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Postby ScaRZ » Sun Sep 09, 2007 2:48 pm

In the Testament of Solomon, a dialog between Solomon and a demon called Asmodeus is very revealing. It certainly is clear that Asmodeus had an Angel for his father and his mother was a woman [Daughter of man].

And I at once bade another demon to be led unto me; and instantly there approached me the demon Asmodeus, bound, and I asked him: "Who art thou?" But he shot on me a glance of anger and rage, and said: "And who art thou?" And I said to him: "Thus punished as thou art, answerest thou me?" But he, with rage, said to me: "But how shall I answer thee, for thou art a son of man; whereas I was born an angel's seed by a daughter of man, so that no word of our heavenly kind addressed to the earth-born can be overweening. Wherefore also my star is bright in heaven, and men call it, some the Wain, and some the dragon's child. I keep near unto this star. So ask me not many things; for thy kingdom also after a little time is to be disrupted, and thy glory is but for a season. And short will be thy tyranny over us; and then we shall again have free range over mankind, so as that they shall revere us as if we were gods, not knowing, men that they are, the names of the angels set over us."

Matthew 7:22, the original Greek word, pronounced dahee-mon-ee-on, is translated as "demons" in the New International Version, the Revised Standard Version, and the American Standard Version, and as "devils" in the King James Version.

I believe the disembodied spirits of the Nephilim are the demons,devils,unclean spirits and evil spirits of the departed nephilim, roaming the earth tormenting and afflicting mankind.

We must first understand that the Nephilim are the children of part angel and part man. An angel was created to be eternal with a spirit body not a flesh and blood body as man. When the angels had children with women their children the Nephilim were born with part of each. Their flesh and blood side of them died and as man it went back to the earth. The spirit side of them could not return to the Father(God) because it was not given to them by God. The Nephilim were given their spirit side by their fathers the Watchers(angels).

The Book of Enoch shines a bright light on this very subject.

ENOCH 15:8 And now, the giants(Nephilim), who are produced from the SPIRITS AND FLESH, shall be called EVIL SPIRITS upon 9 the earth, and ON THE EARTH shall be their DWELLING. Evil spirits have PROCEEDED FROM THEIR BODIES; because they are born from MEN and from the HOLY WATCHERS(angels) is their beginning and primal origin; 10 they shall be EVIL SPIRITS on EARTH, and EVIL SPIRITS shall they be called. [As for the spirits of heaven, IN HEAVEN shall be their dwelling, but as for the SPIRITS OF THE EARTH which were BORN UPON THE EARTH, on the earth SHALL BE THEIR DWELLING.] And the SPIRITS of the giants(Nephilim) afflict, oppress, destroy, attack, do battle, and work destruction on the earth, and cause trouble: they take no food, but nevertheless 12 hunger and thirst, and cause offences. And these SPIRITS shall rise up against the children of men and against the women, because they have PROCEEDED FROM THEM.

Demons,evil spirits,unclean spirits or devils are spirits that remain of the Nephillim. OH! and have you ever thought that this is the reason Demons,evil spirits,unclean spirits or devils are always looking to find someone or something to ENTER. They have NO body of their own and are only too glade to enter a willing body.

The misconception that when the angels left their first habitation(Heaven), they lost their angelic abilities is false. This comes from the perception, that fallen angels are demons and I don't believe they are. I also believe that demons are on the bottom of the totem-pole in the spirit world.

I've also noticed something in the scriptures that the words demons,devils,evil spirits,unclean spirits aren't used until after the flood in the days of Noah. Again this appears to fit into who they are and where they came from.
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Postby ScaRZ » Sun Sep 09, 2007 2:59 pm

In the Book of Jubilees we read that after the flood evil spirits[Demons] began to be a big problem for the descendants of Noah. Noah began to pray to God to bind all the demons away from man. Noah knew that God had bound the Watchers that mixed with women by casting them in the Abyss.Now Noah ask God to do the same with ALL the evil spirits[Demons] who were the spirits of the Watchers offspring.

God was about to bind them ALL until the chief of the spirits "Mastema" ask God to let some of the evil spirits[Demons] remain. Mastema doesn't seem to worried in the least that he will be bound with them if ALL are imprisoned. He must know he will be on the outside no matter what takes place. God then binds 90% of the evil spirits[Demons] in the Abyss leaving 10% of them to remain and listen to Mastema's voice and do everything he ask of them.

Jubilees Chapter 10

1] And in the third week of this jubilee the unclean demons began to lead astray the children of the sons of Noah, and to make to err and destroy them.

5] And Thou knowest how Thy Watchers, the [FATHERS of these spirits], acted in my day: and as for these spirits which are living, imprison them and hold them fast in the place of condemnation[Abyss], and let them not bring destruction on the sons of thy servant, my God; for these are malignant, and created in order to destroy.

7] And the Lord our God bade us to bind all.

8] And the chief of the spirits, Mastema, came and said: 'Lord, Creator, let some of them remain before me, and let them harken to my voice, and do all that I shall say unto them; for if some of them are not left to me, I shall not be able to execute the power of MY WILL on the sons of men; for these are for corruption and leading astray before MY JUDGMENT, for great is the wickedness of the sons of men.'

9] And He said: Let the tenth part of them remain before him[Mastema], and let nine parts descend into the place of condemnation[Abyss].'

Then we see in verse 11 that this Chief Mastema must be none other than Satan.

11] And we did according to all His words: all the malignant evil ones we bound in the place of condemnation[Abyss] and a tenth part of them we left that they might be subject before Satan on the earth.
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Postby ScaRZ » Wed Sep 12, 2007 2:29 pm

The Abyss or Bottomless Pit referred to in the Bible and other ancient writings is defined in the Oxford dictionary...Abyss...a hole so deep it appears bottomless.

In the King James version of the Bible in Revelation 9:1 the words...the bottomless pit was rendered from the Greek word [Abussos].

In Strong's concordance abussos is explained as,bottomless,unbound,the abyss,the pit,the immeasurable,the deep.

Greek: tartaroo (GSN-5020), from tartaros (Latin, tartarus), a dark abyss; a
place of punishment.

1. A bottomless pit.
2. Anything too deep or too great to be measured; lowest depth.
3. An immeasurably deep chasm, depth, or void.
4. The primeval chaos out of which it was believed that the earth and sky were formed.
5. The abode of evil spirits; hell, thought of as a bottomless pit.

The Jewish New Testament Commentary ....The word is used in the Septuagint to translate Hebrew tehom, as in Genesis 1:2, 'Darkness was over the abyss.' At a later period in Judaism 'tehom' referred to the place where renegade spirits were confined" (p. 119).

The Zondervan Pictorial Bible Dictionary .....In classical Greek ábyssos was an adjective meaning 'bottomless,' applied to the primeval deep of ancient cosmogonies, an ocean surrounding and under the earth. In the LXX it translates Heb. tehôm meaning the primal waters of Genesis 1:2, once the world of the dead (Ps. 71:20). In later Judaism it means also the interior depths of the earth, and the prison of evil spirits. . . . In Luke 8:31 the demons fear the primal prison deep more than the known depth of the Lake of Galilee. In Revelation the horror of infinite deeps is intensified.[Abyss p.8]

In the Apocrypha.... God is called, [You who close and seal the Abyss with your fearful and glorious name.]

In Revelation 9:11 we see when an Angel unlocks the bottomless pit[Abussou] that a ruler or King will rise up from the Abyss[bottomless pit]. The King of the bottomless pit will be Abaddon[Hebrew] or Apollyon[Greek]. The word or name Abaddon in Hebrew means [Destroyer].

Rev 9:11

And they had a king over them, [which is] the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue [is] Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath [his] name Apollyon.
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Postby ScaRZ » Tue Sep 18, 2007 6:48 pm

If Ruins Of An Ancient Civilization Are Discovered On Mars, Will You Lose Your Religion?
Added: Apr 22nd, 2007 3:44 PM

According to polls, a majority of people could accept a genuine ET reality without losing their faith in God.

by Thomas Horn

Portland, April 20, 2007 / / -- NASA's recently released ultra high resolution pictures of the "face on Mars" reveal details as small as a few inches across including what some believe to be girders, windows and walls from ancient structures. Richard Hoagland and his Enterprise Team believe this is the smoking gun. "The debate is over," he says. "I no longer need to prove that these are ruins, my critics need to prove that they are not."

A few years ago the movie "Mission to Mars" sent NASA Commander Luke Graham (Don Cheadle) with a crew of four astronauts to the red planet. While exploring strange geological formations on the Martian landscape, the truth about the Face on Mars and the origin of mankind was discovered.

At the time, director Brian De Palma admitted, "Mission to Mars is set in 2020 because that’s the date the experts predict we should have a manned landing on Mars."

The film insinuated that, when we do set foot on Mars, the discovery of past alien presence could be made near the Sphinx-like "face" and pyramidal shapes photographed by the Viking Mars probe.

Benevolent Creator Astronauts Theory (ET=God)

A staple doctrine among many ufologists is that such a discovery would lead to the conclusion that the origin of myth as well as the creation of man was the direct result of intelligent extraterrestrial activity, or benevolent creator astronauts.

In the introduction to his bestselling book, CHARIOTS OF THE GODS?, Erich von Daniken, who, it might be argued, is one of the fathers of modern ufology, said:

"I claim that our forefathers received visits from the universe in the remote past, even though I do not yet know who these extra-terrestrial intelligences were or from which planet they came. I nevertheless proclaim that these "strangers" annihilated part of mankind existing at the time and produced a new, perhaps the first, homo sapiens."

As was illustrated in the Hollywood films Contact and Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, Erich von Daniken's hypothesis took America by storm in the 1960's with the proposition that mankind was possibly the offspring of an ancient, even ongoing, extraterrestrial experiment.

Ufologists like Daniken assert that the Sphinx, the Pyramids and myths of ancient cultures are potential evidence of an encounter with these other-worldly beings. They claim ancient men would have considered space travelers as gods and would have recorded their arrival, their experiments, and their departure, in hieroglyphs, megaliths, and stone tablets as a "supernatural" encounter between gods and men.

