CIA - Heroin Drug Trafficking

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CIA - Heroin Drug Trafficking

Postby ryguy » Fri Jan 12, 2007 5:02 pm

CIA human rights abuses using drugs:


By Dick Ochs

1. Given the long track record of human rights abuses against both foreign and US citizens by the CIA, do not the crack allegations exemplify the rule rather than the exception of CIA practice? In other words, isn t the crack trade in line with the types of things the CIA has been doing all along mafia connections, murder, torture, lying, illegal trade, coverups, gun running, defying Congress, defying the President?

2. Given the track record of cover-ups by US government and media of CIA crimes, would that not cause a prudent person to conclude that the major US institutions are complicit in these crimes at least as after-the-fact accomplices?

3. If the CIA did start the crack epidemic in the US and major US institutions insist on whitewashing it, what should we what can we do about it?

The first question If the allegations of drug dealing by the CIA were an isolated incident in an otherwise exemplary CIA history, the charges would be hard to believe. But in the context of many deceptive, bloody and illegal acts by the CIA, the drug charges are quite believable. In fact, it might be the tip of the iceberg. The CIA is probably involved in gun running all over the world and possibly involved in world-wide drug running as well. Hard to believe? Consider the following.

The first of the 3 questions refers to a long string of CIA abuses and usurpations. The CIA formed an intelligence service in Haiti in the mid-80's which engaged in drug trafficking (NYT 11/14/93). Then the CIA secretly funded the Haitian junta which overthrew democratically-elected President Aristide when he was elected in 1991. When President Clinton cut off $1.5 million of US aid to the junta, the CIA secretly gave the junta the same amount. Then when Clinton wanted to re-install Aristide, the CIA undermined Clinton by publically calling Aristide violent and unstable. Who is in charge here? Is the tail wagging the dog? As we speak, a former CIA-paid death squad leader, Emanuel Constant, is given asylum in the US rather than either being prosecuted or extradited to Haiti to face justice (Sun 7/26/96).

Recent revelations of CIA involvement in the assassinations of US citizens, not to speak of thousands of nationals, in Guatemala have been substantiated. The Intelligence Oversight Board, a presidential panel confirms that the Guatemalan husband of US attorney and Harvard graduate Jennifer Harbury was killed by a CIA paid agent in 1992 (NYT 3/24/96). Similarly, another US citizen and tavern owner in Guatemala, Michael DeVine, was killed by another CIA paid agent in 1990 (NYT 3/24/96). No one in the CIA has been indicted or brought to justice for these crimes, much less for the murder of many Guatemalans. As in Haiti, when the White House cut off aid to the Guatemalan government in reaction to these murders, the CIA secretly gave the Guatemalans millions of dollars (NYT 3/24/96).

Similarly, in Honduras, according to the prize-winning and exceptional series in the Baltimore Sun last year, the CIA was involved in tortures and political assassinations by Battalion 316 there during the 1980's. No CIA personnel have been indicted or prosecuted for these murders of student and labor activists.

The wars in Central America are replete with examples of CIA impunity. A cocaine cartel money launderer testified to Congress that he sent $10 million to the contras through CIA operative Felix Rodriguez (Washington Post 6/30/87). A former CIA agent testified at the Iran-Contra hearings that the CIA secretly continued to aid the contras at a time that Congress prohibited such aid (NYT 8/1/92). We are talking about thousands of murders of women and children, and countless rapes, by the Contras in Nicaragua from 1981 to 1989. We are talking about deliberate defiance of US Congress and US law.

How far do we want to go back: to the CIA-engineered overthrow of democratically- elected Mosadek in 1953; to the CIA-engineered overthrow of democratically-elected Arbenz in Guatemala in 1954; to the CIA-engineered overthrow of Sukarno in Indonesia in 1966, resulting in the government killing of at least half a million people; to the CIA- engineered overthrow of democratically-elected Allende in Chile in 1973. All these presidents were followed by brutal dictators who tortured and murdered thousands of their citizens. The CIA is full of bloody, mafia-connected criminals and fanatic Cold Warriors who believe that totalitarian oppression is preferable to communism and evidently to democracy as well.

The point is: why are we surprised at allegations of CIA fund-raising for the contras by means of pushing drugs in an increasingly radical US Black population? Even Hollywood, in the movie Panther, written and directed by Mario Van Peebles, revealed such a deliberate policy by government agents in Black communities in the late 60's to undercut popular support of the growing Black Panther Party during the Vietnam War.

