June 30, 2010

The Open Minds forum and the FBI

Christopher Iversen, co-owner and administrator of the Open Minds forum posted a bizarre message in the Source A section of his site yesterday. His posting claimed he had been in touch with the Pickering brothers, – the people who brought us the Source A story – and they told him that
Richard Theilmann has been picked up by the FBI and brought in for questioning.”

The post went on to state:
“The Pickerings have indicated that they do not have any further comments at this time other then to say that “The Pickering brothers, Bob Morningstar and Bob Vanderclock maintain complete confidence in Source A’s credibility.”

It is not known if there are any charges pending against him.

We will keep you up to date and informed as the story progresses.

Posting by Christopher Iversen at Open Minds

The statemenet by the Pickerings made no sense on a number of levels, one of which being how could they possibly know he had been picked up and taken for questioning? With that question being asked by some of the OM membership and indeed in our own forums here, an answer was quickly forthcoming.

Iversen replied:
“He was allowed to make a few phone calls before they left his house and one of them was to Clay and Shawn. The brothers then immediately called me and I had the post up within the hour of the FBI appearing at his door.

How accomodating by the FBI! Theilmann gets to call his bartender buddies before they take him away for questioning and the first thing they do is contact one of the owners of the Open Minds forum!

What do you mean something doesn’t smell right?!

Well, if like us, you thought the whole scenario to be a preposterous and mind-numbingly obvious “play” by the Pickerings, you’d be right.

Andy Murray contacted the FBI Special Agent dealing with the Theilmann case and informed him of these latest developments. Imagine our non-surprise when the agent informed Andy that he hadn’t brought Theilmann in for questioning and that he hadn’t even spoken to him yet! The agent has tried to contact Theilmann and even left his card for Theilmann to get in touch with him, but he is still waiting for him to do so.

What we are left with, yet again it must be said, is another tall tale served up by the Pickerings and swallowed enthusiastically by those that run the Open Minds forum.

Sadly, it appears increasingly likely that the ownership of OM and people like the Pickerings, Vandeclock, Morningstar and Salla really do feel they can fool all of the people all of the time.

Further updates will include information about Theilmann’s medical condition that would prevent him for ever serving even if he wanted to, and extensive statements by some of his family members, with evidence, that prove further the sham that lies at the core of the Source A story.

In the meantime, Andy Murray now has his own section at Reality Uncovered. Murnut’s Sauce is the place to go to hear Andy’s musings on this whole sordid affair. Join Andy and the rest of the team to hear the story as it really is.

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June 24, 2010

Richard Theilmann – Stolen Valor

Further to our recent investigation into the Source A / Richard Theilmann affair, we can now reveal further confirmation of Theilmann’s fake military history. Our most recent update, A Litany of Lies, highlighted the response letter from the National Personnel Records Center stating there were no military records for Richard Theilmann. In addition to filing the request to the NPRC, Reality Uncovered investigator ‘Wormwood’ also contacted a number of other official organisations, including:

Naval Reserve Personnel Center in New Orleans
Bureau of Naval Personnel in Washington
VA Insurance Office
Department of Veterans Affairs
Servicemen Group Life Insurance

None of which had any record for Richard Theilmann.

In addition to there being no material evidence of Richard Theilmann’s military history, we were also contacted by members of his family who told us the same thing; he had never served in any capacity in the United States Military. The identities of these family members have been checked and verified using official documentation and records. There could no longer be any doubt as to the seriousness of these implications.

We contacted the New York office of the FBI and informed them of our findings. We also contacted several other organisations, including the commander of the NY Commandery of the Naval Order of the United States, Bill Schmidt. The NY commandery being the principle organisation where Richard Theilmann had been photographed displaying the uniform and medals he had no right to wear.

Mr. Schmidt, a retired Bergen County Prosecutor and US Navy Vietnam veteran, was shocked by our findings and launched a full internal investigation. At the conclusion of this investigation, Mr. Schmidt found it necessary to contact the NCIS, the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. Needless to say, he is outraged by what he has discovered.

