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Postby dankk » Sun Nov 19, 2006 7:04 pm

I.P.Freely wrote:I.m sorry I offered my Opinion. I,m sorry Dankk can,t handle a little criticism. I,m sorry you allow Dankk to think he can dictate what I can say or not say. I,ve said it before ban me I don,t matter to you .


Your opinion is different than challenging decisions made by staff. Especially when it has nothing to do with you whatsoever. I can handle criticism quite well. Especially when it is constructive.

Lets not dwell on this shall we? The edits arent going to be changed back to the original form. So there really isnt anything positive that can come from any further discussion about it. Lets all continue forward here...

I really dont know where you got this "ban" notion from either friend, but I can assure you that "banning" was never brought up regarding you. If you want to, PM me anytime and I will be more than happy to speak with you regarding whatever is on your mind.


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Postby Yse » Sun Nov 19, 2006 8:49 pm

Hi guys what is going on? please no fights between the many of you.

IPF thank you for your reaction.
Its one that has made my head think as well. Dankk and Ry I do understand that you edited but well ifyou want to check upon a medium then you have to watch out with how you edit. Esp. When one is channeling.

But IPF made my head go off..yep. and I must say IPF its about time that you write/post with this thought in your head, thank you very much.

> But till then know this, if I see some thing wrong I,m going say so if I feel like it . And it is wrong to edit yensa. You invited her here knowing full well how she was. Its like you had brought a bull into a china shop and then get upset when plates get broken.

Exactly, why did you guys offered me a place to write? Cause the moment this happned many new irritations occurde and are occuring around me, and I KNOW..this has to do with this board. Dankk you are nice etc you become moderator you make a weird u-turn. I do not trust u-turns like that, promotion makes weird twists in ones head. And by now you are feeling exactly the same as Victor did back then. Yep.

> And just why did you invite her here anyways? I tried to tell her not to come here after she was looked at as a big joke when at OM. Did you enjoy yourselfs laughing behind her back. Called a mental case at OM and then praised while here I mean please who are you kidding. I wouldn,t doubt this had a part in Miss leaveing

Exactly!!! which was the reason why I decided to post now I know. Sorry guys nobody will get the information I hold in my mind, nobody, you guys missed the boat, if you want information go and seek the little the actor has. Hmmm come to think of it, mayby you guys belong to his little crew who knows? But I do not care about this at all.

I will take the reaction from IPF to probably post my last posting in this forum. Yes I am smelling something strange on this board, and by now I have had enough, of all who want information from me. regardless of their intentions , I have had enough. Stalking harrasing spying the name of their many games, including the Actor [ I can proof that it was you- you admitted a few times- no use to try to delete my writings anylonger- they are saved stored- bug me again and will hand this madness over to a lawyer- yep by now I actually have one who is very much in to Serving the womb mode- DONT temp me, I will counteract every move you make distance is nothing to my mind nor does the future close her doors to my mind ] and his crew games, which smells like Wingmakers/Mexico very much, which smells like the Spear of destiny which has nothing do with an artifact, THIS WOULD BE A BIG LIE, which smells like a motorbike accident-which allerted others due to them discovering something with the man who had that accident. Which smells like somebody invited him over to the A-mountains, filled his head with absolute nonsense making him believe in the greatness of it, shielding by this the real truths from his eyes/mind. [my guess this actor went through some initiation ritual] Wingmakers –I know you guys are on this board as well, as you were on the other boards I visited these last long are we here? When did the ship land to open the last part of the prophecy on earth, so it would be found the day I left to come back to the netherlands? Why did they think that she would not recognize her own story? Why do all of you, [ minds like IPF are excluded from my accusatons etc] Think that you can Fool me? Why? Do I not contain the oldest memory/womb/dna memory???? Therefore holding the universal library within me? Which makes me recognize all and everything, especially all that comes from the old the sky and the abys???
Do you guys really think that I would tell all on this board? Did you guys really think that you could scheme me into telling all I know? Did you really believe that I would spill the keys? Duh..? …

Did nobody understood the another Point Break momentum I encountered in 2004, did you guys think that being raped many times, being beaten to pulp, being drugged soo many times in these last 7 years, being paralyzed not only in the last 7 years but many times in the last 30 years, murder attempts on my being, theft way to many to name, Me flying the world the moment i need to See something/..and you guys Think that you can fool me?
@))$AE teached me many things, about your kind and who you are and what you want and why you do what you do..all eager to save their own genes..well one note; ~ ON THIS EARTH –AFTER— 3 GENES WILL BE LEFT- ALL WHO ARE NOT FROM THE EARTH-SHALL SEES TO EXIST~ Xx0Final/~from all churches THE VATICANO WILL BE LEFT STANDING..FROM ALL THE KINGDOMS THERE MAY BE ONE REPRESENTING THE NEW KINGDOM England may wear that crown~~ all others shall loose all they think they have, all.~ ~A Forth KINgdom shall arise due to all this madness, they can not stop this Cause its already in the making, they try to kill and sedate the many yet they can not stop this, will it be a big kingdom or small new 4th kingdom? Or dare I say it, as Hitler would say it the Forth reigh??? Cause this is what its all about. The Arising of Ascencion of humanity to higher planes to highr Awareness which is the official forth realm, cause 8 doors of perception shall be stead 7.