Mr. Daniken continues:

"While [the] spaceship disappears again into the mists of the universe our friends will talk about the miracle—"The gods were here!"....they will make a record of what happened: uncanny, weird, miraculous. Then their texts will relate—and drawings will show—that gods in golden clothes were there in a flying boat that landed with a tremendous din. They will write about chariots which the gods drove over land and sea, and of terrifying weapons that were like lightning, and they will recount that the gods promised to return. They will hammer and chisel in the rock pictures of what they had seen:"

Von Daniken also claims that the odd appearance of some of the gods as depicted in various hieroglyphs (human-like creatures with falcon heads; lions with heads of bulls, etc) could be viewed as evidence that "aliens" conducted experiments of cloning and cross-mutating ancient people and animals.

Daniken's hypothesis is accepted by some as an alternative to the traditional account of creation. It's uncertain how many people believe the Daniken (and Sitchen) theory, but approximately 70% of Americans believe in the possibility of extraterrestrial life. Some, like the 39 members of the Heaven's Gate cult that committed suicide in Rancho Santa Fe, California and believed they were being summoned by a UFO trailing the Hale-Bopp Comet, take it a step further. They merge ufology and religious cosmology to produce hybrids of conventional religion and/or esoteric mysticism. Of course the remaining 30% minority reject the entire notion as ridiculous.

Malevolent Non-Creator-Astronauts Theory (ET=Satan)

One of the more troubling aspects of the benevolent creator-astronaut view is the related "abduction" scenario associated with certain types of aliens--the taking of a person against their will, often followed by intrusive probes, genetic tinkering, embryo farming and other experimental processes. The abduction by shadowy forces for reasons unknown is viewed by most experiencers and researchers as impersonal, malevolent, demonic.

Associate professor of psychology Elizabeth L. Hillstrom points out in her book, Testing the Spirits, that a growing number of academics also associate UFOnauts--whoever, or whatever, they are--with historical "demons".

She writes:

"From a Christian perspective, Vallee’s explanation of UFOs is the most striking because of its parallels with demonic activity. UFO investigators have noticed these similarities. Vallee himself, drawing from extrabiblical literature on demonic activities, establishes a number of parallels between UFOnauts and demons....Pierre Guerin, a UFO researcher and a scientist associated with the French National Council for Scientific Research, is not so cautious: "The modern UFOnauts and the demons of past days are probably identical." Veteran researcher John Keel, who wrote UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse and other books on the subject, comes to the same conclusion: "The UFO manifestations seem to be, by and large, merely minor variations of the age-old demonological phenomenon."

Yet if a portion of "flying saucer" activity is in the biblical sense demonic, what nefarious purpose would be served by the stealthy nature of UFO phenomena?

According to some, the answer is diabolical. UFO-ism, they say, is aimed at preparing the earth for an extraterrestrial "return of the creator gods." To put it bluntly, some believe we are being prepared for the collapse of man's dominant religions. This will happen in two ways:

First, alien religion--as reported in hundreds of abduction cases--is one of evolutionary humans "on the verge of extraordinary telepathic and technological emergence" in which transhumanism will pave the way for harmonic and spiritual convergence to the community of space brothers.

Second, from a technological standpoint, UFO sightings challenge the claim of human superiority and dispute our unique role in the universe. We are made to feel shallow, undeveloped, unenlightened if we consider rejecting the new universal religion.

ETs bearing this message often point out that "they" will be reappearing at any moment to assist us in this--our next big evolutionary, spiritual, and technological step forward.

Supported By Historical and Religious Texts

Claims of extraterrestrials visiting the earth in ancient times and interacting with men is referenced throughout ancient history, including sacred texts. As illustrated in the two views above, ufologists differ in the definition of who these creatures were and what they were doing. For instance, both Daniken and Sitchen refer to the figures in the Bible here (Interlinear Hebrew):

"The benei Elohim saw the daughters of Adam, that they were fit extensions. And they took wives for themselves from all those that they chose...The Nephelim were in the earth in those days, and even afterwards when the benei Elohim came in to the daughters of Adam, and they bore to them—they were Powerful Ones which existed from ancient times, the men of name. (Gen. 6:2,4)"

We are told these benei Elohim were "extraterrestrial" creatures known elsewhere as "watchers," "sons of God," and "rephiam." These visited the earth during antiquity and used the daughters of Adam as "fit extensions" or instruments through which they extended themselves into the physical world. They represented themselves as "gods," and their offspring, the Nephilim ("fallen ones"), made war with the Hebrews.

Yet some think these beings could be planning something now, an "alien invasion" or discovery designed to deceive the human race. We are entering the 'end times', the theory goes, where "...fearful sights and great signs...from heaven" (Lk 21:11) will be seen.

2 Thessalonians 2:8-12 is often added to this theory:

"And then shall that Wicked [one] be revealed....whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders....And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness."

The message is: Beware if world authorities begin "disclosure" by pointing to ancient mysteries, megaliths, pyramids, the Face on Mars, UFOs or anything else as proof of an ancient visitation of planet earth by creator ETs. Deception, we are told, will follow. We will be instructed to believe that ancient astronauts--not God--created the human race, and a great "falling away" of the earth's major religions will follow.

ET=Neither God Or Satan

Others argue that to depict ET as either godly or satanic is to trivialize the debate; that in a sense ET is neither... and both! Just as "good" and "bad" angels exist or "good" and "bad" people exist, ET comes in all personality types, races, and temperaments. The Grays, who are most usually associated with abduction, might be perceived as evil (or at a minimum impersonal), while other aliens are good guys.

"Don't buy that for a second," we hear the conservative ufologist shout. "Satan comes as an angel of light!"

Yet I digress.

If evidence of ancient "civilizations" or UFOs are discovered elsewhere in the galaxy, will YOU lose YOUR religion? ... ature=4852
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Postby ScaRZ » Fri Sep 21, 2007 2:17 am

By Donna Anderson

"When men began to increase on earth and daughters were born to them, the divine beings saw how beautiful the daughters of men were and they took wives from among those that pleased them....It was then, and later too, that the Nephilim appeared on earth - when the divine beings cohabited with the daughters of men, who bore them offspring. They were the heroes of old, the men of renown." (Genesis, Chapter 6, from the Jewish translation of the Torah.)

September 20 -- Raiders News Network -- Tom Horn has been making the rounds lately on radio and this summer in Roswell, claiming that Old Testament and other ancient sources illustrate "extraterrestrial visitations" through genetic manipulation. He pits two theories against each other. One group, known as "the ancient astronaut school," hold that the "divine beings" (B'nai Elohim in Hebrew) were super-intelligent geneticists from outer space, while another more conservative club points to a darker interpretation...Satan (as opposed to aliens) was trying to produce a race of mutant warriors by breeding fallen angels with women.

According to Horn, history may be about to repeat itself.

Some students of eschatology believe he is on to something, saying the same ancient beings that set up laboratories in and around present-day Israel and created plants, animals, humans and Nephilim through advanced genetic manipulation, may return soon promising to nudge humanity forward in its evolution. From what we can make of the study, this means a revival of the 'ancient' art of genetic engineering and, even more frightening, reinventing the knowledge of Nephilim-making.

There are transhumanists that believe this is a good thing. Humans will become B'nai Elohim themselves, creating life on other planets and becoming 'gods' to our creations.

In a Wall Street Journal article this week (09/19/07) "The Singular Question of Human vs. Machine Has a Spiritual Side", Lee Gomes points out how “the discussion of singularity involves a sublimated spiritual yearning for some form of eternal life and an all-powerful being, but one articulated by way of technical, secular discourse.” He instructs readers that a new kind of religious faith is emerging in the search for ET, where some futurists desire the coming of a messianic 'figure' compelled from 'heaven' by advancing technology and the merging of species.

Early pioneer of the ancient astronaut theory, Erich von Daniken, supports this idea in the introduction to his best selling book, Chariots of the Gods:

"I claim that our forefathers received visits from the universe in the remote past, even though I do not yet know who these extra-terrestrial intelligences were or from which planet they came. I nevertheless proclaim that these "strangers" annihilated part of mankind existing at the time and produced a new, perhaps the first, homo sapiens..."

Fine and dandy, says the second school of thought. The aliens did come, and they conducted genetic manipulation that led to the Nephilim. But the visitors weren't galactic good neighbors, you know. They were angels...of the fallen kind...on a quest to steal human souls.

The theory goes something like this: Very soon after the Fall of man, the protoevangelium (the promise that the seed of the woman would bring forth a child [Jesus] capable of destroying the serpent's [Satan's] power) was given in Genesis 3:15. In response to this promise, supernatural beings (fallen angels) appeared from the heavens and performed reproductive experiments on human women. Why? To pollute their offspring. By corrupting Hebrew DNA, they would cut off the birth line of the Messiah.

Or maybe more than that.

Dr. I.D.E. Thomas, in his highly recommended book, The Omega Conspiracy, suggests that Satan had even bigger plans - interbreeding Nephilim to corrupt every living thing God had made - both human and animal.

What's more, Satan nearly succeeded in wiping out redemption. By the time Noah and his kids came along, they were the only humans left with DNA not corrupted by intermarriage with Nephilim and their offspring. This is what was meant by Noah being 'perfect' in his generation (a word commonly used in the Bible to refer to 'unblemished' sacrificial animals). His perfection was physical and DNA related, not moral.

This brings a whole new light to the Great Flood. In order to preserve the human race - and the lineage of the Messiah - God had to destroy all but Noah and his clean DNA.

The second school of thought also says Satan and his alien-force are not done. They're planning a second wave. A coming invasion. One that's accompanied by "...fearful sights and great signs [read UFOs]...from heaven" (Lk 21:11).

According to Horn, modern biotechnology may become a "watcher mechanism" allowing for the return of the Rephaim, or dead nephilim.

"And then shall that wicked one be revealed....whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders [UFOs again]....And for this cause God shall send mankind strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness" (2 Thessalonians 2:8-12).
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Postby ryguy » Tue Sep 25, 2007 4:02 pm

ScaRZ wrote:There are transhumanists that believe this is a good thing. Humans will become B'nai Elohim themselves, creating life on other planets and becoming 'gods' to our creations.

Along those lines, here is a great article titled Repackaging the New Age (for a New Age)
By Brad Scott:

If pollster George Barna is right, 93% of Americans believe in God. Unfortunately, says Barna, 53% also believe "that all people pray to the same god or spirit, no matter what name they use for that spiritual being."1 Half of all Americans, then, are already syncretists. So if the right package were presented by the right leaders, in a united effort, the nation might be transformed overnight into a New Age Fair.

