September 12, 2010

An Interview With Malmstrom AFB Witness Eric Carlson

For those of you following along with this story (or for those of you who are just coming along now), I have the pleasure to introduce you to one of the men who has been at the epicenter of a storm within the Ufology community.

It has been a longstanding legend within Ufology that a UFO was sighted over the Silos at Echo Flight and Oscar flight, and that those UFOs were related to the electronic malfunction and shutdown of the nuclear missiles protecting the United States of America from the Communist threat.

The major source of these stories has been a man who alleges that he was a witness to at least Oscar flight, and that he has insight knowledge about events at Echo flight.

You can read many of his claims at the CUFON website, or you can check out the book published by Robert Salas called Faded Giant, with James Klotz listed as contributor. Robert Salas and Robert Hastings are actively promoting this book, and speaking at an upcoming National Press Conference in Washington DC on September 27th.

The Interview with Retired AF Captain Eric Carlson

After we were contacted by James Carlson, and provided with information from his research and interviews, we carefully reviewed the claims by Salas and Hastings, and eventually decided two things. There were two primary witnesses to the Echo Flight event – Walt Figel and Eric Carlson. These two men were in E-Flight LCC, watched the systems fail, and responded in the manner they were trained to respond. No one out there – no one- would know better than these two men what really happened in the control room on that day.

Walt Figel provided his feedback to James, which we’ve published previously on this blog. He does not want to be a part of the debate, and wishes to be left alone after providing his final statement, so we will respect that. However, Captain Eric Carlson remains an excellent witness, and told his son that he would be willing to talk to anyone who is truly interested in the truth.

So – I contacted the retired Captain and he agreed to the interview. It is provided below. I have only edited grammatical or spelling errors, but left his responses exactly how he provided them to me. Without further ado, I would like to introduce you to Echo Flight witness Eric Carlson.

Question and Answer

Ryan: According to the stories, on Thursday Morning, March 16, 1967, you (Captain Eric Carlson) and First Lieutenant Walt Figel were serving as the Echo-Flight Missile Crew in the E-Flight LCC. According to Salas, “more than one report came in from the security patrols and maintenance crews that they had seen UFOs.”

According to Salas, a UFO was even sighted directly above one of the E-Flight silos. At an estimated 08:30, Salas claims that an alarm sounded reporting to you and Figel that one of the Minuteman missiles you were responsible for had become inoperable.

First – lets touch on this claim. Could you describe what you remember about this specific part of the story? Was there such an alarm at all and was it unusual?

Eric: There were no reports called in to either me or Lt Figel on the morning of March 16, 1967.  The report that we had lost ten missiles is accurate.  It was not uncommon to lose one missile or even two to no-go status, it was unheard of to lose all ten.

I recall that both Lt Figel and I were Kept rather busy completing our checklists, which included calls to the wing command post and maintenance control.  Shortly after completing the check lists we received a call from the senior controller at SAC headquarters, a general.   He wanted to know my status and I informed him that E-2 thru E-11 were in no-go status.  He asked me if I was sure and how did I know they would not launch.

I advised him that my tech order indicated they would not launch.  I am sure he was concerned because our targets would have to be covered by someone else.  He then asked it E-1 would launch and I advised him that that was the launch control center where we were.  I recall wanting to tell him that I sure as hell hoped it wouldn’t.

The Alleged UFO Sighting and System Failure

Ryan: The stories claim that when Figel called the security guard on the surface, the guard reported that no maintenance had taken place and that a UFO had been hovering over the silo. Do you recall Figel making this phonecall, and did he tell you that anyone on the other end of the line mentioned anything about a UFO?

Eric: There was no call, at any time, telling us about any UFOs.

Ryan: Reportedly, the entire flight of ICBMs went into “no-go” status – and once you and Figel completed the checklist procedure you learned that all systems were offline due to a guidance and control systems malfunction. Could you elaborate on the accuracy of that claim?

Eric: The voice reporting system did report a guidance and control system malfunction.

