July 27, 2011

Big Brother IS watching you

Big Brother is watching youWith the on-going phone hacking scandal continuing to dominate headlines both in the United Kingdom and United States, personal privacy and how to protect it is an issue once again in the minds of many people.

Online privacy has always been something of an issue, with computer malware and trojans a constant threat to the safety of our passwords, bank details and everything else we need to keep secret while browsing the internet.

Discussion forums, like ours here at Reality Uncovered, are a meeting place for like-minded people to discuss and dissect a wide range of stories and information relating to a particular subject – in our case more often than not in the fields of Ufology, Reality and the Paranormal.

We take the online privacy of our members very seriously, as does no doubt many of the other thousands of discussion forums on the internet. Most forums have a private messaging feature which enables members to talk to each other in complete privacy, away from any staff members and out of the public eye.  As an example, two people could meet in a public discussion forum posting back and forth on a public board viewable by whoever views the site. But if they want to exchange phone numbers or emails, they would use the private message function. This is normally very secure as not even the owner of the forum can view these messages. They are indeed private…..or so they should be!

MouseTrace: Dream or Nightmare?

Enter “MouseTrace”, a unique solution to help website owners, designers and Internet marketing professionals better understand how visitors are using their websites.

According to their website:

A single line of HTML code is all that is need to enable the website owner/designer to watch exactly what the visitors are doing on their website – see whether they are viewing the full page content, where they are clicking and how they are navigating through the website. This powerful information enables the website owner or designer to efficiently optimise the site which leads to increased sales and/or better viewer participation and response.

Elsewhere on the MouseTrace website we are told:

Within a couple of minutes you will be watching real-time replays of how your visitors are using your blog, watching every mouse movement, click and scroll – just like sitting next to your visitors watching their screen!

Not exactly the kind of software you would expect to see running on online discussion forum, after all, what would be the point?

The Open Minds Forum and MouseTrace

Enter The Open Minds Forum, Big Brother is watching you!

Most people who follow Reality Uncovered know we don’t have much time for the Open Minds forum. Ever since it opened, Open Minds has been a safe haven for hoaxers, scammers, conmen and liars. Enough evidence exists that shows how the owners and some staff of the forum have actively encouraged –and continue to do so – known hoaxes and outrageous claims. It is not a coincidence that many of these stories find their way to OM, it is by design. So no, it’s not the members we have a problem with, it never has been. It is the willingness to propagate myth and lies as fact and the jack-booted way they handle those who question them that we have always had a problem with.

The following account, then, should really come as no surprise for regular visitors to this site.

The MouseTrace software was discovered by an Open Minds member to be running on their forum. Naturally they were concerned about it so opened a thread on the subject, highlighting the sinister Watch replays showing exactly what your website visitors are doing and asking if the OM staff also used key loggers and snooped on private messages.

Other members also became concerned and asked questions, but a staff response was slow in coming. Five days slow to be exact.  One member even asked Patrick Clinger, owner of the ProBoards software if this was something ProBoards had done, but he confirmed MouseTrace wasn’t used on any of their sites. Incidentally, the member who questioned Mr Clinger has now been banned from the OM forum.

In the meantime and before a staff response was forthcoming, John Hicks (JeddyHi), posted about this issue in the OM thread here at RU. John has plenty of first-hand experience of Open Minds, being a former administrator of the site. He was also one of the principal investigators into the Source A scam hosted at OM, so John knows a thing or two about a thing or two when it comes to OM.

Only after John had posted here, with serious concerns being raised by RU and OM members alike about the possible ability of the MouseTrace software being able to “view” members private messages, was a response from the owner of Open Minds, Brendan Burton, forthcoming.

Posting under the user account ‘Admin’, Mr Burton wrote:

Mousetrace is/was a promo plugin trial from Google as part of our Google Analytics package. From what it said in the promo it would be easier to access Google Analytics, and help make the site structure more accessible to users by providing a service ” to rapidly find faults and identify where improvements can be made.” But, as far i know it’s not possible to see any ‘private’ data like PM’s or even typed words, just navigation of visitors to the site, what boards they go to. And i’ve checked since this came to be a concern, and i can’t find any mention of it ever being able to see anything like passwords or the private pages of members actually logged into a site.