You may laugh about the above, this would be your lack of understanding lack of love. One day when I was asked what would you aks god if you could mmeet him? My answer back then as a child as well as in 1999 was to help me write a book about the truth, to take me as a vesel and spit out all the lies and all that is bad , false horrible, nasty etc confront humanity through me, this was my dearest wish, well I got it. This is what religion call messia madness its not, its about being awake and understanding that we are living in some cold monster his fairytale land, that we are dealing with magic that all is faked and not true or the opposite or shifts the moment you utter a word a make a crossing at some point by which one gets a shifting of lanes within a satellite dictated vicinity, city areas workplaces, shoppingmalls=why and how children can disapear. Subways passages very bussy crossing childrens atraction parks have many of these little doors is reason why so many mirrors and small passages, like in these modernday hightech new kindergardens, look like labs, researchcentres, we have many in this city country, canada and the usa have many many as well..where they bread/take care daycarecentres of children. Dangerous places. Stupid parents and humanity that they let Them steal the children right in front of your eyes away, is all i can say to parents these days..trusting strangers who are mostly male or weird hungry to show a child love and affections saying they are the sunshine of your live trust me i am your friend your child is save with me oh did she say that oh silly child such imaginations etc etc are simply not to be trusted with many childrobbers and breeders in ever society around the world..duh..this is why wars and natiural distructions ones in a while in the past, they get more and more hungry, thye need more children, so more sex more violence more drugs more sex more poverty more sex etc etc is what brings them many children---all you guys need to do is cut of their food suply’s is all. Everywhere sit and wait and see wonders happen and schoot all of them, what is so difficult about that??? A german/austrian man knew as napoleon came to know to late as many knew back then??? How do you guys Think the many Brave living in peace and harmony firts tribed peoples lived back then? LOOK At the Beauty and the Craftsmanshap and the ARTS>> did silly minds fashion these beauty’ me thinks think why if beauty and arts were so very much present in those days why would they fight eachothers, and why are their no proofs left for so many tales? Because they never ever existed. Truth is According the Rulers dictations..we are currently in a shift of frequencies big time, there are doors and portals that will open all at the same time as above so below will open for all eyes to see and then bang one big new years eve up there..

…so one day was asked what would i ask god is i saw him..and it looks like god the Sungod actually listened..the dutch state knows that i get messages from the sun so we are blocked almost every day a full hundred % counts mainly for amsterdam area cause other parts do have way more sun and even long hot summers, like this dutch guy from above topsecret[ who by the way can also NOT be trusted they send RU a note regarding me, which the source knew and dang she was correct..about and to this board] who’s posting i took regarding the weather proofs that we in this little small country are like so separated from truths and even weather conditions its not funny..its like a prison colony a chessboard some russian is code. I believe that the dutchy royals together with a 1 or 2 other kingdoms bought this man into freedom togetehr with the US i believe or a group within the US..he is their keymaster>>>

Back to Magic..god/source listened and god/source is a genie and indeed likes riddles, as they know from me since I was a to the keepers Yadada cant flow is your problem. Anyways..

~My books is what you guys are living in. The fun part even that they want to steal, my writings are fixed, my thoughts are fixed, my actions fixed just as the endings of our times is fixed, who will survive or die is fixed. Nobody will be able to change that what is going to happen, except my brain. DUH>> The Whore of Babylon The Tong of mind one womb one child one truth one prophecy one religion one nation one world. Vaticano knows fatima prophecy 3..duh this was installed just in case..go on dare the vaticano let Ratzinger read my writings I dare them, until then silencio up whoever wants to protest that what I say .. Many die or a few die was the topic for quit some time..not any longer. Many will die..the womb represent the children, her truth and knowledge is for the children, her destiny is to safe the children no matter what, She-Sophia Shekinah Medusa’s Wisdom the Wisdom of..insisted on taking this body called Yse, she was/we handed her autority over this earth, by her ways of writing and uttering the words, her predictive abilities are not just for a few years as the bible have been lying to all of your minds..[ bible real=one book only] the predictive abilities from SHE will last for a very very very long ethernal eternity no beginning no ending always all that IS. IS’Mmmmmmm = Womb!
His abilities would only arise if ..a if that no longer exists.
He is the one that was given autority over the survival changes of the Adults, reason being Her hate towards adults which was created by..due to the need of being and order to create her willingness to die for the children. Between adults and the children in the end of times..the children are the only ones who carry pure rays and therefore Innocenca..which has been her Code her Whole live. Therefore She is the one who is created for the children-who will be the absolute survivors in the end. A handfull of adults may survive as need be to take care of the children and to raise them accordingly.
The adults their fait lays in the hands of the Actor who simply could not resist himself by playing Neo in the Matrix by this the lasso of Z was circleed around him as Matrix is teh Tale of the Womb and nobody and nothing else. No mater how much others try to steal the writings of predictive psychic visionary wombs. No matter what the intention is behind
the theft, Source dictated her.. thus I found her. She and others started to cry when they read my mail, thus we had phone conversations etc how foolish of the Actor to think otherwise.
I am glad that I am merely a house for the spirit, who translates that what she has to say, nothing more nor less. She is the one who is hurt, she is the one who cried in pain and anger when she saw how He reacted the way he did. She became very sad that obviously she made the wrong choice regarding this man. then she became very, very angry. I explained to her that he is not a clean clear human, that he is within a world where her enemies reside, maybe he played a double and game maybe he is just blinded by fame. Who knows, i do not know him, its not me who seeked him out, but she. She needed many years before i could say; ok lets go for this madness, one shot no problem, if it does not work no problem, well that is to say to my mind. Cause i never invisioned saving adults. This must have been his mindset. Cause she laid the fait of the adults in the hand of the male, why? It is Man who did wrong, it is man who raped, it is man who destroyed, it is man who rape children and babies, it is man who controls the eradication of this planet an the killings of her REAL children the animal kingdom, especially her Firts Children; THE WHALES.; to whom i ‘travell a.” everytime they call and who ~I~ answer to everytime they are in pain.
She, the moment my eyes read the Actor his reactions; started to show me the Roads by which many can be saved, hmmm what can i personally anger which was activated due to the absolute blindness and unknowings of the Actor, caused me to Dance..woah. [ as if i would be sitting here sobbing over something or somebody i do not know in real live, which is the reality which still matters the most and still is the reality one must abide untill the gates open ..She is the One who recognizes your blass complexion get some some sun/nun i said I the house now speaking do not give a damn about you ok now store this in your skull cause your BRAIN-closetHs look mighty SPLINTERED..]
While dancing, I saw all the roads, over the whole world tada..IPF I Have the Roads for Mexico will surface again when its time, this is safety measures agreed upon between me and the case they wanted to torture me and get stuff out so now if they do you get s^~t to them its best to wait and see is I spill the riddle.. ok? Thnks your glass arts and my anger for the Actor’s blindness..made it possible to SEE..Woah Sangre De Christo my Memory Woah!!!!!!!… so to all you americans..start to be nice to Mexico cause they will RULE YOU IN THE END depending on how nice you Americans have been and will be and are now being/becomming ,n the very near future..oh and who is to blame for this turn of events..the Actor he Rejected Tiamat/kalki/Y/Ishtar/Isis/ etc etc KE rejected ANU [ get it? you did not reject me the human female duh.dont know you, so stop loving yourself to much many fans will screw the mind of any starlet = star-letting conracts given each 99 years to ?? think count 1+1=3] Anu pointed the Earth towards this Actor, lord knows far as i know he was not born in hawaii so what the blieb//anyway doesn’t matter anylonger. I am freed from this one which was causing headaches which i really hate.

