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Postby Zep Tepi » Fri Feb 09, 2007 5:54 pm

A Conversation with Dan Smith
In this interview, Ryan Dube speaks with Dan Smith, who describes himself as an Eschatologist. He is a philosopher concerning issues of mind and matter, and many interesting metaphysical topics related to Eschatology. This in turn has drawn him into the area of UFOlogy and ET contact, and in effect has brought him in contact with a source inside U.S. Intelligence who provides Dan with various forms of information. Dan processes this input and updates his online blog http://www.bestpossibleworld.com/. Dan discusses his history in these matters, the various important individuals within UFOlogy with "insider" status, and he discusses what the Best Possible World Hypothesis means to him. Some of the ideas presented in this interview are on the outer edge of what we consider to be our established reality. However one only needs to keep in mind that his source is one of the few true government insiders we have been able to confirm during our investigations. Listen here (38MB mp3 format, right-click and choose "Save Target")

Reality section now open
The Reality section of the site is finally open. It's taken some time and the only excuse has been laziness, essentially ;). There is a new 9/11 article available to read as well as an excellent illusion to see. There are several more articles nearing completion and these will be available within the next few days.

911 Conspiracies - Attack on the Pentagon
Much talk about the terrorist strike of the Pentagon on 9/11 revolves around the possibility, or to some, the probability, that a missile, not an airplane, actually hit the building. This article, written from the perspective of someone familiar with the Air Traffic Control (ATC) system will attempt to shed some light on the event. Kudos to Max for this article :)


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