In response to questions from Andy Murray regarding his membership of the order, Mr Schmidt wrote: “Theilmann was never a member of Naval Order of the United States. Not on NY Commandery roster or mailing list and not on national roster. Apparently he just started showing up, became accepted, acted like he was a member and wore uniform and medals. Who is going to question validity of uniform, rank, medals when someone walks into a group of Navy & Marine Corps veterans and call them a fraud? No one.”

Clearly, it wasn’t only UFO buffs that Theilmann had managed to dupe.

Andy (Murray) has been in regular contact with the FBI Special Agent who is running the official investigation into this case. He has confirmed to Andy that this is indeed a case of stolen valor and Richard Theilmann certainly does not have a military record. Anyone who wishes to confirm this for themselves is welcome to get in touch with the New York office of the FBI.

There is further information in this case that is pending further verification and investigation and will be published in due course.

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June 23, 2010

RU’s Ryan Dube and Andy Murray on Dark Matters Radio Tonight

Don Ecker, host of Dark Matters Radio and former Director of Research for UFO Magazine, will tonight interview Reality Uncovered co-owner Ryan Dube and RU member and researcher Andy Murray.

Ryan Dube

Ryan Dube

Both Ryan and Andy have been integral to the ongoing investigation into Richard Theilmann and the infamous Source A affair.

Don has shown a keen interest in this story and has already discussed the story with Stephen Broadbent on May 26th this year. A lot has happened since that interview and tonight’s show promises to be a blockbuster in every sense of the word.

Ryan Dube is an automation engineer in the Aerospace industry, and became interested in the world of Ufology while investigating a 2005 Internet hoax. In the process, Ryan established contacts throughout both Ufology and the Intelligence community. In 2006, Ryan and his friend and colleague Stephen Broadbent founded this site, Reality Uncovered. Ryan now also writes  professionally for a living and lives in Maine with his wife and two kids.

Andy Murray

Andy Murray has always had an interest in the UFO phenomena. He became involved with the California drone stories but later became convinced the drones were a hoax.

Joining the Open Minds forum he first became aware of the claims of brothers Clay and Shawn Pickering’s story about the person known as “Source A” and became one of the people investigating the story. Asking probing questions, it soon became apparent that many folks at the OM forum did not appreciate that and Andy was “banned for life” from the site.

Without Andy and fellow research team member John (JeddyHi), none of this information would ever have seen the light of day. It is thanks to their tenacity and dogged determination that we were finally able to seperate the truth from the fiction of the Source A story. Be sure to tune in to tonight’s show for further developments in this sordid tale!

Tune in at CyberStationUSA at 10:00pm Pacific, or check it out at the Dark Matter archives.

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June 17, 2010

Lars Hansson Returns…

If you like ground-breaking hoax busting, then you’ve probably heard of Lars C. Hansson, an investigative reporter who, in 1991, produced an over 300 page affidavit completely exposing John Lear and Bill Cooper as complete frauds.

Lars Hansson was a noted researcher and writer into political and U.S. intelligence conspiracy theories, potential cover-ups and of course cleaning up Ufology B.S. He published, “UFO’s, Aliens and “Ex”-intelligence Agents: The Inside Story of John Lear and Bill Cooper-Who’s Fooling Whom”, and then about 15 years ago, Lars simply fell completely and totally off the radar.

Some suspected that he was dead – that finally his earth-shattering research and hoax-busting caught up with him. That is not the case – and tonight at 10:00 PM Pacific, you can hear from Lars Hansson himself as he talks with our very good friend and fellow investigative researcher, Don Ecker – the host of the Dark Matters radio show.

Don Ecker writes in the RU Forums:

“… Lars dropped off the radar, seemingly forever, over 15 years ago. I knew him very well back in the early 90’s and some of the stories we shared included but were not limited to …. John Lear, Bill Cooper, Bob Lazar, Gordon Novel, Col. Bo Gritz, and too many others than to name now.

