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Re: Whats the point?

Postby You Can Call Me Ray » Sun May 04, 2008 12:18 pm

caleban wrote:
NOWHERE did I say Lear should be banned for simply signing up as an RU member.

The full, factual interpretation of your statement is correct. The intent is not. That is what
lost_shaman meant.

You now claiming to know my intent? LS is privvy to my intent? My intent is that people who spew BS and cannot support it should not be continued in being allowed to spew it...at least here on RU. Problem?

Ray and others to openly call for JL and Zorgon to be 'banned'...

That is clear and the "intent" of lost_shaman's statement.

And this is also a fine example of taking a quote out of context, isn't it? When you replace the words "simply for signing up as Members of RU" with one of these "..." it kind of changes the meaning of the sentence...right? Pray tell Caleban, why do you need to "win" this argument so badly that you need to modify LS's words by leaving out important descriptors to which I was replying?

The reference is to the generic "ban threat bandwagon" a lot of
you jumped on, not each individual's pet knee-jerk specific.

I don't get this, nor make such a distinction. Lear has a long history of BS. He was asked to meet a higher standard in coming to RU (and bravo for that). He couldn't. Them's the rules, and I am all for enforcing the rules.

Yours, Ray?
"My vote is now clearly in for banning you for ignoring the facts I have presented..." = May 01, Ray.

Yep, those are my words. And it even states the rules-based premise for why I supported the ban (lack of evidence). Problem?

You even treat "toon" better than that. This is just crazy.

Oh come now!!! That is a bit like night and day. I had always said that Toon was a worthy opponent...a person who had some interesting views, even if I did not agree with all of them. My problem with Toon, which is what gets him banned over and over, is that when he cannot force me to accept his view he descends into an adolescent name-calling and insult binge. In point of fact, Toon and I virtually never had an argument centered around wild, wacky, and difficult to prove claims. Toon always played the overt moralist...trying to talk down to me and others as if his morals were higher than ours. Pretty much always philosophical discussions. I can't remember any arguments we had about the moon being made of green cheese, or even if the moon had a breathable atmosphere. Toon didn't buy that kind of BS, even is he was tolerant of other forms of BS... I also can't say I ever caught Toon in an overt lie. I cannot say the same for Lear.

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Re: Whats the point?

Postby ryguy » Thu May 15, 2008 6:05 pm

You Can Call Me Ray wrote:I also can't say I ever caught Toon in an overt lie. I cannot say the same for Lear.


I agree 100% about Lear. However I have caught Toon in multiple lies...albeit they were lies based on ignorance of facts surrounding the event he discusses. Then again, with people like Toon, they usually don't wait to gather all of the important and relevant information before opening their big, fat obnoxious mouths.

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