There would be no intention to, even if it was possible

It was only ever active for just over a day. In fact i deactivated it when it came to my attention that it was causing unnecessary alarm.

There is absolutely no intention, desire or need to look at anyone’s private PM’s or anything like that. And there’s no ability to do so.

Let’s take a look at this reply in more detail, starting with the very first line:
Mousetrace is/was a promo plugin trial from Google as part of our Google Analytics package.

This sentence is wrong in every single way. Mouse Trace is not a plugin, it has absolutely nothing to do with Google and it is not part of the Google Analytics package.

From the company website ‘About’ section, we can see that MouseTrace is a privately held company, founded in the United Kingdom by Dan Field in 2010. The company has no affiliation with Google and the Google Analytics software doesn’t include anything like the MouseTrace software.

From what it said in the promo it would be easier to access Google Analytics, and help make the site structure more accessible to users by providing a service ” to rapidly find faults and identify where improvements can be made.”

Google Analytics is accessible by going to http://www.google.com/analytics and entering your user details. Is that not easy enough!? As we have already seen, the MouseTrace software is (allegedly!) a tool to enable website owners better understand how visitors are using their websites – it has absolutely nothing to do with finding faults and identifying where improvements can be made.

But, as far i know it’s not possible to see any ‘private’ data like PM’s or even typed words, just navigation of visitors to the site, what boards they go to

As we will see further below, that is simply not true.

It was only ever active for just over a day. In fact i deactivated it when it came to my attention that it was causing unnecessary alarm.

As one can see from the posts in the OM thread, it was active for at least four days and why deactivate it in the first place if they’re only using it “to find faults”?

On July 26th, OM Moderator “Fore” posted the following in an attempt to further bolster the explanation offered by Bren:

The day after mouse trace was used, I brought it up in our mods board. I was told it was a plugin to “Google Analytics” and after I investigated personally, it seems it doesn’t have the features I feared it might have.

(Like a Keylogger or screen captures of text, stuff that was a real concern.)

One wonders how extensive this “investigation” was, bearing in mind it didn’t take us very long to discover that “screen captures of text” is exactly what it does! Fore’s very lengthy post then went on to explain what MouseTrace does and doesn’t do, and why our conclusions were wrong and couldn’t be trusted. Needless to say, almost every aspect of the post was full of inaccuracies and only served to confuse their, by this time, bewildered membership.

Finding the Truth

These denials and obvious misdirection attempts were beginning to look very suspicious indeed.

John Hicks (JeddyHi) decided to investigate this issue for himself in a way he knows best; thoroughly!

Wondering if Open Minds staff could actually be snooping on its members, he decided to do some testing of his own. John created a discussion forum at the ProBoards website – the same site used by OM – and as soon as it was completed he installed a free version of the MouseTrace software. The installation was pretty easy and straight forward; it only involved entering two to four lines of HTML code into the global header and footer files.

Once everything was up and running, RU member ‘Philliman’ and I both registered an account at John’s test site. Once activated, we sent PMs to one another with each of us receiving or sending a PM to the other. Meanwhile, MouseTrace is quietly running in the background and lo and behold….it recorded our activity perfectly. The traces John viewed allowed him to read the messages between the two of us. The ‘private’ in Private Messages was now a useless word.

The Proof

We were actually astonished at the fact that a discussion forum’s private messaging system had been fully compromised. More astonishing though, was the question of just why the owners of a discussion forum would install this program in the first place. Snooping on members, reading the occasional private message, and more or less just violating every member’s privacy?

The Open Minds forum still denies any wrong doing and continues to claim that MouseTrace does not have the capabilities to violate PM privacy.

We now know the truth.

Beware of Mouse Trace and especially beware of any discussion forum that installs it.

Stephen Broadbent and John Hicks (JeddyHi)

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April 24, 2011

Proof: ET Body a Fake

Alien Body HoaxThe recent furore surrounding the find of a supposed alien body in Russia refuses to go away, despite the reporting by several sources that the whole thing was faked by a couple of young Russians, Timur Hilall, 18, and Kirill Vlasov, 19 (Pictured left, with their “alien”).

