May 26, 2010

Don Ecker Interviews Stephen Broadbent on Dark Matters Radio

After RealityUncovered released the story about “Source A” and his true identity, the response throughout the Ufology community has, excluding the Exopolitics crowd, been very positive.

Those revelations about Source A continue to reverberate throughout the Ufology community this week, as discussions take place on the many Ufology forums and blogs regarding Richard Theilmann and the Pickering Brothers.

Today, well-known Ufologist Don Ecker contacted us for an interview with RU’s Stephen Broadbent to discuss this hoax as well as the other stories RU has published since its founding.

The radio interview will be aired tonight at 10pm Pacific Time, 1am Eastern Time. You can listen to the live show at CyberstationUSA, or download the show from the archive at Dark Matters Radio.

About Don Ecker

For anyone familiar with the field of Ufology, Don Ecker is a well known figure, and we were very pleased to have this opportunity for a dialog with such an established figure in the field. Don Ecker served as the Director of Research for UFO Magazine for more than 20 years.

In terms of military background, Richard, Clay and Shawn could learn a thing or two from reviewing Don’s past. This is a man with a real military background. Don enlisted in the army in 1969 and served in the top-secret Army Security Agency (the military branch of the NSA) during the Vietnam War. Don served at Okinawa and served in Vietnam at Camp A-4 in Phu Bai in 1971, right on the DMZ. Don was injured during the 1972 “Easter Offensive,” receiving a Purple Heart, and was eventually honorably discharged from service.

In this author’s humble opinion, there is no one better suited to interview RU’s Stephen Broadbent than Don Ecker

Don’s Past UFO Research Aligns with RU’s Mission

In this interview, Don and Steve immediately strike up a positive camaraderie. This could be because both Don and Steve share a military background. Or, just as likely, it could be because they share a common research style – open minded, yet skeptical and fair.

In the early 1980’s, during his work as a police criminal investigator, Don investigated cattle mutilation cases, which eventually led to his life-long interest in various legends and myths.

Don is an established international Ufology expert, making appearances at UFO conferences across the world. He has hosted numerous radio programs and eventually established Dark Matters on Reality Radio Network with film star Dwight Schultz (The A-Team and Star Trek). Don Ecker has been featured on the History channel, the Discovery channel and Coast to Coast AM, to name a few.

Interview Topics

In tonight’s interview, Don and Steve’s discussion is an in-depth talk about the Source A expose, developed from the original, amazing investigative efforts of researchers Andrew and John and then developed and published as a collaborative effort between Amkon and RealityUncovered.

After striking up an interesting discussion, the topics in this radio show also branch out into other areas as well, including RU’s past Serpo investigations, the Phoenix Lights, the Kennedy Assasination and even 9-11.

So listen to the radio show live tonight at CyberstationUSA. Or, if you miss it, make sure to check it out at the archives at Dark Matters Radio

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