January 6, 2012

Sleepless in Roswell [Part 1]

Sleepless in Roswell 

Weaponising the Narrative

by Colin Bennett

For Steven Jobs and Stephen Wozniac
Who helped create the modern Imagination

“All Image Systems are Magical Systems.”
(Politics of the Imagination)
“If you think things could get worse, then at least you know that you’re not in Hell.”
(George Mensche, The Rumford Rogues)
“When we imagine we create a form of life”
(Looking for Orthon)

Flying Discman from MarsIntroduction

The world needs to put UFOs and Ufology in a radically different perspective. As a culture it is at least as important as the drawings of Piranesi or Michelangelo, or the paintings of Dali or Chirico. What we get from such precious things we can get from the story-architecture of Ufology, which is now an essential part of our postmodern Imagination. Even in the kitchens of the most ardent sceptic there will be some item which owes its shape and character to the UFO, now a big prime-time star in the postmodern universe. As a Big Star, the UFO is as unavoidable as are Elvis Presley, Monroe, Michael Jackson, or the idea of quantum entanglement.

Ufology turns even downright imposture into a species of postmodern art form, showing that the mechanical truth of a story is something of a decoy.

What matters is that the tale is told complete with all its faults and deceptions and the supposed framework of its truths and lies. Any story bar-codes us forever. Despite our acceptances and rejections, we play with story games, we rehearse them, add new episodes even to absurd claims, and despite ourselves again, we continue and develop even the most dubious episodes, whether they are junk theatre or not.

The proof of this theory? Just try the impossible task of getting just Marilyn Monroe out of our minds completely, or any other of the billion harpies like her. We have been branded, colonised, turned into a fast breeder of images by a swarming Host which we are powerless to resist.

Best of luck to all viewers of Plato’s silver screens, whether factual or scientific, delusional, inspired or plainly insane!

Colin Bennett

January 2012

1. Descartes versus Chocolate-Fudge Bananas

Almost all human beings now spend their entire lives talking to robots and watching silver screens. In this world composed almost entirely of simulations there is detectable a new form of life: the cultural advertisement. As can be seen by the present state of the world’s great institutions, so-called “real” structures as conceived by the deep past are now little more than fossilised advertisements consisting of disintegrating images rather than “objective facts.”

This is the result of an inevitable historical process. Humanity has been subjected to 150 years of intensive image-processing mounted by very different types of media culture supported by the burgeoning power of technology. Such is the penetration, Mind and Thought both can now be conceived of as forms of ever-evolving mass-media rather than being seen in terms of mechanistic psychologies with hard differentials and finite inputs and outputs. Suffering in a similar way are those “truth versus falsehood” paradigms which were supposed to reveal the physical “realities” of our world.

Defined as any system of abstract symbolic persuasion, the cultural advertisement as a social construct has now grown so powerful it may be seen therefore as a complete meta-biological cyber-animal built of forms of different kinds of story-lines. Rather like the fabulous cryptozoological creature, and rather like the UFO indeed, such a living advertisement is full of enticing promises always poised between fact and fiction suspended between Matter and Spirit, spinning out  bits of the more or less “real” as if in a metaphysical centrifuge.

Hence passeth the Mechanical Age into the Age of Virtuality, with Time itself becoming Imagery.

As a multi-dimensional advertisement, our cyber creature is then rather like Bigfoot (see Postscript) and also the “extraterrestrial” alien, these things being new forms of image -life consisting of enticing persuasions forever under construction, rather in the manner of Hollywood culture and indeed Exopolitics.

This model could perhaps provide our first glimpse of how an alien intelligence might work. It might well indeed avoid what it conceives of as primitive fact-versus-fiction categories, and like Hollywood and Exopolitics again, lets such things flow in and out of one another, making all our own “solid” Cartesian frameworks of perception moribund. In addition, an alien intelligence might well be non-cerebral and therefore more like a Hollywood or Exopolitical product than any product of a laboratory. In this sense, we should not expect anything which has any kind of connection with linear Cartesian rationalism. Indeed, coordinate geometry, and our digital colonisations may be jokes in Prime Time for any level (and there will be many different levels) of “alien intelligence.”

