink!

    Comment by Puppetburglar — May 27, 2010 @ 8:08 am”

    You probably know better than most here that any traces of wine were long ago dispersed by the deluge!

    Comment by caryn anscomb — May 27, 2010 @ 1:44 pm

  45. avatar

    Gee, Mr. Salla seems like a correct-enough moniker… Interesting how the actual investigation of your claims falls on others. Apparently you have no investigative standards and prefer instead to hawk unfounded nonsense as “fact”.
    Now you offer speculation to explain your investigative de-pantsing.
    Lorant was a fraud, RT is a fraud, the UN Meetings never happened – and you are going to lecture me on what to call you….
    You do not seem to have the faintest idea what chain of evidence means, the importance of thoroughly vetting sources before going public (but rumor mills and gossip seem to be your happiest domain), the necessity of keeping one’s credibilty in a field of study like this…
    But hey, I am sure everyone here would lke to know about you and your wife’s promotion of the Croatian wonder BRACO the Gazer…. Dr. Linda actually invited me to a gazing session at your house a while back… Ten minutes infront of a monitor with a canned tape of Braco staring at us…. of course I declined. I am sorry I missed the meeting regarding Michael and Diane and the Ascended Masters of Telos, and the Bolivian Solar Activation… and the host of other ripoffs and nonsense that you actively promote while claiming its your wife’s program… Like you did with the Dolphin Couples Therapy that you tried to pass off as Angelika’s work awhile back but there you are, prominently promoting yourself as some kind of therapist. Wow, that degree in gov is really flexible…
    You are the one with the credibility problem…. not us…

    Comment by Ted Roe — May 27, 2010 @ 3:16 pm

  46. avatar

    @ Access Denied. You continue to evade the issue I am bringing up which is that upon reaching the entry office to Bruce Maccabee’s building at the NSWC that the SOP is that the guards check the ID of visitors/personnel wanting to gain access. If it’s a visitor or someone WITHOUT the necessary security clearance, etc., then they are escorted to where they are supposed to have a meeting, etc. The fact that Theilmann showed up at Maccabee’s office without an escort, and without being phoned by the entry office that Theilmann had arrived, showed he had the necessary clearance to enter the building and walk around UNESCORTED. As to how high his clearance is, that is what remains to be disputed.

    Please note, retired/ex-military may be given current ID that gives them access to some bases, but they are not given clearances to enter classified areas on the base, nor just enter any base. Bruce Maccabee’s lab is one of those classified areas that requires clearance over and above a current ID card. Otherwise, the security system in place all around the country would collapse.

    As for the UTube video that has just appeared on Broadbent’s non-interview with Richard Theilmann I think it shows the intellectual desperation of those behind the RU investigation to secretly record something like that for wider dissemination. It does appear that the RU investigation is collapsing due to the transparent agenda of proving a hoax rather than objectively investigating all the facts. It seems that not all are willing to play such a charade. Kudos to Cogburn for calling out the charade.

    Comment by Michael Salla — May 27, 2010 @ 6:25 pm

  47. avatar

    Let’s say your right Salla (and I don’t think you are)…Richard had the clearance to meet BMac.

    SO WHAT!

    It proves nothing…plenty of folks have clearance and are not alien ambassadors.
    There is no proof of anything except Richard met BMac. Congrats

    What has been proven are a whole lotta lies…Dr….so you better come up with something quick cause right now you got nothing.

    As far as Cogs youtube stunt…Cog did that completely on his own …he basically stole that research and it was something we never intended on using.

    Cog thinks stealing and posting private conversations are ethical and apparently you do to.

    You are a disgrace Salla

    Comment by murnut — May 27, 2010 @ 6:48 pm

  48. avatar

    It seems that the “community” at large that includes the researchers of this blog is omitting one essential ingredient:

    This entire phenomena is a faith based scheme. While one can posture that they have uncovered a scheme so grand in nature due to inconsistencies in stories, one can also posture that the entities that are behind such a grand scheme are far more intelligent than you are giving credit for. The Pickerings are running on a ‘beliefs’ system, belief that what they know is to be true. For there may be no way of substantiating any story, because the nature of the matter is not only exotic, but very, very sensitive. It requires deft nuance to elude the world at large and all traces of any movement. The military or any of the entities will never leave a trace of evidence until THEY decide it is time to reveal any information.

    It all comes down to what you believe to be true, it is no different then what common religions ask you to do. The only relief will be provided not in forums like these, but in a due course of time.

    Ultimately if all of this is true we are dealing with something other than human directives and planning, something that none of us can begin to understand.

