June 4, 2009

Earth Energies Talks – Is Free Energy Possible?

energy One of the most amazing aspects of researching Ufology is the concept that most investigators who’ve been involved in the field for a certain amount of time usually end up fascinated by two major concepts – psychic power and free energy. In many ways the two ideas are very different, and in many other ways they are very much the same. After all, for many years parapsychologists explained the psychic "reality" that they believed they could reproduce in the lab through the concept of  a single, unifying "cosmic" force.

A Cosmic Force by Any Other Name

One man’s cosmic force is another man’s god. These are the fringes of science – the outer edge where physics struggles to explain the existence of the universe from the fragments that are already understood. The various Earth Energies talks that go on within conferences and committees, both within government agencies and non-profit institutes, all strive to understand the underlying source of energy that forms the Universe so that maybe, just maybe we can "tap" into that energy just like a waterwheel taps into the energy of a raging river.

Is There a Cosmic "River" of Energy?

Within electrical engineering there’s a deep appreciation for real-world conservation of energy – the idea in physics that energy can not be created or destroyed. Many people know of Einstein’s theory represented by E=mc2, or "E equals mc squared."  What’s it really mean? It means that in Einstein’s view of reality – E is energy.  The other side of the equation is the cool part.

The equation represents Einstein’s view of this connection between energy and mass when you combine it with the speed of light. In 1933, Irene and Frederic Joliot-Curie captured a photograph showing the creation of two particles within a "quantum of light" and curving away from eachother. John Cockcroft and E.T.S. Walton later established the reverse process of converting mass into energy in the splitting of an atom – each lower in mass than the original atom, but creating enormous energy in the process. Of course, we know how the conversion of mass to energy was used in warfare not very long afterwards. But keep in mind that Einstein never made any claims that energy could come from the vacuum of space, nor did he support anything even closely resembling a concept some pseudo-scientists are pushing called "zero-point" energy.

Is Free Energy Possible Then?

This goes back to conservation of energy. Whether or not you’re talking matter or energy, the Universe is balanced on both a macro and micro scale. Even in magnetism, a magnet only turns as long as the magnetic fields are unbalanced by another magnet or electricity.  

If there is in fact a "fixed"  or balanced amount of energy in the Universe, then we experience nothing more than conversions of energy every day. The reserve of energy, or the Unifying Force, comes from something that already exists – so to create energy to power your car, or boat, or heat your house…you need to get it from somewhere. You need to convert it from something.

The most promising advanced technologies are those that increase the efficient conversion of energy from a natural source into the energy that our modern world uses – electricity.  Today, your car is powered by the combusion of fossil fuels – extracting the energy from that fuel and converting it into mechanical motion of pistons. Tomorrow, that same car may be powered by 80 to 90 percent efficient solar devices that convert solar radiation into strong electrical power. Again – these are technologies that convert one natural form of energy into another form. There’s no such thing as "free" energy, because energy can’t be created from nothing.

Avoid Free Energy Scams

If you come across a device where the inventor claims it can extract energy from the magnetic field of the earth or from zero-point vacuum energy, grab hold of your wallet and back away very, very slowly.  Invest absolutely none of your hard-earned money into any project that violates the natural laws of thermodynamics. These are laws that are not going away soon – however much the scam artists would like them to.

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