Dr. Webre's RealityUncovered.com Video Interview -10,000+

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Dr. Webre's RealityUncovered.com Video Interview -10,000+

Postby Springer » Wed Aug 16, 2006 10:11 pm

This interview has surpassed 10,500 views in just TEN DAYS on ATS, (that equates to well over 100,000 "hits" for the less "web savvy" crowd :) ) . This message IS getting out and the vast majority of the "reviews" and comments have been very positive.

I would certainly hope Dr Webre appreciates the effort RealityUncovered.com put into helping him get his message OUT.

When comparing this exposure to what it would have received at the site Dr. Webre "suggested" to Shawnna, it's a VERY GOOD thing for ICIS Shawnna did not heed that suggestion. ;)

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