    Comment by Stu Gots — May 27, 2010 @ 6:50 pm

  49. avatar

    Andy is correct. Mike Salla is a disgrace.

    Comment by Kim Walker — May 27, 2010 @ 6:54 pm

  50. avatar

    But he is not the only disgrace here- AD is also a continuing disgrace. And as for Steve Broadbent? The odor of Tacitus clings to his analysis. All of Truth sacrificed to the alter of 15 minutes. Sad, really.

    Comment by Kim Walker — May 27, 2010 @ 7:00 pm

  51. avatar

    Since Mr. Salla is so concerned with his moniker lets just take a look at who he is….

    So from now on, whenever we hear something coming from the Exopolitics arena we have to, even more now than ever, consider the source…

    Indeed, murnut, Mr. Salla does have an inclination to break into private conversations and confront and abuse those who feel his credibility is lacking, he did it to me….

    Hi Caryn, So nice to see you about… we really need to get caught up, lets chat soon…

    Comment by Ted Roe — May 27, 2010 @ 7:41 pm

  52. avatar

    @Kim – The continuing disgrace is your apparent feeling that you are justified in judging the research methods of others when you’ve hardly (if at all) performed a lick of your own. You sit on your backside all day and play the armchair quarterback after the report results are all laid out for you? That’s a disgrace.

    @Salla – You write:

    “As for the UTube video that has just appeared on Broadbent’s non-interview with Richard Theilmann I think it shows the intellectual desperation of those behind the RU investigation to secretly record something like that for wider dissemination.”

    Actually, I found that it showed the disgust that Richard had for you…of anyone in this thread who is flabbergasted by your apparent stupidity, Richard appeared the most troubled by it. He could not tell anyone the truth, because you’d so muddied up the truth with your insane spin that the truth lost all meaning. You’ll notice that he was angry with you, not “Broadbent” or RU. In fact he finished by complimenting the investigation…

    “It seems that not all are willing to play such a charade. Kudos to Cogburn for calling out the charade.

    Oh right…you mean the attention hungry guy who, according to the email records, we were voting to kick off the research team on May 25 approx 1:19pm – when he decided that he would quit *after* that date/time instead in order to save face? You mean the guy who has served you every last morsel of fuel you need to spin your little web of deception? You would have to forgive everyone here for wondering if maybe you and “Cogburn” weren’t in cahoots from the very start.

    Comment by RyanDube — May 27, 2010 @ 8:21 pm

  53. avatar

    @Michael Salla

    “If it’s a visitor or someone WITHOUT the necessary security clearance, etc., then they are escorted to where they are supposed to have a meeting, etc”

    And to quote Dr Maccabee ” you might need an escort” the operative word being might.
    He clarifys later ” He certainly did not need a high level clearance to have an unclassified visit with me. ”

    It is UnTruthful to suggest he HAD high level clearance from these statements.

    Nothing Dr Maccabee said consitutes proof he HAD high level clearance, to the contrary in fact.

    Do you have anything else to PROVE he HAD high level clearance, Dr Maccabees comments do not at any way consitute proof he did, If anything they prove he DIDNT

    Comment by Mike — May 27, 2010 @ 9:15 pm

  54. avatar

    Great post Ryan, not that it will be digested by the people it is in response to. Spinmeisters have a habit of ignoring facts when it doesn’t suit their position.

    Bryce Weiner (Cogburn) is the perfect example of that. I’ve started laying out a response to his lies and deceit in the forum (, what he has been saying at Amkon seriously beggars belief.

    His hypocrisy and misrepresentation of what actually happened must not be allowed to go unchallenged.

    Comment by Stephen Broadbent — May 27, 2010 @ 11:02 pm

  55. avatar

    @ Mur. At least you are showing more intellectual integrity than others here in acknowledging that to enter Maccabee’s lab and walk around unescorted, Theilman would have to have some kind of valid security clearance. That is not something that is automatically given to retired officers, as opposed to IDs. As to what level of Security clearance that’s what remains to be determined.

    @ Mike. Read the above.

    @ Ryan. I think the words from Cogburn speaks amply about what I have been saying along about this charade of an investigation/exposure. An amateurish effort by a group intent on debunking someone regardless of where the facts point. The following is a revelation of one who felt compelled to distance himself from the charade once it became clear that this wasn’t a genuine investigation. Again, Kudos to Cogburn for exposing the so called “Source A exposure’.