The original video which was uploaded to You Tube already has more than six million hits, and many people believe the reports explaining it all away as a prank or hoax is nothing more than a cover-up by the Russian authorities.

After reading the initial reports, I decided to contact Valery Novikov, the chief editor of local newspaper Kabansk-Info, who had contacted the police after viewing the video and thought the alien body might be that of a small child.

After learning of the prank, Valery interviewed the two men and after being impressed by their ingenuity, decided to make a film showing how they did it.

Timur and Kirill (above) both believe in alien visitation and life elsewhere in the universe, which was just one of the motivations in making the alien body. They fashioned their ET using nothing more than bread crumbs wrapped in chicken skin and plasticine for the head. In the original video, the body already appears to be fake, but better quality images of the actual doll (as shown above) make this more obvious.

Valery sent me a short teaser video and explained the full version would be ready on the 27th April. Luckily for us, he has uploaded the video earlier than planned and you can now view it for yourself below. He also explained he is running on a very small budget and is unable to pay for a translator in order to cater for the western audience, but as you can see, the images actually speak for themselves.

If you are able to help in the translation of this video, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Believers and sceptics alike have been annoyed by this episode, yet another in a long series of hoaxes and lies to hit the field of Ufology. Once again, the mainstream media lapped it up and reported the story as if it really was an alien who had been killed in a UFO crash. Once again however, we shouldn’t be surprised by this.

The way the original video was shot should have been enough to cry foul in the first place, footage of the actual body should also have been enough, but for some people the need to believe is just too strong and logic and common sense seem to fly out of the window.

If you still believe the whole thing was real after viewing this video, can I interest you in a once in a lifetime trip to Serpo? You better hurry though, places are limited and interest is high…

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April 10, 2011

Things that go Bump in the Night

Ghosts and poltergeists are not normally something I think about. I am considered by most people, myself included, to be quite the sceptic where claims of a paranormal nature are concerned. My usual reaction upon hearing a strange story for the first time is one of disbelief and annoyance. Disbelief, because upon further investigation most of these stories turn out to be either fake, or at the very least, just normal events embellished with hyperbole and drama. I also feel annoyance, because there are just so many of these stories.

How ironic then, that a confirmed sceptic such as myself is adding to that pile of strange stories and anecdotes.

The following account is a description of events at my house as they happened over the course of a few weeks during the summer of 2008.

Bumps in the Night

The house in question is a three bedroom terrace, which I share with my fiancé Kayleigh and three young children. At the time of these events in May and June of 2008, our two young daughters, Charlie (2) and Holly (1), both slept in the largest bedroom at the back of the house.

Quite often, whenever the girls were asleep upstairs, we would be sitting downstairs watching television and we’d suddenly hear the sound of someone running around in the girls’ room upstairs.

That wasn’t exactly unusual in itself, because Charlie would often get out of bed to go and get a toy or a book. However, this would happen a couple of hours after they had been in bed, a time when they were normally sound asleep.

The first few times this happened, I went upstairs to check on them and to admonish Charlie for making such a racket, but whenever I’d walk into the room, Holly was asleep in her cot and Charlie appeared to be sound asleep in her bed.

Because someone clearly was running around in the room, we decided that it must have been Charlie and that she was doing a very good job of pretending to be asleep each time we checked. I had my doubts, but it was the only obvious conclusion.

A Bang without a Cause

The sound of running happened most nights, but usually only once and not for very long. It got to the point where we didn’t even check anymore. It was only when it started happening more often, usually very late at night and when Kayleigh was already in bed, that I really began to wonder just what was going on.

There was no doubt that the noises were coming from the girls’ bedroom.

One night, I was at the back of the living room closing the blinds, and the sound of running around started from directly overhead once again. I didn’t check that time, but then a couple of nights later I heard a loud bang, followed immediately by running sounds that eventually went directly outside the bedroom door.

I raced upstairs, thinking that I’d definitely catch her this time. I could still hear the stamping of feet on the floor inside the room as I reached the door. I flung it open and there she was – fast asleep in bed.

