Torsion Fields and Remote Viewing

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Torsion Fields and Remote Viewing

Postby Gary » Tue Mar 18, 2008 9:09 pm

Many people at this conference have expressed hope that quantum mechanics might explain things like remote viewing or like the collective unconscious of Jung -- wild, crazy things. I would like to point out that no form of quantum mechanics can explain something like remote viewing. It doesn't matter whether you take Bohmian or my kind or Schwinger's kind or Copenhagen... because all these different forms of quantum mechanics produce about the same quantum electrodynamics ... they yield the same predictions, essentially, for the case of quantum electrodynamics (QED).

If you consider electrodynamics, that is not enough to generate remote viewing. We know what is possible with QED. The world has spent billions of dollars trying to use QED in the military to see things far away. We cannot do it.

So if you to explain strange things like remote viewing, the only way is by assuming strange force fields and strange signal processing .

You have a choice. There is a great chasm. It is a binary choice. You cannot do it a fuzzy way. Either you give up on these phenomena -- you give up on all that stuff -- or else you have to open yourself up to really crazy things, much more than just quantum theory.

-- Dr. Paul Werbos

Dr. Werbos is a Program Director at the National Science Foundation, the primary agency of the US government for funding basic research across all disciplines. He studied physics under Dr. Julian Schwinger, winner of the Nobel Prize for quantum electrodynamics along with Feynman and Tomonaga. He is best known for the original discovery of backpropagation, the most widely used algorithm in the field of artificial neural networks.

Here is a recent torsion field paper:

Is Torsion a Fundamental Physical Field?
Authors: Orchidea Maria Lecian, Simone Mercuri, Giovanni Montani
(Submitted on 5 Feb 2007)
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