    “One of the things I have learned through my professional career as a researcher is that “truth” is subjective, and that subjectivity forms in direct relation to the information available. When you perform research, you must separate yourself from the topic just enough to be able to allow the information to tell the story without your personal spin so that the facts might speak for themselves. It is my sad duty that I must now say it is my opinion that not only are the members of RealityUncovered unable to distance themselves from the information, they are purposefully manipulating the spin and release of information in order to paint themselves in the best light possible; if not to outright use these events to launch themselves to even greater recognition.

    Comment by Michael Salla — May 27, 2010 @ 11:09 pm

  56. avatar

    Maybe you should read the link I provided, y’know, if you want to be in possession of ALL the facts.

    Isn’t it amazing how this non-genuine investigation got the job done?

    You really are beyond a joke, attempting to deflect people away from the truth and into the words of a delusional liar.

    Comment by Stephen Broadbent — May 27, 2010 @ 11:15 pm

  57. avatar

    “One of the things I have learned through my professional career as a researcher is that “truth” is subjective, and that subjectivity forms in direct relation to the information available. When you perform research, you must separate yourself from the topic just enough to be able to allow the information to tell the story without your personal spin so that the facts might speak for themselves.”

    Lets just look at that comment for a minute… You seem to be confusing fact with your opinions and your conclusions… they are not the same. Truth is not necessarily fact, it is subjective but this story needs the facts and they are contradictory to your subjective opinions and conclusions… so who is failing the investigative process? You haven’t even been able to defend yourself here with the simplest facts that should have been in your possession before you ever went public if there was any merit to the story.

    Your “professional career as a researcher”? Spewing unfounded information without validating it is the easiest and most common mistake an amateur can make… in light of you claim above, what is your excuse? Are you really going to lecture us on the need for objectivity when you seem to have zero respect for the investigative process itself?

    Is it really the best you can do, simply accuse your detractors of being glory hounds? Rest assured that most of us have worked very hard for our own reputations and I can state with some confidence that the serious researchers in this field don’t need to overcome your notoriety. To be notorious is far easier than being an authority and you do seem to understand that…

    Are you really trying to compare yourself with real researchers like Dick Hall, Dick Haines, Jacques Vallee, Peter Sturrock and others whose impeccable efforts are well documented for the world to see?

    You haven’t offered a whit of evidence to back up any of your claims while RU has done almost all of the legwork that you should have done. Somehow that makes you a professional investigator? Given that just about none of us are on anyone’s payroll to investigate UAP I have a hard time even understanding what you are implying in your claim to be a professional investigator. We are unaware of any of your solid investigative write ups, your painstaking research and your presentation of vetted and validated factual information.

    Perhaps another session with BRACO the Gazer at your place? (Braco is a Croation guy that is making his bucks ripping off the gullible by staring at them, often over the internet, to heal them of every manner of ill – google him). I was invited there to do just that last Fall… didn’t go, of course… Snake oil and nonsense and it comes right out of your house… Oh yea, your wife Angelika wrote the book on the great healing powers of Braco and now you guys are hawking her book and his snake oil in both internet and live seminars and meetings… How professional. Another discussion of the Ascended Masters of Telos? A Bolivian Solar Activation at Lake Titicaca? This is the type of professionalism we can expect from you and your alleged “multidimensional telepath” wife, as you refer to her.

    Comment by Ted Roe — May 28, 2010 @ 12:07 am

  58. avatar


    “To be notorious is far easier than being an authority and you do seem to understand that…”

    Man…that was pure poetry. Thank you for your clear-headed, logical and sane comments. I’m very thankful that you’re here.

    Also, you should know that the quote that referred to “professional career as a researcher” was Bryce, not Salla….although the difference between the two appears to be fading quickly. Bryce recently attempted to sabotage the investigation by publishing the fact that Steve was going to interview Richard. This gave Salla the opportunity to preempt the phonecall with an insane article about Richard planning to lie to Steve as a cover for his covert status or something silly like that.

    Of course, this incensed Richard and destroyed the entire interview, no matter how hard Steve tried. Richard was furious at Salla and would not talk, even though he previously asked Steve to call. Bryce single-handedly sabotaged any hope of all of us learning more, and Salla obviously loves him for it. They are cut from the same cloth.

    I should also add that Bryce has no sort of “professional career as a researcher.” He’s a computer programmer for Reuters, not a journalist. At least we are honest about our day jobs…Bryce apparently only wants to inflate himself at the expense of everyone else interested in the truth. He’s on the fast-track to becoming one of those of great notoriety, that you describe. Of course, you and I both know that he will never be an authority.

    Ted, thanks again for bringing your experience and insight to our website. I am very grateful.