I turned on the light and looked around the room. Charlie was lightly snoring and obviously not playacting. There was no way she could have made it into her bed before I opened the door.

I was dumbfounded, both at the fact they hadn’t been woken up by the noise, but more so by the fact that there was absolutely nothing or no one in that room that could have made the noise.

The only other logical candidate I could come up with was that maybe one of our two cats was making the noise.  However, neither of them was in the room that night. In fact, they were both outside, but allowing for the possibility made me feel better.

I decided to keep this to myself. I wasn’t particularly frightened by the goings-on, but I knew that the girls’ mother would think very differently about it.

Interacting with the Phenomenon

The next night, Thursday the 12th of May in 2008, things started to get just a little weirder.

I was upstairs in my computer room and the noises started up again. I ignored them at first, hoping they would only last a minute and then stop. They seemed to be getting louder though, so in frustration I sighed and whispered under my breath, Will you please stop?

To my great surprise, the noise ceased immediately.

Naturally, that wasn’t the result I expected. I hadn’t spoken very loudly, so it wasn’t as if Charlie could have heard me (still thinking logically).

Now, I’m not normally given to talking to myself late at night, but this time, as a little test, I made an exception.

Make another noise, had the immediate effect of the noises starting up again. Stop! was followed by silence.

Great, not only was I hearing noises, I was also now talking to them.

The Experiment

I decided to Skype my RU co-founder Ryan Dube and get his take on things. By this time it was very late at night/early morning, but this was a normal state of affairs for us, bearing in mind the five hour time difference we were both used to working with. I told him about everything that had happened, including the part about me seemingly having some kind of interaction with whatever it was.

We came to an agreement that I should try and record the sounds, so I went downstairs to retrieve my Sony Handycam (DCR-DVD92E) in order to do so. Whilst downstairs, I rather sheepishly began asking whatever it was if it wouldn’t mind making the noises again so I could record them for my colleague in the US. I didn’t expect anything to happen, because under normal circumstances I am a very logical, think-things-through type of person. Ghosts just don’t exist except in the mind of those who see them. That’s what I have always thought, anyway.

Still downstairs, I turned on the camera to make sure that the battery was charged and then decided to start recording right there and then. What happened next is contained in the video below. I apologize in advance for the bad language.

The loud crashing noise seemed to occur inside my ear, it felt so close. As you can see in the video, I didn’t wait around for any other surprises. There is nothing at the back of the living room that could have made such a noise, and when I looked in the morning, everything appeared as it should.

Upon hearing the recording, Ryan wanted (quite rightly) to plan for a proper investigation and had some good ideas on how we could proceed. However, events later that day were to scupper any idea of an investigation.

Friday the 13th and the Shaking Wardrobe

Disney WardrobeThe next morning, on Friday, June 13th, I was still deeply perplexed at what had happened the night before, and was wrestling with the thought of telling Kayleigh.

In the end, I decided it was best to tell her everything that had happened up to and including the recording.

Her initial reaction surprised me. The first thing she told me was it would explain why Charlie was always waking up in the middle of the night and coming into our room. I pointed out that she was always asleep when the noises were occurring, but she would come into our room a few hours later than that. Because it was always her mum who woke when she came in, I didn’t know that Charlie refused to go back into her room because she said she was scared. Like me, Kayleigh assumed it was just a phase she was going through and would grow out of.

I asked Charlie if she liked her room, and without looking up from playing with her toys, she said no, it’s scary.

Later that morning, one of Kayleigh’s friends came around after hearing about the story. After listening to the video, they both went upstairs so her friend could have a look in the girl’s bedroom. I stayed downstairs with the girls. We had been careful to make sure that Charlie wouldn’t hear anything about what we were talking about so as not to frighten her.

Not long after they had gone upstairs, Kayleigh shouted for me to come upstairs, quickly.

I did, and as I entered through the door I could see what they were looking at. Look at that. I looked at the Disney Princess canvas wardrobe, which was on the wall next to the door, and it was rippling. The whole thing was shaking slightly and the canvas doors were rippling as if being moved by a breeze.