So once again; ~I have the roads for my peoples, for all the children and the animals. End of story~ My live for the ALL Children Worldwide and not one adult, the adults who may survive have been apointed by the CHILDREN their dreams their fears their wishes their lives their sufferings and fears ; esp the children wishing a female to be their mother or a male to be their father..according the intensity of the wish and how this wish created itself, and who the female or male are for real-their actions and deeds their worries and sense or power of feelings..defined and was of the essence who She would choose to be the ellect chosen etc etc/etc have created the ellect due to this frequencies having being used by the spheres as above so below dictations in conjunctions with the earths frequencies translated and decided upon by Sophias Wisdom were the many and few choosen and nothing and nobody else Could have made that choice, and its time humanity relaizes these things, they have one last change or out/... so may the best adults winn this game. What can I say to me since I was born since I can remember which is 3, this whole world is nothing less to me than a board of Chess, thus making live in my eyes one big game or experiemt as many say. This puppet of the master called ANU AYA HATHOR [ herdoor] VENUS EL RA rararara..? THE PUPET ON THEIR STRING BEING NAMELY ME..really does not care if she remaines alive or if she dies.
Therefore its safe to say THAT I WILL GO ALL THE WAY..This to insure that I/y-A. can with the help of others, save as many children as are possible.

This would be my tale.

But as the source is of the womb, She may finish the prophecy; he did not see, well he does not see, and as such do I Proceed. The bal is in my court house hands for as long as I desire to hold her. To all who do not believe me ..Game; TRY ME OUT! Make me angry..make me hate is all you need to do.
Nagammadi text was put up to make the blind see, but oh boy, the blind, the blind can simply not see.
Me contradictive? Since when is Kalki Sophia contradictive? Its about live and death at all times, she who gives birth may aborth the foetus especially if it does not contain a soul, which is every child that is born out of rape and is a clone. If the raped house develops in right matters, a soul may take seat in that house.

Even the reactions from the Actor/s Music minds have been fixed this was in 2003 alreday, due to arrest and pain and born hate, I rewrote the story in 2004/5..yep you ansered the calling, all of you did. All answered the callings which I started to send of as of 1996. Santana came with his album Supernatural and indeed used that one white male called Rob Thomas, who carries that Voice, I was very much focused on Santana , the day Ricky Matrin [ who also did what I saw for him, the day I saw heard his firts international hit in the late 90s; setting up houses for the children- he did well] was hailed in as new latino performer was teh day i started to focus on Santana, cause he dictates the String according the Spheres, thus being in constant contact with the Source when he plays the guitar, reason being; his music saved my live many times. The beginnings of the 1999 i started to anounce that Santana was comming with a new album, that this would be his greatest every, that he would create that bridge bringing latina’s into our spheres..yes there were some minds who refused to believe this, until that one day david letterman..woah the exact same songs as my mind heard for so many years of my live are on this album.
Bono-U-2..very much tied to my inner developments, strange synchronity of our mindsets. Back in the 80s i said that when it would be time, that when the last battlefield on earth would start he would make a cover of one song from Marvin Gay. After 2000 I said when Iraq is being bombed Bono- will use that song from Marvin Gay and a bundle of singers as a protest song against the war in Iraq. I also said He will take up that fight and figt for the children form Africa [ he fights for all children but te african children simply have no REAL KNIGHTS who help them-- And so he did.
The day I saw Eminem, I knew my wish was answered, the wish being I need to see one young poor white trash [ sorry Eminem but its your past that made you feel and see] filled with hate, and having a bad mother. This was needed in order for truth to be able to be told which is blocked when it comes from black minds, yet a white blond young male will break through that wall, and so he did, and so he came with the mother song. The day I heard this one I said he has to make one song filled with anger regarding the war in Iraq and the US gov their policies etc that would unite the mind of youngsters and so he did > MOSH. The surprise for my eyes was to see that the video clip was fashioned exactly the way I invisioned THINGS III~/ the day I bought the cd Encore saw the extra songs WE AS AMERICANS=~/~~\y-A. and the photos on it I said oh boy Em is going a little to far, if he does not watch out they will tackle his mind and put him on anti-psychotics which they did as seen in the news. The same I said for Robbie Wiliams..whose album; the cover the symbols the lyrics/words his eyes his mind development all I saw back in 2000/2 then one day I wake up and tell my friends they are going to put robbie on medicaytion they will pump him full with zyprexa..and so they did. One song of robbie was very and extremely important to my ways and development, the only singer that actually trigered memory in me by his voice this is special Em activates the devil in me who seeks justice Santana keeps me alive Bono-u2 functions as the eyes that made me SEE and Travel to africa Bob’s his eyes as well I have been using his eyes to SEE what the hell is happening in Africa Micheal Jakson was teh line that kept one frequency on this earth alive for the the jews who tried tom tackle this your signed your own d-warranty. This was your mistake..~~Micheal the Angel WHO SEES~~AnuAyaY~~/

And I can go its clear that after 7 years of a nonstoop info blast from all around this world, that I have had enough. So really to all go and screw yourselves. To you as well go ..yourselves [ dont dare edit this..this would be suspicious]

As I said I DO NOT need to travel in the physical here and now to visist other minds..nor do I have to go Astral..that be for the weaker mindsets. I FEEL.that is how simple things have become I do not need eye sight anylonger to see. I just SEE. Of which i know many fear this seeing, others want me death because of me seeing and being a sourcerer with white locks .. walking on red fubu shoes.

