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Postby Xena » Fri Jul 14, 2006 1:31 am

This post was from the Skywatch Discussion group which was deleted by Jim Hickman last year after some controversy which can be read in the replacement group "Ufodiscussion", search the earliest posts for references of Jim Hickman, if you're that way inclined.

In this post Bill discusses the origins of the Jrods, as being from our future rather than ETs, a concept which in the last couple of months has been strangely accepted by George Knapp, Don Ecker and William Birnes, who do not publically accept DB's claims.

Are there any sources other than Dan Burisch for this new and increasingly accepted concept, of Jrods being us from the future?

Why do the 3 listed above now promote this as being reality rather than yet another Burisch myth?

Cliffnotes for anyone wondering: Sometime after 2012 according to the B files, doom and gloom descends, the world's resources can no longer sustain us and the "lucky ones" get to travel in an ark, to the moon, then mars and on to Orion, morphing into humanoid ets along the way, but in cahoots with the reps.

The rest of us get to stay on Earth and morph into Jrod's, I forget the rest but cloning and various other stuff leaves us all without a soul? So they're back and it's personal as they are here to tamper with the genetic makeup of humans to fix the mistakes.... and of course Dr B is the only guy in the universe who can save us:) Throw in a bit of cosmic blarney, occultic mysticism and there you have it, from my jaded POV, lol. The story has morphed over time, so B cultists aren't likely to agree 100% with the above anymore.

Subject: [SD] Why are they here Part 2 and Who are they?
Date: Mon, 03 Jun 2002 14:00:45 +0000
From: Bill Hamilton <>

I have attempted to give a scenario of why certain aliens are here and so
involved with us.

Some of you thought this was an interesting theory, but it is not a theory
so much as a scenario based on briefing documents that Dr. Dan Burisch read
at Area 51/S4.

One of my colleagues at this enterprise thought I had been reading too many
sci-fi books. Actually, I don't read as much sci-fi as I did in my youth
these days, but I do not fault him for this reaction as he is doing much
more than your average Joe in attempting to inform the public about the
existence of Majestic and EBEs. He is in a unique position to do so as he
networks with some very bright people who have had firsthand experience with
US UFO projects.

I am not even presenting this as a theory, but as a possible scenario, and
not one that I am eager to embrace. It is just that I feel it answers a lot
of questions, especially those posed by my wife Pamela
Hamilton. I feel that my wife Pamela may have genetic markers that the
aliens use to track.

In the book "Black Holes and Time Warps", physicists Steven Hawking and
Kip Thorne explain why time travel is possible.

There are physicists who do not believe time travel is possible and others
who not only think it is possible, but feel that they might develop a
practical means of such travel.

This scenario was sent to Edgar Mitchell, founder of the Institute of Noetic
Sciences, who scoffed at the scenario with this statement: "not only common
sense, but realistic physics. Time travel, as too
many still delude themselves is just imagination."

Yet, many famous physicists now believe in the possibility of time travel.

See: Deutch, David and Michael Lockwood (1994) ‘The Quantum Physics of Time
Travel’, Scientific American, 270 (3): 50-56.

I found the follwing statement in support of this:
"Various researchers have proposed ways in which backward and forward time
machines can be built that do not seem to violate any know laws of physics.
Remember that the laws of physics tell us what is possible, not what is
practical for humans at this point in time. The physics of time travel is
still in its infancy. While all physicists today admit that time travel to
the future is possible, many still believe time travel to the past will
never be easily attainable. Don't believe anyone who tells you that humans
will never have efficient technology for backward and forward time travel.
Accurately predicting future technology is nearly impossible, and history is
filled with underestimates of technology."

Be that as it may, the other possibility that has been brought out is that
the briefing documents used at S4 maybe full of
disinformation, or that information obtained from the aliens is deliberately
deceitful, but we are not in a position to falsify
these claims as we have few facts that are accessible to the public.