Being in an upstairs bedroom with the windows closed, there was of course no breeze. As I looked at it, wondering if the effect could have been caused by vibrations or something similar, both Kayleigh and her friend pushed past me and ran downstairs. Nothing else in the room appeared to be moving, though I was loathe to take my eyes off what I was seeing.

I must have stood there for at least a minute watching the material move, before I was snapped out of it by Kayleigh who shouted up, asking me what it was doing. Moving I thought, as if it was a perfectly normal thing for it to be doing.

I realised I needed to go and get the video camera, but when I returned just a few seconds later the movement had stopped. I placed the camera on the chest of drawers opposite the Wardrobe and pressed the record button, but there was no more movement.

The Exorcism

Whatever was causing the strange vibrations would never have an opportunity to show itself. Both Kayleigh and her friend came back upstairs, and Kayleigh immediately started removing Charlie’s clothes from the wardrobe.

We’re not having any ghosts in this house! She said. I said we don’t know if it is a ghost, that it might be something perfectly normal and we should try and record it, but she wasn’t having any of it. The clothes came out and the material was removed from the hollow poles that held the wardrobe together. She then gathered everything together and put them in the trash bin outside.

With a steely look in her eyes, she told me that Charlie’s night time problems, and indeed the noises themselves, had started not long after buying the wardrobe from an EBay auction.

Being the rational and logical person that I am, I remain convinced that there should be a logical explanation for everything that has happened. Maybe Charlie really was running around the bedroom, or maybe it was one of the cats? Maybe the wardrobe was rippling because there was a breeze, or vibrations from elsewhere in the building?

I don’t actually know what could have made the loud crashing noise, but at least I know it wasn’t in my imagination.

One thing we do know for sure, since getting rid of the wardrobe, there have been no more noises and Charlie sleeps soundly in her bed at night.

Ghosts? I don’t really believe in them…   Do you?


Link to original video files (15mb zip archive)

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April 19, 2010

The FootMan Marries the Princess of Kashmir

I realize the title sounds like the storyline of a fairy tale, but essentially this past weekend was the new phase of Pandolfi’s life, which he hopes will become his happily ever after. Why are we talking about a second marriage, when there are so many other issues and strange events ongoing?

I’ve decided to cover the story of this marriage, because I believe when you get down to the core of personalities, and understand both the motivations and perspectives of that individual – you can discern their agenda and the reasons for their actions, even if they refuse to tell you themselves.

The Royal FootMan, the Royal Scribe and the Princess

Late last week, during another late-night research session, I was pinged via Gtalk by Ron. I’ve become accustomed to this, as over time a week, a month or several months could pass until I’m presented with a chat request from the mysterious Mr. Pandolfi. Understanding how such communications with a CIA-associated personality can set any Ufologist as an outcast in this community – even among friends and colleagues – I’m always careful about these conversations. They are all recorded, so that no one can claim I did or said something that I didn’t.

This particular conversation was not a discussion starter – it was one line, followed by an email with an attachment.

“Please review and send back with any suggested changes.”

I checked my email and sitting there was a Word document titled as a “Scroll.” Ron had already explained to me a week earlier that during his upcoming wedding to a beautiful woman from Kashmir, he would be requesting that Dan Smith read the text of a scroll, while dressed in costume.

As a courtesy, and of course because I am in the running to become the “Royal Blogger,” willing to assist the Princess in gaining publicity for her effort related to the crisis in Kashmir – I took about 20 minutes to go through the text Ron had written, and did some editing. After a few punctuation corrections and word replacements, I forwarded the file back and wished Ron luck in his new marriage. His wedding was the very next day. Check out the final version of the scroll in PDF format.

True Love Strikes the Man of Shadows

Reading through the scroll text, I discovered the circumstances surrounding how Ron and his “Princess” met, their courtship and eventual decision to marry. There were two things that became clear as I was reading through this text (and when I learned he would be having Dan read it at the reception dressed like Robin Hood).

The first was that Ron has a strange and eccentric personality – of that there is absolutely no doubt. The second is that his new bride is either just as strange and eccentric, or she welcomes and embraces eccentricity.