Throughout America many are supposedly praying or chanting to a Supreme Being, a Higher Power, that most likely isn't our God: the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Jesus. Ears and toes a-tingle, many are dying to hear James van Praagh speak to the dead and are searching for angels where angels fear to tread. Others are falling prey to false teachers who pretend to be soothsayers on the cutting-edge of a newly emerging evolutionary consciousness. It is indeed the dawning of a new age.

But all this voracious interest in spirituality is fed by a hidden agenda. By its fruits we already know it. America is being transformed from a Christian nation, as Barna observes, into "a syncretistic, spiritually diverse society." America is perceiving religion as "a personalized, customized form of faith views which meet personal needs, minimize rules and absolutes, and . . . bear little resemblance to the 'pure' from of any of the world's major religions."2 At the vanguard of this effort to redefine "spirituality," as always, are the New Age teachers. Today, however, they have found a new way of re-releasing the New Age, like an old 45 record, by re-packaging it under new labels, using the internet as their distributor.

As a result, the formerly far-flung "spiritual" teachers are uniting under a single banner. Buddhists (from Tibet, Thailand, and Cambodia), Vedantins (from India and elsewhere), New-Agers (from every cranny of the globe), and even "Christian mystics" (from the lunatic fringes)-all these find themselves now on the same web page. Linking fingers around the world are such luminaries as Sogyal Rinpoche, Da Free John, Thich Nhat Hahn, U. G. Krishnamurti, Bernadette Roberts, and Sailor Bob Adamson. Oh, and let's not forget Standing Free, Lobster, 0.0.0., and Swami Veda.

New Paradigm Shifts

How is this repackaging occurring? By means of clever linguistic and semantic shifts, along with a hefty postmodern push toward an ever-increasing faith in subjectivity and a fundamental mistrust of words. Let's first examine the genesis of this approach.

Among the trendy terms circulating in "syncretistic" circles, one has become especially useful to the New Age set. This not-so-new term, "paradigm change," was first used by Thomas S. Kuhn, the scientist, in 1962. Since then, among intellectual elites, it has been gaining ground and shifting so much that it has taken on seismic significance. Now we hear of "unprecedented paradigmatic shifts." World views are rising and falling as fast as spikes on an agitated seismograph. We live, we are told, in a postmodern world in which all words and authorial motives are suspect. Here, no truth exists. New Age hucksters, savvy as always, are exploiting this postmodern waffling and semantic dream-weaving.

In reality, "paradigm" originally meant "example" or "model." As it's being used today, however, it means that people function in life within their own mental "frameworks." Alice sees animals as vegens do; Al sees them as research veterinarians do. True believers of this persuasion say, "Perception is reality."

Where, then, should we meet? At your framework or mine? Now you see my paradigm; now you don't. Mine either fits into your paradigm or not, or overlaps part of it as in a Venn diagram. Therefore, according to New Age teachers who have latched onto this trendy term, the remedy for our sense of "separateness" is to transcend all frameworks, including the God framework. To enter this bliss, though, we will first have to shed the straight-jacket of reason and logic.

These archaic skills, which involve language ability, according to new sages, lead to too much questioning and challenging. One teacher avers that the Ultimate, with all its "paradox and contradiction" can't be "translated into the ordinary logic of common sense." Another claims, "Words and their discrimination bind one to the dreary round of births and deaths." Still another declares, words are "futile." All right, then, toward what are we shifting?

New and Improved New Age Terms

Now, thoroughly discombobulated and disarmed by subjectivistic appeals, we can consider a few new terms that are contributing to the new "paradigm shift."
Thus, first we stumble upon the most fundamental "new" term: "non-dualism." When I studied Eastern philosophy, Buddhism had its goal: Nirvana (nir, the absence of, vana, mental waves). God wasn't part of the Buddhist framework, the God-thought being just another vana. And then yoga-Vedanta had its goal, moksha (liberation from the rounds of births and deaths). To the Hindus there were three basic schools, all of which claimed to lead to God-realization: dvaita (dualism), vashishadvaita (qualified non-dualism), or advaita (non-dualism). The advaitists mostly referred to themselves as monists, not non-dualists. To them Brahman alone exists.

Thus vast gulfs existed between Buddhists and Hindus, New Agers and Christians. New Agers, of course, kept using patchwork plagiarism to create their own synthetic generic brand of truth, their own syncretistic path, always trying to unite the disparate factions. Today they are doing so by defining "non-dualism" in this way: it "is a perspective holding ultimate reality to be of the nature of sameness or homogeneity," one that "sees the traditional dichotomy of subject-object as false."3

The term "non-dualism" is now the rallying cry of everyone on every "path," because it satisfies everyone, offends no one, uniting all and lending credibility to their ecumenism. New Agers are thus succeeding in creating their longed-for One World Order, all "spiritual" people present, except conservative Christians-because we just don't get it. In fact, as a way of leaping on the bandwagon, a "Christian," Rick Katz, hosts his own "non-dual Christianity" web site that attempts to woo unwary Christians into the new ever-widening circle of cosmic, non-dual love. Every Christian who wishes to grasp the "new paradigm" (that denies any single paradigm) should study his Christian-targeted site.4

A few other related terms are worthy of note for those who would become literate in the new vocabulary intended to push us above and beyond all literacy. Their definitions derive from the multi-layered "Nonduality Salon" website:

Awakening: Progress in spiritual growth toward non-duality, i.e., the non-dual experience.
Awareness: Condition of being fully, in every sense, in the here and now, the non-dual moment.
Duality: Seeing two instead of one when ONE is all there really is.
Enlightenment: Ultimate awakening, transcendence of perspective and awareness.
Essencing: The process of everything becoming I AM.
Memes: Informational patterns in the memory that need to be transcended.
Standing Alone (or Free): The perspectives of the stages of non-dualism.

The concept of "spiritual growth" has been gestating for a long time, and "awareness" seems to be what New Agers used to call "consciousness" (chit). But, honestly, "Seeing two" can't be all that bad: How else could we tie our shoes? The word "perspective" just seems to be another synonym for "paradigm" and "framework." The word "meme" has been loosely borrowed from linguistics and genetics (and sounds suspiciously like the "engrams" of Scientologists). But most curious of all is "essencing." One wonders how a cow, cow paddy, or cowlick could be "processing" toward becoming I AM.

The Victims of This Supernatural Disaster

After writing Embraced by the Darkness: Exposing New Age Theology from the Inside Out about my New Age experiences twenty years ago, I put my hand to the plow and no longer looked back. But then gave the book new life. E-mails trickled in. Non-Christians began asking me questions. I responded.

One polite young man, Ricardo, especially touched me. He confessed that my book had scared him, disturbing his "frameworks." Nevertheless, he still felt that "non-dualism" is our true experience. He worried that his motive for considering Christianity was an ignoble fear of hell: "a self-separate ego trip." He spoke hopefully of a "Christian" mystic named Bernadette Roberts, who had attained to a state beyond oneness with God, the old goal of mystics. She had taken, as she puts it, "the journey beyond union, beyond self and God . . . into the silent and still regions of the unknown."5 He spoke of Buddhists, yogis, and eclectic mentors from America, all embracing non-dualism. He asked me what I thought; I responded.

Still my young pen-pal continued to scour the web pages of the non-dualists even while I painstakingly answered his question. Gently, I tried to allay his fears and doubts. I contended lovingly for the Faith, appreciating his anguish. Still, he feared that in seeking Christian answers he was looking for "too much certainty." He didn't know what to believe. Maybe, he wrote in one e-mail, "wanting to believe" was the problem.

At last, seeking my opinion of the cyber-gurus, he directed me to a few "non-dual" websites. I soon found myself catapulted through an uncanny cyber-world of irrationalism. I encountered every politically correct guru and group in the world (even "non-dual" ecologists), finding list after list of interwining links and even lively "non-dualist" chat groups. The assumptions and beliefs that I encountered were the same as those I encountered years ago, but now, by comparison, the garbling of voices and word choices was mind-boggling.

That ancient refrain-the one from the Garden-remained: "Come hither to end your suffering, and you too shall, like us, become God (the I AM), having transcended such trifling dualities as good and evil." Except now this newly garbed god is "unthinkable," a fuzzy non-dualistic not-god above body, mind, time, and space, nowhere and everywhere, yet adorable to every "mystic" the world over.

After many exchanges, Ricardo remained baffled and paralyzed. Then at last he sent the email that ended our dialogue. In ten pages of overgeneralized gibberish peppered with disingenuous questions (little "quizzes"), he set out to enlighten me. He had finally reached the end of his doubts, he claimed, after corresponding with a New Age guru of non-duality, Scott Morrison (whose web site has already "enlightened" over 1.1 million visitors).6 Morrison, said Ricardo, "helped [him] a lot to understand his ambivalence" about the anti-New-Age, orthodox Christian message in my book.

Ricardo, sad to say, had slipped beyond the reach of intelligible discussion. Too late I realized that Ricardo, though college-educated, just didn't know how to think. To him, words meant nothing or anything. Like him, I suspect, many earnest "seekers of truth" are being driven to distraction by the confusion of tongues in hyper-space. In the mean time, I'm sure, the New Age cyber-stars are reveling in their fifteen minutes of fame.

Implications for Evangelism and Apologetics

Now that the world is lunging into a postmodern era, in which every paradigm is equal, or relative, many New Age teachers can just keep shifting their paradigms, like a pair of dimes, from one palm to another, so that one hand needn't know what the other is doing. New terms replace the old; new alliances form. The implications, for Christian apologists and evangelists, are surely disturbing, if not alarming. Even worse, the challenges are formidable.
The "non-dualists," now on the "lunatic fringe," may soon find themselves linked into an even vaster network of new-age-speak. Just as many of the early ".com's" yielded space to, or became adjuncts to, the ".org's" and ".edu's" crowding the web, so are the little New Age ".com's" being supplanted by larger, more sophisticated sites. The Scientologists have their impressive site, and so do Steiner's Anthroposophists. Recently, I stumbled upon the Transcendental Meditation (TM) site, with links to its university and to many scientific articles.7

Curiously, it was MSNBC's "Health" page, accessible from my home page, that led me there. It featured a Reuters' article on March 3, 2000, entitled "Meditation reduces hardened arteries." "TM appears to restore the body's own self-repair mechanism, the body's own homeostatic balancing . . . ," according to researchers at Maharishi University of Management (MUM) Center for Natural Medicine and Prevention. The American Heart Association's journal Stroke had approvingly published the research. A professor of medicine at UCLA had confirmed the findings in a more recent study. Reuters quoted the director of MUM, who said that a person only had to use "a specific sound or 'mental vehicle'" to reap healthful benefits from TM. In another paradigm shift, "bijas," the seed words of mantras-kling, kring, hring, etc.-have conveniently become "mental vehicles."