Ryan: Did either you or Figel (or anyone else) eventually determine what caused the system malfunction? Or was there any speculation? In other words, did you eventually receive any follow-up information about what the engineers learned about the malfunction?

Eric: I don’t know if anyone eventually determined the cause.  I have not read the report of investigation.  There was no way for either Figel or myself to make that determination and there was no follow-up from engineers.  Any report they made would have been classified and I had no need to know.

The After-Effects of the Experience

Ryan: According to the story, when Captain Don Crawford’s crew relieved you and Walt, you were “still visibly shaken by what had occurred.” Do you recall having such an emotional reaction to the event, and if so, why?

Eric: I do not recall being “shaken” by what had occurred.  I do not believe Lt Figel nor I had any emotional reaction other than perhaps surprise.

Ryan: Do you have an insight or experiences to report related to the reported Oscar Flight incident where allegedly another UFO was sighted which reportedly sent the missiles into “no-go” status?

Eric: The event at Echo became what could be referred to as the talk of the town.  Everyone knew about it and many crew members kidded me about it.  There was never any talk, at any time, about a similar event at Oscar.  I can only conclude from that that it never happened.

Ryan: Why would crew members kid you about a malfunction – was it because it was rare for all of the silos to go down at once? During the jokes and discussions with other crew members, did anyone mention anything about a UFO being sighted above the silo when the malfunction occurred?

Eric: The crew members of the 10th SMS were a tight group.  We were the first minuteman squadron activated and did a lot together.  When soomeone in the squadron had difficulties, that were not related to their skills or qualifications, kidding took place.  At no time were UFOs mentioned to me.

The Follow-Up Air Force Investigation

Ryan: CUFOS reports that subsequent investigations by Boeing engineers turned up no explanation for what could have caused the shutdown, and some speculated that only a high energy electromagnetic pulse (EMP) could have entered the shielded system to cause the failure. Were you aware of any of the subsequent investigations after the shutdown of Echo and/or Oscar, and are able to shed more light on what was actually determined?

Eric: I have no information that sheds light on the incident other than the official investigation or the Echo incident.  To the best of my knowledge there was no report or investigation of any Oscar incident.

Ryan: Had you ever had any conversations with the security guards or staff who allegedly saw the UFO hovering over the silo? What, if anything, did you learn from those conversations about the alleged sighting(s)?

Eric: I have never had any discussion with security personnel regarding UFOs.

Ryan: Do you know if Walter did? According to the stories, he was the one that answered the phone. Of course, you were right there, so I’m sure you would have known if someone told him a UFO had been sighted?

Eric: I am sure that if Figel had any discussions with security personnel about UFOs that he would have mentioned it to me.

Ryan: According to many former USAF personnel, the USAF allegedly frowned upon the reporting or even internal acknowledgement of such UFO events and/or sightings. Is this how you felt while you were serving in the USAF?

Eric: I never felt constrained in any way regarding reporting any unusual activities around missile sites.  In fact, I believe we were encouraged to report unusual incidents or events.

Ryan: Finally – I would like to give you an opportunity to share whether you were ever contacted or interviewed by Hastings, Salas or any other Ufologists before, and your perspective on the stories that they’ve put out there about the events that occurred at Echo Flight and Oscar Flight.

Eric: I was contacted by both Salas and Hastings and would neither confirm or deny anything they told me.  I really didn’t want to get involved in a pissing contest with either.  Hastings told me he had written a book and I told him that sounded interesting.  He sent me a copy and while I cannot attest or comment on anything other than the Malmstrom incident I found that particular incident full of errors.  A producer for some UFO TV series contacted me one time and a reporter from the Great Fall newspaper also contacted me one time.  There were no follow-ups from either.

Ryan: This is interesting! Hastings only called to talk to you after he’d written the book? Or was he calling you while he was writing his book in order to confirm information he’d learned from Salas?

Eric: Hastings called after he had written the book.  I don’t know what his motive was.