    Comment by RyanDube — May 28, 2010 @ 12:45 am

  59. avatar

    @Ryan & Ted Roe. Are you guys comedians? In his sheer haste to jump in and be noticed, Roe confuses the source of the comment as me (when it’s clear I’m referring to Cogburn/Bryce if he bothered to read) to launch into another of his monotonous ad hominem attacks to deflect from the fact that he has no handle on the substance of the issues being discussed for this article which is focused on the Theilmann/Maccabee meeting. Then Ryan steps in to congratulate Roe on his comment, but gently point out that he’s got the wrong guy. Then Ryan finishes to thank Ted for bringing in his insights for trashing Bryce when Ted thought he was trashing me. You guys are CLOWNS. Ha ha. The gig is up. Why don’t you start the Reality Uncovered Comedy Hour. Lots of fun. Phony investigations, damaging defections, exposing the exposure, ha ha.

    Comment by Michael Salla — May 28, 2010 @ 1:24 am

  60. avatar

    Crikey, as someone who’s name is Michael who lives in Australia, i have to say you are embarrasing me sport. Its well known Melbourne is the asshole of the world, but you are taking that meme a little too far on a personal basis.
    Mate the premise you cling to is that since Source A got in to see Dr Maccabee that he must have high level clearance…… But the facts point in the opposite direction.
    Its not just a long bow to draw, its patently untrue.

    Clinging to this hoax in the face of the obvious reality doesnt help your repuation one iota, and plays into the hand of those who say you have none at all.
    You will earn your personal cause far more brownie points by showing you can accept youve been pranked and moving on to cases more worthy of your attention.

    Comment by Mike — May 28, 2010 @ 1:51 am

  61. avatar

    Just for the record:

    After listening to Stephen’s (very well done!) interview with Don Ecker, I emailed Maccabee for clarification concerning access to his office. (I too wondered if Maccabee’s office was in a secure facility within the base.)

    Maccabbe replied:

    “What I said has been interpreted as meaning that “A” had a high level clearance. However, I was explicit that I did nothing that I can recall, and this includes filing a visitor request with the reception (i.e., I don’t require filing a request) that would aid his entry.

    So far as I know, when he approached the main guard gate he showed them a badge of “common access card” that let him on the base. The base has civilians entering all the time. All one needs
    is a proper badge. An unclassified meeting needs no proof of clearance level. “A” got himself onto and off the base on his own steam, so far as I can recall.

    I do not recall him wearing a “V” badge. He would have gotten such a badge only as a result of a request from me filed at the reception desk. I don’t recall filing such a request. I didn’t have many visitors for unclassified meetings over the many years of working at the lab, so I don’t recall exactly what would have been needed to get on the base.

    I should point out that I assumed he had clearance at some level (S or TS) based on what I had been told by the Pickering brothers. (They had asked me if I would meet with “A”).

    The fact that he got onto the base on his own steam does not mean that he had any particular clearance level. He did not need any special access to get to my office. (Anyone who was on the base during “office hours” could have walked into my office which was NOT in a secure portion of the building.)
    Hope this answers your question.”

    The key point being Maccabee’s office “was NOT in a secure portion of the building.”

    Of course, this also means that if Source A had been someone with an agenda similar to Major Nidal Hassan, there would have been no security checkpoint in place to prevent malicious access to Maccabee or anyone else in the non-secure areas of the base.

    I hope this (finally!) answers all of the above questions raised by Salla.

    Comment by Gary Bekkum — May 28, 2010 @ 3:27 am

  62. avatar

    Thank You Mr Bekkum, it does indeed.
    I personally appreciate the clarity this data brings to the matter, and im sure others do too

    Comment by Mike — May 28, 2010 @ 4:29 am

  63. avatar

    Thank you Gary and thank you Bruce for clearing that up. No worries Gary, he could have come in with somebody else or have been visiting somebody else and put his visitors badge in his pocket… that is of course assuming he’s simply ex-military and not retired.

    Comment by Access Denied — May 28, 2010 @ 4:42 am

  64. avatar

    Thank you for the confirmation Gary! Hopefully with this additional clarification, Salla will realize that the gig is up. Really appreciate you taking the time to do that Gary…very cool. :)

    Salla, what were you saying about being a clown again?

    Comment by RyanDube — May 28, 2010 @ 5:00 am

  65. avatar

    Many thanks to Mr. Bekkum! As we all know, the information Mr. Bekkum conveyed was fully known to Salla. But Salla sits among his unicorns and fairies, playing a deluded game and only pretending that he doesn’t understand these facts.