So New Age cults grow ever bolder. Apparently "mum" is no longer the word in formerly occultic circles. With the "nondualists" shifting paradigms, aided by TM "scientists" re-selling "mental vehicles," the repackaging is complete. Seals of approval are being passed all around. New Age "methods" can apparently heal afflicted hearts, whether broken by love or hardened by cholesterol. As New Age tentacles spider the globe, everyone may soon be able to "imagine," with John Lennon, when "the world will be as one."

If 53% of Americans believe in a fuzzy everyman's god, then, many other unsaved souls, like my young pen-pal, may be at greater risk to deception than ever before.

Unfortunately, the saved may also be at greater risk. In the mid-1990's George Barna reported, shockingly, that 62% of born-again Christians believe that "there is no such thing as absolute truth."8 In 1999, just as disturbingly, he reported that 45% of the born-again believe that just "being good" will earn a person a place in heaven.9 Daily, it seems, a syncretized, personalized, universalized path of works is becoming ever more alluring to many.

With 1.8 million people clambering onto the Web each month, we Christians, I fear, shall have a lot of praying and fasting to do in the years to come (Mark 9:27). We shall also have to practice a good deal of discernment as the many false prophets, on- and off-line, set out to deceive the world and even "the elect- were that possible" (Mt. 24:24).

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"Only a fool of a scientist would dismiss the evidence and reports in front of him and substitute his own beliefs in their place." - Paul Kurtz

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Postby ryguy » Tue Sep 25, 2007 4:51 pm

One more:


By Marcia Montenegro

An article in The Washington Post (17 April 1994, page C1) featured a Harvard psychiatrist who has announced that he believes those claiming to have been abducted by UFO aliens. Shortly after the article appeared, a major network news program aired a story on this same psychiatrist and some of the alleged abductees. Although the show also included a few people who offered other explanations for the memories of the abductees (many of whom remembered their experiences under hypnotic regression), the fact that a UFO story was featured in a major newspaper and on a prime time network news show is further indication that UFO and alien reports are slipping from the pages of sensationalized tabloids into more mainstream media coverage.

This parallels t journey of many New Age-related ideas and practices, such as meditation, visualization, and yoga, which were first considered extreme but came to be accepted despite the fact that these practices are based on belief systems and have little or no objective data to support their use. Christians should understand this phenomenon from a Biblical view, and see the parallels between UFOs, aliens and the occult. This writer, who was involved in the occult before salvation in Christ, was struck by the occultic tinge overlaying the accounts of abductees. The main points of convergence between the occult and UFO/alien contact can be summarized as follows:

1. The experiences usually take place at night: This is true as well of supernatural occultic experiences such as visitations by spirit guides, astral travel (out-of-body travel), and seeing ghosts. Although nighttime itself is not evil, it seems that we are more vulnerable then to the supernormal, and often more receptive to it. In the Bible, night represents the darkness of sin and the disguise for those who intend evil: "Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them" (Eph. 5:11). Jesus said, "Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that his deeds will be exposed" (John 3:20). Jesus was betrayed at night: "As soon as Judas had taken the bread, he went out. And it was night" (John 13:30).

2. Astral travel: The abductees often sense a vibration or hear a "buzzing or humming sound" before feeling pulled towards the UFO. This writer, who had out-of-body experiences, had the same experience with a vibration and sometimes a strong humming noise immediately preceding the sensation of being sucked out of the body.

Whether people can actually leave the body due to occultic power or whether it is a clever illusion is not known by this writer. Those few in the Christian community who have claimed to have met Jesus or been taken to heaven during astral travel have pointed to Paul's story in II Corinthians 12 for validation. However, Paul states he does not know if he was in his body or out of it. Paul did not seek out this experience and did not sensationalize it. In fact, Paul gave no details because he heard things "that man is not permitted to tell" (verse 4b). This is in stark contrast to those who have detailed their encounter with Christ and heaven. Nothing in Scripture validates astral travel.

3. Ghostly appearance: The aliens were often described as "luminous" or "transparent", and the feet were covered or not seen. This is similar to the universal description of ghosts. Why should aliens be transparent if they are real? Why are they so ghostlike? Just as ghosts are undoubtedly demonic spirits, so are aliens. The Bible forbids contact with departed spirits (ghosts). It cannot be coincidental that descriptions of aliens are so similar to that of ghosts.

4. Telepathy and possession: Abductees report that the aliens have compelling eyes and that they are afraid if they look into these eyes, they will lose their will or "sense of self". I recall an encounter at night with a spirit entity (in the guise of an older woman) sitting on my bed who stared intensely into my eyes; with no words being spoken. I knew she wanted my body, and I was saying over and over in my mind, "No, you can't have me!" This battle went on for what seemed a long time until finally she faded away, leaving me mentally exhausted and frightened. There are those who would call this a dream or a hallucination; however, I was deeply involved in the occult at the time and had had other supernatural experiences. The Bible is also very clear that there is demon possession of the unsaved.

A group of New Age witches I knew in Atlanta in the late 1980's had become involved in contacting what they believed were friendly aliens. The leader of this group (named John) told me personally that the spaceships could not be seen, but that his group was in telepathic contact with the aliens. The last time I spoke with him, John reported that the aliens had become unfriendly and were now trying to possess the bodies of those in his group. John was genuinely afraid, so afraid that he and several people in his group were leaving the area. This incident and my experience supported by the Bible validating possession, leads me to believe that the abductees are encountering demons. 5. Changed world view: The most telling mark of the occult is the effect of these encounters on abductees: (1) They feel isolated and alone from others, and (2) their view of the world becomes more pantheistic. The Harvard psychiatrist discovered that the abductees develop a "heightened sense of the sacredness of the natural world" and feel hopeless about the destructiveness of man. They also long to return to what the psychiatrist calls the "divine light" which they encountered during the abduction, and resent staying on earth, although many feel a mission to help advance human consciousness. These attitudes reflect the New Age/pagan view of the world: the priority of nature and earth and its sacredness, and a hostile view of man which calls for evolvement into a higher spiritual state.

Christians need to be wary of belief in UFO encounters. Although some accounts may not be true, the effect on the abductees remains real. These reports do not indicate life on other planets, but rather demonic and occultic activity, whether it is occurring in the minds or the physical world of the abductees.
"Only a fool of a scientist would dismiss the evidence and reports in front of him and substitute his own beliefs in their place." - Paul Kurtz

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Postby ScaRZ » Tue Sep 25, 2007 7:44 pm

E. W. Bullinger wrote (Things to Come, 10(9):104-105, March 1904):

Questions and Answers.

Question No. 347 “They Shall Not Rise”

D.L. London. “Please explain Isa. 26. In verse 14 it says the dead shall not rise; and in verse 19 it says they shall rise. To whom do these words refer?”

The difficulty is only apparent, and arises from the fact that the English Versions translate the words and do not tell you what the Hebrew is. Even Newberry, who tells you in verse 19, does not so in verse 14.

To see the beauty of the passages, as well as to have the difficulty removed, it is necessary to see the structure of the “song” which occupies the whole chapter (Isa. 26) You might easily make this for yourself. And if you tried, you would find that it has two subjects: the righteous and the wicked, which alternate throughout the chapter, and from five pairs (or ten numbers in all):

A1/1-4. The Righteous. Their Salvation.

B1/5,6. The wicked. Brought down.

A2/7-9. The Righteous. Their way.

B2/10,11. The wicked. Devoured.

A3/12,13. The Righteous. Their God.

B3/14. The wicked. Rephaim. No Resurrection.

A4/15-19a. The Righteous. Nation increased, and Raised from the dead.

B4/19b. The wicked. Rephaim. No Resurrection.

A5/20. The Righteous. Preserved.

B5/21. The wicked. Destroyed.

The word translated “dead” in verse 14, and in the last clause of v. 19, is Rephaim, and refers, not to men, but to the Nephilim of Gen 6.4. The Nephilim were the fallen ones; the awful progeny of the fallen angels, and are so called from the Hebrew Naphal (to fall) (compare Gen, 6.1,2, with Jude 6-8 and 2 Pet. 2.4,5). These had to be destroyed by the Flood. But there was a second irruption “after that” (Gen. 6.4). This second progeny had to be destroyed by Israel. These Rephaim are called Nephilim in Num. 13.33, where (wrongly following the Vulgate) the word is translated “giants”; they are also called Rephaim after a notable one named Rapha. (2 Sam. 21.16,18,20,22; 1 Chron. 20.4,6,8). They were identical with the Canaanites (Gen. 15.20, Josh. 17:15). These had to be destroyed like the former, Nephilim. But a flood was not necessary. Israel was used as God’s sword: although today, poor “wise” man condemns God as cruel for this merciful interposition and necessary judgment.

It is clear from these two verses of Isa. 26 that they will have no resurrection. Verse 14 declares:

“The dead shall not live again.

The Rephaim shall not rise.”

It will be otherwise with the Righteous, the righteous nation. Verse 19:

“Thy dead shall live.

Thy dead bodies shall arise.

Awake and sing, ye that dwell in the dust:

For thy dew is as the dew of herbs.”

It is otherwise, however, with the Rephaim for the next line says:

“But the earth shall cast forth the Rephaim.”

The words “cast forth” have nothing to do with resurrection. The Hebrew is Naphal, to fall (as in verse 18). The meaning of the word is the very opposite. It means to cast down, not to cast up. See Num. 35.23; 2 Kings 3.19 (to fall. So ch. 6.5). Job 6.27 (overwhelm, marg., cause to fall); 29.24; Ps. 140.10; Jer. 3.12; Ezek. 32.12, 39.3; Dan. 8.10. Hence, the Nephilim are the fallen ones. The word occurs only in Gen. 6.4, and Num. 13.33 (twice).

