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Our Mission at Reality Uncovered

Postby ryguy » Wed May 17, 2006 12:13 am

A forum of Open Minds & Fair Skeptics

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Reality Uncovered Forum. The goal of this forum is to provide everyone - believers, outright skeptics, and all those in between, a common place to share their ideas as well as their research on the topics related to the reality of the world around us.

One of the most important topics today is that of government disclosure of UFO/Alien reality. We've created a forum that explores the current activities that are allegedly sanctioned government disclosure. We encourage everyone, to investigate, research, and uncover the truth in each of these areas. And hopefully together, we can uncover the truth.

The mission of this forum is not to "oil the wheels" of disclosure. It is to seperate the weeds - to remove the disinfo from the info. This is our mission. We hope, that some day preferably soon, world governments come forward with disclosure of the answer to the alien question.

However we must not allow governments to use ufology as a tool to confuse or discredit other governments, groups, or individuals for other purposes. Ufology should not be a government disinfo tool. These games of disinfo have gone on for far too long. It is time for researchers to seperate the lies from the truth. We will not allow the deception, from within or without any government, to continue. The world of ufology needs a face lift.

Our philosophy within this forum demands that if anyone sees evidence of a hoaxed disclosure, they will be allowed to reveal such evidence here, and will be given an equal opportunity for open discussion of the evidence from both sides. This forum is for people to openly discuss disclosures and all of the players involved however they choose to and with absolute freedom - to embrace or deny each disclosure however they please. Intelligent and accurate analysis will be embraced.

Personal attacks from any side of any debate is inexcusable. Kneejerk bannings laid down in the heat of an argument is horribly inappropriate in any forum of "open minds". That activity will never take place here. Catering to a select few individuals given their "anonymi" status is also inexcusable and will not take place here either. In this forum, we are all equals. Everyone deserves equal respect.

This forum is provided to you for free and open discussion of not only government disclosure, but of your perception of what "makes" the reality of the world around you. We believe that the alien question is a large part of the reality of the world around us, and we seek to sort through the many fabrics of reality.

I ask each member here to rid themselves of any preconceived notions of their own reality. There is much to learn here, and there is much to offer. Please post with respect, provide research and citations to back your posts, as much as possible, and they will become good examples of intelligent discussion and research. Enjoy the forum, and I hope that either true disclosure, or skilled and intelligent research and investigation, eventually does reveal the truth to all of us in the end.

With respect,
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