    By the way, he has never addressed the main facts of this expose in any way. In this he shows himself to be an impotent coward as his pretty pretty little tissue world is battered to bits.

    In a face to face debate he would be easily destroyed but he contructs obtusely and preciously-worded concoctions to hide behind. It is a pitiful effort.


    Comment by Lance Moody — May 28, 2010 @ 5:30 am

  66. avatar

    Well, there you have it!…R.U. Mur, Mike, Lance and all associates, Ted and Gary – fantastic work. To say I’m thrilled and proud to see how all can pull together for truth sake when needed would be an understatement.

    Salla, your goose is well and truly cooked. You are a parasite sir, and like many of your associates within the exopo cult, you have no worth, no merit and no integrity.You are nothing more than a two bit snake-oil salesman! Shame on you and your kin……………

    Comment by caryn anscomb — May 28, 2010 @ 9:00 am

  67. avatar

    Indeed Caryn! Let us not forget John in this, he was, along with Andy (Mur), the driving force that finally put paid to a hoax that just refused to go away. Their fantastic work was key – and indeed that work continues.

    Thank you very much Gary for seeking further confirmation. I echo your sentiment and hope this really does answer Salla’s questions for good.

    Somehow, I doubt it… 😉

    Comment by Stephen Broadbent — May 28, 2010 @ 9:22 am

  68. avatar

    I am truly inspired by all the positive comments by so many great folks that came together for a common interest.

    That common interest would be the truth.

    We may not always agree on every minute detail, but we can always agree on a quest for the truth

    Comment by murnut — May 28, 2010 @ 2:03 pm

  69. avatar

    Michael Salla: I don’t know if you realize this, but the only one who people are snickering at that is posting on this list is you. Why not try and tell us something new and revealing rather than going over the same old stuff about Source A’s visit to BM as proof that he was telling us the truth since according to you he can’t be believed now because you know he is going to tell us lies. The only thing we know for sure that he has told us is that he is very, very upset with you and your allegations. I for one am more interested in what parts of his story were fabricated by yourself or the Pickerings or the other insiders such as Robert Morningstar and those renowned UFO investigators that run Open Minds Forum? But I somehow doubt we are going to get any truth out of any of you.

    Comment by Gord — May 28, 2010 @ 2:45 pm

  70. avatar

    I would like an admin at OM to acknowledge…that I, Andy Murray was right about this whole story….and that were wrong to life time ban me for questioning the facts.

    The story was and is being floated that I used bad language on the forum, that I was disrespectful, that I was “a serial abuser”, and an all around bad person and malcontent.

    Those statements are false and everybody knows it….OMF even has a bad word filter…although I concede I do curse in real life (so does Theilmann btw) and since amkon is free speech, I curse here.

    I never did anything deserving a life time ban…in fact the ones who perpetrated and sold (Pickles)the hoax are far more guilty of being disrespectful, and are certainly the real SERIAL ABUSERS.

    I would like a public apology…so man up…but don’t worry, I’m never coming back.

    I was only doing what my instinct told me to do because it told me that what was being sold by the Pickering’s (and it was most definitely being sold) just did not add up time and time again.

    I won’t list every little detail, but shame on many people for not questioning Clay and Shawn harder over the fake SOM. I mean come on.

    That should have ended the story right there.

    And look…OMF admins deserve some criticism over enabling a forum where legitimate questions were and are discouraged. Stories such as this one with absolutely no proof should not be given prominent stature.’s their site and they can do whatever they want I guess.

    But they should try to remember that OMF is not there so that the admins can constantly pat themselves on the back…it is really owned by the members and it belongs to them because without the members, it is not anything.

    One thing I still don’t get is the whole Cyrellys/ Tricia Gibbons thing.

    My BS meter was up for a long time on her I still have many questions about how she fits into this whole shebang.

    Her agenda seemed to be supported by the Pickles and she was given far more latitude as was so much more disrespectful to other members than I ever was. She was the biggest online support of the Pickerings…by far.

    BY FAR…and why all the Alex Jones stuff? And why was it allowed?

    It sure seems to me that it appears she was given free reign for whatever reason…and I think it is clear to any one familiar with this thread over the last two years she was treated differently by the staff than any one else.

    OMF admins need to come clean on that.

    Also Ivo’s statement that no one on the Staff at OMF knew nothing that the membership did not, is so ridiculous, it is criminal.

    And yet the membership knows he is blatantly lying and or being intentionally deceitful…they have told me…..AND THEY HAVE ALSO TOLD ME THEY ARE AFRAID TO PRESS HIM ON IT….BECAUSE THEY DON’T WANT TO BE BANNED.