The Rephaim are the same evil progeny, but they got their name from a prominent one named Rapha. The Hebrew word Rapha (often translated plural) occurs in Gen. 14.5, 15.20; Deut. 2.11,20, 3:11,13. Josh. 12.4, 13.12, 15.8, 17.15, 18.16; 2 Sam. 5.18,22, 23.13; 1 Chron. 11.15, 14.9, 20.4,6,8. Is. 17.5.

The plural, , occurs in Job 26.5; Ps. 88.10; prov. 2.18, 9.16, 21.16; Is. 14.9, 26:14,19.

E. W. Bullinger wrote (Things to Come, 12(2):23, February 1906):

J. S. We thank you for your very kind letter re 1 Pet. 3.19-20. we do not, however, see with you that this passage can be separated from 2 Pet. 2.4 (and Jude 6). In 2 Pet. 2.4 the sin of those angels is associated with the days of Noah, as in 1 Pet. 3.19-20. It is true that the words “cast them down to Tartarus” are not in 1 Pet. 3. There we have en phulakh (en phulakç) instead. But can this really make any difference? True in 2 Pet. 2.5 the verb Oulasso (phulassô) is used. But while the verb means to keep, or guard, the noun (as in 1 Pet.) is always used in a bad sense. It occurs 46 times in the New Testament, and is rendered prison 35 times; imprisonment 2; hold 1; ward 1; watch 6; cage 1. This, we think, should settle the point. The question is: Can we, in the face of this fact, take the word in 1 Pet. 3:19 in a good sense, when in every other place it is used in a bad sense? For our part we dare not do it.

And, further, we dare not take “spirits” as meaning other than angels, inasmuch as the word is never elsewhere used of men in any form or condition. Man has a spirit, but he is not a spirit. Moreover, we see good men marrying bad women, and vice versa, every day: but we see no race of violent monsters calling down the special judgment of God.

We quite agree that all this does not affect us who experimentally know and enjoy our position in Christ – the Mystery! But surely it concerns us to have a right understanding as to all that God has written for our learning.

E. W. Bullinger wrote (Things to Come, 11(10):110-111, October 1905):

“S” and “s” or THE USE AND USAGE OF pneuma in the New Testament.

1 Pet. 3.19. “By (or in) which [resurrection body] to the-in-prison-pneumata also, he went and made proclamation”

…These angels “once were disobedient;” and this disobedience here, is set in contrast with the obedience of those “angels” spoken of in verse 22 as being “subject” and therefore obedient unto Christ.

In Jude 6 we are told that “they kept not their first estate, but left (apoleipw, apoleipô, to leave completely, or, leave behind. Compare 2 Tim. 4.13,20) their own habitation (oikhthrion, oiketerion, used only here and 2 Cor. 5.2 of a spirit-body).” What this means, or what it involves we cannot tell; and no one can tell us. Whatever it was it made their sin possible; which, otherwise, with our present knowledge, seems to us impossible (in Luke 8.29 a pneuma could tear and rend a man).

That it was thus possible for them to sin as recorded in Gen. 6.1-4 is clearly implied in Jude 7, where their sin is compared to the sin of “Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them IN LIKE MANNER giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange (eteroV, heteros, different in kind) flesh, are set forth as an example suffering the vengeance of eternal fire”…

So awful was this progeny, and so monstrous in every sense of the word, that it doubtless became the basis of the heathen mythology. That mythology did not have its origin in the imagination of man, but it had its historical bases in fact; and that fact the Scripture thus explains to us…

So terrible were the results of this fall of the angels… so universal was it, that only one family was found untainted…

Infidels never tire of charging God with cruelty, not knowing the awful ancestry, or the nature and character of this corrupt race. The judgment executed by Israel was a mercy (Ps. 136.20) to the whole human race.

It was the sight of these horrible creatures that so frightened the twelve spies (Num 13.28-33). And it was the first great victory over them that makes the destruction of “Og, king of Bashan,” so celebrated in Israel’s history (Num 21; Read Josh. 12; 13; 15.8; 17.15, 18.16, Ps. 136.20.) David completed the work of destruction (1 Chron. 20.4,6,8. Compare 2 Sam. 21.16,18,20,22)…

The context of 1 Pet. 3.18-22 shows that the passage is the continuation of what precedes, as it commences with the word “For.”

The scope of the passage shows that those to whom Peter was inspired to write, were suffering great and heavy trials (See 1 pet. 1.7, 2.20-23, 3.14-17, 4.12-19.) and needed encouragement to enable them to endure their suffering for well doing… FOR Christ also suffered… But, He was raised again from the dead, and thus had a glorious triumph…

This is the scope of the passage-and no other explanation of “the-in-prison-spirits” will satisfy the whole context, of which this verse is only a part; being introduced by the word “for,” which connects it indissolubly with what precedes.

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Postby ScaRZ » Tue Sep 25, 2007 7:46 pm

James Christopher Smith wrote (Things to Come, 11(12):138-139, December 1905):

The Ages: Past, Present, and Future. 5. The Main Cause of the Apostacy.

In all God’s ways with men, effects follow causes with precision and fitness; and the question will come up, viz., Could such a catastrophe as the Flood, involving the destruction of the whole race (save one family) be caused by the sin of members of the race, as such, either individually or conjointly? Or, Do we find that there was another agency at work, another source of mischief operating; using the members of the race, unwittingly, to accomplish their undoing?

Surely a fair treatment of the verses 6.1-8 leaves no doubt as to the true answer to these questions.

When Satan fell, doubtless many angels fell with him, and that event must have happened before the creation of Adam; but no one can say that other angels would not fall, nor say how far Satan might tempt others to fall. And though one cannot definitely say so by the Word of the Lord, yet one’s conviction, from analogy is that the Temper somehow induced these angels to leave their proper habitation as he had tempted Adam and Eve to disobey God…

…The devil and his angels, and the legions of demons are not shut up in Tartarus, nor yet bound in chains, but they are very much at large indeed, both in heaven and earth. Who, then, are these imprisoned angel-spirits who have a special repressive measure meted out to them? Who, but “the angels that sinned” in the days of Noah, who went after human flesh which for them was “strange (or different) flesh,” and left behind them a progeny great in stature and mighty in mischief?

And this was not the only instance of the same thing. It distinctly says, in Gen. 6.4, that “after that” (i.e. after the flood), the same thing happened: and this is referred to in Numbers 13.33, as accounting for the presence of these Nephilim, or fallen ones, who “come of the Nephilim” (see R.V.), in the land of Canaan. And here, again, we have the root cause for the extermination of the Canaanites. It was not at all a matter of unjust cruelty or vengeance on the part of Israel; but it was a matter of moral necessity for the well being of the human race, as such; and hence it was a command of God. In this case the sword was the instrument of judgment. Joshua beginning the work, and David ending it…

…Let no reader imagine that this is a new, twentieth-century interpretation… that these “sons of God,” by creation, were angels, was pointed to in some MSS. of the LXX, where the reading.. angels of God is found; and it was held by such representative men as Philo, Josephus, Justin Martyr, Clement, Tertullian, Luther, Rosenmüller, Ewald, Delitzsch, Kurtz, Hengstenberg and Alford, and it is held, today, by many of those who lead us in Bible study…

… the punitive justice of God was to preserve the race from absolute extinction, and secure the fulfillment of His Word and Will in the coming of the Seed of the woman (Gen. 3.15).

Col. G. J. van Someren wrote (Things to Come, 20(6):64-65, June 1914):

When that hour is about to sound, the great red dragon, Satan, shall be cast out of the heavenlies (Rev. 12.7-9), and will summon all his forces for the last great campaign of the war that he has waged continuously with the woman from the day he won the first battle over her in the Garden of Eden.

Himself reproducing the sin that brought the Flood on a world filled with a hybrid race (Gen. 6:1-13; Jude 6.7; 2 Pet. 2. 18-20; 1 Pet.3.18-20), he will set forth his own child the antichrist, thus claiming for himself the seed of the woman, and will bring up his own false prophet, who helped by the spirits of wonder working demons, shall set forth the things concerning the Antichrist work, miracles and cause all to worship the man of sin (Rev. 13.11-17; 16.13-14). Thus will the great dragon, Satan, complete the blasphemous imitation of The Father, Son, and holy spirit, but the mingling of seeds will but hasten the day of wrath and the doom that awaits him, his offspring, his principalities and powers and his unhappy human dupes. The stroke falls on the fourth Kingdom, the power of the Gentile, controlled and energized throughout by Satan and more manifestly so in its closing days, collapses; and the “God of Heaven” sets up a Kingdom which endures, the long foretold Kingdom of Heaven. Then, and not till then, “shall the earth be filled with the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea,” “the law shall go forth from Zion” “the city of the great King,” the promise to Abraham that “in him should all nations of the earth be blessed” will be fulfilled, for then “in the name of Jesus every knee shall bow,” and all things in heaven and earth and under the earth “confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father.”

Mr. W. H. Bacon wrote (Things to Come, 21(4):41-42; 21(5):57-58 and 21(6):79, April 1915):

Spiritism is by no means a new thing, but is a repetition of that which has been before; the present phase of the evil, however, has not yet come to a head, although it is fast hastening thereto.

The first detailed account of the outbreak is recorded for our learning in Genesis 6.1-8… every family, therefore, with the solitary exception of Noah’s, was thoroughly contaminated through the wickedness of the unlawful marriages referred to in v. 2.

Now, that the same sin is to mark the end of this dispensation is fully set out in the Lord’s own words: “As the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the son of man be. For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark, and knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be” (Matt. 24.37-39).

There is no sin in eating or drinking, or marrying or giving in marriage… and we must consequently look for some more reasonable explanation of these marriages that are to precede the coming of the Son of man; and since the Lord compares them to the marriages that preceded the flood, we shall not have much difficulty if we are discerners of the times…

Knowing what I do of Spiritism, I venture to say that, whereas the purpose of Satan in the first and second irruptions of the fallen angels was to thwart the purpose of God, concerning THE SEED which is CHRIST, the next attempt, which is verily near at hand, if not already accomplished, is the bringing into the world “the mistery of iniquity,” Satan manifest in the flesh, the personal Antichrist, who will for a time pose as the Messiah, and whom the Jews will receive as such.