Sting his brand new day hmmm one male who holds promises and surely makes his woman very happy, or better said she makes him very happy, for without her he would not have been able to go up like that by 1997 I said that it was time for the souls of the old to start singing again, and that Sting should get off his ass, and make hat one return to full glory album, as I am into Arab sounds [ they make me go back to certain times where i lived certain lives always together with that one other male soul [ the house today does not get affected by this memory, cause its the memory of the She/soul, and not my house, so she may miss the Actor..but I am completely detached, In 2000 the song was spread Desert Rose.., yet it was not time for be to buy the album, this would again be for when it was time to check the male out, at firts I really did not undrestand, but since the last week I do.
Actor..your soul has done things in the past lives that are not ok! Its that exact thing that your soul did back then, that is your curse today. Yep figure this one out yourself, as i said I am done with handing over information..ythis is really really realy the last posting got some old friends from the 30s to meet..hmmm deal you guys want information from me? PAY FOR IT..and tehn still you will not know if the information is true, and as I =YseVenus she made Justice to be more valuable then any gold or money or..which makes me very hapy because money is nothing nada Knowledge Wisdom Knowing is worth a zilllions uncountable never to be bought due to its Incredible value as this is teh universal wisdom of the Womb..
If I were to take all of you, your money away non of you would know how to survive..Never ever look down on poor or street peoples, for THEY HOLD MOSTLY MORE VALUE THAN ANY OF YOU WHO SIT HIGH AND DRY>> as you see one will not be able to buy the info out of me which means in short NOBODY will get the informations from me. End of story. Each its own burdens to wear.

[ btw actor, is it true that ..and why did the dutch kpn block your money?? DUH looks like they know about you stupidly you could not resist to enter their realms..]
Micheal JACKSON HIS STORY is one that remains a secret untill its time, his song Speechless saved my ass while being locked up raped beaten etc but my advise start BOWING to Micheal Jakson.for he is REAL. His new album should come out somewhere around this time, I have not hheard anything..yet. any of you americans can tell me if he is planning to cme out with a album before the ending of this year?
Santana Supernatural was used in 2000 to make me SEE All the Suffreings of ALL the BLACK Nations worldwide namely those they do not favour, yet can not go without-foodsuply’s..I was glad that he was used for this.

Bono did one cover with the black female singer Mary jb called One Love..simply because it was time for him to come with that song as it was time for me to activate the last part and that was to find out if Keanu Reeves was part of the many games being played around me. I had decided that when it would be time to check matter regarding this actor that Bono had to come with that song, and so he did.
His games caused me many dangers, the state knew he was doing this, the Duytschen State Families know about his future just as they knew [ my future is now in the shadow so they can not see it anylonger, his is still clear therefore his live is officially in danger..what can one say you want to play with the gods you must face their dangers..]
Due to him their hate towards me became stronger. The day they discovered he was spying on me [ no matter what you call its, in this reality you commited a c-offence the lawyer told me so and the articles indeed show this to be the case] was the day they decide hell no let break the bitch/me and so they did they best sinds 2003 for real.
One word for you actor, my friends have one mission when I die due to the hands of the system, they will seek you out, and do not mistake my real frineds, of which you have no idea who they are. They hold $$ way more than you will ever make..they owe me big time..they need me big time..their futures depend on me living and not me being death, they together with the youngsters here will make this planet to small for you to walk ok? Yes this is a warning ..leave me alone, this counts for all your friedns or those who came to you to complain about me, why is beyond me cause I notified that if you guys would continue You would have to consider me Lestat who is pissed of with you people, and has decided to talk. Why you guys thought that I would tell all about just one group is beyond my senses, I tell about them those he and others..all of you have violated my spheres all of you have commited universal crimes all of you, from the hollywood or canadian hills or waters, to Vienna Rome UK Zweden etc etc you should have never done this, ~~where I/we come from we adress the –a. person in real live, we do not hide cause we do not need to hide. She=ME Does not need to hide.. she does not need games played by humans she is our best subject those far commited a universal crime you anticipated Providence..wrong move~~ at the same token of course we all know we are dealing with that little triangle tribe..i know that i can keep on screaming Dune so its no use in longer make nice little hide outs espcially if you like water and need steel and you have high ovens and lovvvvve children very. So actor this one is for you out in the open..7 gates this should be easy- 3 doors- changing lanes-timezonelockroad/s count to 9 and jump. Never 10 is mistake and you die.

Which is why I now have to mend the broken glass-again the earth will remain – the anmal kingdom will reign again- however the fait of humanity is not fixed..the ~~Faith of ALL Real Human Earth Children is Sealed into safety~~/
Unmnatural beings will persh the faith of the adults no longer in my hands.

Thnak Aya for this one, for now I may focus exclusively on the children/

Since the 1st of january 2006..everything I write down is by this token, you may laugh, you may ridicule me..and by this show your fear and your uncomfortable minds, those I hear thinking all the way over her in Amsterdam

--The actors who will play in movies that are fashioned after my story-- shall all die-- this is my wish, nobody is going to play my story-- you play my story-- you go through a gate/door/opening, the moment you do the door closes--- no way back--- for the actors--- playing my story—--end of message/

