The Dogons and The Sirius Mystery

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Re: The Dogons and The Sirius Mystery

Postby Nemo » Sat Jan 23, 2010 9:32 pm

Lewis and Clark described it as a conical mound and "A place of deavils". They were 18" tall and had remarkably large heads. There are also conical mounds in England, not that I am suggesting any connection there. It is actually near Vermillion South Dakota and is a historic prairie area now. It looks too large to be artificial. ... X%26um%3D1 ... tmound.htm ... CB8QsAQwBA

There is a book by Barry Fell which shows Algonquin writing, that of the Micmac's, and Egyptian and Phoneacian heiroglyphs and they are amazingly identical for the same words/concepts. I suppose that this could possibly be because of some similarity of how people conceptualized writing and based it on human anatomy but it is also curious to me as to why any Native American tribe here ever developed writing? Did need it to write books? Did they need it to keep records or to record trading transactions? I doubt it. Maybe to record agreements. Possibly.

To me this is also interesting because of the recent DNA evidence.
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