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Re: Contact

Postby Yse » Wed Dec 09, 2009 11:15 am

>>>Happy yes I was very happy but then I was lied to then wrapped in her wild sexually over toned vampire delusion well that was the finally straw in order to keep her lie us she needs to make more and more and more of them but when you lie so much that you world is full of it you have to believe the lies you made in order to survive and in the end the truth in not in you Yse

You have been spying on my computers, and listening to conversations I had with people in my house at the van Hogendorpstreet. it is of no use denying this Resist. Your postings are filled with proof , stating that you did. Question , did you guys use the compuetr to listen to me, or did your group wire the house? my phone was tapped, did you listen to my phone conversations as well? How about the dogs calling me from Florida in 2003? where you present? Do you belong to that group , or have no idea about this group in Florida? Why did they ask me about the Matrix? Why did so many wanted to know what I know about the Matrix..a project, did it work or did it fail?

When exactly did you start to spy on me? 2000 or 2001? Was this before you started the project? and who's idea was it? 15 or do I seek things higher and darker? Do I bable majestic 12, or do I see those behind the wingmakers testing? Did they ask you, or did you opt for it? Was it before you said yes, did you participate as a subject yourself? it was your astral body who entered my house, it was you who said "we will see eachother in the near future" why did you say that, did you guys have the layout to future years in advance? What did you guys expected from that test, and why did you not pick somebody else out for that test, and who's idea was it to bug me?

I know you bugged me from the beginning of the 80s, are the people that you work for today the same people as back then? Do you love the millitary so much , that your work, remains your cover?

Why did they call you in? Did they call you in , in 2000 or did they contacted you due to the Eclipse of 1999? In 1999 I was only aware of the Arab Fraction spying on me, they where the ones taking the photos, and filming that day of the Eclipse. In 2000 the Dutch intelligent dogs started to bug me. In 2001 it was the American group, who in 2002 insited they were my 17 friends.
Dude..did they ask you for something, of which you started to look deeper in, and discovered some, which made you decide to check things with friends? 17 friends?
Did you recognized the same girl you hd to spy on back in the 80s? When they called you back in in 2001?

The best cover for a spy, is to be successful at his/her job, regardles what the job is. The best alibi's are your movies and fans.

Who called you in? The Elderly? who came to you complaining about me?
Millitary dogs? who are afraid I start to spit the codes? why are they afraid of me holding the codes, what harm can these codes do? Who's names and activities would these code reveal? It was not that smart from them to use me to save/store the codes.

>>>manipulation, despite, anger, rage these are not the Fruits of a blessed spirit.. Make your den with the father of all lies

Hmmm manipulation... dude I can imagine what many of your fans would think you to be if they would know what you did in your younger years and what it is that you are still doing , not only your fans but your colleges would have a hard time liking you..dont you agree?

....these are not the fruits of a blessed spirit.. I almost forgot you insisted back in 2006 that I dont deserve the holy refered to 1999 and 2003 ..
Question to you Resist and your friends, do you really think that what happened during the Eclipse of 1999 was random? Do you think that 2003 was your ide? if there be that spirit whom you seem to respect a great deal, do you really think he would pick out somebody randomly?

Lies..amazing to see how you accused me of exactly that what you have been for most of your adult live.

Resist we both know that I know that I am dealing with you. My lawyer needs info..I demand the info.
Are you going to play chicken?
What if God made a bet with the Devil-Who would Win over the most Souls -for the Last Spiritual Battlfield on Earth-Who would He Wake Up to become his Army?-Ellect-Witnesses?
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On A Quest for Reality
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Re: Contact

Postby Yse » Wed Dec 09, 2009 11:28 am


>>>>All she is is a hoax a fraud False and a danger to her self and others and soon her past which she dares not utter to you about will catch up to her this you will find out long before 2008 thats for sure

A Hoax...what sort of?

A Fraud ..talking about me not being who I said I was in 2006? Did I say who I was in 2006, the name was as far as I know my real name, I did not know that you knew that I carry another name. Why did you send me the link from Nicolas de Vere ?? reading "This is you, know who you are" what where you referring to Resist.

A danger to myself.. so I tried to kill myself? fired the bullets to myself? threatened myself?

A Danger to Others..who be these others Resist, you? are you afraid that your little mascarade goes booom and others knowing who you are for real? Or are you talking about the elderly? who be the elderly old holywood males who accepted young fashionmodels as their rewards to have sex with, while their wives were waiting for them at home? little 007 puppets? ..or are you talking about your superiors who hired you ? your real bosses? or do you refer to others like those who like the movie idea's you bring them? who Resist would be these others..can't imagine you protecting rapist but then..I did not know you were into Xaviera Hollander alias happy Hooker well known in the Holywood hills her sex soirees..did you guys drug any models during her parties?

AND SOON HER PAST....>>> Resist telling loud and clear that he knows what my past is. Resist this part is already enough to get Lawyers we go nice or will it become a nasty fight out in the open?

WHICH SHE DARES NOT UTTER TO YOU ABOUT.>>> Monarch spying callgirl , modelling was my undercover job, just as acting is yours! Did you really think that I was a whore? Since when do you fall in love with whores?? or are you referring to something else? Come on Resist you said A in 2006 here on the board, you followed me from OM, to RU, you make a promise to tell others who I am before 2008, we speak 2009..Time to talk.

THIS YOU WILL FIND OUT LONG BEFORE 2008...THAT IS FOR SURE..>>>>So who was going to tell them? You? Your bosses? Dude even those they used to try to break me, have a hard time believing the lies they gave them about teh end I am the victime not you, I am nice you are bad.

RESIST play nice make contact and talk..your writings are filled with proof that I have been dealing with you, that you have been spying on me, that you know who I am..or was..

How would anyone find out before 2008?? Dud I am waiting its 2009..where you planning to tell others, post it on this board, broadcast it? ..or are you referring to your little plan that went wrong in 2007? playing Watcher [ interesting effect that movie had ] doesnt become you, now that is something I would find beneath me.


Resist one more time..I am here for thruth, I want my you really think that you are compleetly protected? do you really think that if you keep silent ..I wont get any info? should I play Monica Lewinski on you? Do you still have that tattoo? It was not Jason Navaro who send me his photo..Jason looks compleetly different..was this the reaosn why you asked me what did I know about jason, you checking if I knew that it was you, using others their email adress? Did Jason know? do you know Jason due to his work in the californian Sex industry???/ drug that got to you.

have a nice day..btw where was your Astral body last night, it it that adictive? :lol:
What if God made a bet with the Devil-Who would Win over the most Souls -for the Last Spiritual Battlfield on Earth-Who would He Wake Up to become his Army?-Ellect-Witnesses?
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On A Quest for Reality
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Re: Contact

Postby Yse » Thu Dec 10, 2009 11:54 am

In order to see if Resist knows Yse, and how well he knows Yse, one needs to read carefully. There are postings that make things clear for a blind man to read that Resist knows Yse.
There are postings pieces of writings in between the obvious, that show how well he knows her, and how long he knows her..

