February 25, 2010

The Silly Games Begin…Again

As usually happens whenever we investigate any scam, and begin the process of moving aside the stones and revealing the bugs and worms underneath – the scammers attempt to hack us. In this case, an attempt was made to access my primary email account used in my communications with shady individuals.

However, since those making the attempts are old, homeless, penniless and stupid (no, they are not the non-existent MJ-12, Majic or NSA) – the attempt failed. Thanks to the security tools that I have set in place, I was alerted this morning to an attempted intrusion overnight.

The Value of an Intelligent Security System

My double-strong password blocked the attempts. Additionally, the benefit of having an avid interest in online technologies and IT security is that at this point I have a number of security apps processing this particular account. Upon any security intrusion, like this one, the applications log the IP, location, computer name and details and even the GPS coordinates (or at least the nearest cell tower or network hub.)

Obviously, setting your email account in this way converts your email into a virtual Venus Flytrap, where every idiot scammer attempting to hack into your account ends up giving up details about himself that he never wanted you to know. I’ve handed over all of that data to the RU tech experts to analyze. What this means is that RU now has even more information against a growing list of criminal scammers and fraudsters.

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