With the possibility that the scenario given might have some truth to it,
let me clarify my former statements with those given by my source, BJ Wolf
who received this info from Dr. Dan Burisch. We do not know the source of
the original material, but it is surmised that the aliens showed some
members of Majestic something of their history which then
gets translated into a briefing document which then is read and remembered
(in part) by a project scientist which is then relayed verbally to a friend,
then restated to me. When you have this many nodes on a communication
channel, there is bound to be some degradation of signal. Nevertheless,
here it is...

"Unfortunately, I think that the glut of sci-fi shows will actually do more
to hurt the cause of disclosure than anything else. Perhaps that is why they
were proliferated. I believe that there is an underlying plan to prepare a
foundation for disinformation using the popular tv and press. Lets face it,
in our current culture, it's awfully easy for people to say "you've been
watching one too many episodes of the X-files" rather than to believe a
difficult truth - especially when it's already been hinted-at during one of
those episodes.

A rather elegant defense against disclosure, if you ask me.

And one that will come up again and again, I am sure.

As I understand it, from my brief conversations with Dan, the first group
migrated to Mars, then ultimately to a planet or planets near a star in the
Orion constelation.

The other group, that eventually became the "grays" remained on Earth after
what ever happened.....and went underground. They survived as best they
could and eventually regained and then surpassed our current technology so
that they could also migrate to the stars. Only this group went toward Zeta

Over the many thousands of years between our current time frame and the time
when they eventually regained contact with the first group that migrated
toward Orion, they evolved into the Grays, because of the conditions they
were forced to live in. Separated by time, they became a new species, but
the genetics that underly our common heritage are stronger than distance.

So they decided that by cooperating with the original group that went toward
Orion, they could try to address the problems that caused the mess in the
first place - but to do so, they would have to go back into time, using
their advanced technology, and correct the problems before they could break
the Human race apart. To do this, they elected to go way back in our
history, and begin their work then.

As a side note, I have been fascinated with the study of ancient mankind and
our ascent from the ape for many years. Dan used to laugh at me, and kid me
unmercifly because I was constantly poking around the subject. I also was
inexplicably drawn to the study of deep benthic biotic communities,
including the bacterial mats that proliferate under extreme deepwater
conditions and various bacteria that live in ocean floor vents. In fact,
when I did my undergraduate work, some of my electives were in these fields.
Dan always told me that there was more to the picture, and kept asking me
what I had found recently. When I told him I was doing some research on the
encephylation of early man, and I couldn't understand why there were such
unprecedented jumps in intracranial capacity at certain points in our
prehistory, Dan would just smile and change the subject. But now, as I learn
more, especially about the doctrine of convergent timelines, it all makes a
lot more sense. Especially mankinds jump in brain size, with no apparant
'ramping up' to the larger encephylation.

So to return to the issue at hand - the two future-races decided to work
together to craft humanity so that we would grow and mature in such a way as
to avoid the pitfalls they knew were coming. Yet, even in that hope, the
plan is flawed. You'd think that they'd know that being as intelligent as
they must be to have developed so far. If they were successful then they
would not exist in the forms they occupied when they made the decision to go
back and correct the problems in the first place. If they were successful,
then they would not exist. If they did not exist, they could have engineered
us (the people that they were before the crisis). It's one big cycle.

So as we got closer and closer to the time of the event that triggers the
problems that split our race, their interest in a detailed study of our
genetics became profound.

Dan originally told me that the 'they' were trying to engage in 'self-help'
for the neuropathy that was affecting their people. They felt that if they
could study the more 'primitive' DNA of their predecessors (us) that they
would be able to figure out a way to fix their genetic problem. Then, as Dan
told me several years ago, they engaged our help to genetically back
engineer their neruonal failure and help to develop a solution. I guess
that's where the original cooperative plan was hatched that entailed the
cooperative effort of our scientists and theirs. The agreement that had us
build a secret base, deep in the Nevada desert, with 9 hangers on level 1
and a clean sphere on leve 4-5. Out of respect, we used 9s as much as
possible in our naming schema, and layered our maths to make them feel more
Then, in 1994 when they departed, we kept one of their scientists back, and
continued to study his biology, as well as backengineering their artifacts,
crafts and technologies.