    Is this really what people think is needed to push the cause of ufology?

    Can no one but a vastly out numbered few see what Exopolotics is doing to ufology? It’s clear they are attempt to take it over by any means necessary regardless of the truth of there stories as long as it fits there political agenda.

    This is a battle for the hearts and mind of the ufer public….and in reality it is a battle for truth.

    The truth can be subjective…but from where I’m standing folks like Salla are ruining what little credibility ufology have.

    Salla, Morningstar, Clay and Shawn need to be questioned by some one who is fair and impartial (Kevin Smith)…they need to answers many questions about this affair.

    Right now it does not look too good for them….and until they do answer questions…their credibility is going to continue to plummet.

    Until they come forward and go on the record by answering a few of the most basic questions, it is fair to speculate about their involvement.

    I think it is fair to say at this point, that there are some very troubling connection there.

    We are going to continue to investigate, and if their is no cooperation what so ever, there is a good possibility these folks are going down, and going down hard.

    Choose wisely, but I’d say that honesty is the best policy no matter what, and those complicit should not underestimate the power of forgiveness when it is clear that someone is speaking the truth, even if it is uncomfortable and embarrassing.

    Man up for the truth, and the good of ufology…please, for all our sakes.

    Comment by murnut — May 28, 2010 @ 4:13 pm

  71. avatar

    Well said Mur, OM absolutely owe you an apology, You know you were right, we know you were right and i think they do too, but dont hold your breath

    As for Salla, im seeing obvious examples of the 7 stages of grief in his posts, im sure he will get there in time. But right now hes grieving over the death of this story.

    Hes painted himself into a corner even as he did Richard

    Comment by Mike — May 29, 2010 @ 7:56 am

  72. avatar

    Still not a shred of proof to back up his fairy tale. Just more speculations and nonsense and now, defensive posturing… nothing of substance, nothing at all.

    I’ll match the body of my organizations work and my own studies, for example – , against Salla’s and Exopolitics’ unvalidated, speculative snake oil sales any day of the week.

    He is in this mess because he promoted nonsense and got caught at it. No serious researcher would behave in this fashion. No credible researcher would risk his/her reputation by publicly hyping unvalidated material with secret witnesses and the expectation that they be taken at their word…Indeed, if Salla expects to be taken at his word he has to cultivate a hell of a lot more credibility than he has so far…

    And his response has been anything but a clarification. He offers more speculation to explain the holes in his unvetted story rather than walking it back, reviewing the material, deciding if its a hill to die on and offering a heartfelt mia culpa for making what could appear as an honest mistake… Though I doubt there is anything honest about this matter. He has promoted a hoax and got caught at it.

    Again, take a look at the various other things he is involved with… Braco the Gazer, etc…. and he demands that he be taken seriously because he earned a PhD in government and couldn’t make a career out of it.

    Finally, it was Salla who made all this personal for me by barging into a private email discussion and confronting me over an opinion privately expressed in response to a question about his credibility. His arrogant public lectures on why I need to refer to him as Dr. (what a joke), and his derisive and condescending abuse of myself and others calls for a response. Normally I wouldn’t be anywhere near this kind of discussion but his reprehensible behavior towards me personally and to the researchers that are the leaders in this field whose work he pirates for his own manipulations demands confrontation.

    I think if someone asked me about his credibility now I would reply that he is narcissistic, arrogant, intellectually and factually dishonest, abusive and anything but credible.

    Comment by Ted Roe — May 29, 2010 @ 2:47 pm

  73. avatar

    Oh his (Salla’s) reputation is shot, all that remains is a radio active crater that will remain desolate for many many years to come, His opinions and conclusions a veritable no mans land of research

    Comment by Mike — May 29, 2010 @ 9:47 pm

  74. avatar

    I think Sallar’s actions are more sinister than a man panicking because he’s been caught promoting nonsense. Who actually stood to gain anything from this hoax? I can’t imagine that the Pickerings and Theilmann were expecting big bucks from the scam….so who was immediately promoting the charade? Exopo & fans over at OM. With the distinct lack of any verifiable evidence offered over the years – I think it is reasonable to conclude that certain members of the Exopo cult wittingly engaged the Pickerings/Theilmann to perpetrate a hoax that would back past and present claims. They didn’t figure on what I termed the ‘new breed of UFO researcher’ beginning to immerge a few years ago…loud, critical, skeptical – demanding facts/evidence of claims…and refusing to back off.