Like Emily Bronte I can make or break. Actor she has been with me last night..pointing to the do you guys have fun? Or are you telling me that you did not know about Emily??? Why do I mention names of the old? Guess I AM that house of Spirits no? And they ALL Side With Me, ALL, especially and including the bad and the ugly, as dubbed by history, who seemingly are fed with you humans, they merely acted out there parts in the Experiement, good aleins bad aliens all played their part in this Genies Creational Scheme, nothing else, let me throw one in; Hitler was and IS INNOCENT~/. So what do you guys want to Ban me for saying that HITLER WAS INNOCENT~/???? trance I walk with whoever I Summon or who wants to show me stuff, by this i can find every gdamned thing they have been hiding, and the states knows this they know that i can actualy proof Hitler to be Innocent~/ I really do not give a damn whatsoever..I have passed that stage caring for adults....the only ones that count as of 3 days ago, are the children and nobody else not one adult can make me feel compassion, most of you are fat liers, schemers, spies etc etc your sexual ways are so disgustingly sick its not funny anymore, drugs sex in all the wrong places, penetration of all the wrong body openings, egos gone mad, hate gone blind, greed glorified=love exchanged for sex, natural fods/fruits defiled and replaced for food that is grown on OTHER PLANETS BROUGHT TO THIS WORLD DAILY, IN DIFFERENT LOCATIONS, DISTRIBUTED FROM ONE LOCATION IN EVERY COUNTRY TOWARDS TEH FOOD STORES…AH;Albert HEIN a supermarket chain, operating under many false names worldwide, huge take overs from many independent supermakets chains such as in Spain etc as of 1994 the huge take overs world wide started, by 1999 most had merged and brought back into that one same room. AH duytschen blood, owns the FOOD CHAin in CanadaToronto almost a full 100%, the same it is in many states in the USA>>AS WELL AS IN Brazil, many Arab countries, Africa they distribute these kinds of not from the earth killing causing aids-sicklecell suffocated-turning into bloodcancer which is aids..I can sum up the process from day one to the manifestation of the diseases..vampirism; this kind of bloodcancer needs blood and hemaglobine replacement as well as stemcells yet not from alittle child, is very bad for the patient who is an adult..I have taken many from their medications away..let food be thy medicine-without sun there is nun. Humans with so called mental problems, take the bread and all that is made from weat, as well as milk/products/high does of proteins away and see the sun shine in their face within 3 months..diabetics: AWAY With milk products high protein foods no food after 8 at night within one month no injections needed anything. Brain conditions which causes many to be in hospital wqhere they are pumped full with medication, no live no self nothing left..take away there medications advise the right food etc and 3 months they are back on track..

So by the last mentioned part of my writing in the above..NOBODY IS GOING TO TELL ME ANYTHING ABOUT A DISEASE NOR ABOUT MENTAL CONDITIONS, MOST OF YOU ARE COMPLETELY DRUGGED A FULL 100% 24/7 SIMPLY BY THE FOODS YOU ALL EAT. WHICH CLOSES YOUR MINDS A FULL 100%..if you wake up by natural conditions or you force this to happen by meditation, and your blood is filled with prepared protein, or as we call it dirty proteins; which are molecules to big to be absorbed by your blood; travells to the skin, where it retains water-swollen puffy skin which causes acne and cellulite [ to the females its sooo very easy to get rid of cellulite] to the brain- and it travels immer gradeaus to the Brain Receptors, where they nest-cloging up the receptors, creating a VEIL over your perception. Which causes a clouded perception, alzheimer-parkinson-dementia. Next to high doses of dirty proteins daily creates Agressive males and sex crazed males perfect war soldiers who are trained to Rape and Kill their awards are the goods of war, which they sell on e-bay etc on the Iraq soldier made a weird mistake he found his way to me he had artifacts from Iraq-he wanted my advise and help ..I cursed him and the womb that gave birth to him all the way to hell..he very quickly left. But he left me with a blue print of what they actually are really doing in name TURKEY..

Actor I know you eat wrong. Between your truth and my truth..YOURS IS VEILED.

Me continueing writing my story on this board? Hell will freeze over before I do this.

I do not trust this board any longer, was caustious in the beginnings, felt for one moment at home, yet ..I am nobody’s fool..the prophecy and the roadmaps for when the Disasters start on this planet are in my head and my head alone..The Actor will NEVER EVER get the roadmaps, they are in the womb and meant for the children, you adults rape them- beat them- repress them- force them-do not listen to them-do not believe your own children – leave them be in the hands of kindergarden pedos and their workers [ who mak ephotos of the naked children and sell them to pedophiles- you do not destroy pedophiles at all, you let the netherlands go theirways raping babies even, the netherlands are awarding all childrapist right now as we speak..and you guys think that I am going to hand over that safe trail disasters roadmap????

Hahahahahahahahahahahah..for real. I Am Here For the Children and all you adults may kiss my behind.

You adults want to be save start running to Keanu Reeves he wanted to play a hero , well to me he looks like a hero on ‘crack’ NO do not censor this one..this one is for Toronto for my Mana soldiers..less you guys all of a sudden become racesist?

Whatever you do Actor dont make me come to Toronto one visit was enough for me to know this matter how big it is, in my eye its just a little spot on the map. And do not make me go astral on you cause Iam not nice :Lilith be my name or have you no shame?~/

The children are save they survive all..for they are part of my wombs dictation..~~ CHINA Shall be India shall be Brazil shall be Mexico shall be Zweden shall be from Kennedy to McCowan Scarborough shall be UK shall be Germany shall Be France locations where my spirit came Home shall be
Russia shall be as Africa will Become..where RomaniaShallSEE~/~~\ all other places may fend to see all they caused..penance MUST Be if they want to SEE ~ROMA FLEE~USA ONE NUKEHEAD WILL BE~~/~~~\ and of cours the netherlands will remain standing as long as its my wish..which does NOT mean the survival of the dutchies at part will sees to exist in its entire consrucions

All other locations have fallen in the hands thus actions of the Actor. He is responsible for what will happen in the US. Except those countries I loved likes was amazed at they are blessed as innocensa reigns everywhere in the end.

May the best Genes winn this battle Goodby

And for me the house its really time to say goodby. I will not write any longer, i simply can not waste my skills on this decided upon ending.
Many bad things will happen, this much is clear I have been watching these last 20 years fly by..and these last 7 years speed by. since the 9/11 everything every dot of the prediction has commenced every written story i penned down manfestated..which means now the the window wants to open, yep my eyes..KEANU THANKS >> it looks like my eye may open fully without your presence..maybe the Source wnted my absolute dedication my live for the children..funny how things go. may thee waves save your sorry ass.

A thousand years have gone by looks like this spirit shall have to wait another one..
What if God made a bet with the Devil-Who would Win over the most Souls -for the Last Spiritual Battlfield on Earth-Who would He Wake Up to become his Army?-Ellect-Witnesses?
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Postby ryguy » Sun Nov 19, 2006 9:37 pm


Just so I sense something has changed on this forum because your previous drunken posts had vulgarities edited out of them? Did you read my last post? We've spoken on the phone and via email - you know perfectly well what our intentions and vision is here on this forum. You are obviously allowing yourself to have your emotions dictated by those who are constantly antagonizing and harassing you.