The CIA has a longstanding alliance with the criminal underworld in heroin and cocaine trafficking, much of it exposed in The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia by Alfred W. McCoy (Harper & Row, 1972). The CIA, McCoy writes, formed an alliance with the drug- dealing mafia in Sicily after World War II to prevent the Italian Communist Party from winning Italy s national elections. The CIA made a deal with Corsican gangsters to smuggle tons of heroin into the US from Marseille, France in return for their smashing the left-wing dockworkers strikes there in 1947 and 1950. During the Vietnam War the CIA s Air America flew tons of heroin out of Laos, destined for the growing heroin market in the US, McCoy writes.

Newsweek ran a story headlined Guns for Drugs about a CIA Arms Supermarket based in Honduras and funded by cocaine profits that was traced to the office of Vice President George Bush. Lt. Col Oliver North s notebook contained a cryptic entry, July 12, 1985, that the White House plans to seize all...when Supermarket comes to bad end. $14 M[illion] to finance comes from drugs.

The second question Given the track record of cover-ups by US government and media of CIA crimes, would that not cause a prudent person to conclude that the major US institutions are complicit in these crimes at least as after-the-fact accomplices?

One does not have to believe in a giant conspiracy to realize the centers of power want to do damage control and cut losses to CIA credibility. Unfortunately, by whitewashing the CIA s crimes against humanity, the US Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches have discredited the entire US government. The corporate-controlled mass media has also for the most part whitewashed the CIA crack connection and has thereby discredited the concept of a US free press.

Why didn t President Clinton cause heads to roll at CIA headquarters for their sabotage of his Haitian policy? Why did Clinton increase the CIA s budget by $2 billion just this month now of all times? Why does the Congressional Intelligence Oversight Committee include people like Arlan Spector, the inventor of the magic bullet theory, which claimed a single bullet could go through Governor Connelly, make a U-turn and then kill JFK? Why hasn t Congress investigated and condemned the many CIA crimes? Why are only Black Congressional members up in arms over the CIA crack connection? Why have the US courts refused for 200 years to provide checks and balances to counter illegal foreign policies by the US government, but yet will charge, indict, prosecute and even allow an invasion, then the kidnapping and incarceration of, a foreign president Manuel Noriega who defied his CIA sponsors by trying to retain control of the Panama Canal? The courts in the US are just as deferential to the CIA as the German courts were to Adolf Hitler. When the Christic Institute sued to stop CIA drug running 10 years ago, the court ruled the suit frivolous and fined the plaintiffs $1.2 million, bankrupting and destroying the Christic Institute.

The third question If the CIA did start the crack epidemic in the US and major US institutions insist on whitewashing it, what should we what can we do about it?

The truth may never be proven because the CIA paper shredders are probably working overtime as we speak. However, in the context of the pattern of proven CIA crimes, it is obvious that the CIA facilitated the importing of heroin and cocaine for years and quite believable that they subsequently facilitated the influx of crack to Los Angeles to finance the contra war.

Even though the enormity of the crime makes Watergate look small in comparison, the government and media (not to speak of the presidential candidates) are ignoring it. In so doing, the US government is perpetrating war upon the American people, not to speak of the planet. The question of what to do about it may be found in the US Declaration of Independence: When a long train of abuses and usurpations...evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government and to provide new guards for their future security.

For years we have tried to stop the abuses and usurpations by all legal means: elections, demonstrations, legislation, and litigation. 10 years ago, 355 people were arrested blocking CIA headquarters in Langley (NYT 4/28/87). The CIA criminals and their protectors are immune and all powerful. They are part of the largest industry in the world: drugs, which has a stranglehold on the economy, on civil society and on the body politic. Now is the time for people of conscience to commit their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to free humanity from the greatest form of slavery ever devised in the history of mankind.

As in wartime Germany, there are 3 kinds of citizens here: 1) the ones who perpetrate any crime to attain their ends, 2) the majority who go along with the criminals either because they cannot believe the enormity of the crimes or are too afraid to oppose them, and 3) the small minority who actively oppose the criminals, regardless of cost.

What is to be done? What would these Americans do: Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Ethan Allan, Crispus Attucks, Thomas Paine, Daniel Shays, John Brown, Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass, Nat Turner, Sitting Bull...

The above questions were submitted for discussion at the John Hopkins University CIA- crack panel, October 29, 1996, by Richard Ochs, member of the Baltimore Emergency Response Network, whose members have counted hundreds of arrests for resisting US policy in Central America for 15 years, including ejection from the JHU campus for protesting CIA recruiters there. Richard Ochs was the founding chairman of the Students for a Democratic Society in 1964 at the University of Maryland in College Park. For documentation on the above information, call 243-2077.
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