Government/Military Personnel....Come Forward

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Government/Military Personnel....Come Forward

Postby ryguy » Mon Jan 22, 2007 5:27 pm

Government/Military Personnel....Come Forward

To encourage government/military personnel to come forward with their information, data, and experiences regarding UFO's and Alien experience and their knowledge of the reality and their own experiences regarding these phenomena - there are several approaches.

We see one extreme with the "Bill Ryan & Kerry Cassidy" approach. Attract any and all individuals who have information and/or experiences to share. No verification or difficult questions will be asked, the experiences will simply be produced via video interview - it is up to the audience to verify the claims as true or untrue. The problem here is...after several stories are shown to be hoaxers or attention-seekers...all future stories are under an extra shadow of doubt.

We see another extreme in the extreme skeptic camp, where every claim is placed under a microscope - background checks are conducted on the claimant and every fact is hunted down, mostly for the sole purpose of disproving or discrediting the individual. Most witnesses shy away from extreme skeptics - a natural human fear of that microscope and unfair attacks.

What I would like to offer to the USG / Military folk who visit these pages and read through this forum - those who are looking for answers to the questions they have because of their own experiences - I offer to you this...true anonymity in combination with verification and respect in the eyes of level-headed, fair minded skeptical believers. It is possible...follow along.

Those who believe in true and proper analysis of claims and stories want to see, first of all, that the storyteller isn't a hoaxer looking for attention or fame. This is a symptom of so many hoaxters confusing this field of research with rediculous stories and tales borrowed from science fiction books. In order to convince a skeptical public, we need, first, to collect the stories from sources who are respectable, who have nothing to gain from telling the stories, and who believe with all their heart in true and accurate disclosure for the American public.

If anything is true here, it is this: The military men and women we're dealing with here have certainly seen their fair share of strange, odd, and convincing events that convince them beyond a shadow of a doubt that things not-of-this-earth are visiting us. It may surprise many to know that some lower-ranking military folk know more than some within the highest ranks. These are the individuals we seek.

What we offer - first we will verify your identity (so that we are able to confirm to any skeptic that you aren't a hoaxer)...second, we keep your identity private if requested....thirdly, we work with you to verify the parts of your experience that can be verified, and to track down witnesses or documents to the parts that are not easily verified. Our track record in regards to verifying sources and digging up verifying documents via FOIA and using other methods, has been tested and proven.

Finally, with a clear background and a confirmed and verified story - we can assist with moving disclosure forward, one story at a time. No more hoaxes, only true, tested experiences from the men and women who have sworn an oath to protect this country from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

We know you're us and let us help. For the sake of freedom - let knowledge of what's real be free as well. The time is now.

Register and send Zep Tepi or Ryguy a PM. Or email us at, or

"Only a fool of a scientist would dismiss the evidence and reports in front of him and substitute his own beliefs in their place." - Paul Kurtz

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