The Antichrist… is, I conceive, to be born by the agency of Spirit Materialization…

That spiritist materialization is no fiction the writer well knows from personal experience before his conversion to God.

Many Christians deny the possibility of materialization on the ground-they say-that materialization is creation and that God alone can create. It is perfectly true that God alone can create, i.e., “bring into being out of nothing,” but materialization is the reducing of something which already exists to a state of matter of which our senses can take cognizance…

Here are absolute proofs of the possibility of Spirit Materialization-angels actually appearing and being, therefore, regarded as men…

The fact that angels (spirits) could and did materialize goes far to prove that spirits-although fallen-may have still the power to materialize and de-materialize, and we think it probable that herein is the meaning of the expression of Jude 6, “the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation,” their evil object being to cohabit with the daughters of men, which we are thoroughly convinced is the ultimate object of the spirits today, not, of course, those who are spoken of in 2 Pet. 2.4, who are imprisoned, “reserved into judgment,” but another host of rebellious angels who will fulfill the prediction of the Lord in Matt. 24.37-39…

Indeed, through the grace of God, in the manifestation of His goodness and mercy to me in October, 1887, in Instantaneously Delivering me from demonic possession which had come about through my tampering with Spiritism, I was led by the Spirit of god to true repentance and to follow on to know the Lord… it may well be imagined, therefore, that I am deeply anxious not only to preach the gospel of the grace of God, but also to warn all against the diabolical evil of Spiritism-Spiritualism so-called-but which in dread reality is demonism, root and branch…

…I was easily beguiled into Spiritism by a “religious” aunt, in whom I had then great confidence, as being assuredly a good woman. She had lost a son, and upon my paying her a visit she amazed me by stating that she had attended a “séance” where she was able to communicate “with him”… I have seen… materialization of spirit in the process, and de-materialization also.

I have seen materialized spirits purporting to be dead friends but still “alive,” and I have proved them to be merely LYING SPIRITS, and not the deceased person whom they pretended to be…

…The dead… are dead; so dead indeed, that the dead know not anything, as it is written: “For the living know that they shall die; but the dead know not anything, neither have they any more a reward; for the memory of them is forgotten. Also their love, and their hatred, and their envy is now perished; neither have they any more a portion for ever in any thing that is done under the sun” (Ecc. 9.5-6)…

Spiritism in its present phase could not exist a single day, if all believed the Word of God concerning them that “sleep”-neither could Romish purgatory-but as long as men prefer Satan’s lie to God’s truth, Spiritism will grow and develop until it covers the earth,as it did in Noah’s days…

…To prove from the Scriptures the fact that death is death, for only by this means can Spiritism be successfully combated. ... 0/more.htm
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Postby You Can Call Me Ray » Wed Sep 26, 2007 2:18 pm

ryguy wrote:This parallels t journey of many New Age-related ideas and practices, such as meditation, visualization, and yoga, which were first considered extreme but came to be accepted despite the fact that these practices are based on belief systems and have little or no objective data to support their use. Christians should understand this phenomenon from a Biblical view, and see the parallels between UFOs, aliens and the occult.

While I realize this article is clearly labeled as the author's opinion, I do believe that often we see statements like this from Christian fundamentalists that come dangerously close to dismissing things out of hand that do have clear scientific implications to them. This statement is one of them, and we often see such dismissing tied directly to "occult". (Because having grown up Catholic I am aware that any "good Christian" should immediately run in horror when someone says something is "occult"!). :)

But let us review the definition of occult to remind ourselves that there are meanings that are totally innocuous and some even RELATED to scientific inquiry:

1. of or pertaining to magic, astrology, or any system claiming use or knowledge of secret or supernatural powers or agencies.
2. beyond the range of ordinary knowledge or understanding; mysterious.
3. secret; disclosed or communicated only to the initiated.
4. hidden from view.
5. (in early science)
a. not apparent on mere inspection but discoverable by experimentation.
b. of a nature not understood, as physical qualities.
c. dealing with such qualities; experimental: occult science.

6. Medicine/Medical. present in amounts too small to be visible: a chemical test to detect occult blood in the stool.
-noun 7. the supernatural or supernatural agencies and affairs considered as a whole (usually prec. by the).
8. occult studies or sciences (usually prec. by the).
–verb (used with object) 9. to block or shut off (an object) from view; hide.
10. Astronomy. to hide (a celestial body) by occultation.
–verb (used without object) 11. to become hidden or shut off from view.

My problem with the statement above about meditation, visualization, and yoga has to do with the part that claims: "are based on belief systems and have little or no objective data to support their use." In many posts here I have gone to great lengths to show that the human body is a system, as is the human mind, and it is hard to argue with the fact that the human brain is the defacto controller of the human body system. Within this comparitive realm there is ample evidence to suggest that techniques such as meditation and visualization are equivalent to applying filters to our perceptions in such a way as to boost certain inputs (frequencies) and to reject other inputs (frequencies).

For example, a meditation is essentially similar to a "bandpass filter with internal feedback" wherein you close-off the mind to a wide range of inputs (usually external to the body), and focus the mind on a narrow range of inputs that are internal to the body (rate of breathing, heartbeat, etc.). The meditation seeks to boost the effect of this "bandpass information" for the purpose of "healing" or "training" the mind. Outside of "occult" teachings there is a wealth of information that shows that meditation is an effective form of psychotherapy, if for nothing else but to teach people to relax!

I know there are many Christians who brand Qabalah (Kabbalah) as "occult" and in so doing they mean the "bad" connotations for "occult". I will certainly agree that for a very long time the knowledge involved in Qabalah has been "hidden from view", and so this does indeed qualify as one definition of occult. However, I believe I have accrued more than scant evidence that suggests the knowledge of Qabalah is based upon the reality of the science of information (in general) and the systems sciences, more specifically. I am often troubled by Christian friends who "close off" when they hear the word "occult", and instead adopt the position that "all I have to do is believe in God." Some go much further and claim that trying to better understand God and our universe is "going too far". Of course, I couldn't disagree more because I believe we are, indeed, on a spiritual journey of discovery.

And I personally believe that ONLY through the marriage of "good scientific practices" and "good spiritual practices" can we advance beyond the material physical realm and begin to understand the workings of the larger realm of information that we are immersed within.

The Universe is an Integrated System. Operational, Functional, and Physical.
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Postby ryguy » Wed Sep 26, 2007 3:33 pm

Ray - I agree with your post above regarding whether evidence exists to support that those practices "work". I agree - they do work. And I agree with your systems approach - the analogy of turning the mind "filter" on/off is an excellent one.

We agree that people can open this filter, we agree that the mind can connect to other "things" (we'll just call them that for now) which make up part of this world (and other worlds/dimensions). Where we likely disagree, I think, is whether those things are actually things that we want to open our filter to and "allow" in.

This is where Christians and others who embrace this form of "occult" likely vastly disagree. The Christian take is that the intelligences which we are allowed (free-will) to "connect" to...are not always to our benefit. We are outlining here how the intention, purpose and goals, in many cases - clearly greatly mislead, delude, and hurt people in the long run. One only needs to review all of the individual cases within the field of Ufology to see how many people become ill - after getting involved in the subject matter. Call it a viral it addiction/obsession...but the fruits are the same when one decides to open their filter.

What's the difference then...between that and prayer, right? Prayer is also an opening of that filter, albeit to a very different intelligence with very different intent and goals. The two practices are very, very much alike. How to tell the difference? The answer: their fruits - the effects they have on the person and people around them, and whether those effects also glorify, or belittle, God/Creator/The Source.

But despite that...I think we can at least take comfort in the fact that we do agree on one thing - there's evidence to support that the various "phenomenon" is real. It's what makes up the essence of the phenomenon where things get sticky.

"Only a fool of a scientist would dismiss the evidence and reports in front of him and substitute his own beliefs in their place." - Paul Kurtz

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Postby You Can Call Me Ray » Wed Sep 26, 2007 4:23 pm

ryguy wrote: Where we likely disagree, I think, is whether those things are actually things that we want to open our filter to and "allow" in.

Well-stated and very astute, Ryan! This very issue is the reason behind two traditions of "occult knowledge", specifically what I have found in my study of Qabalah:

1) Tradition states that one is cautioned from studying Qabalah until one has achieved an "age of maturity". Practically speaking, this means that younger people are discouraged from studying it because they have not yet experienced enough of the diametric oppositions of "good and evil" in their daily lives to be able to ascertain one from the other. As one ages their experience base grows (one becomes more wise in the ways of the material realm we exist in).
2) This can also readily explain why these are "secret societies" wherein such knowledge is only transferred to initiates, and not all people are accepted as initiates. The older folks who run such "lodges" know there are inherent dangers in opening your mind to such things, and as such they will likely deny someone who exhibits personality traits that are not well-balanced from becoming "initiated".

This is where Christians and others who embrace this form of "occult" likely vastly disagree. The Christian take is that the intelligences which we are allowed (free-will) to "connect" to...are not always to our benefit. We are outlining here how the intention, purpose and goals, in many cases - clearly greatly mislead, delude, and hurt people in the long run. One only needs to review all of the individual cases within the field of Ufology to see how many people become ill - after getting involved in the subject matter. Call it a viral it addiction/obsession...but the fruits are the same when one decides to open their filter.

Again, very well stated. My answer is "yes...and no". :) The "reality" of our material existence is it manifests as dualistic. We place all things on a spectrum of extremes: hot/cold, light/darkness, good/evil... and to complete the systems analogy hi frequency/low frequency. The fact is that "evil" is part of the "equation of reality" just as much as "good". Or perhaps a better way of explaining is that these are judgments of phenomena that the Creator obviously made part of our "matrix". Without evil how would you know good?

Where I think some Christians get confused is the difference between "embracing evil" and merely seeking to understand it as one of the polar forces that shape our lives. Most "occult" traditions are not about embracing evil, but rather about opening yourself to understand its basis, and how (at least in material existence) we can never "do away" with it. Again I refer to the concept of "necessary evil".

What's the difference then...between that and prayer, right? Prayer is also an opening of that filter, albeit to a very different intelligence with very different intent and goals.