Resist I told you that if need be I go sentence by sentence..

>>>>Long time no see...hmm it sticks me as odd that you chose sep 22 to grace us once again yess sesonal change is on the wind but also somthing else. one must not carry the weight from one era to the next

1. Long time no see..>>.Showing that he has seen Yse in real live ..questions should have been in 2006 by readers..When was the last time Resist saw Yse?

2. hmm it sticks me as odd that you chose sep 22 to grace us once again..>> To grace us once again..when did I graced you, which forums did you track me..or to which forums did you follwo me..funny never thought I would become an actors hobby

3. one must not carry the weight from one era to the next..>> Which weight was Resist referring to?

For somebody who carries a truckload of weigt on his back called ..My past hide my past it sure is funny to read you warning me not to carry my weight from one era? to teh next.

So what is it mister x, you go from country to country leaving the messyweight you create behind thinking that it dissapears by this?

You reap what you sow..trying to stay ahead of reaping that what you started to sow for yourself 26+ years ago, sets one soul to roam the planet, never finding rest. Do you really think that what you did as a young man, stays in the past , just because your present shows the world another man, do you really think that the United States/Canada is far enough, keeping Europe away?
Dude this planet is very small. And weither you like it or not Cause and Effect does exist. You will sooner or later have to face the consequences of that what you caused a long time ago. I am one of the Effects, one who refused to accept your today, cause your yesterday was a bad one, causing things for me in my present dag. So you do understand that I will ignore your silence. Your not needed to proof who you are when it comes to your writings.

Btw I have an invitation to a Sundays soiree..your past will be there dude.

>>>by resistthem on Sat Oct 07, 2006 1:39 am


>>>yes strange indeed the weather was very odd during that time strange occurrences of lightning and a huge cloud always appeared in the same spot and at the same time of night i live by a nuke hot zone so i expect some type of activity from time to time but it was getting ridiculous and yeah your description was dead on lighting small ships and conflict every time i see a damn UFO it gets chased off by another

Needles to point this one out. Talking about the strange weather in Toronto at the time I was there, caused Resist to admit to that what I said, and he even added that what I did not say. Stating by this that he was in that Location at the time I was there .

Yeah dude, I know you live there, I know it was the festival..What I actually wanted to know was, what in heavens name made you follow me, during a filmfestival, did you not have better things to do?
Another thing I will refer to one more time, What made you decide to hop on your bike and play mister actor while passing me and suzanne in the street, [ where the Sears building is ] what was this action suppose to show me? a white puppet looking male? what did you expect from that moment?

>>>2008 may be the start to a final chapter ending in 2012 and in the end the serpent shall devour it self whole

One thing your are correct 2008 one program was activated..the final chapter called 2012 will go differently I tell you once again..many doors will be open by 2012, you better focus on 2011

>>>i look toward the future with great hope for my people ...if blood spills let it spill and pray it not be the young the poor the meek pray it be the Strong for the meek will inherit the earth and lay host to their mother and kind alike and all shall be made whole

A man not giving a damn about others but his own. Would this be the reason why you had no problem saying yes to that experiment? Would this be the reaosn why you have no problesm using others for your personal gain? Or is it due to your attachment to the millitary world that you agree what is one live if one can safe many? Cause and Effect Resist..the effect changing things for he who caused..

Further I would advise you to stop reading that much, these be thoughts and feelings of others your reading making you speak like they write..if blood spills let it spill? hmm I see that is why you and your gang never gived a f---- if my blood would be spilled, right?. Still think its alright that its my 'blood' leaking away, as long as yours is contained? If you believe in certain things regarding 2012, you surely must realize..that by that time your past is known, lest you clean your past yourself before a certain set time, time will spill that same past your trying to hide.
Much wiser to clean it yourself in the correct matter, undo what you caused is your only way.

by dankk on Sat Oct 07, 2006 3:06 am

With all due respect to the RU forum NOT to Resist,
Resistthem, why do you post here?

Should have really been the question of everybody. You guys should have read better.
What you were reading in 2006, was the victim being persecuted by a perpetrator..but no, your guys looked at me, stead him.

by resistthem on Sat Oct 07, 2006 2:57 pm

>>Wow dank your an (fill it in for your self) just let your true colors shine though and show all how wrong you are. Don't powder coat it be the worst you you can be.

Only actors/artist will use the expression powdercoat it.. this easy and as a reaction to what dank wrote

>>>Biased HaHaaaa only a fool looks at things as being so...absolute their are no sides here just positions.
In lack of reading things for real, only wanting to read that what he wants to see. Makes me realize that it must have been easy for them to tell you truths yet not whole truths , cocky attitude of course, you always were full of yourself. One reason why I walked away.

THERE ARE NO SIDES HERE JUST where referring to..? who's position? felt like you were standing in the right position trying to break my position down? Do you Resist; I am now directing myself to you, to the man you are today. Do you realy think that due to who you have become that your postion is strong? That your untouchable? Beware of your answer..I know you sleep bad.

>>>I carry no "BEEF" with anyone. Petty things like that shall not enter the grave with me.

Lier. Your conscious is getting worse and how are you going to silence your conscious up? Again one warning; playing astral games leaves an imprint behind with she who is visted by the atsralbody..did you get hooked?

>>>I am a mod at OM and i do enjoy helping if i can but here i am just a simple patron if you will, of no ill or harm to anything or any one. I do not subscribe to this forum bashing MADDNESS that so consumes you all for I feel it is beneath me .... it is beneath you all

i am just a simple patron if you will..should have also make you guys on RU realize something different about his attitude, and should have made you ask yourself from which world does Resist come from for real..if he is here a simple patron, than what would he be in the there??

To read how you say Its beneath you all..makes me question you, what is it that you call that what you have done in the last 10 years, you really think that what you did, has been to save others? Dude you have been fooled, I wonder why do you let them? Is fame and fortune really all that you have been after? I knew that you would do anything for sex, did not know that you would do everythig for fame? is that not beneath you? if the millitary side would be true regarding you?

>>>As I said BEFORE NO MAN is my MASTER! And I kneel to no ONE.

When did you say the above? To whome did you say that? not to anyone on this forum in 2006, are you talking about those who control your person for real? cause you are controlled if not you would not fear speaking, but you actually fear speaking up. Does becomming famous makes you become shy?
Rumours about you and the Hearstcastle..Rumours about you and the Bohemian groove..Dude how did you let them drag you into these kind of gatherings? Being extra sensitive as ESP one should stay away from gatherings that can not meet daylight.

>>>I do what my heart set me to do and i do it with respect to every one

So you thought it was a good thing, we speak now 2001, to conduct-participate-activate ..a project using my person as the guinipig?
Resist tell your superiors there is a blast from the past ..I will not let it rest, you guys intruded my sphere, My mind, my strato, my reality is what you guys started to f---- up...You did it with your did it because you respect everyone..strange what sort of a respect did you think you have been showing me..Oh I forgot you were convinced that I was a whore..whores do not deserve respect is that it Resist?..a whore you may beep up and use for your personal itch, you may use the whore for scientific may stalk the may use the whore for your sexual pleasure may accuse the whore of being mad if she decides to talk ..this is how you show respect...must be made in Hollywood this respect..unless of course your father left an imprint in your head how to show respect to woman...what did your father and my father have in common? Loose hands..