I chatted with her briefly one night, and she came across as an intelligent, witty and very kind woman…more interested in helping the citizens of Kashmir than any of this Ufology stuff – however, she likes Dan and she appears to follow along with the storyline. How much more she knows about Ron and his past activities than the rest of us remains an unanswered question.

You get a sense for some of the background leading up to the marriage from the following paragraph.

“The Scribe acknowledges that the Kingdom is in disarray, that the Princess has been under siege of dark forces close to the King, that she and at times the King have been banished to a dark cave, that she has been bound, fingerprinted, and nearly jailed. Those dark times have come to pass. With this marriage, the Scribe also reveals that the Royal Footman is in fact the White Knight, come to free the Princess in order to restore and complete the white magic of the Kingdom.”

Manipulating Delusional Ufology Followers

The various small blogs and forums found throughout the Internet are often used as information warfare platforms between acting powers within the not-so-secret collection of individuals many know as the “Aviary” – some of whom we now call Scammer’s Inc. However, this particular diversion follows close on the heels of the tumbling of Gordon’s RAM project.

News has it that Gordon recently suffered from a heart attack and endured a triple bipass. We can only assume that he is still in recovery – and we hope for the best outcome for this colorful personality.

The real story here isn’t so much the wedding itself – the story is the relationship between popular figures within Ufology – like Dan Smith and Gordon Novel – and the folks in the shadows who do the manipulating and dissemination of information they want the public to see.

As you watch characters like Gordon Novel, Bob Collins, Laura “Eisenhower”, and Dan Smith distribute their stories and public pronouncements of the Alien presence, Alien abductions, Secret Mars Projects, Government secrecy and cover-up, and UFO artifacts offering humanity secret technologies – you must ask yourselves, where and why these delusions are being used and manipulated. To what end and for who’s ultimate agenda?

In examining the personalities of the manipulators, rather than the manipulated – the investigators at RU are inching ever closer to a dramatic conclusion that is best represented by my favorite T.S. Eliot poem, The Hollow Men.

This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.

My condolences to die-hard Ufology believers – you will be greatly disappointed. To the rest of you – you will likely nod, shake your head in disgust and think to yourselves, It’s what I suspected all along…

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February 10, 2010

The Questions that Gordon Novel Won’t Answer

I sent the following email to Gordon Novel on February 5th, 2010. I’ve heard some rumors of grandstanding by Ed Komarek, a hard-core believer/Exopolitics type who doesn’t understand any of what’s going on – but has a strong desire for the limelight.

Of course, I’ve also heard about some random observations by Dan Smith – Ron’s go-to mouthpiece when he needs to distribute something quickly in order to distract the believers. But I’ve yet to hear another peep from Gordon Novel regarding the specific issues covered in these questions. The questions are fairly lengthy, so he could be working diligently on them. I was hoping to publish his answers to the following questions at least this week on RealityUncovered – but it looks like it may be next week.

The Feedback From Sending Out the Questions

The questions below created quite a ripple in the days after I sent them out. First, Gordon tacked on a long list of individuals who needed to approve the interview before he would answer them (for the record – Kit Green immediately emailed his approval).

The second thing that happened is that Ron immediately emailed me and scorned my “police interrogation-like interview approach.” He said that I should let Gordon define the relationship between himself and Gordon rather than my implying the relationship in the question. I responded that the email exchanges we have in hand stand as evidence to the true relationship.

Subsequently, Ron then attempted to distract and change the subject of this discussion in his follow-up conversations with Dan Smith, by sending Dan Smith on a wild goose chase regarding his new main squeeze from Kashmir who he now refers to as “princess.” Ron told Dan that I take the scams too seriously. Of course, to Ron, it’s all a joke.

The Standing Questions – Still Unanswered

Without further ado – here is the question list I sent to Gordon. Five days later, I’ve received nothing. Are we to assume no comment? The following is copyrighted RealityUncovered.net – if any of the information below is used or copied anywhere else, a link-back to this particular blog entry is required.