There were even those who believed he was dead because of the book he wrote titled; “UFO’s, Aliens and “Ex”-intelligence Agents: The Inside Story of John Lear and Bill Cooper-Who’s Fooling Whom” (for more on that and to read what is online go to http://www.ufomind.com/area51/people/lear/hansson.html)

A short while ago he contacted me out of the blue and after we spent hours on the telephone catching up, he agreed to come on Dark Matters Radio tonight (June 17th) for the first in a series of shows to not only catch up but find out what he was been doing for the last 15 years.”

This is a remarkable story and should make for a fascinating radio show, as another one of Ufology’s greatest hoax-busters rises up and reports that he is, in fact, very much alive and well. You can even call in at 1-818-381-4094 during the show and ask Lars a question yourself.

Listen to the show tonight at 10pm (Pacific time) on CyberstationUSA (click on “Listen Live”).

After the show, visit Don in the forums and let him know what you thought about the show!

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June 16, 2010

A litany of lies

Richard TheilmannRichard Theilmann, the New York resident revealed by our investigation as the man behind the mysterious Source A character, is a liar and a fraud.

We have already proven how claims attributed to Theilmann by the likes of Clay and Shawn Pickering could not possibly be true. Chief amongst those was the statement Theilmann had served over 40 years in the US Navy – since 1968, in fact. Before his identity was revealed, there was no way of knowing if this was correct or not, because nothing about his age or rank was known to anyone outside of the Source A group.

With his identity revealed, it was discovered he was only 14 years old in 1968, turning 15 in the July of that year. Clearly much too young to have been “wearing the uniform since 1968″.

It has since been claimed at the Open Minds forum he was actually enrolled in the Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (NJROTC) at school, thus validating the 1968 statement. This is patently absurd, naval classes at school do not equate to a career at sea by any stretch of the imagination.

From the NJROTC official website:
“Our program mission is to instil in students in United States secondary educational institutions the values of citizenship, service to the United States, personal responsibility and a sense of accomplishment.”

It is also a claim that can be quickly falsified. The school attended by Theilmann and named in our original report, did not host a NJROTC unit from 1968-1971 or at anytime since and thus never offered any such naval classes.

With the revealing of his identity came also the revealing of his alleged rank in the Navy, namely that of Lieutenant Commander (LCDR). Again, this was something that quite simply did not fit reality.

As noted in our original expose, The LCDR officer rank is classed as a junior officer with a pay grade of O-4. More senior ranks, from commander through captain and all the way up to admiral are ranked from O-5 to O-10 respectively. The maximum length of service a LCDR can achieve before being forced to leave the navy, is 20 years, or 24 years with special dispensation by the service secretaries.

“In addition to regulating promotion opportunity and timing, DOPMA (Defense Officer Personnel Management Act of 1980) provides for an “up-or-out” promotion system that further standardizes career patterns. Under that system, officers who are not promoted to O-2, O-3, or O-4 after being reviewed for promotion for the second time must leave the military. To complete 20 years of service and become eligible for retirement, officers must attain the pay grade of O-4.(2) To remain beyond 20 years, they must advance even farther. Officers in pay grades O-5 and O-6 may complete 28 and 30 years of service, respectively.
2. The service secretaries, however, have the authority to permit an officer in pay grade O-4 to remain on active duty until completing 24 years of service.”

Again, the claim of having served 40 years at sea just doesn’t hold any water once all of the facts are known.

With this information about his alleged military career not standing the test of scrutiny, a full public records search was conducted in order to ascertain the truth about Richard Theilmann.

RU Researcher “Wormwood”, best known so far for her sterling work in the James Angleton Jr investigation, was given the task of collating Theilmann’s personal information in order to conduct a military records search. Full name, D.O.B and SSN were sent off to the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) in St. Louis, Missouri and while we awaited a reply, our investigation continued.