>>well so long N..Yse

The moment you made this mistake , to then call me already made it clear who you ere to me..reaosn there be only 2 people who ever called me Nat your one of the 2..

have a nice day..
What if God made a bet with the Devil-Who would Win over the most Souls -for the Last Spiritual Battlfield on Earth-Who would He Wake Up to become his Army?-Ellect-Witnesses?
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On A Quest for Reality
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Re: Contact

Postby Yse » Thu Dec 10, 2009 11:55 am

One very important message to the Elederly...I know who you fools.
I am not just here for Resist...your on my menu as well.

But due to Resist putting down in 2006, that you oldies went to him to complain about me...I will direct myself to him firstly..cause for real complaining about me to him..duh,since when does he hold that position, that would make it possible for him to do something against me..dont mistake guys are living on borrowed time, other peoples time.
Hiding behind identity's that are not yours and mostly do not exist..All of you have something to loose..all of you fear what others will think of you..non of you could go without the massess, you exist thanks to their money and believe..masses who are fickle..have short memories...masses who dont kow what loyalty they like you, tomorrow they dont give a damn about you..the masses, what a weapon to use againts your group.

I made a lot of look who put that guys like to drug others have your way with them..hide behind a curtain of imagries..lock yourselves up in on vicinity..keeping all away..thinking by this that you guys are 2011 your doors will have been blasted open..may your fans have fun..

11:11 reads clean your closet before that set date..

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What if God made a bet with the Devil-Who would Win over the most Souls -for the Last Spiritual Battlfield on Earth-Who would He Wake Up to become his Army?-Ellect-Witnesses?
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On A Quest for Reality
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Re: Contact

Postby Yse » Thu Dec 10, 2009 2:33 pm

Ello Resist..your lucky that the minds of RU are not as crooked as your mind, if they would have read a bit more carefull, they would have seen things. Btw this is one posting the lawyer will love to were very telling does it feel that nobody recognized you? I am sure you must regret posting on this board in 2006.
While you were very happy that the private emails between you and me, in which you actually signed your identity, disappeared from my computer in 2006. Did you really think that I ould let this go??

Did you and the oldies, think that you had tackled me? did you really believe that you guys would manage getting me locked up forthe rest of my live? Did you never feared that insiders would start asking themselves what the hell i was doing inside? You should have bribed everybody around me if you wanted me to disappear. Did you really think that because I was robbed blind, robbed from all papers and computers and that loosing my house would be enough to silence me up. The state blackpantered me in 2005 already dude, it did not work. you guys should have rented a better hitman, the system should have rented a better hitman, all of you rented the wrong ones. or do you want to tell the peoples, that no matter how you guys shoot at me the bullets dont hit you believe that anyone would believe me dodging bullets? We all know they wont, just as Do you believe that anyone would believe the abilities of my eyes?? What is left for you guys to do? Talk to me. Dont and I go public. Do you believe that you should kill me? if so one warning..Kill me and all is proven to the lawyers ..they will be walking in one set straight line towards Mister Actor and certain friends..yes kids I have a list with other names..if I would be shot loosing light, I will drag you guys with me into that same darkness..capice?

Ry..did you re-read the 'talk' between me and Resist

by resistthem on Sun Oct 08, 2006 9:09 pm

>>>Hmmm I can not betray one truth for and other and I won't be used as some info leak it disturbing that you asked such of me and to be able to change ones "skin" so quickly is ...

Ai ai sir will do as I am told, kind of sentiment you have.
I changed my skin so said, care to explain to the others what you meant by this?
Another thing is that this posting of yours shows me that I am correct, THEY never told you the truth. What does this mean, that you have been playing mister know it all, while you were lacking vital information.

To the others ello you should have really asked him back in 2006, what he meant by this. Resist referring to them contacting me in 2000, and..just because I reacted like Alice in Wonderland, they were convinced that they could use me for their games. Resist playing Sliver is not a nice thing to think that your fans believe your not into technology, hell you love gadgets, you love to use army spyware to check upon others, fact you love computers. Hmm maybe you became paranoia due to hiding for such a long time what you really do.

>>> well it just not natural you wish to use me. Sorry, that is not the path I walk. I help those in need but never help those to meet there needs.

For the record dude, have no idea where you got this from, me using you.

I have been the one fending you of, for the last 6 years esp. I have been the one listeining surprised to things you supposedly uttered in public..checking my writings going Uh what he short you and your poples used me..and have ben doing so for years..fact..What a muse I was to you guys, such great inspirations I brought all of you..who learned how to dance thanks to me hey care to enlighten others?

Furthermore that you said such a thing is sick to read, You and your friends have been using Me . My writings, learning from me in many ways haven't you? One thing I like to really know, how many of the Matrix gang are involved?? do you actors play games alone or was it a jointventure with the millitary? Somebody put a lot of personal money into that Trilogy..why? what did you think to achieve by it? You had expectations Big ones, that much was clear,part 2 was the only one of importance. You should be so lucky that the audience today is as stupid as the audience back in the 20s. Splatter truth in front of their noses, they dont see, by this wash of your conscious and all is well in your little make believe world, giving you the ok to go ahead.
Resist you somewhere down the road will have to talk.

>>>For quite some time I saw this on the horizon>>> FOR QUIT SOMETIME I SAW IT ON THE HORIZON , making it clear that you have been checking me out for quit some time, making it clear that you know who the others are who have been spying on me, making it clear that you actually know who wanted and probably still want me death

For quit sometime..You have been spying on me, wether you like it or not Resist spying on people is forbidden, espcially when civilians take it upon themselves to spy others, stalking, camera watch, microphones, while tapping my computer..and you dare to call me names. Dont you see yourself that its actually best to put down what you know about me...

Just in between, if any of your fans would stalk you what happens to them? arrest will follow my dear how dare you think that you can stalk/spy on me and get away with it? is it because you work for the millitary is that it and teh reaosn why you think you can get away with it? What did you do with Dove? ridiculing her..have your man chase her away..she was just spilling truths about your younger years in australia do understand that I am in the legal position to sue you...unless of course you seek contact and talk [ live contact and not astral body contact ].then I will be nice. remember what I want is the truth..I want you to state that what you wanted to tell me years know so talk..

>>>>even tried to warn you....Yeah sure as usual you tried to warn to late..talking St. Louis etc have not seen any warning from you, but then how many names have you been using in these last 26 years?? to many to remember I am sure of that.

To others reading.. why would he try to warn me..What did and does he knows what I dont know?