Final Words

We’ve learned recently that Robert Salas was recently interviewed on Coast to Coast, and repeated many of the claims that these two witnesses report are not true. James Carlson has been working diligently and honestly to uncover and report the truth about the Echo Flight incident that his father was a primary witness to. We can only hope that in the spirit of truth and unbiased reporting, that Coast to Coast will consider interviewing James and his father Eric Carlson, for a glimpse of the real story.

I would also recommend to our readers, that if you do decide to purchase and read Faded Giant, that you take what Salas has reported with a grain of salt, because unfortunately the real witnesses at Echo Flight do not support his claims.


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    […] An Interview With Malmstrom AFB Witness Eric Carlson « Reality … […]

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    Love it!!!

    Comment by James Carlson — September 12, 2010 @ 9:37 am

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    Great interview and a great dose of reality

    Comment by Andy Murray — September 12, 2010 @ 5:57 pm

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    Another excellent investigation by the RU team.
    Anyone with an interest in UFO’s needs to have this site in their favourites.
    In a genre where the Truth is supposedly “out there” many of the answers are “right here”

    Great work
    Thank You

    Comment by Mike — September 12, 2010 @ 8:13 pm

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    Hey look what pops up in response — Robert Kaminski from Boeing stating he was told it was a UFO that shut down Echo Flight and then Kaminski was told to not finish his report — which he attributed to the UFO as the cause since he could find no other cause for the shut down… new video interview!

    Yeah I’m thinking that Hastings and Salas might be aware of how their only direct witnesses — Figel and Carlson — have pulled the plug on their shenanigans. James you cover this Boeing investigation in your book as I recall — so I’m going to reread your book to double check your angle on this.

    In the mean time I’ll send this over to where this new Kaminski vid was posted — so that the new Carlson interview is posted in turn….

    Comment by drew hempel — September 12, 2010 @ 11:51 pm

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    Thank you Drew, the more information people have, the more easily they will able to make up their own minds. I would also like to thank Mr. Eric Carlson personally for coming forward with his side of the story. Much appreciated.

    Comment by Access Denied — September 13, 2010 @ 1:59 am

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    You might also want to check our follow-up on Kaminsky at ; basically, my take on Kaminsky is that he’s a terrible source for any information at all, but UFOCHRONICLES is making a concerted effort to keep any of their readers from being told that information. His letter to Klotz is full of errors of fact, he has nothing at all to say on anything except the initial field team, which only investigated the possibility of of an externally generated signal accessing the LCs only, and he admits from the outset that he didn’t even take part in drafting the report his team eventually submitted. The guy had nothing to do with the contractor investigations that determined what the cause of the missile failures was, and what little he does have to add to the discussion, he gets wrong. He has no credibility and should never have been used as a source for any conclusions whatsoever. And when I tried to communicate that little bit of information to the readers of UFOCHRONICLES, my comments were removed within 5 hours. That’s what I love about those guys: always looking for the truth.

    Comment by James Carlson — September 13, 2010 @ 2:27 am

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    Here’s how Rick at spins the Malstrom debacle:

    “Meanwhile, a controversy that also could revolve around memories separated by decades from the event in question is keeping the disagreement over what happened at Malmstrom Air Force Base on March 16, 1967, on the front burner, as can be seen in An Interview with Malmstrom AFB Witness Eric Carlson.”

    So the denial continues — the need to reduce this to bad memory? Holy smokes! People really are brainwashed when it comes to UFO propaganda. I know James has disowned the Robert Hastings thread at abovetopsecret and I got banned from ats when I discussed my DMT ayahuasca experience. haha. Still someone should bring up the fact that the only primary witnesses of Malstrom expose Hasting and Salas as having “really bad memories” at best.

    Comment by drew hempel — September 13, 2010 @ 6:58 pm

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    Thanks for the great feedback everyone. I’m curious – is anyone planning to attend (or know anyone who will attend) the National Press Conference in Washington DC on September 27th? I would like to get feedback on what questions were asked.