    Note: There is no real divide between the believer and non-believer as the hoaxers, con-men & detractors of truth seekers would like to promote – the divide is between the discerning and non-discerning….and some of the most discerning amongst us are themselves experiencers of the phenomenon, to one degree or another. That places anyone promoting the type of hype coming from the Exopo camps et-al in a very precarious position….

    Comment by caryn anscomb — May 30, 2010 @ 2:31 pm

  75. avatar

    First of all, Bruce MacAbee is not a credible source. This is a guy who said that the Stephenville Lights were “stars”. They were not “stars” as the radar printouts clearly indicate. Bruce is a Navy disinformant, so Michael Salla’a attempt to save himself by pinning his connections to Bruce MacAbee are disingenuous at best. It is much more likely that Michael Salla and Bruce MacAbee work for the same “team”, as does Webre, Scott Jones, and John Alexander, among others.

    Yes, Richard Dolan is an excellent historiographer…all the more reason for the “boys” to cuddle up to him and feed him lies about “reptillian ET’s in collusion with the government” and “imminent disclosure”. It is hard to debunk Richard’s research, so why not draw him into the hornet’s nest? Richard, please be wary! They are attempting to control you the way they have attempted (unsuccessfully) to control Dr. Edgar Mitchell and Jesse Marcel, Jr. . Beware of those who tell you that ET “poses a potentially grave threat”. Leave that to Stephen Hawking and his “masters”. You are infinitely more intelligent than Hawkings, based upon his recent “pay-back” performance. Please understand that Bruce MacAbee is being replaced by Bernard Haisch as the “go to guy” by CNN, Fox, etc., in order to minimize the truth about ET. And he works with Dr. Edgar Mitchell! You and Edgar are surrounded by vipers. Please do not let you “quaint” ideas about patriotism and national sovereignty feed into the paranoia that is being dished out by NSA, CIA, DOD, MOD, etc. . They will destroy YOUR credibility. Please be careful.

    It is most likely that this vetting of Source A is part of a much larger “program” to control the disclosure movement. By making Disclosure people look crazy (which isn’t hard to do), they spin the story, and then retract it (much like redacting a story). Perhaps the whole story has been spun and unspun to distract from the Stephenville Lights, and Dr. Edgar Mitchell’s request of Barack O’Bama to release the secret U.S. UFO files. It would not be surprising for John Alexander to go on the Veritas Radio Show soon to say what should BE OBVIOUS TO MOST PEOPLE now:That disclosure is not going to happen, according to John (read:CIA), because of people like Source A, Stephen Greer/Orion Project, and Gordon Novell/Hal Putoff’s Alpha Centuri Project. John Alexander would have you believe that he is for disclosure, when he is controlling non-disclosue! Dr. Alexander spins the yarn with his buddies Webre and Salla (and Source A & Pickerings), and then discredits the Disclosure/Exopolitical Movement (as well as Dr. Edgar Mitchell). Why does Salla and Webre discredit the Exopolitical movement? It is because they control it for the National Security State!

    The game has been played forever, especially since the Roswell crashes of 1947. MJ-12 is alive and well, if only another name.

    Comment by Bob — May 30, 2010 @ 5:26 pm

  76. avatar

    The name is Bruce Maccabee-not MacAbee. If only there were a huge government conspiricy going on-how much more exciting it would all be, eh!!!

    Comment by caryn anscomb — May 30, 2010 @ 9:03 pm

  77. avatar

    Salla posting on OM today:
    “The answer is simple. I joined OMF around when the UN UFO issue broke and thought it was a balanced discussion of the issues – both pro and con. I encouraged Clay and Shawn to join and post here since there was a lot of interest WITHOUT the kind of gratuitous debunking and mud slinging one finds on other discussion forums. The rest is history.”

    And doesn’t that speak volumes and lend itself well to theories of cullusion between Salla/Theilmann & the Pickerings. I also can’t believe there are still folk discussing the ‘UN UFO’ meeting on OMF as if a given fact when it has already been disproved….Exactly why Salla encouraged the Pickerings to join and post on a less “gratuitous debunking and mud slinging” site-OM…If any other OM forum members are thinking along the same lines as dear Bob above, perhaps you should start checking your lifeboats now-after all, it was OM that was targeted!

    Comment by caryn anscomb — May 30, 2010 @ 10:00 pm

  78. avatar

    Sallas reputation is destroyed as is the entire field of UFOlogy. This whole affair has revealed the scene for the tawdry imbecilic moronic sideshow it has become. The insane asylum has been taken over by the inmates.

