June 17, 2010

Lars Hansson Returns…

If you like ground-breaking hoax busting, then you’ve probably heard of Lars C. Hansson, an investigative reporter who, in 1991, produced an over 300 page affidavit completely exposing John Lear and Bill Cooper as complete frauds.

Lars Hansson was a noted researcher and writer into political and U.S. intelligence conspiracy theories, potential cover-ups and of course cleaning up Ufology B.S. He published, “UFO’s, Aliens and “Ex”-intelligence Agents: The Inside Story of John Lear and Bill Cooper-Who’s Fooling Whom”, and then about 15 years ago, Lars simply fell completely and totally off the radar.

Some suspected that he was dead – that finally his earth-shattering research and hoax-busting caught up with him. That is not the case – and tonight at 10:00 PM Pacific, you can hear from Lars Hansson himself as he talks with our very good friend and fellow investigative researcher, Don Ecker – the host of the Dark Matters radio show.

Don Ecker writes in the RU Forums:

“… Lars dropped off the radar, seemingly forever, over 15 years ago. I knew him very well back in the early 90’s and some of the stories we shared included but were not limited to …. John Lear, Bill Cooper, Bob Lazar, Gordon Novel, Col. Bo Gritz, and too many others than to name now.

There were even those who believed he was dead because of the book he wrote titled; “UFO’s, Aliens and “Ex”-intelligence Agents: The Inside Story of John Lear and Bill Cooper-Who’s Fooling Whom” (for more on that and to read what is online go to http://www.ufomind.com/area51/people/lear/hansson.html)

A short while ago he contacted me out of the blue and after we spent hours on the telephone catching up, he agreed to come on Dark Matters Radio tonight (June 17th) for the first in a series of shows to not only catch up but find out what he was been doing for the last 15 years.”

This is a remarkable story and should make for a fascinating radio show, as another one of Ufology’s greatest hoax-busters rises up and reports that he is, in fact, very much alive and well. You can even call in at 1-818-381-4094 during the show and ask Lars a question yourself.

Listen to the show tonight at 10pm (Pacific time) on CyberstationUSA (click on “Listen Live”).

After the show, visit Don in the forums and let him know what you thought about the show!

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