Why has he been spying on me for such a long time? What is it that Mister X wants from me? Who does mister X work for in real live? Is acting his main profession? or just a succesfull undercoverjob? Since when is mister X spying on me? does he belong to the millitary or is he just an actor with to much time on his hands? Is mister X a part of my past? if so then on which side of the fence of my past does he stand? ...The side using number codes to beep up fashion models in order to have sex with them, using numbercodes [ or drugs] to bring the girl into an they could go and do whatever their sexual appetite wanted, protected by the fact that afther the deed, the girl would go back to her hotel, fall asleep in alterstate, to wake up in another state, by this not knowing nor remembering anything that is done to her. Mister X you as well as the others stars in the movieworld or music world as well as the political and head families their world, think that you are protected due to the girls not remembering...wrong dude absolutly wrong, if any you should realize by 2012 there be one song for all of you Broken Glass.. more and more abused fashionmodels remember.. and I am sure, and Know, I am not the only MILAB waking up. I wonder what are you guys kill us all? wont work.

>>> but it always fall on deaf ears your post during you departure I knew they would be misinterpreted and spell trouble for you but still deaf ear..

I did not post while travelling S. did.

>>> I know you have NOT been restored to your former form and it must be hard to RESIST it is a force that has it claws on your pulse to this very day.


I am sure all who read the above would Love to know Exactly what You Mister X mean by the above..[ you got stuck in the vampire lore..who dragged you in London? ]

EXPLAIN...Resist tell them what you mean by this..tell them what you guys did in 2000, if you dont, and I have to spill all, in court is where we shall see eachother, all the money you hold, the fame position you have will not be able to save your daylight.. You guys could have kill me back then.."Will she be able to make it" "is it not to much for her"'" dont you worry in the end she will rise above herself" ..Whos disk was that that came flying above my garden to check m out, the millitary group you work for ? or was it from nevada space station checking who had woken up like that? cause one thing is for sure, their computers must have gone off big time, that hour where I woke up. Do you remember that spaceshipdisk thing [ brownorangy little spaceship looking disk ] was hanging above my garden with me in focus..from your side or from the others side..tell me.

ello remember what you guys where talking sitting there thinking it to be normal to conduct this test on me? to bang my head with all that info? Resist If you dont understand my anger, then holywood snapped your brain away , the day they gave you a star.

All I need to do is write down here what happen as of the 11th of August the day of the Eclipse in 1999, and your postings become clear to others..but if I lawyer will contact..cause you see I never asked to see our future now did I, you guys used me as MILAB to seethe future..have I got news for you and your superiors..that is not the future you will get..depending will be much worse or..and by now the or possibility is death. Due to forcing me into the future gave me a key to access it..and believe me things will go matter what plans you egoistic group made to save themselves will go compleetly goed!

>>>I used to be able to touch your heart your so far gone all I feel is noise there has been others that plead there concern for you to me

USED TO BE ABLE TO TOUCH MY HEART..when dude not in our prsent time, where you referring to Vienna or Munchen or were you sick enough to do the same in Paris..was that the reason why this femalefashionmodel needed to show me the appartment? was that the reason why she asked m all these questions? was that the reasonn she offered me the key to the appartment..? I said hell no this is not correct..When mister x did you touch my heart..? Just as others I would like to know when you and how you touched my heart.

The famous Others...but you did not listen to them now did you X..You use to be able to Touch my heart...Duh you never did.
To others reading ..Again one can see that resist knows me, has a past with me and spied on me.. Only if he is 11511421/185522519 can he know these things, can he talk like this etc

One thing Resist..I did not post while I was on the move...but you rather believe others , I wonder what made you believe S. was it because you went to her Astrally at least one time? did her ass capture your attention? or was it her little childs voice? Cause You really made me wonder and question certain things when she told me that you came to her astrally, that was a sick act/move

>>>I sent you warning cause you were here in my homeland my domain being hunted I told you your words would spell your undoing their are many things YOU have done in the past to piss off the powers that be..

You warning me..duh you never did not for real and always to late and always under somebody else their name. If you would have been honest maybe I would have listened.

I DID MANY THINGS IN THE PAST TO PISS OF THE POWERS THAT BE.. The Power That be..who are these powers that be X? Did it make them nervouws? did it make you a fake actor holding another job in reality sweat soldiersweat? ..Thank you for stating ones more that you know who my controllers actually state that you know I am subject..
Why not post some of the testing results you have about me? You did it before in 2006...Put some down, let others enjoy reading how exactly a MILAB is made, used and tested. stating that you know who wants me erased..that you have been checking me out for years and years..

Toronto/Ontario was officially not on my list was on S. her list [ should be somethingto see how 2 adults have been fooled by a litle rat like her]...while in that dark city of great and widespread childabuse you like to call your domain [ tsss ] it turned out that she had lied big time..I had other things on my mind dude. Just happened that this one hotel in your little backgarden you guys call the Bay..was a welcome heaven for pedophiles..and due to this ..further more I connected with others those I was looking for..that you live had nada to do with why I was there, the books I had with me where not meant for Toronto minds, but for the ones in St. Louis, and even that I was derailed big time, it ended in the hands of the group I wanted to hand the book over.


To others how more clear than this should I get?

To Resist we both know, that now in the year 2009, you have been bugging me for 9 years. Now you may work for and with millitary and friends..due to 2012...Fool. its not true what you guys believe will happen..

>>>that beings said I tried my best to give you waring but you just don't listen Nata

You did not, you used others their account to mail wih me..and another very important mails were and have been intercepted for years..all since you decided to enter my zone astrally in 2001...2003 caused my death have been playing with my live more so than the others did..You tried your best..was clearly not good enough..

>>you never always you suggest that you know me well....Question did you know in 2000, that you were dealing with the same female that you were set on back in the 80s? did you recognize me as the same who you spied on in the 80s?..

>>is it the attention is it that is what your after you not only Jeopardized your life but you put S in peril as well how many must suffer how many lives will you alter in order to fill your needs

Nata hey... strange that the readers back in 2006 , not even Dank noticed the extreem personal things you wrote down..


So how many politicians did I kill..if you know itso well why dont you tell [ I plee the 5th]
I alter lives who Am I? a magician ? you believe the mayan calendar ? white planetary wizzard with the global manifesttion that it ? Dude..stop reading that much.
In order to fill my needs..Yeah sure dude tie me up and tie my down is what turns you on ..watching others having sex without them knowing it, another thing you love..Vienna..must I go on?? so what sort of needs..god you are really a bad spy..

Attention..DID I OR DID I NOT RUN AWAY FROM YOUR WORLD?? I have no idea how aware you really are dude, time to dive in the past count the screentests I turned many parties did I go to myself?? non.
How many holywood puppets came to bug me? how many did I turn down? all. You seem to forget that I only need to enter a place and I get teh attention, I never needed to act out anything, nor do i need to sing a song before others listen..yes call me arrogant, a good things keeps a human alive, or so I seem to be proof of this.

>>>there are some things that can't be said their are some things that hit to close to the truth and when said sparks the interest whom wish truth to be keep sealed away Tread carefully it's not over it never is and you have made a LONG list of... Foes

Things that cant be said? wrong due you have to say them if not the unspeakable becomes your last den. Things hitting to close to the truth....sparking the interest of the old 'vampires' who need the world to stay in oblivious state?? tsssss they stink..Zwitserland how often did I encounter them?

