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Reality Uncovered Interviews Dan Smith

Postby ryguy » Fri Feb 02, 2007 6:12 pm

RealityUncovered Interviews Dan Smith

We will be conducting an interview with Mr. Dan Smith - the author of a controversial and intriguing online blog entitled BPW - or Best Possible World at

Dr. Richard Boylan wrote the following about Dan Smith in 2000 (see link)

For a number of years Ron Pandolfi, CIA specialist in UFO matters, had an arrangement with civilian UFO investigator Dan Smith. Pandolfi would meet regularly with Smith, and provide some leaks about UFO information, with the understanding that Smith would disseminate these widely among the community of top UFO investigators. Smith has done so. He also freely acknowledges this arrangement, whereas Pandolfi will acknowledge only that he has met with Smith who tells him various things. Pandolfi does not admit being a UFO information specialist, and it is doubtful that he would acknowledge any affiliation with the Aviary group.

Of course, Dan Smith is more than just a civilian UFO investigator - he is a millionaire physicist who has had spiritual events occur in his life which have focused his views and his life toward this single purpose. These views (and his life) are very difficult to summarize within a single paragraph. Dan Smith is a complicated and intriguing I leave the summary of his stated purpose to be expressed in his own words, in the summary paragraph on his introductory page at BPW:

What do I see that the other observers do not? Coming from a background in physics, I am aware that there remains a hard core of scientists who are still in pursuit of Truth, with a capital 'T'. The recent progress in theoretical physics leaves some of them tantalizingly close the 'Grand Unified Theory of Everything'. And in general there is a silent minority which has not given up the strong desire for intellectual coherence. If and when a few of these stalwarts are presented with a viable, coherent alternative to scientific materialism, some of them will take it seriously. It would only take a determined and articulate handful of such individuals to constitute a publicly noticeable presence. The ensuing discussions would presumably lead to more 'converts', and would constitute an intellectual and eventually a spiritual trend, given that there does indeed exist a personally accessible coherent Truth as is being outlined here.

I can only hope that in this Best Possible World we do not have to be prodded with a 'stick' in order to become interested in the intellectual and spiritual 'carrot' being offered. "

Important - Member Input Required

While we have developed an outline of our discussion with Dan - the goal of this interview is to provide our members with an opportunity to have their specific questions posed to Dan in a focused and direct interview. So our members will drive this interview - not us.

Please take a moment to produce any relevant question at all that you would like to have posed to Dan in our interview with him. The interview will be conducted either 1-on-1 or 2-on-1 to provide Dan an opportunity to discuss these issues without distraction and with an opportunity to elaborate wherever he would like. And as always, with Dan's prior agreement, we reserve the right to ask tough questions - Dan has graciously agreed to answer.

You may post your interview questions for Dan either here in this forum thread, or privately via PM or email to either Steve or I.

Thank you!
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