From: Ryan Dube
Date: Fri, 5 Feb 2010 01:33:51 -0500
To: Gordon Novel

Subject: Interview Questions

Hi Gordon – here are the questions and topics that I was hoping to discuss with you on the phone in a recorded interview format. As you requested, I am sending them first to your son, Jim Marrs and Ron. I’ve also cc’d Steve as he is co-owner of RealityUncovered where we would like to publish this interview with you.

Here are the questions:

1. The FOIA CIA Security File on Gordon Novel

According to CIA Security Record number 104-10305-10000, throughout the years you repeatedly claimed affiliation with the CIA. On page 4 the CIA memo states:

“Sergeant Haas was advised that a Gordon Novel, believed to be identical to the Gordon Novel of interest to Fort Lauderdale’s Organized Crime Division, is not now nor has he ever been an employee or employed in any capacity with the CIA. The undersigned added that since the late 60’s, Gordon Novel has periodically claimed employment with the CIA.”

Question: Can you confirm or deny the statement on this CIA document that alleges that you’d been claiming CIA employment since the 60’s?

Page 7 of this official CIA file reads:

“Subject advised that he had an economic formula which would solve the world dollar dumping crisis – IR – 9 February 1973″

Question: Can you confirm or deny this claim?

Page 10 from the CIA file notes the following from 1980:

“…and in the ensuing conversation Novel indicated that he was involved in a ‘commercial venture’ and felt that the results might be of interest to “ONI”. He indicated, in essence, that his project involved outfitting a “fast patrol craft” with various means of testing defense systems (NFI).”

Question: Is it true that you approached ONI with such a commercial venture in 1980? Did ONI pursue it?

2. Kingdom’s Come Film Project

As late as 2008, you were working on funding a film project called “Kingdom’s Come.”

Question: What ever became of the project?

According to our sources, in 2008 you attempted to create a pitch for Dan Smith to give Jim Marrs a $6000 retainer in order to put together two powerpoint presentations – one for RAM (formerly RAAM) and one for Kingdom’s Come.

Question: Can you confirm or deny, and did Dan ever provide the money to Marrs?

Question: Did Jim Marrs ever put together the script for Kingdom’s Come?

4. RAM Conferences and Final Breakdown

Question: In 2008, is it true that you charged about $11,000 to your credit cards to put together the conference for SARA that year?

Question: When you requested Ron’s help with that debt, did he assist you or did he leave you hanging with that debt?

Question: Since Paul Murad and Morgan Boardman are now collaborating directly, and have bypassed you and RAM completely, do you have plans to pursue legal action against Murad for defaulting on the NDA that he signed with you?

Question: If so, is RAM (or your company that’s listed as a party on the NDA) an officially registered business name in the state where you live?

5. Ron Pandolfi’s Role

In 2006, you received an email that detailed some statements that Kit allegedly wrote disparaging comments about you and about RAM.  Subsequently, Ron convinced you that the note was likely faked by Majestic.

Question: Do you recall this event and those emails? Was that the first time that Ron has ever referred to “Majestic” or “Majic” as a real group in his communications with you?

You initially met Ron at a private dinner party where Dan Smith brought you along as an uninvited guest. Ron remained friends with you since then, yet you consistently refer to his relationship with you as being related in some way to his official work with CIA – such as in July of 2009 when you wrote the following to Morgan Boardman:

“RAM is to me in great measure an official U.S.Intelligence business.”

Question:Has Ron ever presented his relationship with you in any way as part of his official CIA business? If so, could you share the email or document where he did so?

In July of 2009, I was aware of some strange answers Ron provided to some folks who were asking him if Ron officially supported you. I thought his answers were rather odd, and when I asked him why he didn’t just flat out tell the truth, Ron Pandolfi answered as follows (source email available upon request):

“You can tell Steve that when anyone asks about Gordon I give them a straight enough response, that is straight enough if they are somewhat in contact with reality.  Otherwise nothing I might say would help.  I am also straight with Gordon.  But frankly the idea of a guy running around the country saying he has the backing of CIA to reverse engineer a UFO using parts from old cars and junk electrical circuits is really funny!”

Question: In your recent email to me, you wrote, “RP should still be willing to confirm that I am no one’s fool including his.”  Given Ron’s statement above, would you like to make a public response to him?