But are they different intelligences? This is where it seems things break down. If God is the Creator of all, and is all-powerful, then He/She/It certainly reigns over "good" and "evil" spirits equally. Moreover, God had to have an understanding that this dualism is certainly necessary to setup an environment where mankind can experience, and choose a path of learning... and potentially a path "back to God". The distiction here is one we have discussed before and it relates to the thoughts that "entities" are internal to us or external to us. The gnostic view is that God transcends ALL dualisms in addition to making those dualisms manifest in the first place. The teaching is that one must resolve the dualistic good/evil tendencies within oneself before one can take that last step to returning to God. So it is not a call to "embrace" evil but rather to face it, and remove its power over ourselves.

But despite that...I think we can at least take comfort in the fact that we do agree on one thing - there's evidence to support that the various "phenomenon" is real. It's what makes up the essence of the phenomenon where things get sticky.

Indeed, we do agree it is real. And I would like to make the link between what I have just described above and the concept of the "Abyss" and what lies above it in my other thread. The responsible forms of "occult traditions" know that not everyone will be "ready" to cross the Abyss, which is why they advise against young people and why they will outright reject unbalanced people (and keep much of this knowledge secret so it does not fall into unbalanced hands). But in order to transcend dualistic thinking (i.e. accept that no matter how "good" we fancy our mortal selves, that there ARE elements of "evil" that are part of us) one must first achieve a balanced state, and then FACE THE EVIL and "complete the final battle between good and evil". This is what happens when an initiate "crosses the Abyss". They are faced with that evil, but they are also comforted by the good on the opposite pole. Reminiscent of "The Final Judgment" perhaps?

See what I am getting at here?
The Universe is an Integrated System. Operational, Functional, and Physical.
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Postby ryguy » Thu Sep 27, 2007 1:22 pm

I've re-written my response to the above Ray, about 5 times. It's difficult to politely explain my position on this without being accused of being ignorant of the dialectic....or misunderstanding the true nature of "ying-yang".

So I'm settling on the following. As I'm sure you've studied Thermodynamics, I believe at least part of this will ring true for you - you may have even heard the story before:


Did God create everything that exists?
Does evil exist?
Did God create evil?

A University professor at a well known institution of higher learning challenged his students with this question.
"Did God create everything that exists?"
A student bravely replied, "Yes he did!"
"God created everything?" The professor asked.
"Yes sir, he certainly did," the student replied.
The professor answered, "If God created everything; then God created evil.
And, since evil exists, and according to the principal that our works define who we are, then we can assume God is evil."
The student became quiet and did not respond to the professor's hypothetical definition.

The professor, quite pleased with himself, boasted to the students that he had proven once more that the Christian faith was a myth.
Another student raised his hand and said, "May I ask you a question, professor?"
"Of course", replied the professor.

The student stood up and asked, "Professor, does cold exist?"
"What kind of question is this? Of course it exists. Have you never been cold?"
The other students snickered at the young man's question.
The young man replied, "In fact sir, cold does not exist. According to the laws of physics, what we consider cold is in reality the absence of heat. Every body or object is susceptible to study when it has or transmits energy, and heat is what makes a body or matter have or transmit energy. Absolute zero (-460 F) is the total absence of heat; and all matter becomes inert and incapable of reaction at that temperature. Cold does not exist. We have created this word to describe how we feel if we have no heat."

The student continued, "Professor, does darkness exist?"
The professor responded, "Of course it does."
The student replied, "Once again you are wrong sir, darkness does not exist either. Darkness is in reality the absence of light.
Light we can study, but not darkness.
In fact, we can use Newton's prism to break white light into many colors and study the various wavelengths of each color. You cannot measure darkness.
A simple ray of light can break into a world of darkness and illuminate it.
How can you know how dark a certain space is?
You measure the amount of light present. Isn't this correct?
Darkness is a term used by man to describe what happens when there is no light present."

Finally the young man asked the professor, "Sir, does evil exist?"
Now uncertain, the professor responded, "Of course; as I have already said. We see it everyday.
It is in the daily examples of man's inhumanity to man.
It is in the multitude of crime and violence everywhere in the world.
These manifestations are nothing else but evil.
To this the student replied, "Evil does not exist, sir, or at least it does not exist unto itself.
Evil is simply the absence of God.
It is just like darkness and cold, a word that man has created to describe the absence of God.
God did not create evil.
Evil is the result of what happens when man does not have God's love present in his heart.
It's like the cold that comes when there is no heat, or the darkness that comes when there is no light"
The professor sat down.

The young man's name - Albert Einstein


So then...what are "fallen angels"? They are beings created by god who, like us, in the absence of God - have fallen victim to the darkness. They desire to pull us away from God and into that darkness with them.

The dialectic is in fact the opposition of black & white, darkness and light in what we call "reality". However there is no "mixing" of the black and white, they are diametrically opposed - and that is also aligned with the teachings of Jesus...that is that a perfect balance within us is both in accepting the worldly darkness that exists within us, but counterbalancing it with equal and opposite "light" through seeking out (and loving) God...and of course we believe the only "way" to do this is through Jesus - by allowing him to lift us up to the "head" (see the Tree of Life suggestion below). There is no mixing - there is no grey, as the "ying-yang" signifies.

Those who most often have some of the most moving "conversions" have been those who have been the most unbalanced in their lives - filled mostly with darkness. As I mentioned before, the world of Ufology is filled with people who are unbalanced in this way - and continue to open the filter of their mind to even more darkness...a snowball effect. But often, all it takes is an experience with one tiny glimmer of light - and for these people, the dialectic becomes all too apparent, and the reason for the unbalance in their lives becomes obvious.

I also agree with your model of the tree-of-life....I only find slight disagreement with the labels on each node. I would accept the model more as a representation of reality if the trinity was more accurately portrayed at the top.

We can discuss this more in the other thread - but for starters, try this:

With your Catholic past, I'm sure you're aware of the sign of the Cross, and the parts of the body that are touched and the words spoken each time "Father, Son, and Holy Spirit". Use those body-points as a guide for your labels with the "Father" at the very top, Holy Spirit by the ears, and the Son at the heart, or the foot of the cross. Place the two genders of humanity at the two shoulders, and you'll see what I mean. The lower "worlds" are the domain of angels - and under the heel (or "foot"), you'll find Satan....or the exact diametrically opposed (head vs. foot) of God...the complete absense of God.

Laid out in this way, for me, proves how the Tree of Life model is actually a perfect representation of Creation - supported by both biblical and ancient texts and legends.

"Only a fool of a scientist would dismiss the evidence and reports in front of him and substitute his own beliefs in their place." - Paul Kurtz

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Postby You Can Call Me Ray » Thu Sep 27, 2007 2:11 pm

Great response, Ry:

And I have heard the thermodynamics analogy before, and I accept its premise. But I would also point out that while one may not actively seek to create "evil"(dark) while one is seeking to create "good"(light), this does not mean the Creator is not responsible for all effects of the creation. It is just like a person who creates a firearm may be intending it to be used for good, but the fact that it can also be used for evil is simply a byproduct of its creation. The creator is not responsible for how someone else uses that creation, but the fact of the matter is that ANY creation can be used for "good" or "evil".

The only part of your response that I disagree with is the following, and I will use my own scientific analogy to show you why:

ryguy wrote:The dialectic is in fact the opposition of black & white, darkness and light in what we call "reality". However there is no "mixing" of the black and white, they are diametrically opposed - (snip) There is no mixing - there is no grey, as the "ying-yang" signifies.

Now I realize that not many people will "get" this analogy, but I am positive you will. And this analogy takes place in the complex plane where we perform stability assessments of any operating system. If we classify "evil" as a destructive force... one that seeks to pull-apart the creations of God that are "working to do good", then we can clearly see that gross instabilities (i.e. having system poles in the right-half complex plane) are destructive. As you have pointed out, unstable minds are the ones that have "turned to evil". But when we look at the opposite extreme (poles that are very deep on the left-hand complex plane) we see sloth, lethargy, and generally unresponsiveness.

The reality of a healthy, operational system that is dynamic enough to respond effectively to all missions and external upsets is literally IN that "grey area" between the two extremes. A neutrally stable system that "hugs" the imaginary axis is one that has the "best of both worlds" in that it has aspects of positive stability and yet it also has slight tendencies towards instability that allow it to have an effective dynamic response. Indeed, we have found in the airplane biz that the most effective fighters (and most fuel-efficient for ALL airplanes) are ones that are statically AND dynamically unstable in an open-loop sense, and that we "artificially" bring to operational stability by using feedback. This not only provides us a systemic example of how there ARE grey areas, and how important the grey area is to the resolution of a dialectic, but this example also shows us the importance of feedback in tempering the effects of "evil".

Great discussion, Ry, as always. I also appreciated your thoughts on the TOL and I will address them in the other thread when I get some time. Off to the lab for now! :)

The Universe is an Integrated System. Operational, Functional, and Physical.
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Postby ScaRZ » Thu Sep 27, 2007 8:49 pm

Jeff Jacobsen - The Hubbard is Bare
Chapter seven: Aleister Crowley
Hubbard had clear connections to the occult. Even in the first publication of dianetics in "Astounding Science Fiction", Hubbard in explaining how he did his "research" into what the mind was doing, says he used "automatic writing, speaking and clairvoyance" (1) to discover what the mind's memory banks were doing. Automatic writing is an occult method of communicating with the spirit world, although psychologists consider its products to arise from subconscious thoughts of the writer. Whichever is correct, it is hardly a method used by competent scientific researchers.

Hubbard's connection to the occultist Aleister Crowley is quite clear and noteworthy. Crowley called himself the Anti-Christ, the Beast of Revelations, and 666. Russell Miller has adequately chronicled Hubbard's connection in 1945 to John W. Parsons, who headed Crowley's Ordo Templi Orientis chapter in Los Angeles. (2) Hubbard was an active member in this group for several months, and first met his second wife there. The Church of Scientology claims that Hubbard was actually infiltrating this group in order to break it up, but the following should suffice to dismiss this claim.