In this sense we can perhaps begin to dispense with the primitive “scientific” idea of experience being split between absolute Fact and equally absolute Fiction. We may now conceive of the world of experience as consisting of fields of dramatised and warring information “evolving” somewhat in the manner of Darwinian competition but with one big difference – a typical cyber advertising system will persuade its opponents to change in a propaganda war which is the cyber equivalent to a savage Darwinian search for food, protection and environmental advantage.

This change of state is achieved by exploiting our far too easy acceptance of what to see and what not to see. A bus say, runs out of control down a steep hill. Its top deck contains a tribe of rioting drunken skinheads.

This magnificent event is seen by Science as a point-mass moving down an inclined plane.

 If that is not de-naturing circumstance, then nothing is. The moment we took Mind out of Nature was the moment we ceased to understand events such as 911.

2. Central Image Control: the Need to Disbelieve

Eventually, Big Science (as General Groves of Los Alamos called it), may well decay as similar Big System narratives have decayed. These include the Jesus story and the Greek tales drawn from the pantheon of the gods. Our own recently abandoned “Space” story (which must surely be the deserted Hadrian’s Wall tale of our time) is a good example of an abandoned narrative which led finally into nowhere, rather like those Mayan temple steps which reach up into the sky. Under the influence of Richard Branson alone, Space has become Entertainment, another part of the Media/Leisure industry.

Virgin Galactic

Such narratives (and I include the sceptical narrative here) whether alive, dead or dying, are nothing but highly persuasive arrays of pure information which are massive media domains in the mind. In this sense as systems of powerful manipulation, all such domains are multi-dimensional cultural advertisements functioning as live creatures in the thoughts of the mass-mind. Given such an idea, the great scientific adventure (which poses as being mechanically “objective”) can be deconstructed as readily as can commercials for chocolate-fudge bananas.

Such cultural advertisements consist almost entirely of finely crafted intensely focused dramatisations of different kinds of persuasive mystique involving all conceivable archetypes. We have the Prime Time “authority” of Science with its professional-sounding vocabulary, plus the humourless scholarly tone of the po-faced “experts in the field.” No matter what, all is media, all is style, and these things are dramatic presentations advertising techno-mythological imagery as Central Image Control in terms of, for example, warp-drives and Black Holes.

Inevitably, such images, symbols and metaphors represent belief shares in the constellated Prime Time “real.” As such, the “real” propagandised by culture as an absolute, contains as much pseudo-complex bullshit as any soap-opera for the pseudo-complex-hungry bourgeois intelligentsia. Such an audience consumes the mythology of scientific “breakthroughs” and “advances” as herrings in the sea consume an infinite biomass of algae.

As for Science descending into whimsical entertainment than anything else, check out




3. You’ll all Come to Love Your Social-Scientific Psycho-social Anal-Dilation Reality Test

Obama's trip to MarsRecently, Basiago and Laura Eisenhower have been guests on Coast to Coast claiming that they travelled to Mars accompanied by President Obama, no less. We might ask what fresh and new set of tall tales will appear for our minds to feed upon? What metaphysical cud will we next graze upon? What ideological software is (inevitably) heading our way? Will it be Icke’s lizards, Komarek’s tall greys, or Dr. Boylan’s Fran the Mantis-woman and her Altimarians? Could we have another virgin birth, another walking on the water, or even a coming back from the dead? Could we have another moving star of Bethlehem, which must be the greatest UFO story ever told?

We might bear in mind that Rome was overcome eventually not by military means, but by Christian story-software. Yes, David Icke’s equally fantastic views are pure postmodern software, but as we can see, a great many people are inclined to believe him. What “physical” empires will be demolished by the eventual maturing of such views? The accepted mythological power-trains (Hollywood, Royalty, Media, Glamour) are surely no less fantastic than the idea of extra-terrestrial lizards running the Pentagon.

Salla, Webre and the Exopolitical crowd supported by Project Camelot have been spinning such SERPO-type tales for many years now. As a unique flourish, Basiago claimed that he travelled to Mars in a DARPA time machine! Weekly there are fresh revelations which tend to reduce Ufology to a form of prototypal super-entertainment.