>>>How did you manage to be the Dominus for so long ..then allow yourself to be taken over by it.

the Dominus for so long..hmmm how long X, talking about 2000 till now dude..I am still alive and if its the last thing I do , I will get teh answers from you, if you dont want a bad tatsing media spektacle there be only one thing for you and your group to do..connect in real live..What has been taken away from me I demand back, I dont need to go nasty, all I needed was to tell the truth..and seemingly there be a few insiders who think that I deserve the truth..cause the info was send by insiders..What took me over..dont you want to tell the peoples all about 2003? I am sure your group was pissed to see how that one little spirit they have been calling up for such a long time decided to take a seat in my body..and if yu thik he is gone then you really have no idea about the future..

Again loud and clear stating him to have been spying on me..and again writing down the years from 1
999 til now explains thing dude what you and your freinds stole from me you will hand back..My innocence.

>>>you once told me that love was the key LOVE shall I ever hear of such simplistic beauty come from you lips again ever since your "transformation" there has been one less star among us.

No Dude I never ever told you that love was the used Jason his mail to get to one and your friends drugged me badly in 2003..I have no idea what I babbled at thing I almost stayed in a coma state. another thing Sicko how dare you and your freaky freinds do such a dangerous thing?
Or where you there on order? One thing I know the millitary does not give a f---- if the MILAB dies during them I/we are nothing but robots, well consider this robot to have woken up .

To teh millitary fraction..I know why you cant kill me..I also know why you dont dare to blast places up where I reside..YOU NEED THE CODES!

Talking about love as the key was done in my house and on my phone as well as my writing about it..Matrix of the Real ringing a bel in your Brains..btw how cowardice you have become.

>>>You did not transcend Nata you fell deeper in to the darkness this was not your fist run in with it for all who are awake see them I have had to fend them off from time to time. even i as well at least since I left the protection of home but this too may also fall on deaf ears

Well dude this is what you get when they falsy arrest you, lock you up in isoltion, interogate you, beat the hell out of you [Dutch torture] rape you and rob you from yourself..You really thought that after these horror months I would sing you a sweet lovesong? duh..

Explain them what you mean by Trancend.. you refer to Eclipse of 1999 or you refer to 2000 or of course that freaky year what is it Resist still feeling 2003..? care to tell them about my Stigmatas? go sainty on you think that that would work? NOT.

>>>Question did you force S as we'll call her you accept this as a reality did you call upon her to transcend as well and if so how many other did you ask to join this coven did the elders embrace you or turn you away I assume the latter of the two and for good reason

Somewhere you tried to ridicule me with this vampire mode [ ] while you believe in a Coven?..or is this due to whom you swore loyalty to??

If you really thouth S. to be seet and innocent I can Imgaine how you must have been fooled many times by female..your blind.

Resist do you really think that you can get away with what you did?? you can not forget 2003 now can you?
will add some later..
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What if God made a bet with the Devil-Who would Win over the most Souls -for the Last Spiritual Battlfield on Earth-Who would He Wake Up to become his Army?-Ellect-Witnesses?
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Re: Contact

Postby ryguy » Thu Dec 10, 2009 4:51 pm

For those who are curious what the hell is going on here.

I am in the process of checking out some evidence Yse brought to the table through her lawyer. I will be talking with him hopefully this weekend or next week. I'm still looking into the background of some of the other allegations/players but those others who took part in the discussions in 2006 (resistthem, at least) doesn't appear willing to step up and talk willingly.

My immediate suspicion is that this is sort of an internal warfare between cults or a crack within a cult - fascinating to watch, but even more fascinating when someone alleges there's evidence to prove some of the claims. It'll be interesting to see if any of the evidence surfaces and where it leads. I would suggest Resistthem contact me asap if he wants any say in how the evidence gets

"Only a fool of a scientist would dismiss the evidence and reports in front of him and substitute his own beliefs in their place." - Paul Kurtz

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Re: Contact

Postby Yse » Fri Dec 11, 2009 3:28 pm

To the Millitary group...I know you never suspected that I would survive your attacks. I know you were convinced that by setting things up, getting some workers in the Crisisdienst department of Amsterdam, who you could activate every time you wanted me gone, would have been enough to destroy me. I have one question for you dogs, why do you fear to kill me?? Never thought that you would believe the prophecy this much.
Is it really so that if you kill me ww3 will break out? heard rumours about what you believe..So why dont you talk, why dont you accuse me of killing others [ I plee the 5th] ..ah I see, because I did so on your orders.
How much did you guys invest in me? How many have me as their job? How much did you tell X ? cause for some reason do I think, that is the feeling he gave me in 2006, that he does not know all? X should I stay with this one, or should I take the info you send in 2007? How much did you know and how much do you know now?

To the Elderly..did a bit to many movies? faked a bit to many lives? believe a bit to much in you being untouchable? believe that what counted for your ancestors counts for you today? Underworld..or the Upperworld what is it?

To your friends X..esp. the female of late..ello girl watch out, dont hang with him like that..was London not enough for you? you know darn well what I mean..
To all you WOW kids time to grow up..if you guys think that you can continue in 2010 you make a huge mistake..

To those who think they control me..bite me.
What if God made a bet with the Devil-Who would Win over the most Souls -for the Last Spiritual Battlfield on Earth-Who would He Wake Up to become his Army?-Ellect-Witnesses?
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On A Quest for Reality
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Re: Contact

Postby Yse » Fri Dec 11, 2009 3:35 pm

by resistthem on Sun Oct 08, 2006 10:29 pm

Rape ? No the showing of oneself is not rape but to prolong this vial of secrecy only prolong the raping of many hearts and minds to toy with emotions is rape in it self. For the fist time all I ask is for you to be honest to set motives aside and review the facts.
I'm am sorry it does pain me to ask but I can't let what i feel in heart keep me form saving those form this tidal wave.

love or blood heh fitting or rather "form love to blood"

i am not here for contention i am here to show love for my sister ours was not put here to fight among our selves and to be pawn on this crystal chess board is not our role either

so please let's talk.

To all Read the above carefully..really carefully..question Love or Blood ..From Love to ask he is here to show love for his sister???

What if God made a bet with the Devil-Who would Win over the most Souls -for the Last Spiritual Battlfield on Earth-Who would He Wake Up to become his Army?-Ellect-Witnesses?
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On A Quest for Reality
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Re: Contact

Postby ScaRZ » Fri Dec 11, 2009 8:30 pm

Yse wrote: Never thought that you would believe the prophecy this much.

May I ask [Yse] what prophecy are you referring to?

If I remember you correctly [Yse] you claim to be a gifted person.
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Re: Contact

Postby Yse » Mon Dec 14, 2009 11:57 am

There is some prophecy that is being considered to be the real one..I did not know..not until they started to bug me..yeah so one person has to be that one person they say..but if that one person does not want to be that person? what to do with the H- Spirit? I have put it to sleep, never asked to be picked like that..They have been following me due to a prophecy as far as I know it..Resist saying I have trown away creation like that? I dont deserve the H- spirit has everything to do with this..Check the planetary conjunctions etc of the eclipse 1999 August the 11th..looks what was shed above one country and city..its a funny and bestranged story..yet others do believe in it..esp the Arab world..they were present filming everything taking photos checking me 2 weeks before the Eclipse out..things happened since then ok a lot..peoples seeking contact positively and others to warn me while others wanted to meet me or swore they saw my face before..all strangers to me yet it happened..Resist knows a lot also about me being able to stay awake for weeks..Its true I have habbits and ways..