In the Philadelphia Doctorate Course lectures taped in 1952, Hubbard discusses occult magic of the middle ages, and recommends a current book - "it's fascinating work in itself, and that's work written by Aleister Crowley, the late Aleister Crowley, my very good friend." (3) The book recommended was The Master Therion, (published in London in 1929) later re-released as Magick in Theory and Practise. L. Ron Hubbard, Jr. asserts that during the time when the Philadelphia course was given his father would read Crowley's works "in preparation for the next day's lecture..." (4)

There are interesting similarities between Crowley's writings and the teachings of Hubbard. Dianetics' Time Track, in which every incident in a person's life is chronologically recorded in full in the mind, is quite similar to Crowley's Magical Memory. The Magical Memory is developed over time until "memories of childhood reawaken" (5) which were previously forgotten, and memories of previous incarnations are recalled as well. Hubbard gives examples in the Philadelphia Doctorate Course of several people remembering lives earlier on earth, some up to a million years ago. The similarity between the Magical Memory and Time Track, then, is that they both can recall every past incident in a person's life, they both can recall incidents from past lives, and they both must be developed by certain techniques in order to make use of them.

Both Hubbard and Crowley consider it important to have the person recall his or her birth. "Having allowed the mind to return for some hundred times to the hour of birth, it should be encouraged to endeavour to penetrate beyond that period" (6) (Crowley). "After twenty runs through birth, the patient experienced a recession of all somatics and 'unconsciousness' and aberrative content." "Thus there was no inhibition about looking earlier than birth for what Dianetics had begun to call basic-basic" (7) (Hubbard).

Both Hubbard and Crowley are avowedly anti-psychiatry. "Official psychoanalysis is therefore committed to upholding a fraud... psychoanalysts have misinterpreted life, and announced the absurdity that every human being is essentially an anti-social, criminal, and insane animal" (8) (Crowley). Hubbard considered that psychiatry controlled most of society and was struggling to create their own 1984 world. (9)

Hubbard (10) and Crowley both posit the ability of the person to leave his or her body at times. Crowley states that the way to learn to leave your body is to mock up a body like your own in front of your physical body. Eventually you will learn to leave your physical body with your "astral body" and travel and view at will without physical restrictions. (11) Hubbard teaches the same, and his method of "exteriorization" is to tell the person to "have preclear mock up own body" (12), which will send the person outside his body.

Both Crowley (13) and Hubbard (14) use an equilateral triangle pointing up in a circle as one of their group's symbols. Both use Volume 0 instead of Volume 1 to begin enumerating their works. One could go on for quite some time listing the similarities between Crowley's and Hubbard's theories and writings, but for more the reader is encouraged to look for him or herself.

In Crowley's Organization are several grade levels. To reach the Grade of Adeptus Exemptus "The Adept must prepare and publish a thesis setting forth His knowledge of the Universe, and his proposals for its welfare and progress. He will thus be known as the leader of a school of thought." (15) It is apparent that Hubbard has fulfilled this requirement.

First, an explanation of what gnosticism is. It is an old religious philosophy with Platonic roots. Basically, gnostics believe that we as humans are "outsiders" to this material universe. Our immortal godlike souls were trapped here in a body by evil forces, and we are reincarnated continually, while our true spiritual identities are clouded from our memory. It is our task to discover the hidden knowledge, or gnosis, that will allow us to escape this evil material world of illusion and return to our rightful place. We keep reincarnating until we learn how to escape.
The world seems to be 'the epitome of evil'. Because it is alien to their true nature, human beings must renounce it and flee from it in order to be able to return to their heavenly home. To achieve this aim they must possess Gnosis, be reborn in their true nature, and be baptized in the cup of knowledge into which the divine intellect has been poured. (16)
Salvation begins with a messenger from beyond bringing the necessary knowledge to mankind, but this knowledge is given only to those deemed worthy, and even then one must follow certain steps in order to arrive at the ultimate Truths. The individual must struggle to earn and then incorporate the secret knowledge needed to return to his rightful place.

There is a need for someone to bring this gnosis or knowledge to mankind:
It follows that this divine reality cannot be known through the ordinary faculties of the mind. Illumination, revelation, the intervention of a celestial mediator is required. He descends from above to call the Gnostic, to rouse him from earthly sleep and drunkenness, to take him back to his divine homeland. (17)
While on this earth, man is plagued by many difficulties which lessen his real abilities and being. One problem to us all is that within each of our bodies is a plethora of spirits or souls, causing us harm:
A hierarchy of demons, servile and ready, is continually at work in everyone's body, transformed into a remorseless inferno in miniature. (18)
Mankind is also cursed with forgetfulness of his true home and true composition, being blinded by this material world.

As with Christianity today, there were many sects of gnosticism. The most famous gnostics were those that took the basic ideas of Christianity and mixed them into their own otherworldly theories. One of the most dangerous enemies of the early church were the Christian gnostic movement, for it greatly distorted the essential message of Christ and his followers while using similar terminology. The early church fathers, such as Clement of Alexandria and Tertullian, spent much of their time speaking out against gnosticism.

Scientology, however, embraces gnosticism. Its doctrines are gnostic, and it uses gnostic writings to support its own ideas. For example, "Advance!" issue 93 has an article entitled "The Surprising Christian Tradition of Reincarnation", which relies heavily on gnostic writings such as the Pistis Sophia (the best known of the surviving gnostic writings) to support its viewpoint. Scientology is clearly gnostic, by its own admission and by the similarities to its own and gnostic teachings. Once again, ideas Hubbard declares to be new and discovered by him, are shown to be derived from old and widespread teachings in existence long before he came along.

Hubbard claimed to be the sole source of the hidden knowledge needed to escape these earthly bonds. "The mystery of this universe... has been, as far as its track is concerned, completely occluded. No one has ever been able to make any breakthrough and come off with it and know what happened... I finally was able to make a breakthrough which brought people through the zone safely." (19)

When Hubbard died in 1986, it was announced that he had left this "MEST" (the acronym of Matter, Space, Time, and Energy) universe to continue his work and research. In other words, he had obtained the gnosis needed to break the bonds to this material illusory plane and travel to other worlds or dimensions at will. (20)

Hubbard was the sole source for the technology Scientologists need to break free from this MEST universe. "Nobody else - NOBODY - ever discovered it." (21) He is thus the gnostic "celestial mediator" empowered to bring mankind the knowledge needed to bring us back home.

Another obvious connection to gnosticism is in the upper level of training known as Operating Thetan III, or "The Wall of Fire." It is at this level that the Scientologist first is taught that many of his problems are caused by other souls attached to his soul. These souls are detached and sent on their way through the course training. The goal of OTIII is to rid the individual of hundreds of "Body Thetans", or other souls attached to the main dominant individual. No one is even allowed to see OTIII material until he has completed the previous courses leading up to OTIII. (21) This material is carefully guarded and treated as a great important mystery to be imparted only to those proven worthy.

These great "discoveries" of Hubbard actually were taught as far back as 300 AD:
"For many spirits dwell in it [the body] and do not permit it to be pure; each of them brings to fruition its own works, and they treat it abusively by means of unseemly desires. To me it seems that the heart suffers in much the same way as an inn: for it has holes and trenches dug in it and is often filled with filth by men who live there licentiously and have no regard for the place because it belongs to another." (22)
Although this sounds almost identical to ideas in OTIII, it is in fact a quote from Valentinus, one of the most famous early Christian gnostics, writing around 300 AD. Valentinus taught that there was more than one spirit within an individual, causing difficulties for the "host" or main soul of the individual. The gnostic Basilides also taught in a similar vein that man "preserves the appearance of a wooden horse, according to the poetic myth, embracing as he does in one body a host of such different spirits." (23)

The above is similar to the New Testament idea of demons in that demons are "outsiders" from the main inhabitant of the body and are problematic to the host. Gnostics, however, seem to feel that it is the normal human condition to have these other souls, whereas Christianity considers this a rare aberration.

Another gnostic idea, that this is a world of illusion, is in Scientology doctrine as well. Scientology teaches that this universe we live in is the MEST (matter, energy, space, time) universe that exists solely because the non-MEST beings known as thetans decided to agree to bind themselves to the rules and laws that we see operating here, such as gravity and the speed of light: "a Thetan may postulate a material or mental condition and subsequently consider that he cannot escape that condition, and succumb to the resulting illusion of entrapment within it." (24) Theta beings (Hubbard's name for the soul) lived here on earth by dwelling in a human body. Humans, that is, the living body, existed without the theta being before the thetans were trapped in this material universe. Theta beings are "trapped" into human bodies by trickery and forget their true nature:
Your preclear was basically good, happy, ethical and aesthetic before the contagion of the MEST universe got him. Then, still a thetan, he wasn't very good but he was still trusting and ethical. Finally, when he had a body - well, look around. (25)
Scientology then shares the gnostic idea that mankind is separate from the physical universe and is trapped against his will here.

As gnosticism is a secret knowledge, Scientology hides its upper level or OT level teachings under a strict veil of secrecy. When I visited the Los Angeles "Big Blue Building" of Scientology, I was invited to listen to some OT VIII's speak via satellite from the "Free Winds" ship where OT VIII is exclusively taught. An OT VII on board said that the OT VIII material is in a locked case, and the only way to open the case is to enter a certain locked room and pass the case under a laser beam there. Scientologists are taught that if they hear the teachings of OT III before they have taken the necessary previous courses, they will catch pneumonia and die.

Early gnostics also used various methods to hide their teachings. The initiations were so secret that today we can only piece parts of them together. The writings of many gnostics were purposely vague and incomprehensible, so only the initiated could understand them.

The goal of dianetics and Scientology is to return the Theta being to its inherent abilities (i.e. freeing it from the laws of this universe) and remove it from its need to have a body. The sole source for accomplishing this is the technology of L. Ron Hubbard, celestial mediator of the gnostic Church of Scientology.

Parenthetically, one can clearly see from above that these teachings clash with Christian thinking today. While Scientologists claim that "in Scientology there is no attempt to change another's beliefs or to persuade the person away from his own religious practice," (26) in reality there is an incongruity of beliefs that must fall either to the side of Scientology or Christianity. They are not compatible. Scientology is gnostic, which has been seen from almost the beginning of Christianity to be a great threat to correct Christian dogma (see the Ante-Nicene Fathers writings, for example), and it requires the belief in reincarnation, which is foreign to Christian thought. Elsewhere I write about Hubbard's connection to Aleister Crowley, "my very good friend," who called himself the anti-christ and taught accordingly. Hubbard generously borrowed ideas from and admired the writings of Crowley. Obviously, Scientology's claim that their ideas will not interfere with a person's Christian beliefs is absurd. ... bbard.html
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