As a comment on this kind of thing, check out mine own article on Exopolitics “Child Brides from Outer Space”


The Story Spectrum
Human beings may be defined as creatures thriving on stories based on dramatised appeals and fantastic persuasions more than rationally-considered “objective facts.” Like the Jesus story, Science is yet another over-blown narrative another, engineered framework of perception. Ever since the cow jumped over the moon, similar “absurd” projections have been characteristic of all traditional accounts of Creation. We cling to these baubles as a monkey clings to a hot water bottle as a nourishing mother. Considering that we are paste sticking to a spinning rock in space, and the death of Steve Jobs has been compared to the death of Elvis Presley, perhaps the greatest wonder in the universe is our imagination.

In our modern media-soaked world, mainstream TV inoculation alone (never mind the myriad other silver screens) has so blurred Fact and Fiction that the once-cherished concept of the real has surely gone with the knight’s castle, the Penny Farthing bicycle, the Peasants Revolt. Even the Holocaust and the moon landing are challenged. In the Web alone, images, symbols and statements of material certainty and rational clarity now look like the wooden ships of long ago. As lost woebegone viewers, we now look upon statements of cosmic certainty with bemused nostalgia.

Like it or not, here is the brave new world that is going to dwarf both Science and Religion, and it’s the image that counts:

The Sun 13th October 2011:

“Marketing experts at Royal Holloway University of London (ed: did you ever hear of such a thing? Is this a ring road university?)  have applied their mighty brains to explaining the power of the Simon Cowell/X Factor brand. Their conclusion, reports the Sun, is that Cowell is akin to a “high priest” who has tapped in to a human need for ritual and sacrifice. Hmmm. “Cowell serves as an intermediary between the world of dead-end jobs and the sacred space of superstardom,” said Prof Chris Hackley.”


The Anus of the Christ-child
All cultures collapse in time because their advertisements fail to sustain their Product range. The word “nuclear” (still used by some Ufological physicists as a badge of honour and achievement) is now a badge of shame. From Chernobyl to Fukushima, from Three Mile Island to Fallujah, it is doubtful if the world will recover from such genetic devastation caused by nuclear physicists and their satanic manoeuvres. Mass animal experimentation carried out universally by other scientists completes the picture of a Science which has lost it way, morally, physically and intellectually. Scientists now stalk the quads and laboratories just like the Jesus-freaks of 1400. They all pout and drop pearls of over-rationalised wisdom as if they had just popped out from the anus of the Christ-child. Every single one of them thinks they are either Albert Einstein or Isaac Newton.

There is nothing comparable to these walking pieces of cultural advertising, with their facts and figures and everlasting “breakthroughs,” most of which turn out to be absolute disasters.

But there are now clear signs that Science itself is now degenerating into a technical support base for Big Media. It started perhaps with the great vision of Star Trek and it ended with insect vehicles crawling around sterile planetary deserts.

Hammer and anvil science won’t compete in the image-evolution race.

4. Non-Computing Image Engines:

Lady Gaga and CERN Spot the Difference

CERN Collider, George Adamski, and Lady GaGa

Lady GaGa is a patently absurd figure, yet she is of far more interest to the world as, say, the CERN Collider. This machine as a cyber-animal is already keeping its options open in that it now produces at least as many images, symbols and metaphors as scientific “facts.” The idea that Lady GaGa, the CERN Collider (and indeed the UFO as a postmodern icon easily as big as Marilyn Monroe or Elvis Presley) might be in symbiotic competition as different kinds of cyber animal is not a scientific thought. But then the Idea that perhaps Palomar Observatory encountered its own counter-meme in George Adamski is again certainly not a scientific thought.

We should pay more attention to symbolic connections such as this. Factually, Palomar achieved almost nothing, and Adamski possibly even less. But considered symbolically, what a rich relationship exists between this pair of opposites!

The great observatory gazed out upon what appeared to be an uninhabited universe, but certainly the great white man’s god on the mountain-top above Adamski’s burger bar was dying, an empty relic full of more lists and filing-clerk “case histories” than an annual MUFON report, and just about as useful.

Adamski had the admirable cheek to suggest that this utter mechanical vacancy was populated by forms that Palomar could not “see.” In this sense, Palomar represented a decayed story-line, whilst Adamski’s UFO script (a powerful non-computing performance-art “suggestion” if ever there was!) helped give birth to the haunted pages of modern Ufology. In this “facts” were nowhere near as important as an active symbiosis between images activated by different kinds of cultural advertisement.

