April 13, 2010

A Late Night Call From an Old Friend

A few years ago, one of the first interviews that I conducted here at Reality Uncovered was with Reverend Walter Robinson II. Walter and I immediately hit it off, as he described his life-changing experience from many years ago. For those of you who missed the interview back then, I highly recommend you download the audio file to your mobile or iPod and check it out – it’s a fascinating story.

A few nights ago, on Friday night as I was settled with my laptop to work on some research and hopefully complete a few articles, my cellphone rang. I picked it up, and through the static I could barely discern a woman’s voice trying to introduce herself. I couldn’t hear a thing, but I did catch the name “Walter Robinson” and told the caller that I would call her back immediately from a landline.

Synchronicity and Tragedy

I called the number back from my landline, and a woman picked up the phone. She introduced herself as Walter Robinson’s wife and asked if I remembered him. I said, yes of course – but my heart dropped as I realized the possibility that this gentle and kind man I spoke to a few years earlier may have died. Then, in the next moment, I heard his low voice speaking – “Hello Ryan, it’s Walter Robinson here…how have you been?”

I was relieved to hear his voice, but still concerned. I hadn’t heard from Walter in many years, and the need for his wife to introduce him was unnerving. Something was obviously wrong, and I suspected they were in trouble or being harassed and were looking for help. In my head I started running through the ways in which I could help them if they were being harassed by one nutcase or another – but it turned out that wasn’t the case at all.

Walter explained, in a slow drawl and with many pauses, how only a month or two after he and I spoke and I published his interview, he suffered a very severe case of Dengue fever – if I understood correctly he suffered from Dengue shock syndrome and the doctors were all convinced he was going to die, as the illness has a high mortality rate.

Walter Robinson’s History Within Ufology

Before I share the details about how his tragic situation turned out, I want to recap so that you understand the colorful background of this kind man. I originally wanted to interview Walter a few years ago because of his background as a NICAP UFO field investigator in the 1970’s.

In particular, we discussed an interaction he had with Linda Moulton Howe at a conference where he pointed out the strange message in the MJ-12 documents that referenced Jesus Christ. Many of you know that this is one of the several major points we’ve outlined in previous articles that identify the “message” or core story that the creators of the MJ-12 documents and similar scams (like Serpo) have injected into each release of information.

In the interview, Walter describes how deeply he was involved with Ufology, and progressed in his involvement with occult “forces” to the point where he could understand some of the most complex physics and science. The climax of his involvement was the night when he believes he was visited by a dark entity that he was convinced would possess him if he let it. As he described it to me, his battle with that entity on that fateful night, and his victory over it, served as the launch for the rest of his life as a missionary in the South Caribbean with his wife.

Surviving the Battle of his Life

Back to the phone call I received the other night – Walter Robinson II just barely survived his recent brush with death. Speaking clearly, but slowly, on the phone, he described to me how he has only recently recovered much of his normal functioning. He said that the timing of his illness made both he and his wife concerned for me. The interview took place in early 2008, and he was concerned that the same forces that took him out of commission after our interview might have come after me.

I assured him that the interview was still published, and since it is one of our earlier publications, it has had the highest rate of visitors of most of our articles – and that he can rest assured that as long as we remain up, the interview and his message to fellow Ufologists, will remain. I also assured him that I was fine, still writing and researching here with others at Reality Uncovered, and that we were indeed still going strong.

The Power of Coincidence and Timing

Most of our readers understand the power of synchronicity and how many people inappropriately read into the time of events in order to make sense of an otherwise chaotic world. We’ve always maintained that unless there is good evidence, then drawing a connection between two seemingly unrelated events just because of their timing is premature and unscientific. The best way that a researcher can remain immune to the dangers of endless rabbit-holes of Ufology and paranormal research is by avoiding drawing such connections.

With that said, in all honesty and fairness I must share with readers what I did not tell my friend Walter, in part because as unbelievable as it sounds, it slipped my mind while I was talking to him on the phone. Anyone who knows about my personal life will know that in 2008 – in fact just a month or two after the interview with Walter – a serious tragedy struck my family.

It is an event that I don’t speak about publicly, because it is something that I am personally still recovering from. For most of 2007, my little sister was struggling with ovarian cancer. We all believed she had the strength and the will to beat it. On April 29th of 2008, my little sister lost her battle with cancer and peacefully passed away, surrounded by her family. She was only 29 years old, and left behind a husband and two little boys, one of them just a baby. I guess I didn’t accurately answer Walter’s question…yes, we suffered a tragedy here in 2008. I’m just not so sure that I’m personally willing to connect those dots.

I was very saddened to learn that Walter suffered such a tragedy back then – but I must say, I was very pleased to hear his voice last week, and to learn that such a kind man won his particular battle with death. Here’s to the power of good – and to a long and fulfilling life, Walter.

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