>>May I ask [Yse] what prophecy are you referring to?

Ask Resist which prophecy he knows ..

>>>I remember you correctly [Yse] you claim to be a gifted person.

They claimed me to be gifted not me..I was as I have always been extra sensitive. I can see futures get flashes images of what is to come yes. But as gifted awake as I can be as closed are my doors for months..I refuse to play their games anylonger..They have costed me 10 years of my live nonstop..and to think he is that pesky man of the 80s to weird for words..

If I remember you correctly [Yse] you claim to be a gifted person.It is better to be alone with God. His friendship will not fail me, nor His counsel, nor His love. In His strength I will dare and dare and dare until I die" - Joan Of Arc

Used to be my truth..but the agressive attacks paranoia behaviour of others their fears and brutal interrogations made me turn my back on something ,,, Resisisthem insist I do not deserve ..the H- Spirit;has to do with 1999/Eclipse 2000 My kundalini becomming activatd-my chakras connected -my cerebral activated-waking up speaking in Tongs..going strong till 2003 May where the Spirit came down on me moment occured..Resist knows it well due to lurking around and because they monitored the whole process for years in a why they taped me tapped me spied on me listen to my phone conversations checked every move I made till one or certain families thought it was needed to tackle me and trow me in some nuthouse where i was brutally abosed and drugged..all because Resist and friends decided to pay a visist to Amsterdam in 2003...

Ryguy calls it a crack in the wall of a Cult..sounds indeed like this is true..havent looked at it from this side Ry Thanks. Resist..COVEN? to which one do you belong? and are they really that afraid of the H- they have that much to hide in the darkness..has it become your world? what would that Spirit be able to take away from your world? who's crown would the spirit be able to take away?

I wonder if you dare react..Its clear now isnt it? What are you and your people so afraid of? that much to hide??


What if God made a bet with the Devil-Who would Win over the most Souls -for the Last Spiritual Battlfield on Earth-Who would He Wake Up to become his Army?-Ellect-Witnesses?
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On A Quest for Reality
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Re: Contact

Postby Yse » Mon Dec 14, 2009 2:33 pm

>>>My immediate suspicion is that this is sort of an internal warfare between cults or a crack within a cult -

Florida is the house?

What where you guys thinking when you called me up in 2003?
You asked me to come to Florida cause the head of the Coven wanted to dance the Holy Serpent dance with me?
Why did you wanted that back in 2003 and what did/does it have to do with the Matrix?
Why did you gasp for air when I gave you the answer? is one thing I would like to know as well.

The Others..The Elderly..The Powers that be...

Resist who is your boss?

Its clear you bow for someone.

Note: Little exibition..Little Sundag noon Amserdam..Lots of drugs Xaviera still owes artis money? he remembers you Resists. What he remembers the most was that there was always lots and lots of drugs at her parties, lots of bad things happening there..he went to Xaviera her parties for about a little 30 years, since her beginning days, in the 80s. He remembers how the famous would always come to her parties esp the american guests, he never forgets faces. He said it was ok to forget the names of the guests cause most would use false names, but faces he does not forget.
Since the 80s? ...

To the oldies..why? and what did you think to achieve? how long did you guys thinkthat you could spy on me? what is the link? cause there is a link...
You going to X to complain about me is a bit weird..

Anyway to the oldies and X..I have had it with you guys as I told you in 2006 as well..what I will add this year that there be damagefee big time dare you play with somebody her live, how dare you barge in and change it like you did..Since when do you believe your stupid movies??
What if God made a bet with the Devil-Who would Win over the most Souls -for the Last Spiritual Battlfield on Earth-Who would He Wake Up to become his Army?-Ellect-Witnesses?
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On A Quest for Reality
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Re: Contact

Postby Yse » Mon Dec 14, 2009 3:36 pm

page 3 catfight 2006..

by resistthem on Mon Oct 09, 2006 1:27 am

I suspected as much but not to this degree I thought you could aid you but I was wrong why did you give up, why. you gave up creation like it was junk collecting dust well there is alway the force of balance and at lest you have shown me that for ever action there is and equal and opposite reaction

Others would like to know what you mean by the above.
What did you suspect?
You thinking I could in Dont worry in the end she will rise up above herself thought you had in 2000?
Did you imbeciles think that you were playing with a movie without feelings? did you really think that just because the lets call them system did not bother you for your actions, it was perfectly ok for me to be the one taking the risks? You never got it now did you, I wonder where your head is standing on these days, I wonder if you are still as stu[id as in 2006, cause for real no brains embarked on a Reality Game ..I became the reality game..blood flesh and bones dude not some machine
What did I give to enlighten? If you believed so much back in 2006..why did you make all the mistakes you did? all the wrong moves..every move you made they came to order to stop this flow you will have to talk if not I will talk..Sundags middag partie was quit the man said I should file in report you and get all who are witness to your ways..

Explain how I gave up Creation? I think I asked you this before..if the answer be that what I think, meaning having to do with the ahum..prophecy..then your a bigger fool than I could possibly imagine you to be

How filled with self importance have you walked this planet..maybe its time somebody give you a kick in the but..oops i might be that person..

Resist to be this moment..I still mena it..shall we talk civil or do I go public..with what I have so fr Its already enough..
All I want is for you to tell me who I am..what You know about me, who they are who ordered you and who handed me over to you lot.

>>>>Mah ha ha clap clap no crap you just got all the answers lol viimpr vample whatever this is madness do you know what your saying lol this is a joke I'm spouse to laughing right now no I'm spose to be some cross breed fallen freak is is that what you make me out to be? How ridiculous now I've said some pretty out there things but this take the cake wow aways the victim huh? lol

Dude were absolutly stoned when you wrote this..first one should stay out of others their computer documents where my writings are stored..second you send me Nicolas de Verre..You came to Draconis with your WOW group bugging guys have really no idea? if so then dude for sure they never told you everything..for sure

Crossbreed half fallen into darkness dude? yeah That is what you are..come on you cant even look in the mirror without does it feel when you look in the mirror looking at yourself and all you see is ..
Your own fault one should not play games when one does not know the rules to the game.

>>>I only seek to understand what the (fill it in) is going on why is all this crazy (fill it in) happening and why do you know so much of it.

The above is clear..that you are who I say you are..Resist why did you do it? You have been had in 2006..they gave you wrong information about me..

>>>Your telling me you did not get my message when you we in the states hmm well you didn't respond so maybe you did not have Internet access you where on the “road” right guess I'll forward to you

Exactly one more time I did not write any mails when I was on the road..but the last day in Toronto 1 hour on the web.

