November 28, 2010

Did UFOs Disable Minuteman Missiles at Malmstrom AFB in 1967?

RU member Tim Hebert has posted a summary of his independent analysis of the Malmstrom incident on his blog that followers of the recent heated debate between UFO researcher Robert Hastings and James Carlson, son of Eric Carlson, one of the two launch officer on duty at Echo Flight at the time of the shutdown on the morning of March 16, 1967, should find interesting.  Here we have what can be considered an expert opinion on the matter given Tim’s experience with the weapons system in question.  This should help guide us as to which version of events makes the most sense; that of former launch officer Robert Salas who wasn’t at Echo Flight but claims UFOs caused the shutdown and the Air Force covered it up, or that of former launch officers Eric Carlson and Walt Figel, both of whom were on duty at Echo Flight at the time and claim they don’t believe UFOs caused the shutdown.

Tim begins his analysis with the following background…

“When it comes to the existence of UFOs, I have to admit that I’m rather agnostic about the subject.  Its simple for me, over the past 53 years, I’ve never seen a UFO.  I don’t rule the phenomenon out completely, but I’m of the mind frame that you have to “show me the saucer” or better yet, I need to see one with my own eyes. The case of the Malmstrom AFB UFO incident that allegedly happened in 1967 caught my attention about a year ago.  Malmstrom was my first Air Force assignment, stationed there from 1981 to 1985.  I was assigned to the 490th Strategic Missile Squadron as a Minuteman II launch officer.  My primary alert facilities where November-01, Lima-01 and Kilo-01.  During my time on station, I never saw a UFO, nor did I hear from other alert crew members that they had seen one.  Curiously, I had never heard of any stories about UFOs disabling ICBM.  We would talk about the myths and legends surrounding our “haunted” Launch Facility, A-05, but UFOs weren’t in our lexicon.”

A UFO Mysteriously Causes 10 Minuteman ICBMs to Drop Off Alert

Tim recaps the account of events as presented by Hastings and Salas et. al. and proposes the following explanation…

“UFOs are talked about or alluded to, but none of the principle characters of Hastings’ story sees or reports any strange objects flying in the sky or hovering over an ICBM launch site. The UFO hypothesis remains seriously in doubt. I propose a different set of hypothesis based upon the Minuteman I’s complexity and the reporting of UFO sightings starting in January of 1967.

1.The ten missiles in Echo Flight shut down due to a power system anomaly, though unusual in the number of involved LFs, similar incident had occurred in 1966, on a smaller scale, at another 10th Strategic Missile Squadron Flight.

2. The involvement of UFOs started out as a practical joke due to the past reports of sighting by the local population and subsequently published reports in the local newspapers and talked about for three months prior to the 16 March 1967 Echo Flight incident.”

Go to Tim’s blog called “Did It Really Happen?” to read his detialed analysis and let him know what you think…

Update: Tim has added two new articles to his blog regarding a “day in the life” type reconstruction of events on March 16th, 1967 he performed with some interesting results…

Off Alert, Echo Flight, 0845: A Reconstruction…Part 1

Off Alert, Echo Flight: The “UFO” Encounter…Part 2

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    You know, I love it when independent researchers reach conclusions similar to my own. Validation is always groovy. Great write-up, too!

    Comment by James Carlson — November 28, 2010 @ 10:27 pm

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    Indeed it is. :)

    Comment by pigswillfly — December 4, 2010 @ 1:07 am

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    This is a little late in coming and for that I apologize. I want to thank the good people at Reality Uncovered for their kind support for my efforts: Tom, Ryan, and Steve. The article has exceeded my expectations. I’ve been able to reach a generous portion of readers covering a wide range of countries…Croatia and Lithuania to name just some of the few that caught me by surprise.

    Most of the RU readers might find this interesting, the majority of hits on my blog have been generated from Frank Warren’s The UFO Chronicles site and not from RU. It’s currently a 3:1 ratio. Frank’s site picked up the article first which drove a brisk viewership towards the blog. At first I was suspicious, taken back and a little irritated due to RU’s plans to post the article’s intro on their RU Blog, but over the past few days I came to realize that the 3:1 ratio was “as it should be.” The article was tailor made for a readership such as Frank Warren’s site and others. I figured that 95 % of the RU readership agreed with my analysis of the Malmstrom incident so why would this population gravitate towards me when I’m “preaching to the choir.” It’s the 30 to 40% at places like Warren’s site that probably found my two hypothesises worthy of consideration, or at the very least, something different. Some of the comments I have received bare that out. The rest of that group, the hard core “fire eaters” could care less about my opinion, so the article probably had very little effect. My new Minot article is along the same line, but targeted towards both sides of the issue and personally I like my Minot article better than my Malmstrom piece, because Minot, in my opinion, is a good story that could be dissected in a number of ways and still remain a mystery.

    Thanks again to RU and my fellow forum members.

    Comment by Tim — December 5, 2010 @ 9:27 am

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