    Comment by RyanDube — September 14, 2010 @ 1:38 pm

  10. avatar

    Here’s a new interview with Nick Redfern on his “Final Event” book — I just started listening and the podcast host says how he exposed a UFO scammer online and then the scammer came after him… anyway he doesn’t give names but I’ll see if I can track it down.

    Comment by drew hempel — September 15, 2010 @ 3:10 pm

  11. avatar

    Please do … I’d be interested in hearing about what he’s had to put up with, and from whom. I’d like to suggest that we move the conversation over to the forum at — unless it specifically bears on something in Ryan’s article, of course. This is suggested for selfish reasons, actually — I don’t like jumping all over the place on the net to communicate with folks, even though I end up bouncing all over the place anyway. If it’s a problem, just let me know.


    Comment by James Carlson — September 15, 2010 @ 9:59 pm

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    I will be publishing an article to my mailing list of over 5,000 people. In that article I will easily dismantle, and destroy this already flimsy Malmstrom article. I notice RU is afraid of any facts coming out that counter their tiny article here, in which has little views

    Comment by Steve — September 20, 2010 @ 4:14 am

  13. avatar

    I am siding with Robert Hastings and Bob Salas on this, in a clear victory over RU.

    Make sure and watch T.V. on September 27th in D.C. and hear the truth of what really happened at Malmstrom were these witnesses tell the world about the facts.

    It is a sad defeat for you RU members.

    Comment by Steve — September 20, 2010 @ 4:18 am

  14. avatar

    Hey Steve – thanks for your comments, although I do have a few of questions for you.

    1. What makes you believe we’re afraid of anything? I would say that so far the facts are printed right here in black and white. If anything, I look forward to the “facts” that Hastings has been promising to publish for – how long now – almost a year? Where are the mythical recordings of Walt saying the opposite of what he tells James Carlson he said? Hmm?

    2. I feel bad for the 5,000 people on your mailing list that have to bear your grammar.

    3. You are claiming a victory for Hastings for this particular case (Echo Flight) based on what evidence exactly? Your desire to believe that there was a UFO? Can you point to a single piece of evidence that supports that? Because apparently the two witnesses that were there do not agree with you. Were you there?

    Comment by RyanDube — September 20, 2010 @ 6:39 am

  15. avatar

    Stay Tuned folks

    Damaging news to RU’s case is in the works******

    Your Fun with Malmstrom is about to go down IN FLAMES!!

    Robert Hastings will have the audio recordings of Eric Carlson and Walt Figel posted by the middle of the week, and they will prove what Robert Salas has said to be FULLY ACCURATE

    Stay tuned for a bomb being dropped on RU and The Carlsons that you cannot escape from this time.

    After that we will distribute all the audio recordings to as many as we can

    Officially putting the lid on your fun!

    Don’t think this is going to happen??? Just watch and find out how badly you will look.

    Comment by Jim — September 21, 2010 @ 10:46 am

  16. avatar

    Hey Jim,

    You left out: “***SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY!!!***”

    If Hastings has had audio recordings to back Salas’ claims, why doesn’t he post them up today? Does he have to finish editing out all of the parts where Walt and Eric state that they did not hear or see anything regarding a UFO?

    Furthermore – which trumps which, an interview from *several years ago* where the word “UFO” might have been casually said by Figel during a phone conversation, or an interview barely a month or two ago?

    With that said – we are always willing and open to review any evidence that may shed more light on the truth. Hastings really should have published it like he promised James many months ago, but if the audio evidence (hopefully unedited – we will be checking for that) shows that Walt and/or Eric claimed there was UFO involvement, you can be sure they will be asked to clarify the discrepancy.

    What you don’t seem to understand is that no one looks bad unless they’ve made up their mind for good and are unwilling to examine and accept new evidence that may go against what they originally suspected. What you will find is that if there is legitimate evidence that portrays the truth – RU will not only acknowledge it, we will preach it from the housetops.

