Anyone Got 411 on Millennium Twain?

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Anyone Got 411 on Millennium Twain?

Postby You Can Call Me Ray » Wed Oct 31, 2007 10:02 pm

Figured this might be the best place for this post...

So I had seen some stuff from this "Millennium Twain" guy before but never stopped to look for verification or any history on him. But when I read a couple of the claims of what he, personally, has done I had to stop and try to dig up anything I could on him. Here are the claims that raised red flags for me:

The US/International Space Station was ‘seeded’ in December 1982, when, as an intern for the California Senate Joint Committee on Science & Technology, I wrote the establishing legislation.

On some sites where I find his musings he liked to call himself "father of the US/International Space Station." :shock: Never heard of the guy, can't seem to find any veridical bio info on him and, well, something just smells fishy when a person who was allegedly writing legislation also claims things like this:

My greatest scientific accomplishment is the demonstration of the nature and structure of the continuum (unified) field of the cosmos. The aenertial aether plenum of experience, most widely (seen and unseen field) known as ‘feeling’ or ‘electromagnetism’ - this aemotional sea of light of all frequencies propagates in a helix, one wave upon another, continuously through all scales of solar systems, galaxies, superclusters and back again.

All this and more (nonsense) at: ... aceplanes/

And then I found the following website with lots of his writings (and another questionable claim):

later he designed the series of X49 scramjet (air-breathing) spaceplanes

Of course, I cannot find anything on him that even purports to state credentials or education/degrees conferred.

At this point, he seems to be a hippy-dippy-doo type of guy who certainly likes to toot his own horn and style himself as another new Renaissance Man.

Anyone else run across this guy or have any more info on him?

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