May 23, 2011

Sex, Identity, and the Crippled Eschatology of Alien-Human Hybrids

Alien AbductionIt’s a fondly asserted belief within UFOlogy circles that aliens have instituted a cross-breeding program for the purpose of creating a race of alien-human hybrids.

Setting aside for the moment the numerous problems regarding stability of the resultant chromosome structures, as well as the potential mutations this sort of act would introduce into a global environment ill-prepared to handle such trauma, can somebody please tell me what intelligent lifeform would even consider mingling its DNA with that of an inferior species?  Do aliens not understand evolution? Are they neo-creationists, or are they just fond of taking two steps back for every one step forward?  Or, even more frightening on a level few people are willing to contemplate freely, are these aliens just Kansas Republicans borrowing a few chosen perspectives from the Church of Latter Day Saints? Aside from the wishful thinking of Hollywood, is it even possible for an entire species to commit suicide or bring about self-extinction without the cause and effect that alien-human hybrids would invariably represent?  With all due apologies to Robert Zelazny, author of A Rose for Ecclesiastes, these are the questions that would keep me up at night if I, too, were a lemming.

For me the most enjoyable resolutions to the UFO theologies currently being escalated to the level of science by people who refuse to even attempt a high school level understanding of science are those that neglect the details, as in “if you ignore details, you’ll never be able to figure out which direction a tadpole is looking, because in a muddy creek, you really can’t see their little eyes as well as you can see their little tails.”  When applied to any discussion regarding the possible creation of one species attained by combining the DNA structures of two different species originating and apparently evolving within two completely different biological systems, i.e., the planet Earth and any other planet anywhere else in the cosmos, this precept suggests that there’s probably something equally important being overlooked or ignored, something that is fundamentally necessary for us to contemplate in order to understand the concepts being examined.

In other words, a lot of people are bypassing the details, which in this case is particularly and uniquely strange, because that singular topic of value that we have neglected to consider, the one that we’ve apparently decided to ignore completely, is also a topic that most people have a base desire or need or instinct to otherwise contemplate or apply to our existence as much as possible:  sex. And when you get right into any deep examination of alien-human hybrids and the purpose and means behind their creation, you always end up talking about sex.

Alien Abduction and SexSex is one of those few qualities of life that just puts our minds on edge and shakes the whole world around us in mock rage and glamour until we’re finally satisfied for a turning of time.  And deep inside of us, at that point of our being where we’ve forgotten who we are and what we need and where we’re going and who we want with us when we achieve those things worthy of our pride instead of simply resting forever without shame or reflection, consisting of little more than our eternal reliance on what we want, it is sex that always shows up first, as if waiting for us to catch up, with a twinkle in his beady little eyes, and a cigarette in his hand, and a nonchalance that is inhumanly gratifying even as he whispers, “hey, what kept you?”  It is this insistent and immediate quality that gives the human mind such grand creativity whenever sex is involved or intermingled with belief. And when that happens, we can shake down the stars from the skies.

For the most part, sex has been intertwined with the UFO mythos since the very beginning of the contact stories that started popping off like firecrackers in the 1950s.  It’s such a common aspect of the phenomena that even the most jaded humorists of the day can rely on it consistently with just the barest of introductions.  The mere mention of aliens in the context of “probe” is more than enough to bring to mind a sexual examination by one alien species in mystic confusion of another’s poorly interpreted gender. The reference has been used to great effect by “The Simpsons”, “South Park”, SNL, and entire generations of stand-up comics from the 1960s to the present, and these are jokes nobody really has to explain. We get it – instantly and always, and sometimes, depending on the delivery and the timing of the comic, with sly, rude laughter.  Sex between species that evolved under completely different biological systems and recreational laws is always funny (unless you’re a critic), even when it’s never been possible to model that situational comedy on something consistent and measurable in the world we call “real life.”

