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Member Topics of Interest

Postby ryguy » Mon Jul 17, 2006 2:09 pm

Further Research/Discussion Topics

Hi everyone... We're interested in learning what the top topics of interest are for our members, in order to focus energy on developing areas that interest our members.

If you know of any paranormal/ufology controversial topics you would like to see explored with the kind of dissection and critical thinking that took place with Serpo, please provide a research topic that interests you. Some current areas we're exploring include:

- Further "behind" Serpo, how far back do the Doty/Collins fabrications go, and who else is involved?
- What the government really says about UFO's and Ufologists - an essay
- Steven Greer and the Disclosure project in relation to exopolitics
- ICIS, its role in PSI, ufology, and exopolitics in general
- A search for any "authentic" ufo/alien evidence: photos, videos, stories...
- Dan Burisch: Summary of the major evidence for & against
- PSI research: Exploring the evidence for & against
- Ghosts: "Authentic" verified stories

Okay - any additional ideas? What kind of discussion really keeps your interest? :)

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Postby ScaRZ » Mon Jul 17, 2006 2:28 pm

Well Ryan I think you know where most of my interest would be.

God, religion, ancient civilizations & cultures and how they appear to tie into Ufology.

If the traffic doesn't pick up here, it probably wouldn't be worth messing with. Just like the OM thread on the subject matter, it died pretty quickly. It just appears not many have an interest in anything other than if it relates to Serpo.
Both sites have quit a few members, but most never join in on the discussion of anything, or very seldom.
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