    I only wish there were more people in Ufology who would adopt the same policy when new evidence detailing the truth is laid out in front of them on a silver platter, rather than automatically taking an antagonistic stance.


    Comment by RyanDube — September 21, 2010 @ 1:42 pm

  17. avatar

    Hey Ryan, Check out Steve’s details in the admin panel, I think you will find he has been posting as several different people (at least 4) in order to give himself some support. Good thing we can spot such tricks before they even get published.

    Great articles btw, frauds and charlatans watch out, there’s more to come!

    Comment by Stephen Broadbent — September 22, 2010 @ 12:56 am

  18. avatar

    Figel’s accounting is listed in Hasting’s article on the site. If Hastings has audio, it would have to accurately correspond to the exact text of the article. I have an email from Hastings that stated that all of what was written in his articles and book were “accurate” based upon telephone interviews and then reverified with the individuals (Figel included) for accuracy with no out of contex issues in a written format inwhich the individuals would have affirmed its authenticity. Any audio of Figel that surfaces with conflicting testimony versus the original written statement would obviously be suspect. Hastings may have unwittingly set a trap for his credibility.


    Comment by Tim — September 22, 2010 @ 2:48 am

  19. avatar

    Google “Skymon861″… besides being banned from our forum, it appears “Steve” has posted some promos for Don Ecker’s radio show on OM among other things.

    Comment by Access Denied — September 22, 2010 @ 2:58 am

  20. avatar

    Are you serious? Little Stevie Out-of-Orbit is Skymon861? Then you have got to check out “Hot Chicks Dig Smart Men” at — I swear to God I love this lady! Read the whole page — it is fantastic!! Apparently not a single word of Little “Stevie” Out-of-Orbit’s could be retained for posterity. She just deleted the whole thing. Jim Wright has some great comments as well. Man — why is it that the loons have to keep changing their names in order to make a stupid point nobody wants to hear in language that makes little sense and yet manages to alienate everybody around them? Wait … did I just answer my own question? Yeeaahhh …

    Comment by James Carlson — September 22, 2010 @ 6:39 am

  21. avatar

    Well the secretsun blog reposted the MSM promotion of the Nuke extraterrestial lies — and so I posted a link to this website. The blogger instead of responding to my comment just said I should remove one of my blogposts wondering if he had censored a previous comment I had posted. Then he deleted my link to this website and then when I pointed out he was insisting I censor my blog as a threat — he banned me from his blog. haha.

    So James — once again this whole expose on the huge fake extraterrestrial Nuke story keeps getting smothered even in the “alternative” conspiracy scene online. Such is the depth of the brainwashed masses in the U.S.

    Now this new t.v. series The EVENT is being spun as verification that the U.S. government is working with the extraterrestrials and disclosure is imminent! haha. Richard Dolan has really jumped on the extraterrestrial bandwagon despite Prince and Picknett’s excellent “Stargate Conspiracy” book exposing the CIA behind this e.t. propaganda.

    Comment by drew hempel — September 24, 2010 @ 3:24 am

  22. avatar

    Again the alternative conspiracy scene rehashes the MSM promotion of the extraterrestial Nuke lies.

    As James Carlson details in his book — the phone call to Walt Figel was from underground — with no view to the outside. So any claims of seeing anything outside was blatantly a joke, as Figel has repeatedly confirmed. The real reason for the malfunction has also been explained in detail.

    Well I posted a comment over at directing them here.

    Comment by drew hempel — September 25, 2010 @ 12:51 am

  23. avatar

    It was expected. I wouldn’t worry about any of it, Drew. We’re actually in a very, VERY good place right now. I would say more, but I’m not 100% up on all of the minute to minute details, except to say that Hastings and Salas are going to be very uncomfortable well before their silly little press conference begins. I hate to use the same phrase that Hastings has used for the past six months, but “stay tuned.” We do have a response, it’s a very strong and finalizing response, and it’s in the process of being tuned up at the moment. Within 36 hours at the very, VERY most, Salas and Hastings will deeply regret bringing this subject up again, because we expected it, and we were prepared for it.

