January 24, 2010

Johnny Depp dead? Umm, no.

Johnny Depp, very much alive What’s this!?” I hear you cry. Has Reality Uncovered turned into a celelbrity fan site and left its roots in the reality and ufology fields far behind? Actually, no, we haven’t.

The homepage on my browser is a heavily customised version of the iGoogle homepage, with links to this site, social networking and news sites, various gadgets and what not, along with the Google Trends gadget installed on the top right corner of the page. I’m a bit of a newsaholic so I like to know what’s hitting the search engines, because if something turns “volcanic”, it’s usually a big story and it will often be on there long before it hits the news media.

Imagine my shock, then, when the top story on Google Trends today turns out to be the search term “Johnny Depp Dead”. I almost spattered my brand new laptop with a mouthful of coffee, because I just happen to love Johnny Depp! Not in that kind of way you understand, but I find the guy hilarious and would be very sad if he was taken before his time. Most of you will know him from the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy and Sweeny Todd. I personally thought he was great in Charlie and the Chocolate factory and especially so in his appearance on the UK hit show “The Fast Show” a number of years ago.

Yeah, ok then. Just what has this got to do with what we do at Reality Uncovered? Well, it’s simple really. Johnny Depp isn’t dead and it turns out the story is nothing more than yet another rumour of the celebrity death kind. There have been quite a few of these latelty and it appears that this particular genre is something that is growing and growing. Stories like this start on the internet, usually with the sole intent of generating traffic for the story and for the people that started it. That and the juvenile thrill some people seem to get out of making up stories on the fly. Remind you of something? Regardless of the true motive of stores like this, it does highlight the speed at which stories like this (i.e. fake) can spread on the internet. Some people will read headlines like that and think, “Oh, Johnny Depp has died, shame” more or less like other people will read about crashed flying saucers and think “Wow, dead aliens are being kept in storage in underground US bunkers, cool!

Hmm, I wonder how many hits “Poisoned Strawberry Ice Cream to blame for Eben Death” will generate? I guess we’ll soon find out… 😉

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