I've provided you your own thread, to post whatever you please of your story from start to finish. Nothing is edited, deleted or changed. Parts 1 through 3 are exactly as you wrote them.

So could you please clarify, exactly, what your problem is?

"Only a fool of a scientist would dismiss the evidence and reports in front of him and substitute his own beliefs in their place." - Paul Kurtz

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Postby dankk » Sun Nov 19, 2006 10:54 pm

Yes Yse,

Please clarify.

You make countless mentions about this 'actor'. you are done with it. But you wont stop talking about it. You havent stopped since 'he' stopped posting for weeks. You still continued... endlessly mind you. Then, he makes 2 posts and you go postal on everyone here. If you are done with this actor then simply stop talking about it. Your 'last post' is strewn with "the actor" and how you are finished with it. BUT, you wont stop being finished with it as you keep on and on and on and on and on about it.

You say I made a "U-turn" for editing out your writings telling members to F-OFF, and editing out the words you write about what it takes to get you off sexually, editing out posts that are extrememly biased against ALL males. NONE of the words edited out had anything to do with the post's actual message. I take that complete and total offensive material out of your posts and I do a U-turn? Have you ever heard of rules Yse? You said yourself that it should have been edited. You were being vulgar and disruptive. End of story. And, after the 7-8 edits I made, you are still here and allowed to post. How is that a U-turn?

NOONE here is allowed to talk that way. Not me, not you. Noone! If this is too much for the 'Source' to deal with when writing through the 'Womb', then I am at a loss as I, nor any staff member, will tolerate this behavior from anyone. Even if it is "channeling" that causes this. If that is a U-turn to you, then so be it. I am a moderator and that job has certain responsibilities, Yse. I cant let one thing go for you and not for the other. That would not be a fair way to handle moderations. ~I am feeling like Victor did? Where did that come from? If anything, that was an insult. And so now, because I take out the trash you wrote in your posts, the WHOLE board is now a part of his little crew? That was just wrong Yse... You wrote me an email that said that you made a "bet" with S. that I would be promoted to moderator next. You were glad that I made it and praised the decision made. And that praise stops when I have to edit your writings? Hmmm... More bias? It would be nice if you make a prediction before it happens instead of after.

You have a thread made especially for you to write your story. You have been protected from those that would seek to discredit you on this board. Noone is allowed to write badly towards you. By the same token you are not allowed to write badly towards any other member either. You have had every opportunity to write without edits and without a time-line placed in your very own thread. You are the one that wanted to write this story. Now you act as if it is being begged for... Noone has asked anything of you regarding this 'information' you speak of. Stop twisting this into something that has made you the victim.

Keep your information. I could care less about it honestly. What I do care about is having you here in a capacity that is friendly and respective of other members here. Noone else is above this, so why should you be allowed? You claim to be something special. Ok, fine. Be special. But while you are here at RU, you must follow the same rules that everyone else has to follow. If that upsets you, I am truly sorry. But the rules will not bend to cater to your needs above others.

I want you to stay Yse. You dont have to write about all these things that you believe everyone wants. You can simply offer opinions on other topics as well. You dont HAVE to do anything you dont want to do here (except follow the rules). Write to your hearts content. And writing with only one or two points per post would be a big plus too. Not very many people care to read chapters of writings in one single post. Be an active member of the board in the different forums. Take some time for yourself and read what other people have posted. Enjoy yourself. :) That is the main goal for RU over anything else. Have an enjoyable time here.


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Postby Zep Tepi » Mon Nov 20, 2006 1:39 am

I agree with what was edited out of Yse's posts. They had nothing whatsoever to do with the theme of the posts thus far and contained innappropriate vulgarities and added absolutely zero to the discussion.

I haven't followed everything that has been posted in this particular section, I have been leaving that in the capable hands of Ryan and Dankk. Keep up the good work :)

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Postby Yse » Mon Nov 20, 2006 12:34 pm

From: Victor Martinez <>
Reply To:
To: Victor Martinez <>
Subject: At the Center of the Milky Way Lies a BLACK HOLE of Light-HoursWide!
Sent: zondag 5 november 2006 22:34:04
EXPLANATION: At the center of our Milky Way Galaxy lies a black holewith over 2 million times the mass of the Sun. Once a controversialclaim, this astounding conclusion is now virtually inescapable and basedon observations of stars orbiting very near the galactic center. Theirresults convincingly show that S2 is moving under the influence of theenormous gravity of an unseen object which must be extremely compact --a supermassive black hole. This deep NACO near-infrared image shows thecrowded inner 2 light-years of the Milky Way with the exact position ofthe galactic center indicated by arrows. This is an unprecedented testof Einstein's theory of gravity as astronomers watch a star orbit asupermassive black hole. image suposedly from oct. 2002

one more try; CONstellation of Cygnus, which is located at the Great Ref in the Milkyway. CYGNUS IS TYPICALLY DEPICTED by a SWAN. Location GOBEKLI TEPE_VAN scytians OÇONNELY ORANGE Dunes..the netherlands. Hoogovens-Steelfactories- childlabourlustneed-passages mein kampf; interest slavery-schlageter--bunkers-heemskerk>>South Africa bible-1936 [1+9+3+6=19=0=new begin change Exodus=not past event-rather the here and now and very near future event=reason for migration of the many jews towards certain countries as well as SouthAfrica-as well as the Muslims having been called to gathering this was somewhere in august this year 22th-all are getting ready, all have been called to their designited locations - All but those who do not know, which is basically everybody not included in their real circles.. . their saviour roads have been penned down in their bibles ok..Apostel] Credo Mutwa Eritreya/Ethiopia. Passuzu-xrsist..