We laugh at a lot of things that may not be funny in and of themselves.  Our humor, in fact, is often the way we react to pain or anguish that can’t be avoided or prevented, and any examination of this phenomenon shows us in great and undeniable detail exactly how wonderful and self-healing our minds actually are.  Sometimes in life, we can come across something that is so abhorrent to our psychological health that its existence alone is considered a threat to our well-being, but our minds actually have the ability to mitigate that threat by turning it into something that it’s not, or by parcelling out aspects of it to dark arenas of our slowly developing conscience to prevent it from injuring the mind as a whole.  We deal with the internal pain of memories that are capable of turning us into depositories of knowledge that we find supremely disturbing by changing how we remember and what we remember.  For instance, a child who has been raised to believe that he must love his mother, because all mothers are good and caring and admirable might develop a dissociative identity disorder if his own mother is a horrible person who seems to enjoy beating him or searing his body parts with an electric iron.  His mind might create a new identity to reside within the spark of his personality in order to do little but soak up his memories of that pain, thereby allowing the greater portion of his mind to develop in what we might consider a more “normal” environment.  In that way, only a small portion of his identity would be forced to deal with the trauma surrounding him.

Alien Eye

In a similar manner, a man or woman who grew up being sexually molested by members of his own family might be unwilling to believe that the authors of that undeserved punishment were people he or she loved and considered protective, the guardians of youthful existence.  In such a case, the mind might develop a defense that turns his familial late night visitors into something so alien to normal humanity, that there would be no threat to the mind’s categorical rejection of such a painful cause and effect. The author of such pain becomes an alien that has chosen his subject for very special reasons having nothing to do with family or pleasure or love, and everything to do with survival or some form of cosmological communication or a recognition of internal sanctity, a sign of his having been chosen. It’s very easy for us to create UFOs and populate them with aliens from the other side of the galaxy if the only audience necessary for validation is the one sitting alone in the theater behind our otherwise closed eyes.

We are a malleable species with a great capability to grow and develop because our minds are far more interested in the creation of concepts, needs, and desires that reflect what we want and what we need far above the wants and needs of any other real or imagined consciousness anywhere in the universe.  This has nothing to do with the much affirmed modern assertion that even if God did not exist, we would find within ourselves the need to create Him.  This is far more dangerous than anything having to do with our concept of God, because it relies only on our concept of ourselves, our primal identity, and most of us are simply unaware that there is such an animal, one that even cryptozoologists have yet to identify.  Being an identity-based consciousness, however, means it doesn’t resort to two-way communication and it sometimes can only make that leap of self-identification by tricking you into seeing the effects of its presence within.  Your mind doesn’t often send you an email saying, “look, I made a few changes here and there in the way we think and feel, and I hope you don’t mind, but we’re now star citizens, and you’re going to save the universe from nuclear decay.”  And that means you need to rely on other people to tell you how absolutely bat-shit crazy you might actually be, which is exactly why we are such social creatures.  We need to be. Our minds would turn us into monsters without other people around to help us out with the validation of identity.

Which brings us to the really fun part of this shock-house carnival ride: if you can find enough bat-shit crazy people in the world to say, “you know, maybe that’s not such a stupid idea,” you can actually start your own religion. This is when the validation of identity becomes a weapon that is normally used most effectively against those who don’t believe in the things that you’ve been tricked into believing by your own mind.  Sometimes, the things that our mind comes up with can cause us to believe in the great benefits that can be gained by using new tools such as binding body parts to stifle growth, using circumcision as a religious affirmation, depending on self-flagellation or other forms of bodily punishment to focus the heart on spiritual decay, relying on eye-for-an-eye justice systems, treating children as adults, instituting the necessity for human sacrifice, ritualizing the consumption of the blood of innocents, or murdering entire populations to satisfy the hunger of God for the sanctification of man.  All world-encompassing terrors thought to be the instructions of God were inspired within the human mind, and the differences between the sacred and the profane reside only within the human heart.  Holocaust originally referred to a burnt offering, an expression of holiness, a gift from man to God assessed as a religious duty.  Beliefs of this sort can exist quite comfortably in the absence of social formulae.  It’s only my opinion, of course, but I don’t see anything terribly useful in a belief system that can exist without social relevance.  After all, something like that tends to make other people unnecessary, and up to now, other people is the only reason our species has been able to avoid extinction.  Remove that reliance, and you will have removed everything.

