PSI Abilities & Systems PSIence?

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PSI Abilities & Systems PSIence?

Postby You Can Call Me Ray » Fri Mar 14, 2008 9:51 pm

I've been musing over a few things as I consider the recent discussions in the Hist of RV thread. Mike pointed to the following Mishlove compendium which contains articles on all of the following:

The Rosicrucian Order (AMORC)
Initiation Into Hermetics
Silva Mind Control
Philippine Spiritualist Healing
Milan Ryzl Training Program
Transcendental Meditation
Alan Vaughan Training
The Monroe Institute of Applied Sciences
LeShan Psychic Training
Soviet Psi Training
UFO-related Development Patterns
Foundation for Mind Research
The Church of Divine Man
Annette Martin Training
Adventure Trails
A Course in Miracles
New Frontiers Institute
Occultism, Pseudoscience and Radionics
Additional Programs
Historical Comparisons
The "Strangeness Factor"

IMO each of these represent a different systemic codification of PSI abilities. One thing we have learned in the systems sciences is that no single system is "right" for all purposes, nor even (necessarily) optimal for a single purpose. I can apply different "system solutions" to the same problem and get varying levels of success in achieving my goal (whatever it may be).

Therefore, I submit that the entirety of PSI science (Abbr: PSIence) with regard to how to "prove it" must be based in an understanding of systems. and how they form, interact, and evolve. This would lead to an agreement where folks who really DID wish to codify PSIence would have to agree that there is no ONE "right" path for the simple fact that each person has different goals and motivations. We would agree that there are truths in all traditions (systems) and that each person (a system unto themselves) needs to be free to apply the best and reject the worst of any set of systems. (Codifying the common knowledge that one should always "use what works best for them" to achieve their dreams).

Comments or thoughts?
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Postby MikeJamieson » Sat Mar 15, 2008 2:43 am

As for how systems form, either the modern day ones in chapter three or
the ones here in quotes (dating back a long way), personal experimentation
and discovery (of effects) seems to be the key especially for the earlier ones and
adaptation and elaboration and refinement for later systems. Still, personal
experimentation and discovery remains an ongoing process for wherever
completely new (or seemingly very new) systems come into being.
I can think of one system (not designed for psi development in particular) that has evolved into an interesting modern day one: Buddhism to today's Acceptance and Committment Therapy!
I'm looking forward to checking out all the systems described in chapter three.
Many are very familiar: Robert Monroe, Silva Mind Control, Rosicrusians, Scientology...actually most on that list except for a few. And, how they can be tied in to older systems (i.e. yoga, shamanism, etc). For example, it seems to my superficial level of examination (right now) that Hubbard has thrown in a little Freud, a little bit of yoga, probably some other elements from old traditional systems (from the chapter two list) and a whole bunch of originally delirious-based sci-fi notions (i.e. clusters of trapped souls in us, thanks to the Emperor Xenu).
Yes, I like your ending point. As individual systems, it makes sense to recognize our unique make ups and to take what works best for us individually.
The freelance position!
This process and impulse to adapt, elaborate on and refine is very much
alive in the RV movement, near as I can tell.
On another note, there's another element to some of these systems that we need to factor in: cost. Monetary cost. How does that affect actual success?
Does paying money, which likely enhances level of committment, make it
more or less likely for "success" (in learning and using the system)??

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The Prescientific Traditions
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