This would be the Reason why they/the jews which are the muslims duytshen/christian greeks semites- insist themselves to be the choosen ones..their alien god gave them the roads which are save in the end of times which would commence of the 9/11 septembre..which has to do with the future visions they had way back then;alien dictations. the 9/11 was a worldwide call for many it was the wakeup call for one huge group, as well as the warning sign for the other side, that now it was time-11:11 for them to get ready for the years to come, to gather up and flee to their locations, save storing humans who will be needed for breeding purposes in their wished for e-utopia.
What if God made a bet with the Devil-Who would Win over the most Souls -for the Last Spiritual Battlfield on Earth-Who would He Wake Up to become his Army?-Ellect-Witnesses?
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On A Quest for Reality
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Postby Yse » Mon Nov 20, 2006 1:55 pm

Ry... Dankk..I am not here to write some nice stories and bring information to the blind.
I have taken huge risks to spill some here. My writings are difficult, filled with a milion stories-roads-info-codes-messages etc
My writings are meant for the eyes that can see the codes.
On this board are eyes from the opposite side, the need my anger to activate matters. Which would bring death to this planet.

Dankk you say that I think that I am special WRONG my man absolutely wrong.
OTHERS THINK that I am special. And by now I know that indeed my brian is special.

You and whoever may and propbably or will think that I am full of it, that I seek attention, that I am nuts in the head or whatever..WRONG conclusion.
I walk away from attention, I do not like attention which every person ho knows me can testify to, as well as my modelling past, will bring you many bookers who got a headache from me due to me not wanting attention whilst I was in the fashion world. Every step I made my hole life was with a Reason.

What the many fractions want from me should be clear to both of you, lest your eyes do not read well. Or you actually belong to those who want harm for the world peoples. Officially my thought is that you guys are not of that mindset..but well as long as one does not know who one is dealing remians a guess ..
That what they want from me is that what the actor wants or wanted from me.
That what I wanted to know , was is he/actor involved? did he know? did he participate by his free will yes or no?

These anwers have been answered. Is all not only I but my surrounding as well wanted to know.
We have the answer. Now we can move on. Did we like the answer, not one bit. If one does not know one can be forgiven, however if one freely participates in a scientific research funded by governmental means in the name of lets save this world, things become different.

Dankk the way you write the way you judge was goo until..dont ever try to judge the conversations between I and Him have no idea what its all about, which makes it better for you to look for the vile/cursing words and play police on the board. This is my sentiment, and I will not pretend that its a different one. Its the same as with your reaction towards me having aborted foetuses of rapist, you recat accusing me of by telling me I am not the person you thought I was. You thought I Was is based on your own desire to fashion me in your head according your own thoughts and desires not mine, by this you made the wrong judgement of my being. Never react towards the live and matters of others, reflecting to your own live and maters, this is wrong judging ok?
You seem to find strenght in talking to me like you did in your last posting directed at my person.
And you speak to me as if I am some bored female looking to keep herself bussy cause she has nothing lese to do anyway? WRONG

>Noone else is above this, so why should you be allowed?>> Officially cause it pertains to the ways of the prophecy and the frequencies that must be obtained in order to activated

> You claim to be something special.>> No darling that would be about a bundle of millionas of peoples who claim this not took me 7 years before I could even say ok lets go for this madness..Dank me thinks that you need to read a bit more carefully..further more was it not you who thought of me to be special gotbthe mails you send me..filed with sweet words towards my presence ..duh

Further more in my eyes you have become some mod..cause others knew that you would not be able to resist yourself to be the best at this mod job. Like using you to attack me in weird ways, even that the attacks are not meant by you as such and to you they do not read like attacks, yet due to you NOT KNOWING what the blieb is happening for real, all you will be able to do is irritate my mind.

Sorry Others..this tactic does not work any longer, I have gone into buddha hybernationslepmode state..
To explain; in order to be able to see that one road FOR MY BLACK PEOPLE..and not one spik of snow in between..which will be transferred to a few other brains who can do the walk when its time.
Me? hmm how to explain constantine; needing that one anwer, means calling up of the father who brings light by ways that can only please him which a life for a life..I AM PAST>>spare me from insisting me to be a drama queen you guys non of you know a bleieb about what is really happening in this world, why the architects thought this world to be ready is beyond me, and something I no longer seek to understand. What I seek is to resque my peoples and the children not one soul more. To all my mana children you will be regardless of where you ar and you are firgiven in the eyes of Sophia as you were theonly ones that can not be blamed for your actions. Therefore Sun bows down and kisses each and every one of his first children ..Cause after all it the tale FATHER Sun and sister moon the only one I listen to. End story tale~/

Both of you as well as most who are reading know damn well that something very strange is happening all over the world, both of you know that we are dealing with end of times madness, the many seeking messiahs etc incarnations, the mnay drooling over all the sweet starchildren they have found thus far.
Both of you have eyes to see and a brain to understand that the world governmnets are working together with alienfractions, both of you should be aware of the fact that we are about to embark on some good old fashion hollywood flick called many names; star wars will do.

Bible talesprophecy-Mayan prophecy-Hopi/indian prophecy-Shiva/Kalki prophecy-H_GRAIL prophecy-Naghammadi-ORCA Lady prophecy-Kalf-pipe lady prophecy-Cherokee/Scorpio/Serpent-tail prophecy=the only true prophecy as dictated by the as above so below being in constant motions as goes;according the frequency dictations it receives..

All filled with the information needed for our last battle on earth..these be the informations the many want from me. The many who decided to go as far as needed-To do that what was and is needed-TO USE A order to obtain that disasters-world-roadmap.

All have been trying to activate me all the way over here in asmterdam, I played along for some years. But when the body and mind edure to much, when the duration of endurance exceed the time-table set upon and accepted by the recipient-the body/mind encounters a lock. THE SYSTEM THOUGHT THEY COULD ACTIVATE ME TO BECOME EXTREME ANGRY SO I WOULD CURSE THIS WORLD TO THE PITTS OF HELL>>where they locked my spirit who’s womb is crying and in anger at the same time.

I will not contiue to write the story any longer. > YOU WILL NEVER GET THE RIDDLE OF THE SHPINX ..thsi shall die with me. End of tale~/
Go and find another fool to milk info of.