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  1. avatar

    Excellent debut James. An interesting and infuriating topic which you have handled with great insight and a first rate analysis.

    I remember watching a documentary which featured a woman who claimed to have had sex with an alien visitor on many different occasions. From the state of her and the poor state of her apartment, it was very clear from the outset she was describing something she wanted to happen, not something that had happened. Scary lady!

    I can’t wait to see what you come up with next :)

    Comment by Stephen Broadbent — May 23, 2011 @ 6:55 pm

  2. avatar

    “…can somebody please tell me what intelligent lifeform would even consider mingling its DNA with that of an inferior species?”

    No clue (“Brundlefly“?) but of course there’s a reason they call it science fiction assuming that has anything to do with how some of these experiences are interpreted… by the same token one also wonders why they would need to abduct anyone to obtain a sample in the first place? (pre CSI influence that is)

    Comment by Access Denied — May 24, 2011 @ 5:39 am

  3. avatar

    Read David Icke. Seriously. Especially ‘Global Conspiracy (and how to end it)’ and ‘Human Race get off your knees, the Lion Sleeps no more’.

    Comment by Linda — May 25, 2011 @ 2:14 am

  4. avatar

    @Linda, why?

    From Wikipedia I read…

    “He [Icke] identifies the Brotherhood as originating from reptilians from the constellation Draco who walk on two legs and appear human, and who live in tunnels and caverns inside the earth.”

    You believed him, seriously?

    Comment by Access Denied — May 25, 2011 @ 6:17 am

  5. avatar

    I’ve read him. He’s not as good as Philip Jose Farmer, but he tells a decent story for a science fiction author; most of it’s regurgitated Jules Verne, but when it comes to these guys, who isn’t?

    Comment by James Carlson — May 25, 2011 @ 10:24 am

  6. avatar

    I had a MAJIC 33 clearance and was stationed at Pine Gap in Northern Australia in 1989. Let me assure the skeptics, non believers, cynics et al that extraterrestial visitors are indeed visiting this planet. They are not so much from “out there” as “within here ” { hint – they are from another dimensional frequency – another hint refer to the Vedas and Buddhism for an accurate reference to how the Creration works and what it is..} if all this is too much for your minds to comprehend understand that the Creation itself is nothing more than an infinite mind { infinite not in time and space which do not exist objectivley} but infinite just like a thought is infinite in that it has no discernible borders. It is one formless point reflecting upon itself and in so doing creates the myriad of infinite conscious empty forms that reflect upon themselves. And it is absolutely wonderful and a joy to behold!

    Comment by Dr Roy Gordon — May 30, 2011 @ 12:41 am

  7. avatar

    IRT “if all this is too much for your minds to comprehend” ; it’s not hard to understand or comprehend at all. What’s hard to understand is why someone who was apparently awarded a doctorate at one time or another not only has fallen for a delusion that has been a pop art fixation since 1965 and commonly adopted by self-described “poets” or “mystics” on a regular basis since then, but also feels that he cannot describe alternative dimensions without using terms or phrases like “infinite mind”, or “infinite just like a thought is infinite”, or “infinite in that it has no discernible borders”, or “one formless point reflecting upon itself”, or “myriad of infinite conscious empty forms that reflect upon themselves”, finally reaching the “God, where the Hell did that come from” conclusion that “it is absolutely wonderful and a joy to behold!” Is it just too difficult to describe something you have no conscious experience of, or do you believe that alternative dimensions all have to be infinite simply because our own sense of dimension and universe is not? Seriously, I don’t expect you to describe something in the dulcet tones of Robert Browning, but I expect a little more from a doctor than this petty, mock Allen Ginsberg on a Gil Scott-Heron bender (God rest his gloriously combative soul).

