June 2, 2010

Kevin Smith Interviews Researcher Andy Murray On Source A

For those of you who have been following along with the Source A saga, there is an exciting development today as one of the two lead investigators, Andrew Murray, is interviewed by Kevin Smith on the Kevin Smith show, tonight at 10 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (that’s 7 p.m. Pacific). Andy and John were the two core investigators who initiated and pursued Clay and Shawn Pickering’s “Source A,” eventually approaching RU researchers to join their efforts and bring their investigation to fruition.

The Founding of the “A-Team”

Ultimately, the team (now affectionally known as the “A-Team”) finally revealed the identity of Source A as Richard Theilmann. Upon identifying the source, the team built upon Andy and John’s extensive research efforts to eventually dissect and disassemble the “Source A” claims, which eventually crumbled under that research.

Kevin Smith, of the Kevin Smith Show, hosts researcher Andrew Murray and plans to discuss the Source A investigation and the eventual expose. Andy has dedicated the last two years to digging into this case, and along with John has more expertise into the Source A story than just about anyone else.

I wrote to Andy tonight and asked him for the link to the show, and in response he offered the following message to his detractors:

“Don’t forget to listen to the Kevin Smith Show tonight with me on it. I invite those who think I’m wrong to call in so we can discuss.”

Listen to the Kevin Smith Show Tonight

Andy brings a certain degree of honesty and ethics to the field of Ufology that is rare to find. So, I for one am very much looking forward to an informative and fascinating chat between Kevin and Andy. For those of you who contacted Kevin last week in support of having Andrew on the show, I invite you to call in to support him once again.

Listen to the Kevin Smith show at KevinSmithShow.com, or listen live for free at the Indie104 Stream.

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