I don't know, maybe it's just my optimism, but perhaps, just possibly if we
can disclose the existence of extraterrestrials now, we might help to break
the paradox. Maybe even derail the cycle before the critical moment that
perpetuates the spiral?

I hope this helps a little. It's really difficult to explain a subject like
this when I have only been exposed to the information briefly. But I'm doing
my best."

I was told back in 1988 that there was something wrong with the alien
genetics and that they were on an evolutionary downcurve. I have filed that
information away in my gray (no pun intended) basket. All of this info is
still in my gray basket until I can authenticate it or falsify it.

Actually, I see nothing in this that excludes extraterrestrials that evolved
on other worlds and may have been on one of the planets of
Zeta Reticuli in the first play helping others attain greater technology.

Some of the Greys seem to bemoan the loss of human emotions and seem to
devise tests of emotions with abductees. Budd Hopkins has spoken of this.

There is a human tendency called 'belief' which I have spoken about before.
I am not wedded to this particular belief and very few others.
Like the rest of you I am just in the process of assimilating information.
Some want to limit this to evidence (soft and hard) of
UFO sightings. I just choose to go beyond this and investigate
the who, what, where, and why behind the phenomena.

Again, I resort to quoting Buddha about belief:
""Believe nothing because a wise man said it...
Believe nothing because it is generally held as true...
Believe nothing because it is written...
Believe nothing because it is said to be divine...
Believe nothing because someone else believes it...
Believe only what you yourself judge to be true."
The Buddha


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Edit: snipped from above
Who would be the source from 1988?
I was told back in 1988 that there was something wrong with the alien
genetics and that they were on an evolutionary downcurve. I have filed that
information away in my gray (no pun intended) basket.
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Postby dragonfire » Fri Jul 14, 2006 1:44 am

If I remember correctly, when they did a documentary on Bentwaters on History channel, one of the US guys went under hypnosis and said to the effect "they are us". Is these the time travelers of our future?

Kind of goes along with that train of thought.

If anyone has a copy, or recorded that (I wish I did), Maybe you could check it out?

Hello BCE, Cartoon, hibits, etc., etc, etc.,...........[/b]
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Postby Xena » Sat Jul 15, 2006 3:15 am

dragonfire wrote:If I remember correctly, when they did a documentary on Bentwaters on History channel, one of the US guys went under hypnosis and said to the effect "they are us". Is these the time travelers of our future?

Kind of goes along with that train of thought.

If anyone has a copy, or recorded that (I wish I did), Maybe you could check it out?

Hello BCE, Cartoon, hibits, etc., etc, etc.,...........[/b]

I've seen that show on the torrent sites, conspiracy central probably has it.

Don't suppose Cartoon can see this now but I found this little gem on Bill Robertson while looking at the files I got from UJ.


Copyright (C) 1982 Astar Paramejgian (Captain Bill Robertson)

I thought it sounded a bit galactic federation and Council of nine like to me. You've all probably been there done that but in case:
The Truth about Bill Robertson

In 1982, Bill Robertson decided that his time had come to "reveal" his real identity.

He unveiled - to the surprise of his co-religionists - that he was not just Bill Robertson, a normal earthling, but was in fact called Astar Paramejgian, one of three beings who were in reality controlling the lives of trillions of inhabitants of "Sector 9", a collection of thousands of stars and planets in this sector of the galaxy.

Astar, alias Robertson, did not hesitate to immediately pass orders to this part of the galaxy, demanding unconditional compliance. ... oberts.htm

I think I'm outgrowing the aviary category with this thread again:)
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Reality Is In Sight
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