May 6, 2009

Alien Impregnation and Types of Alien Abductions

weirdalien Did the title catch your attention? Good. The response from our last update was surprising. The feedback on both sides of the aisle, from both skeptics and from full-out believers, made me decide to cover the topic of alien impregnation and other types of alien abductions.

Alien Impregnation – Why On Earth Cover THAT?

It’s funny how it happens so quickly. You work on disassembling a 30-year hoax that has held up so many aspects of Ufology for so long, and you get labeled as a "debunker." Turn around and write that alien abductions experiences might be "real," and the skeptics in your corner start to raise their eyebrows. "Dude, I think they’re losing it…"

Types of Alien Abductions and How They Can Be "Real"

The use of the word "real" in combination with alien abduction scenarios, such as the alien impregnation episodes described in that last post, has skeptics who read this blog a bit nervous about the good folks at RU. On the other side, there are the countless UFO "believers," who cling to the established status quo of existing MJ-12 based factoids that have been circulating for so many years that no one really knows what could be true and what can’t be anymore. The believers look at my last post and wonder how a "debunker" can call an alien abduction real?

In order to clarify that statement with a bit of sanity and a dose of open-mindedness, it’s important to cover what parts of the abduction experiences are "real." The following aspects of all types of alien abductions, including those that involve the strange alien impregnation episodes, can be called "real."

– The person experienced sensations and stimuli that they don’t understand
– The person drew conclusions about those stimuli, whether correct or not
– There’s a good possibility some of that stimuli comes from outside the abductee’s control or realm of conscious control
– The probability of abductees being manipulated by an outside force is fair – drawing no conclusions on what that force is

We should take these one at a time, but not before making it very clear that we are not, in any way, saying that the conclusions abductees draw about their own experiences are real. Alien impregnation, alien abuse of marley humans, or alien scientific experimentation all demand an unbiased observer to accept that the cause of the phenomenon are aliens. This aspect of the abduction experience can’t be called "real," because there’s no solid evidence for it. But there *are* aspects of these experiences that the scientist can accept as real in order to observe, investigate and understand.

Sensations and Stimuli That Are Poorly Understood

 People often don’t really appreciate how fragile their senses are. As Scrooge commented to his ghostly friend on Christmas Eve, when Marley asked him why he doesn’t even trust his own senses, skeptic Scrooge responded, "You may be an undigested bit of beef, a blot of mustard, a crumb of cheese, a fragment of underdone potato. There’s more of gravy than of grave about you, whatever you are!" (This was my favorite line ever , by the way.)

The truth is, Scrooge was right. We can not trust our own senses, because when we do, we risk slipping down that slope of beliefs based on a very shaky foundation.

 A Georgia Tech paper laid it out beautifully when they conducted a study on how technology users perceived, or understood, an "invisible" technology like RFID. What the study authors discovered is relevant in georgia_tech just about every field of research that deals with invisible forces.

"Users’ perceptions about what a technology does and how it works shape their orientation towards it. Overall, participants showed significant confusion about what RFID is and how it functions, despite many having either firsthand experience with the technology or exposure through media reports describing it. Even participants who described themselves as technically inclined or had degrees in engineering or technology were not immune to this uncertainty. Confusion ranged from basic misunderstandings about the communications structure of the technology itself… (snip)… These analogies formed “folk theories” for the participants, guiding their orientation and understanding of the technical capabilities of RFID."

Experiencer Drawing Conclusions Based on Perceptions

Our inability, as humans, to really understand even our own first-hand experiences with invisible forces leads many people to draw conclusions about those experiences based on existing folklore and their existing beliefs. A silent touch in the night by an invisible entity becomes an alien visitation for one person, or a ghost visitation for another. An orb shooting overhead in the sky above a graveyard becomes a UFO sighting for the Ufologist, but it becomes a ghost sighting for the ghost hunter. A comb moving on its own across the top of a dresser becomes a demonic visitation for one person, or a psychic ability called psychokinesis for another.

These are all conclusions based on the personal experiences, and drawn from first-hand perceptions that are interpreted in many ways based on pre-existing beliefs, cultural biases, and simply – how we are brought up. People who share the same beliefs tend to group together (both online and off) and serve to reinforce how they’ve individually perceived those experiences – solidifying their own conclusions, however false or untested they may be.

A true scientific study of invisible phenomenon is where the experiencer consciously ignores those natural responses and human tendency to jump to conclusions, and analyze those existing perceptions with all of the tools at his or her disposal, not just through those fickle human senses alone.

External Forces and Intelligent Control

Setting all of the false conclusions aside, the one fact remains that something seems to be causing a very large population of folks to experience these real perceptions. Any true scientist that ignores the experiences of these individuals is not worth their salt, in my humble opinion. Yes, many of these experiencers are insane or psychologically troubled. But there are a great many who are not. Despite the fact that they’ve drawn conclusions about their experiences that could very likely be incorrect – that they are aliens, ghosts,  or whatever else – the experience itself took place. And its up to honest and unbiased scientists to understand both the forces at play and any potential outside intelligent control that directs those forces.

It’s the single black box that has confused both laymen and scientists for centuries, but ignoring the existence of the black box, regardless how scary the reality of it may be, is not an option.

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