January 7, 2012

Sleepless in Roswell [Part 2]

This the concluding part of Colin Bennett’s Sleepless in Roswell, part one of which was published yesterday.


5. Weaponisation of the Narrative

Alien under ConstructionIn this sense meant by Errol Morris, can we deconstruct “fact”? Is the universe meant to work properly, or does the fabled “noise in the machine” function (like the UFO) as an anomalistic destabiliser? Does the slightest anomaly blossom out like the proverbial butterfly’s wing and throw any and every partially-stabilised system into chaos?

Certainly belief structures, from Jesus to UFOs, from Nazism to Capitalism, can be designed, managed and cultivated as crops in a cosmological nutrient. The symbiotic relationship of we might call a “soft” Lady GaGa mass-media system to the “hard” spines of rational belief structures appears to  concern the somewhat political management of different degrees of counter-ritualization concerning metaphor structure. Story-lines dispute fact and fact does not like story lines in the sense that they tend to destabilize the inner dimensions of fact which propagandistically (and all culture is propaganda) would like to be seen as absolutes.

This leads to the somewhat postmodern thought that live consciousness is a manipulation of theatres managing a scaling of allowances rather than objectivities. Thus in our New Model Ufology here we may say that the “extraterrestrial alien” (for example) is permanently “under construction” rather than being either strictly factual or strictly fictional.

Thus the answer to Fermi’s question “where are they?” is that  the alien is under construction…


Therefore (as is happening) bits and pieces of a whole thing may arrive before the main body. This is a good model for Darwinism and the 19th century Eugenics movement forming eventually into the main body of Nazism in the form of Adolf Hitler. In the same as Eugenics were under discussion…


January 6, 2012

Sleepless in Roswell [Part 1]

Sleepless in Roswell 

Weaponising the Narrative

by Colin Bennett

For Steven Jobs and Stephen Wozniac
Who helped create the modern Imagination

“All Image Systems are Magical Systems.”
(Politics of the Imagination)
“If you think things could get worse, then at least you know that you’re not in Hell.”
(George Mensche, The Rumford Rogues)
“When we imagine we create a form of life”
(Looking for Orthon)

Flying Discman from MarsIntroduction

The world needs to put UFOs and Ufology in a radically different perspective. As a culture it is at least as important as the drawings of Piranesi or Michelangelo, or the paintings of Dali or Chirico. What we get from such precious things we can get from the story-architecture of Ufology, which is now an essential part of our postmodern Imagination. Even in the kitchens of the most ardent sceptic there will be some item which owes its shape and character to the UFO, now a big prime-time star in the postmodern universe. As a Big Star, the UFO is as unavoidable as are Elvis Presley, Monroe, Michael Jackson, or the idea of quantum entanglement.

Ufology turns even downright imposture into a species of postmodern art form, showing that the mechanical truth of a story is something of a decoy.

What matters is that the tale is told complete with all its faults and deceptions and the supposed framework of its truths and lies. Any story bar-codes us forever. Despite our acceptances and rejections, we play with story games, we rehearse them, add new episodes even to absurd claims, and despite ourselves again, we continue and develop even the most dubious episodes, whether they are junk theatre or not.


January 3, 2012

Examined: The RB-47 UFO Case

RB-47Early last year, well known UFO skeptic Tim Printy was challenged to try and deconstruct the famous RB-47 UFO case and publish his findings in his [quite brilliant] UFOlogy publication “SUNlite“.

The RB-47 UFO incident is considered by many UFOlogists to be the number 1 case of its kind and is often cited as the best evidence that something really is “out there”.

In a nutshell, the story revolves around a US Air Force RB-47 Boeing Stratojet reconnaissance plane which was allegedly followed by an unidentified object for hundreds of miles while on a training flight.

Tim approached a number of UFO skeptics about the matter, including the researchers here at Reality Uncovered, and decided to review the case materials in order to see what might have been overlooked or incorrectly reported. What followed was a comprehensive and exhaustive investigation, the results of which have now been published in the latest issue of SUNlite.

From the article:

This case is a rather extensive event that is composed of two to three separate incidents that UFOlogists have linked together over the years as proof that a UFO was monitoring the movements of a USAF RB-47 aircraft through the southern United States. The UFO was seen by the flight crew and its electronic signature was monitored by the intelligence officers inside the plane. It was also reportedly tracked by ground radar as well. This makes it an important case for UFOlogists because it contains visual observation and confirmation of these observations with electronic data.


I felt there was little hope of finding an acceptable explanation for this case because of its status in UFOlogy. It was already voted by many as the best UFO case ever, which means that no matter what I proposed, I seriously doubted that UFO proponents would accept it. I would also be vilified/ridiculed for having the nerve to suggest any explanation was plausible. Despite these concerns, I received positive feedback and felt the endeavor would be worth the effort.

In our opinion, the article is as good a piece of research and investigative writing as you are likely to find anywhere. Tim highlights many areas where previous explanations have fallen short, showing exactly how and why that is so. It is important to note that Tim himself does not consider this work to be conclusive. However, considering over fifty years have passed since the incident happened, it is our belief this is as conclusive as you are ever likley to see.

Let us know what you think in the comments section below, or in the forum here at RU where Tim is continuing the discussion.

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