Trick or treat

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Trick or treat

Postby JayKew » Sun Apr 03, 2011 1:34 am

Well Im as skeptical as the rest of us or else I would not enjoy my time here on RU.

I saw a youtube vid on ghosts a few days ago and one part in particular puzzled me.

Now my expertise is organic and inorganic chemistry and that sort of precludes me from being an expert in Photoshop and similar software.

So please forgive my ignorance but is 57 seconds onwards for about 10 seconds worth me investigating further or is it just your normal run of the mill Industrial Light and Magic sort of stuff.

I found ... r_embedded

57 secs fascinating ............... or am I just an ignoramus.

Is it easy to do ?

Regards to all

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In Search of Reality
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Re: Trick or treat

Postby chrLz » Sun Apr 03, 2011 8:57 am

JayKew wrote:Well Im as skeptical as the rest of us

Good - keep it up!

I took a look at the 57+ bit, and have to say that it is *dreadfully* fake. Apart from the ease with which that sort of thing can be done in any half decent video-editing program (definitely no need for anything anywhere near IL&M), doesn't the scenario look a bit strange? The person walked through didn't notice anything, wasn't alarmed?

Is it easy to do ?

Yes. At that resolution, pitifully so. And it hasn't even been done particularly well.

I'm really a bit puzzled as to why you would think that any of that was worthy of more than a giggle.. The use of such majestic music is often a giveaway - why wouldn't the original sound be included, and/or relevant information about the sources of these videos...?

And what is a 'copilation' - sounds a bit like something else...
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