    Comment by James Carlson — September 25, 2010 @ 1:33 am

  24. avatar

    Sure enough UFOChronicles posts a thread on abovetopsecret focused solely on defending themselves against the evidence you’re presenting James. Of course none of the evidence is discussed — the only thing discussed is how you shouldn’t be allowed on abovetopsecret. Sure is creepy how the “true believers” want so much censorship.

    Comment by drew hempel — September 26, 2010 @ 12:17 am

  25. avatar

    Again Hastings is invoked in parallel with the Flatwoods Monster UFO – and so I respond that James Carlson’s research exposes the lie.

    Comment by drew hempel — September 26, 2010 @ 2:27 am

  26. avatar

    Hiya guys,

    Things are getting more interesting…Frank Warren’s posted the tapes that confirm Hastings’ and Salas’ version of events. Figel is on tape from 1996 and 2009 discussing UFOs over Malmstrom. He is 100% clear that missiles went down and that a UFO was reported over the site on the date.


    Comment by Kandinsky — September 26, 2010 @ 6:32 am

  27. avatar

    Kadinsky, looks like Hatings and Salas have pulled another fast one on you. The 2008 staements by Figel are old (republshed) “news” and none of that “confirms” Hastings’ and Salas’ versions of events. Perhaps you should ask yourself why Hastings, Salas and Warren have not published (and even censored) any of these more recent statements for example from Figel published here at RU?

    “Oscar flight NEVER had any problems and Salas was NEVER involved in any of them at all.”

    “I do not personally “believe” that UFOs had anything to do with Echo flight shutting down that year.”

    “I told him that when someone mentioned UFOs, I just laughed it off as a joke and assumed someone was just kidding around. I never took it seriously.”

    “I also told them that no one from any UFO office in the Air Force ever interviewed/deriefed your dad and/or me and that I do not remember ever signing any papers about anything.”

    All this and more has been, and is currently, being discussed in our forum at length. Maybe you should consider following along…

    (and posting these statements at ATS and The Paraacst for the benefit of others)

    Comment by Access Denied — September 26, 2010 @ 7:01 am

  28. avatar

    Hiya acess denied. I followed the RU thread until last month. In your first link, you’ll see I posted on there early in September 4th comment). I’ve been a regular visitor for a couple of years after hearing Stephen Broadbent’s Paracast interview and also linked to RU quite a few times.

    In the interviews posted by Frank Warren, Figel describes Echo Flight going down and the strike teams reporting a UFO sighting at the same time. As this represents supporting evidence for Hastings’ overall claims of a UFO/nuclear connection, I find them interesting. He (Figel) doesn’t have to believe in UFOs or like Hastings to agree that a UFO was reported and confirm that Echo Flight simultaneously went down.

    I’ll reserve judgement on the Oscar Flight and see the other guys thrash it out. I’d overlooked the distinction and stand corrected. Cheers.

    Comment by Kandinsky — September 26, 2010 @ 11:42 am

  29. avatar

    Kandinsky, have you not read James’ book or actually read the transcript that Hastings posted and understood what Figel is actually saying? The first guy to “report” a UFO at 0930 at the latest was a maintenance team member who had to be woken up by the security team after the missiles went down and Figel called them and then he had to go underground to get to the SIN phone to tell Figel “We got a Channel 9 No-Go. It must be a UFO hovering over the site. I think I see one here.”

    Obviously this was a joke and the security team was in on it. Where was the UFO before he went underground and why didn’t the first security team report it?

    Salas and Hastings and trying to fool people into thinking all this happened at the same time the missiles went down, not some significant time afterwards. Judging from your comment it’s working…

    Comment by Access Denied — September 26, 2010 @ 4:50 pm

  30. avatar

    […] An Interview With Malmstrom AFB Witness Eric Carlson […]

    Pingback by PsiOp Radio » PsiOp Radio 130 – 101003 — October 3, 2010 @ 2:21 pm

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