Ry you may say we spoke over the phone, as far as I recal we glansed at eachother by phone. You did not give me any clear info as to who you guys are at all. Dankk I do not feel the person who wrote in the begining to me, and as such do I not trust matters anylonger.

Why you guys want me to continue to write is beyond me..but me thinks its time to find another person who wants to spice up your board.

Sorry for my writings, but way to many false madness around me, way to many lies around me, way to many who pretend around me, way to many headfamilies govs jewish families who fear me.strange brought in to my house by other humans, state that israel claims to have its saviour-US has 27 jesus walking around, India claims about 200+ saviours Arab have a bundle of Matreya’s all male of course, which is such a farce cause just as a DalaiLama can only be the Womb, so it is with this Matreya it can only be a womb..due to the steps of the ladder of our consciousness..WOMB

All scream false messiahs false profets false whatever..yet as many want to find them..? bares the question why?

The same with you guys..guess that THE SON OF MAN came to believe them to be special no? Well you guys are so not special..and not needed on this planet at all..the womb was fashioned designed to hold her own cup of seed..every female of that one special gene, CAN HAVE CHILDREN 1 to 3 WITHOUT THE NEED OF A MALE SPERM SEED..AND I KNOW..CAUSE I HAD ONE LIKE THAT..yet I was to young to realize this incredible magical truth.. the day this truth came to my head i was sad absolute sad, cause I would have given birth to that one spirit..the world has been waiting for. This will no longer be as my ovaries have been destroyed. Another 1000 years more shall this world have to wait ..

You males came to believe in something that was not nor was ever now will be ever.


Males simply can not bear the thought that a female would be above them, or as the many in religious worlds feel, they simply could not live with the idea that the messiah would be female..let alone coloured smoking cigarettes and joints when she feels like drinking tequila as medication RYAN and not drunk..if my writings read like I am drunk, then I will put you to the challenge of STAYING AWAKE SO MANY YEARS..LETS SEE HOW YOU WRITE OK?

Yes I do not give a damn that you guys will go what..and who the hell does she think she is??

My answer; THE WOMB..



In order to ABORT your presence ..the calling will be…I can not let that what you and the others did kill my peoples..therefore a live for their lives must be, which is my live. Stop accessing that realm do not force me to take actions against you..for real, I have no other choice if I want to save my people. The prophecy dies with me. This means you guys will have to fend them of yourselves..above answers to my womb..its the spirit inside of my womb, its their spiritual mother and as such do they abide her..weither any one can or wants to believe this is of no matter to me at all.

What if God made a bet with the Devil-Who would Win over the most Souls -for the Last Spiritual Battlfield on Earth-Who would He Wake Up to become his Army?-Ellect-Witnesses?
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Postby dankk » Mon Nov 20, 2006 2:30 pm


It's really very simple. Follow the rules set here by the board. Nothing more. I said it before and I will say it again. I could care less about your information. Keep it. Write it. Sell it. Die with it. Whatever. What I do care about is you following the rules set here for RU. Thats all. You can turn it any which way you want to and it will always come back to one thing. Follow the rules. thats all.

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Postby ryguy » Mon Nov 20, 2006 3:26 pm


Guess what Jakereason warned me would happen at some point with you? To be careful and don't get too close, because she will turn on you. I assumed he was issuing me that warning so I wouldn't get too close to you and learn the truth.

Now here I am, I've invited you here to have the freedom and flexibility to tell your story. You ask for a safe and locked thread - and I give it to you...I've done that for no other member. You claimed to have a tale and a story to tell - so in the spirit of truth (the vision of this website and this forum), I provided you a place to tell it.

Now, half way through, I notice Resist harassing you, antagonizing you, and it's clear to me he's doing so in order to get you angry, to discredit you and prevent you from telling that story on this forum. So I even tried to initiate a thread of research to determine the motives of Resist - who he is, what he is, what he's up to. WHY? To protect you and your right and freedom to post the truth.

And what happens? You turn on me. Amazing.

Take your story, your 10 page rambling bumbling poorly-written posts, take your insults toward those who try to help you, and take your paranoid schitzophrenic mood swings - and leave. I'm done with you.

These threads are now locked. No more updates, responses, or discussion will take place here. Should you ever care to change your tune and be a little more thankful toward those who attempt to help you, maybe you'll be back. But I doubt it.

Be gone.

"Only a fool of a scientist would dismiss the evidence and reports in front of him and substitute his own beliefs in their place." - Paul Kurtz

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Postby dankk » Mon Nov 20, 2006 9:36 pm

Just wanted to add a few things of the MANY that I could while I am here....

This is when Yse first came here. The bold words are what I did to show what she said and agreed to upon coming to this forum: Orange writings are myself within quotes.

Yse wrote:I will answer the questions, and will keep it to short following order, (short following order? not) taking in regards that we have layers of veil perception. I will keep it to perceived realities. There will be no cursing or usage of faul words from my side, but my word will not be freindly words, when adressing certain minds on openmind.

I understand that you will delete the tread when the words become bad, hoping that if an individual starts spweing hatefull words, one can isolate the poster. (the poster has definately been isolated)

Ryan I will answer the questions a bit later.
Thanks for the will be my last forum visit on the web.(somehow I doubt this...)

Then just the other day.....

Yse wrote:i mreally do not care at know how much i do not freaking care who yoiu are i am drunk while answering you...hahahah tequila and 30 sugars ..nada that is how i do not care..this is my last answer.. i know the ways for my peoples..i have secured their rood ..hmm alcohol does have a weird effect (the effect would be called drunkenness) ..normally i take this stuf as medication for a cold

normally as medication? ooookay... If anything, that would be the weird part. Then she writes this and I think everything is alright...

Yse wrote:TO ALL READING..

Dankk edited my post due to it being filled with cursing etc and he is correct..this board is higher than this.

...apparently I was wrong about that; who made the U-turn here I wonder?


All of this anger and hatred from editing trash out of her posts that you can plainly see in writing that she understood and agreed to upon joining this board, a complete turnaround from what she agreed to. And to boot, she even turns on Ryguy.... he did nothing. I was the one that did the edits.


Yse wrote:Go and find another fool to milk info of.

You said it, not me... :) See ya.

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