The information we were uncovering was shedding new light on Richard Theilmann’s personality and background on a daily basis. The medals he is pictured wearing in photos on MySpace and the New York Naval Order Commandery website became a cause for concern. How could he be wearing medals for service in Vietnam when he left high school in 1971 and the war ended in 1973? Sure, it was possible in certain situations, but it didn’t seem probable.

We tried many times to let Richard have his say, but he declined every opportunity he was given to set the record straight. I spoke to him on two occasions, and Andy Murray also tried to get him to budge. His stock answer was that there didn’t seem to be any point. It was however very revealing when he did admit to waiting for the FBI to call at any minute.

Why would someone with nothing to hide be waiting for the FBI to call “at any minute”?
That’s an easy question to answer; it’s because he certainly does have something to hide.

Richard Theilmann does not have a military record. He has never served in the US Navy nor any other branch of the United States Military.

He is a faker. A hoaxer. A conman. A liar.

Several members of Richard Theilmann’s family have read our reports into his activities, and to put it bluntly, they are disgusted with him. They say that Richard has never served in the US Navy or any other part of the United States military and they go on to claim that he has suffered from a certain medical condition that makes serving in the military impossible. They have been aware of his irresponsible behaviour for many years, but seeing him wearing someone elses medals in a uniform he has no right to wear, appears to have been the straw that broke the camels back.

The straw that broke the liars back for us on the investigation team, was this one: (Select pic to download PDF)

Theilmann Records

RE: Veteran’s Name: THEILMANN, Richard John
Request Number: 1-7852597443
Dear Requester:
Thank you for contacting the National Personnel Records Center. We have been attempting to
verify the veteran’s military service from the information that has been provided. We have
conducted extensive searches of every records source and alternate records source at this Center;
however, we have been unable to locate any information that would help us verify the veteran’s
military service

For a further search, please furnish us with any papers you may have which may provide
additional information about the requested military service, such as military orders, awards,
citations andlor military addresses shown on letters mailed home. Unfortunately, without any
new data, we will not be able to conduct a further search. We regret that we are unable to
provide a more positive response.

For those that think this whole story was too complex to be just a simple hoax or even “prank”, please read “Fake Military Heroes”  and educate yourself to the growing problem of Stolen Valor.

There are some people involved in this story that think they have gotten away with it. Rest assured, they haven’t. This investigation is ongoing and further information will be released once verification has been completed.

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June 2, 2010

Kevin Smith Interviews Researcher Andy Murray On Source A

For those of you who have been following along with the Source A saga, there is an exciting development today as one of the two lead investigators, Andrew Murray, is interviewed by Kevin Smith on the Kevin Smith show, tonight at 10 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (that’s 7 p.m. Pacific). Andy and John were the two core investigators who initiated and pursued Clay and Shawn Pickering’s “Source A,” eventually approaching RU researchers to join their efforts and bring their investigation to fruition.

The Founding of the “A-Team”

Ultimately, the team (now affectionally known as the “A-Team”) finally revealed the identity of Source A as Richard Theilmann. Upon identifying the source, the team built upon Andy and John’s extensive research efforts to eventually dissect and disassemble the “Source A” claims, which eventually crumbled under that research.

Kevin Smith, of the Kevin Smith Show, hosts researcher Andrew Murray and plans to discuss the Source A investigation and the eventual expose. Andy has dedicated the last two years to digging into this case, and along with John has more expertise into the Source A story than just about anyone else.

I wrote to Andy tonight and asked him for the link to the show, and in response he offered the following message to his detractors:

“Don’t forget to listen to the Kevin Smith Show tonight with me on it. I invite those who think I’m wrong to call in so we can discuss.”

Listen to the Kevin Smith Show Tonight

Andy brings a certain degree of honesty and ethics to the field of Ufology that is rare to find. So, I for one am very much looking forward to an informative and fascinating chat between Kevin and Andy. For those of you who contacted Kevin last week in support of having Andrew on the show, I invite you to call in to support him once again.

Listen to the Kevin Smith show at KevinSmithShow.com, or listen live for free at the Indie104 Stream.

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