    “Dr” Salla s reputation is now utterly destroyed. Oh well… lucky he has his wife who can speak to Dolphins as a way to earn a living. Nice one Mike

    Comment by simp — May 31, 2010 @ 12:16 am

  79. avatar

    Caryn’s comments are right on target…kudos

    Comment by murnut — May 31, 2010 @ 3:07 am

  80. avatar

    An issue was raised on the OM forum concerning Bruce Maccabee’s email statement to Gary Bekkum – which Gary kindly posted above, and an earlier statment he made to Michael Salla and during a recorded interview for the Open Minds forum. Link to the recording is posted on the OM website. I asked Bruce Maccabee if he would clarify the discrepancy. Below is Bruce’s response which he has kindly given me permission to share. My email to him is underneath – for transparency along with it’s typos..(sorry Gary LOL typo on your surname) Please take special note of the last paragraph of Bruce’s email to me:

    Source A query Wednesday, June 2, 2010 5:23 PM
    From: “brumac******” Add sender to Contacts
    To: nyracum*******

    To reiterate:
    “A” had to have a badge of some sort to get into the lab without my help. This does not mean “special clearance ” or “special access” as would be required to get into a restricted area or to attend a classified meeting. (My meeting with him was “unclassified”.)
    At NSWC anyone with a “common access card” (CAC) or some other type of Navy badge could get onto the base.
    I assumed he had a high level of clearance based on what I was told by the Pickerings. When “A” told me that he could get onto the base without my help I assumed it was because he had a high level Navy clearance. However, the main response to your question is not what I assumed, but rather that fact that no special clearance level (such as Confidential, Secret or Top Secret) was required to simply get onto the base. But he had to have some sort of badge that the guards would recognize as giving him permission to enter the base. (A person does not just drive by the guards and wave one’s hand…. you
    need an employee badge or some other type of Navy badge or a “CAC”.)
    Once on the base a person could drive to any building. To enter some buildings required “special access”. However, anyone on the base could enter the area of the building that I was in. I merely gave him instructions on where to drive, where to park, which entrance to take to enter
    the building I was in and how to get to the room I was in.

    —–Original Message—–
    From: caryn anscomb
    To: brumac
    Sent: Wed, Jun 2, 2010 12:02 pm
    Subject: Source A query

    Hi Bruce,

    Sorry to bring up the Source A controversy again, but I wonder if could clarify a point for me?

    Gary Bekkun recently forwarded an email from yourself – please see below – which states that Theilmann did not need special clearance to gain access to you in your office on base. Yet in an article released by Salla, and a recorded interview you made for the Open Minds Forum, you state that Theilmann did need special clearance to access you in your office.

    There is now growing speculation – initiated by Salla? – that you are being pressured by someone above you to change your statement. Could you please clarify the discrepancies between your earlier statement and the email you sent to Gary Bekkum?

    Many thanks in advance.


    Comment by Caryn — June 2, 2010 @ 6:16 pm

  81. avatar

    Given I am not really paying too much attention to this story, it is my understanding that the question of Theilmann gaining access to the base boils down to the following:

    (A) Theilmann has a CAC, Navy, or similar badge that authorizes his general access to the base.

    (B) Theilmann arranged with someone other than Maccabee to obtain a visitor’s pass.

    (C) Theilmann accessed the base illegally.

    However, in the larger context of determining whether this may or may not have been an “intelligence operation” (i.e. involving human intelligence asset(s)) distinguishing between the above possibilities would be more or less irrelevant.

    And no, I am NOT saying this was an intelligence operation.

    If this was an intelligence operation, then the Navy would probably be the cover (what is called a cut-out) service for another government agency or military service. As an example, the Navy offered to act as the funding cut-out for the CIA to covertly continue the Stanford Research Institute psychic spy work in the mid-1970s, in exchange for intelligence sharing.

    Comment by Gary Bekkum — June 2, 2010 @ 9:32 pm

  82. avatar

    The whole base access issue was just a red herring tossed up by that crackpot, Salla, when he realized the devastating results of the real exposure. It has no meaning beyond the fact that it further showed him to have no critical thinking skills at all and that he was willing to cling at any cost to the fraud that was generated by clodhoppers.


    Comment by Lance Moody — June 2, 2010 @ 10:33 pm

  83. avatar

    The following thread in the forum contains more information:
    Source A Exposed!

    With the following post in particular shedding some more light on Richard Theilmann’s tale:
    A convenient buddy

    Comment by Stephen Broadbent — June 11, 2010 @ 12:15 am

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