>>>2004 hmm I think I was traveling the orient during that time so what does this 2004 episode have to do with me? anyway it doesn't matter I'm not it

You are not it as in It? well of course not you could never be him..your level would be serving it.
2004 has everything and I repeat everything to do with you freak. your name was mentioned a bit to many times when they where beating me a coincidence? methinks not..what you did in 2001 and 2003 caused 2004..

>>>Yse what is this is this the fate of all whom dare to call you a friend seem so

A friend we have never been friends? a bit weird for some one to say this calling himself a friend of the one he is spying? dude wrong tapwater in Canada..but thanks for the many postings stating who you are..and who you belong to..stating so clear that you spied on me..I love confessions

>>>the truth is I've never met you only knew of you and the trail of lost soul you leave in your wake that the wonder of the Internet every thing is record

Hmm we never met in real life ..was your thing in 2006..did the door to the 80s woke you up? but lets keep with what you said in 2006 by stating the above you clearly state that you had been spying on me since 2000 [ dude as if one does not have something better to do ] and that you have been tracking my ways on the internet

You only knew of me...and the trail of lost souls I leave behind..WHO told you I left a trail of lost souls behind..if you did not know me in real live but only heard of me?

>>>i could name names but the burden of proof does not rest on me any way slander is not my style honey.

Thanks thatyou can name names..cause you will be naming these names Dude. One thing in order for me to leave you alone you will have to name the guilty ones..if not the burden will rest on you.

>>>Why is it so hard to be honest with yourself can't you see every where you go you cause disorder the very fact you have join RU makes your motives clear their always time for one last hurray right.

Everywhere I go I cause Disorder..Proving again that you know things..proven again that you have been told many things..Dude if I were you I would look up why they lied to you like that..

my motives are clear today in 2009/Dec. I demand you to say what you know about me..

>>>>vampires.... no I was much clear before the psychics I want YOU to tell me what happened that all is it so hard now? [ ]

>>>I speak in no olde world riddles how the hell did vamprism float into your noggin you'll say any thing won't you VALD, TO ME YOU ANQANTANCE BOO LOL LADY OH TYPE B- MY FAV HA HA HA you like a girl that grew to sizes over the winter you try to make ANYTHING fit wow! I thing you need to stop monthly subscription to occult books book on tape or at least stop falling asleep to them

My setcard has that sice past sice back in the 80s was that computer documents contain a few books Vlad be one of the id's in my book..

X your the one reading to much..lost in translation is what you are or were at least in 2006...So are you going to react? Yes I have a deathline..My patience is running out.

Its a bit boring to repeat myself..X you will have to talk make a move..I can not imagine you to be that stupid..its your lost not mines..

>>>Why do I know so much for a time i saw the truth in you and it was good but in order to trust that truth i had to dig facts find you did one thing for me those and it is a made me see the fold the creases and even the hole in what we call reality and for that that alone i am in your debt if you want answers i can give them to it not that i cant but if you where open to creation these are answers you would know a profit yes you but false

Time to pay up that what you took by ways of spying on me..end of story X

Calling me a false profit? Thanks for the party in Ruigoord..the one where I was drugged into such extreem ways..that I still wonder at times how it was possible for me to even walk let alone almost costed me my live..and for this you and your friends are responsible.

>>>you have cast aside your crosses and form a new covenant tell them tell what you said how whom you would KILL tell them the real reason why you were banned. Just for one damn stitch in time tell the TRUTH. if this was the moment you would be judged by let it be you and not this vial you try to blind people with

You really believed those who need or desire to call you their freind or mod actually believed them and him ? I dont mind going public at all..I forgot your full of it.

>>>I know now what you want balance well there only one way that can be done and that is for some one to stop being neutral in his endeavors. the time for ambiguity has pasted we have not much time left I only seek to restore a nation but you seek to destroy such efforts maybe you have your own means to an end

You seek to restore a nation..and I seek to destroy it or the efforst you make..? as you may use me to restore your nation??
Resist If I was one of the others, I really would like to know what the hell you mean by the above

>>>>when it is all said a done I hope you meet you vision with eyes wide open ..

i guess i said what needed to be said and if Yse want to become instantly oblivious To what really happed then the hell with this be lie to i care not all lies are negated by the truth am i have faith it will on get more wack out as uppdates come. SEEK TRUTH!

well so long N..Yse

Resist by not answering you will force me to make that one choice is this what you want??

What if God made a bet with the Devil-Who would Win over the most Souls -for the Last Spiritual Battlfield on Earth-Who would He Wake Up to become his Army?-Ellect-Witnesses?
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Re: Contact

Postby Yse » Tue Dec 15, 2009 11:35 am

by resistthem on Mon Oct 09, 2006 8:34 pm

>>>You called me a vampire that cased me as some Dacron-whatever-Wack-job did you not think that would not sprout some anger really you honestly did not expect a human response to that? Just what the hell do you think in am. It is only due course that I nip silly talk like that in the bud I just find it funny that mordous operandi has been to demonize any who appose your all knowing view of all that is.

To the above I will repeat again and again [ repeat a zillion times ] that you spied on my computers, that you used my computer as some microphone, that you listened to my phone conversations...further more for the record..I did not call you a vampire..I use you for a book..your own faulth, you should realized by now,

Due to all these bad years, due to what happened to me, that I the subject would come to one point..Fighting against those who go secretly, fighting against others who hold the means to spy on me without others knowing, fighting alone against a group..trying to get a lawyer which took me some years to find..that I would come to one point..write it all down in a nice book call it fiction writing while filling it with the end your name..

If you resist thik that you can get away with what you and your friends did with me then of course your drugged to teh bone and can not think nor see things clearly..between you and me..we both know that all I have to do is find a hungry reporter..a thing Suzanne wanted to do back in 2006..I kept her in place..however that was in I state myself...if need be I will do exactly that..between you and stand to loose all ..I passed that boat already..I am free to go left or right..your not.

Unbelievable reality would be what you guys did..You people know exactly..that even if I wanted to talk about this and point the finger not to many would believe the tale..How many people know their TV is a camera? how many peoples know that they can be filmed and tapped while sitting behind their computers in their houses, how many peoples would believe the gadgest you guys play with privatly? how many peoples would believe an actor to do these things? esp you? You knew or at least that has been your sentiment..that if I talk not to many believe..the unrealness of what you guys have done..makes it impossible .that is what you guys have been convinced of..Esp who would believe you would become addicted to going astral towards a female..? ..but you know..things will blow up in your face..your writings are proof that you mister have been involved in the things I accuse you of..even that others participated.even that others are as guilty as you are..its your name and face I will be using..

Another thing..getting fake police to come and arrest me does not work anylonger..the state stated in 2008 that they never ever arrested me or send a warrant out to do so..according them my file is clean....You are think that you would get away with it..Tell your freinds that locking me falsly up does not work anylonger...

