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Postby Springer » Tue Aug 08, 2006 1:59 am

[I saw this thread after I had already posted this in the other thread in this forum. I feel strongly enough about this to make sure it gets seen here too.)

I am at a loss as why Dr. Webre has bought into the libel of charlatans regarding ATS...

Everything they told him would happen has proven to be a lie. Not to mention we are distributing the video in a download absolutely FREE OF CHARGE and require ZERO compensation from ANYONE in ANY form. Not only that but that extremely TINY site (traffic wise) that Pippen has wanted 40% of the DVD revenues!

ATS wants ZERO. Pippens site would take approximately 6 months to get the traffic ATS gets in week. Now if you want your message OUT THERE in a BIG WAY which site would you want?

Taking all of the above into consideration, ATS requires NONE of the proceeds from the DVD sales and is distributing the video for free, has 100 times the exposure/traffic of the other site and I actually AGREE with most of Dr. Webre's views and have PUBLICLY ENDORSED his video with my HIGHEST personal rating one wonders WHAT ALL THE FUSS IS ABOUT?!

Dr. Webre, if you hear about or read this post I would really like you to know that you have been LIED to about our site. Our ACTIONS not other's lies should be what you consider sir.

Based on the FACTS of our (RU and ATS) ACTIONS (free distribution to get YOUR message out, VERY positive review of your work) I would hope you see that you have been "corn swaggered" (I'm from Texas) by the charlatans who wanted to make money off your message more than they wanted to get the message out. Our legal representation has NO SAY in ANYTHING we place on the site. In fact if you were to actually LOOK at our site (there's an idea no?) you would see that ATS has NO OPINION, and presents ALL OPINIONS and ALL SIDES of every issue. The ONLY reason we went with law firm we did is because they are the BEST I.P. Firm on the planet from a technical standpoint of law. I have NO IDEA what MoFo's "corporate views" are and don't care. If they were in opposition to my personal views I still wouldn't care.

Matter of fact, I have stated MANY TIMES I personally think the U.S. Government knew 9/11 was possible and let it happen to FURTHER THE PERMANENT WAR ECONOMY so the OLD MONEY could stay in control. You can QUOTE me on that!

Again, that's my PERSONAL VIEW, ATS has NO VIEW on the matter. ATS is nothing more or less than the COLLECTED VIEW of the Members who post THIER thoughts on the site.

In either case I am more than happy to discuss with you personally in the hope you may realize ATS is the ethical standard in this wacky world of forums. The spam email lists and puny websites that would suck you in with lies about their betters just aren't worthy of a man of your stature's work.

VERY Sincerely.

AboveTopSecret.com, LLP
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