Texas Man Sees Gift From Heaven In Jesus Meteorite

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Texas Man Sees Gift From Heaven In Jesus Meteorite

Postby Access Denied » Tue Dec 18, 2007 6:05 am

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Texas Man Sees Gift From Heaven In Jesus Meteorite

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CELINA, Texas -- A Texas man believes a meteorite that fell near his home was a gift from the heavens.

Terrance Cotton said he believes the meteorite looks like the face of Jesus Christ.

Cotton was playing with his dogs outside his home and wishing on what he thought was a falling star.

That's when heard a strange sound and looked up.

"There was this cracking sound and it was really loud," said Cotton.

The object crashed into his yard. At first, he thought this object was just a meteorite.

Then, Cotton said he got a message.

"I heard a voice and it said, 'Look and see if you can see a face,'" Cotton said. "And I looked and I saw an image of Jesus Christ."

When it happened, almost a year ago, it made headlines in Abilene. Now, dozens of people are coming to Cotton's home in Celina to see the meteorite.

Terrance said he wants to share it with the world.

"I've had people look at it and they can't look at it anymore -- it's too much," he said. "And I've had people come in and say they can't see it."

Whether they see the miracle or not, Terrance said has seen changes in his life. He said he is now more at peace.

Cotton had scientists from Hardin Simmons University look at the meteorite to confirm that it was real.

He said he has also had several people offer to buy it for thousands of dollars.

At least he didn’t claim he saw it ejected from a flying saucer…
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