TechGnosis of the Product

CERN, Lady GaGa, George Adamski, Palomar Observatory and Big Science are now best seen as product spectra within the general consumer syndrome. Such deep historical context ranges from Michael Jackson to Marilyn Monroe, from the Cadillac to the J-35 fighter. The Science story, the Jesus and Roswell tales, are all mythological narratives. As such they contain archetypal elements which are very similar to one another, and such ideas images and stories make up our mental structure as much as do Marilyn Monroe, the UFO and the Big Bopper.

Yet today, because of apparent scientific material “success,” such ideas do not enter the general debate about causation, which notion clings to a mechanical base. For instance, it does not appear to have entered the minds of many 911 theorists that the Twin Towers Complex and the Pentagon as institutions were undoubtedly hated by many millions of people throughout the world, not only as (many say) symbols of Mammon and Babel, but  as symbols of Imperial Conquest and Consumer Control. The positive view of neocon liberals and social democrats is that the Twin Towers complex represented the summum bonum of corporate capitalist enterprise.

Though this subject is not to be debated here in detail (surely great relief all round!), it is of note that again, such symbolic power as described above is not regarded as a component within any kind of field of mechanical causation. In this respect, scientists (all of whom practise “physical measurement” of different kinds), appear not to have reached the Age even of mass TV inoculation yet, where Cartesian “measurement” (and indeed “facts”) mean practically nothing. Most scientists appear to think that TV, for example, is something to keep the kids quiet upstairs.

Therefore though now somewhat long in the Web-tooth, the image-based world (otherwise known as “media”) which is now pushing traditional “objective Science” aside, appears not to have registered yet in the scientific mind, though (of course) that very mind created the media technology in the first place.

It is therefore extraordinary that neither images nor their attached emotional fields are therefore regarded as functional within any strictly “scientific” scheme of things. That contemporary mass experience is controlled not by measurement, but by the manipulation of live and immaculately structured images countless billions of which enter the human mind every minute of the day and night appears to be of no importance as regards the causation or “measurement” of anything at all. Thus the kind of Old East German good-scout Communist Science dispensed in schools and universities relates to a pre-media wheel/weight/watchspring universe which is hardly representative of the modern experience as received.

This avoidance is most likely due to the fear that the intrinsic “quality” and character of both images and experience cannot be measured by Cartesian paradigms based on mechanical cause and effect no more than can a Picasso face, or that abstract human quality called personality which is essentially an atmosphere begging for applause to allow it to become at least partial flesh. In the consumer experience, fame is the only path to cosmic initiation, which is a sacred play of labels, advertisements and silver screens in which the smoke and mirrors of personality now reign supreme in a world reduced to acts, performances and images.

By contrast the basic scientific assumption is that the limitless absorption of countless powerful images through various media means that nothing happens of any importance at all with regard to the physical “objective” world as both structured and conceived. That images are forms of intelligence which continue to develop long after the finite moment of perception is again hardly recognised by Science as this would upset all the objective machinery set in place for political, intellectual and cultural domination.

Science cannot “measure” either media or personality, or such things such as jokes and laughter, or any measure of life-enhancing comic absurdity. We are left with the antennae-touches of the insect-chatter of official Science. Yet arguments without number are based on the assumption that (despite Plato) absolute differentiations between fact and fiction are possible through sensible well-informed rational discourse. This is surely the height of bourgeois scientific optimism.

In the way of all imperial states of mind, any philosophy which conceives of the universe as consisting of various sets of fixed Rules and Regulations is bound to come to a sticky end.

From Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein (1818) through H.G. Well’s equally demoniac Science, to what Winston Churchill called the “perverted Science” of Nazi Germany, Science and scientists are now looked upon more like threats than givers of sweetness and light. They are primarily concerned with War and Weaponry and social control of various kinds.

Certainly, compared with texts generated by image-based systems (Media, Glamour, Royalty, Religion), most strictly “scientific” books read like dentist’s manuals from old East Germany, with most scientists on TV looking and sounding like Frankensteinian morticians.

Once pulled out, the rotten as it were teeth go into the reject dish as “false” stories. But is there such a thing as a completely false story? Indeed, as Charles Fort might have said, is there such a thing as a complete imposter?


Part 2 follows tomorrow

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