6. Hal Puthoff’s Role

In 2007, Ron Pandolfi made a statement via email regarding Hal’s involvement in Baker’s “Gravity Wave” research. In an email response, Hal denied involvement, and downplayed his interest and involvement with you (and with RAM) in comparison when he wrote:

“Yes, Eric is listed on Bob Baker’s website as being part of the “Grav Wave Team,” but it’s just like I’m listed as being Gordon Novel’s chief scientist because I answer questions when he calls me (my answers not usually to his liking, I might add!).”

Yet – in your recent report, you clearly detail how involved Hal actually was in communicating with you regarding RAM:

Page 20: “Hal Puthoff, whose intellect is truly without peer, once let me read a deep black unpublished paper of his that explained how he thought the zero-point field (ZPF) caused gravity.”
Page 68: “…it is possible to have fluctuations beyond unity in which the Second Law is violated, or so I am told by Hal.”
Page 90: “…Were it not for being privileged to know the good Doctor (Puthoff) and his wonderful family, I seriously doubt that I would have continued my high interest in the ARV/UFO matter, much less be writing this case treatise for his critical scrutiny.”
Page 90: “A paper Dr. Puthoff furnished me when we met is extremely relevant to the How-To function of the ARV system.”
Page 143: “About that same time (1995), Hal Puthoff sent me a very informative paper in response to my query on the rest mass voltage…”
Page 179: “…as Dr. Puthoff will confirm from discussions we had in 1994 and some CAD/CAM graphics that I sent him in 1995.”
Page 230: “Further, the statements of UFO contactees and abductees, the crash report of Rennie Beicker (according to Hal Puthoff)…”

Question: Your descriptions seem to extend beyond Hal’s description of simple phone calls. Could you offer your response to Hal’s statement above to Ron, downplaying his involvement with you regarding RAM?

Those are all of the non-engineering questions, but I suppose that’s more than enough for now, for an interesting recorded interview that covers all of the major points. Let me know when you’re ready.

Thanks Gordon,

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January 24, 2010

Johnny Depp dead? Umm, no.

Johnny Depp, very much alive What’s this!?” I hear you cry. Has Reality Uncovered turned into a celelbrity fan site and left its roots in the reality and ufology fields far behind? Actually, no, we haven’t.

The homepage on my browser is a heavily customised version of the iGoogle homepage, with links to this site, social networking and news sites, various gadgets and what not, along with the Google Trends gadget installed on the top right corner of the page. I’m a bit of a newsaholic so I like to know what’s hitting the search engines, because if something turns “volcanic”, it’s usually a big story and it will often be on there long before it hits the news media.

Imagine my shock, then, when the top story on Google Trends today turns out to be the search term “Johnny Depp Dead”. I almost spattered my brand new laptop with a mouthful of coffee, because I just happen to love Johnny Depp! Not in that kind of way you understand, but I find the guy hilarious and would be very sad if he was taken before his time. Most of you will know him from the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy and Sweeny Todd. I personally thought he was great in Charlie and the Chocolate factory and especially so in his appearance on the UK hit show “The Fast Show” a number of years ago.

Yeah, ok then. Just what has this got to do with what we do at Reality Uncovered? Well, it’s simple really. Johnny Depp isn’t dead and it turns out the story is nothing more than yet another rumour of the celebrity death kind. There have been quite a few of these latelty and it appears that this particular genre is something that is growing and growing. Stories like this start on the internet, usually with the sole intent of generating traffic for the story and for the people that started it. That and the juvenile thrill some people seem to get out of making up stories on the fly. Remind you of something? Regardless of the true motive of stores like this, it does highlight the speed at which stories like this (i.e. fake) can spread on the internet. Some people will read headlines like that and think, “Oh, Johnny Depp has died, shame” more or less like other people will read about crashed flying saucers and think “Wow, dead aliens are being kept in storage in underground US bunkers, cool!

Hmm, I wonder how many hits “Poisoned Strawberry Ice Cream to blame for Eben Death” will generate? I guess we’ll soon find out… 😉

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