>>>>And that is way i called you false for a psychic you stabbing in the dark allot. hmm must be proximity high freq based. Is almost amusing to say the least every thing is a conspiracy huh you blame THEM but you no not who or what Them is. alll you can do is chase ghost and figments famtoms and demonfily any whom do not agree with the world you wish to bring about and in doing so shuts out the few still willing to listen

The world that I want to bring about..hmmm its weird that you did not call me the anti-christ..what do you think the spirit decided to do after what you did? You my dear had and still have no idea..Following and chasing ghost is what you and your peoples did..playing morpheus on the lot leading them to wrong places hey..your mistake not mines..Your enemy is really good..My guess is that today in 2009 you still believe this madness..

Since 2003..I knew and still know that you guys wanted to use me and my 'psychic powers as you call them..just as when I was a little child , where I had to deal with religious and millitary dogs, I knew one thing as of 2003..Hell will freeze over before I let others use that what nature graced me with..Did you really think that you could sit there play holywood puppets and use my skills? You must be out of your little empty brain...
You just as those you work for an ith have always needed one group in order to exist..the massess...picking ones amongst them, or a group, causing things in their daily lives, tape them write down, make a script e viola you got a new movie you can spying on them, causing things for them in their lives..Dude you and your people are sick..I have been holding in and back trying to illiminate as much as possible , ever since that day in 2003 where you guys got a heartattack about my eyes..dude its accessable at my command. Another thing dude my whole live did I play hole live I had time to play and learn..all you saw was that what has been around my whole live..when I say active it becomes active when i say sleep it goes to nor your friends or this world deserves that what one can do with that what one got..what has been normal for and your peoples started to call psychic powers not I..between you and me fire burns you ..fires makes me smile the big difference..

>>>how will the source judge your acts in all this Yse?

How will he judge you X, what you did was participating in the destruction of a individual her life. You must be on something at least in 2006 you in heavens name do you think that you can do that what you did in your live and think that the source will welcome you with open eyes..that is to say if you believe in such things?

>>>...blood or love hmmm do remember this

blood or love hmmm do remember this >> To others reading its exactly this sentence you should dive on..I will have my lawyers ask you next year what it was that you were reffering to better buckle up cause they will be standing on your doorstep..

This one you will be forced to explain .wether you like it or not..I have no idea how much is true what came in in 2007 from you and your gang..but one thing dude if this one thing be true I will kick your ass myself capice? How dare you is all I can say..

>>>you wrote..."If Certain Spirits of the old who are awake and now living and active on this world, would come to MEET up.. their Grand plans would fall into waters..No? it stands to reason that they would do Everything to Fool the whole freaking world..IF this is something they can Not control.."

>>>that is what i believe your up to why many reason I guess you think something so anchant will bow to your will, no it rules us. No t human will ruling it? That path has been walked before and met a horrible end.

Something so achient you meant to say? Hmm who is anchient? what is anchient? Lucifer? did you for real hook up with the Luciferians of old Hollywood? Luci is about joy love and laughter absolutly..but he holds another side..f---- with him and he will f---- you back when you least expect it. Like a thief in the night is how he likes to sneek up on you. Ruling it? you actually stated this believe in 2006? me trying to rule something which took me over, well almost, he said Hi in 2003, he used you in 2003, while you were thinking that you and your friends could use him..

Hahaha funny to read this one again..for real dude..You did not get any now did you..[ hope for your sake that you wisened up in 2009 ]
You thought that I was manipulating the H- Spirit?? dude it took me over 1998 going strong till 1999 I said If there be any one who can show me why Child rape then its Lucifer, if he be that one little devil all inist he is..the answer lays with his spirit..So yeah I dared him..funny to read while I called up lucifer that you and your people talk about a Holy Spirit..Back in 1998/1999 I kept repeating one thing "I give me live for the answer..I give my live for the children I give my live dude was the clue and codeword with this spirit...Is the only reason the bugger came my the only reason why I woke up compleetly..So what your group was angry due to me getting that spirit? I wonder what you and your peoples would have done if you would have known exactly how that spirit works..Dude I have 3 more years before completiontime..within these 3 commingyears hitting all of you hard in 2012..I confront-instigate and reveal by this..which is the only task accordingthe spirit..Did you and your stupid friends really though that you could make the spirit dance to your tunes?? Is why you can not see it nor feel it..IT decides for ITSELF..IT can not be led nor manipulated by others espc not hollywood or millitary puppets..You thought that you could manipulate me into certain directions..meanwhile those you follow orders from have been leading you direction no mans land.

Whatever you thought..IT took me over, in that way the old me does not exist anylonger..transformation start was in 2003, where you barged in..thinking to be smart..IT used you so I would accept..the stigmata's I had the next day where due to this merging with thought that you could have a sexual encounter while IT was taking his seat in thing IT is not gay..Another thing by 2012 I have become..I have that time and the ages that will follows as of then..between your group and me we both know exactly what I mean..
I let it do what it wants to do..You think that IT is about playing little harry potter tricks? How silly..IT goes global thought that was clear..Global such as you accused me of causing bad weather and all others. Btw do you want to put the beginning of El Ninio on my back as well? is when I left this country..travelling without any one being able to hold me back..
If they use clouds to follow us today , its clear they did back then as well..nothing changes they say..
It rules me dude..and its clear that IT does not agree with you

>>>But when you said this thats when i realized their was another way that there are always more then one solution to meet an end and truly I'm great full for these words

Yse wrote:
"Justice Love Unity is like a nuclear bomb in their would kill their we must do is bring back Love..
But most importantly..We <Must Believe That its Possible to bring Back love in this world..we must stop doubting this Powerfull Frequency..We Must Believe That We Can and are Able to do this..
We Must Stop Doubting...Doubt is the tool that Blinds..Blocks, Destroys ..
I dare say out loud that I know what the tool is to bring Love back to the masses, or said Bring the believe in Love back.."

>>>at that very moment I saw things with more clarity. Is this something you have totally turn your back on because right now I fail to see the love in you for this task. You are seem filled with this negativity (and boy does it rub off) thats when i felt one less star in the heavens.

You ruined the possibility..You and your friends caused me to loose that believe..which is nor your friends let alone earth massess are ready for it..It hates to waste time..There be a whole Universe for IT to play in and with..

The key you have ben whining for is still alive..yet inactive..TWINFLAMESOULS..dude you can not do anything..only the TWINFLAMESOUL...= she and he holding the oldest DNA memory amongst humanity have and hold that key.
Stop looking for that what you almost killed..its not yours nor is it accessable by you nor can you control it..
What if God made a bet with the Devil-Who would Win over the most Souls -for the Last Spiritual Battlfield on Earth-Who would He Wake Up to become his Army?-Ellect-Witnesses?
On A Quest for Reality
On A Quest for Reality
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Re: Contact

Postby You Can Call Me Ray » Tue Dec 15, 2009 5:06 pm

Wow. There is such a thing as "too much high drama". Maybe someone needs their own reality show? :)
The Universe is an Integrated System. Operational, Functional, and Physical.
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You Can Call Me Ray
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Uncovers Reality
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Re: Contact

Postby Zep Tepi » Tue Dec 15, 2009 5:13 pm

You don't know the half of it mate, crazy stuff!
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