    Why is it that alternative dimensions can’t be described by you people without the beatnick chorus of new revelations? { hint – this doesn’t necessarily mean alternative realities, or dimensions of thought or dimensions of excess ; take some time off for a bit and think of just “dimensions” other than those we we can define and experience by contemplating our own lives, something that ought to be pretty simple for a doctor to do }. For God’s sake, Saint Augustine was typically far off the next exit ramp as well, but at least he tried to explain what the New Jerusalem would be like.

    Even worse, you mention “the Vedas and Buddhism for an accurate reference to how the Creation works”, but your little self-absorbed nonsense has a lot more in common with 16th century discussions of the Kingdom of God as alluded to in the very westernized teachings of Jesus Christ, a purely Catholic indoctrination by then which would eventually form the basis for Rosicrucian thought a century later. Are you sure you’re a doctor? Because you don’t sound very educated to me.

    And since when do the teachings of Buddha and the Vedas have anything at all to do with each other? Tell the truth, have you been reading more than the advised number of Ram Dass books this month? You have to remember to stick to the recommended dosage, or you’ll lose any possible benefits that they might otherwise provide.

    And why is it none of you charlatans are able to say something straight out — it’s always just hints with you guys, like you’re trying to teach a wayward disciple the disciplines needed to understand the Universe, etc., etc. Get over yourself, okay? Even Jesus explained the parables, but you guys act like you’re not giving out any details, because the rest of the world hasn’t yet reached your glorious state of mind, when the truth is, you just don’t have any idea what you’re talking about, making it impossible for you to offer any more than a taste test of universal clairvoyant enlightenment. You should try reading about “infinity” some day instead of simply applying your ignorance of the subject to the value of the nonsense you’re willing to toss off on a fairly good day in May.

    Thanks for the moment’s worth of thought, Dr. Roy — like many of your colleagues, you’ve managed to say nothing at all in about 160 words.

    Comment by James Carlson — May 30, 2011 @ 9:48 pm

  8. avatar

    You think this is the same Dr. Roy Gordon referred to on See :


    Well I recently checked my e-mail and was surprised to see this e-mail in my inbox. Unfortunately I reported it as a phishing scam to Google, and they took it out of my box! But, I did save the message.

    This was from: “” So I guess feel free to e-mail him!





    And there’s this one :


    Dr Roy W Gordon has left a new comment on your post “Strange Lucid Dream”:

    You have been chipped and are being tracked

    Dr Roy W Gordon

    \Pine Gap

    I answered –
    Hi Roy,

    Thanks for the comment but what makes you think that? Why would anyone want to track me?


    He has now responded as follows –

    Dr Roy W Gordon has left a new comment on your post “Strange Lucid Dream”:

    Because THE KEEPERS can and will monitor you for DNA and soul, emotion transfer. They can and do traverse multiple timelines.

    I have responded –
    Wow Roy, you really don’t know me – do you?

    I welcome their monitoring, they will find nothing of interest except maybe to learn a thing or two!


    Those are on page three of that thread — for real hilarity, check out pages one and two!!

    Comment by James Carlson — May 30, 2011 @ 10:04 pm

  9. avatar

    Quick addendum to the above …

    I’m not normally inclined to beating dead horses (or live ones, for that matter), but upon reading a bit more of the resources I listed above, I felt compelled to add the following:

    To “Jeff”, whomever you are: I don’t know much about you, friend, but I enjoy your sense of fun, and that’s always been a big plus in my book. I hope you travel long and far and in good company and continue to exercise that desire “to learn a thing or two!” Nothing is more important, more natural, or easier to defend. Cheers.


    Comment by James Carlson — May 31, 2011 @ 11:45 pm

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