Why Did a Senior Intelligence Official Leak Sensitive Email?

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Re: Why Did a Senior Intelligence Official Leak Sensitive Email?

Postby Access Denied » Tue Dec 22, 2009 9:05 pm

Funny you should mention Howard Blum’s “Out There”. I was looking at Max’s blog the other day and was reminded of this blast from the past that sums up Gary’s misguided approach perfectly…


From our friends at Starstream Research:

[quoting from http://www.starstreamresearch.com/getting_naked.htm -AD]

"We have more bad news for those expecting to be flashed with nodding approval for their pet theories of aliens and UFO tales. The Naked Spy has a history of exposing himself in the past, and it wasn't always about UFO's and extraterrestrial contacts. At one time he also exposed his identity, location and activities targeted against illegal trade operations. In a previous decade there was a very public exposure involving a major newspaper and hearings in D.C. involving nothing less than impropriety and the three-letter-leadership. We doubt this kind of reckless behavior is anything less than setting the bait in a deliberately orchestrated trap. Sorry folks, we suspect some of you have been taken hook, line and sinker. When it comes to spy game antics surrounding the AVIARY and the AQUARIUM, its best to keep in mind that some birds eat fish. This particular Cat (fish?) is sometimes associated with the Pelican. You have been warned."

The sentence I highlighted above is where he and Dan Smith go off the rails…

All aboard! Ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaa!

The “impropriety” at the CIA was Ron exposed a “leak” that some didn’t necessarily want shut off and he was “rewarded” with Kit’s old (part-time) job of manning the “weird desk” in the “basement” as a result…

C.I.A. Ignored Report of Payments To Chinese for Satellite Contracts

Central Intelligence Agency officers in China told headquarters in March 1996 that a consultant who worked for American aerospace companies had made payments to Chinese officials in hopes of getting lucrative contracts, American intelligence officials say.

The allegation, made in a secret cable, should have set off alarm bells.


Mr. Lee's activities in China appear to have attracted little attention in Washington, except for the neglected 1996 C.I.A. cable. Intelligence officials said the cable mentioned both Hughes and Loral, but further details could not be learned.

The issue was dormant until 1998, when it was disclosed that Loral and Hughes were under investigation for possible illegal transfers of rocket expertise to China. Congress began its own inquiries, and a House select committee asked the C.I.A. for information about Mr. Lee, bringing the 1996 cable to light.

About the same time, inquiries from the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence led to the discovery that a C.I.A. scientist, Ronald Pandolfi, had learned about Hughes's sharing of expertise with the Chinese in 1995. Mr. Pandolfi wrote a draft intelligence estimate report warning about the military implications in April 1996, about a month after the cable arrived. The C.I.A. decided not to distribute the classified report to select Government officials, as is routinely done with intelligence estimates, saying it was insufficiently rigorous.

Both the cable and Mr. Pandolfi's report were written at a time when President Clinton was moving to ease restrictions on satellite deals and had shifted primary oversight of sales from the State Department to the Commerce Department.

In recent reports the Pentagon largely embraced Mr. Pandolfi's conclusions, saying Hughes had provided valuable technological insights to the Chinese in 1995.

Apparently Gary (and the incredulous crowd he hangs out with) has a reading comprehension problem, that and/or he’s suffering from confirmation bias fueled by cognitive dissonance… Ron was a science analyst, not a counterintelligence operative or “spy”.

Phil Klass debunked Blum’s book in this 1990 article for the L.A. Times…


The cornerstone of Blum's book is his claim that in early 1987, the Pentagon's Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) secretly launched a new investigation into UFOs-unidentified flying objects.


Blum, whose earlier books include one on the Walker spy family, claims that the Pentagon's new interest in UFOs was triggered by an extraordinary incident that occurred shortly before Christmas, 1986. It allegedly involved the Navy Space Surveillance System (NSSS), a key element in the global Space Surveillance Network operated by the U.S. Space Command.


As Blum describes the incident, Navy Cmdr. Sheila Mondran was on duty in Space Command's underground command center, deep inside Cheyenne Mountain near Colorado Springs, when a computer display showed a strange, uncatalogued space object passing through the electronic fence. According to Blum, the object was performing "crash dives followed by sudden climbs at astonishing speeds." Had Blum checked, he would have discovered that the Navy's electronic fence could not possibly have detected such maneuvers-as I earlier learned when I wrote a technical article on the system. Furthermore, the system does not provide a "real-time" display at Space Command's center, which Blum claims Mondran was viewing. Blum's dramatic scenario of events alleged to have triggered the Pentagon's renewed interest in UFOs is riddled with errors. For example, he reports that Cmdr. Mondran, after parking her car outside Cheyenne Mountain, rode a military bus inside and "took a polished steel elevator . . . descending almost 2500 ft." There is no such elevator-as I know from my several visits to the underground center. The only elevator is a three-story freight elevator.


In response to my request to Space Command's public-affairs office, Maj. Tom Niemann told me he could find no record that a Cmdr. Sheila Mondran had been stationed there. When he checked with the Navy, Niemann told me, they could not find any record of an officer named Sheila Mondran.

It gets better…

Blum describes experiments allegedly conducted by the DIA using "remote viewers" ("psychics") who, he claims, demonstrated the ability to "see," and thus pinpoint, the location of submerged Soviet and U.S. submarines. When the DIA learned of the extraordinary UFO incident, Blum claims, it brought in three psychics to "see" retroactively what the object looked like when it penetrated the electronic fence 48 hours earlier.

All three of the psychics drew sketches of "rounded, wingless aircraft," Blum tells his readers. Armed with these sketches of flying saucers, Army Col. Harold E. Phillips, a DIA intelligence analyst with a long-time interest in UFOs, according to Blum, managed to convince his agency that "the time had at last come to convene a top-secret working group to investigate the possibility that extraterrestrials were making contact with this planet."

Although Blum claims to have talked briefly with Col. Phillips by telephone, the only officer with that name who shows up in Army records is a lieutenant colonel (not a full colonel), and he retired three years before the purported UFO group was formed. Pentagon telephone directories for 1987-88 show an "H. E. Phillips," but he is a Navy commander, not an Army colonel. To avoid any possibility of Pentagon "disinformation," I checked the University of Southern Illinois, in Carbondale, from which Blum says Phillips graduated with a degree in engineering. The university could not find any record of a Harold E. Phillips.


And finally my favorite…

Eventually, writes Blum, Col. Phillips learned of the "Top Secret MJ-12 papers," made public by three UFOlogists in the spring of 1987, which claim that the U.S. government recovered a crashed saucer and several extraterrestrial bodies about 40 years earlier. If the MJ-12 claims were true, clearly somebody forgot to brief the top DIA officials who had approved creation of the UFO Working Group.


But of course that doesn’t stop folks like Gary and Dan from believing they’re part of some elaborately “orchestrated” spy game as opposed to what they really are… useful idiots on the UFOlogy front to the men behind the curtain of Scammers Inc. where the name of the game is fun and profit from pseudoscience.

And based on this thread here it would appear Ron’s role in all this was simply doing his job as a (“weird”) science analyst specializing in the “fringe”…

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Re: Why Did a Senior Intelligence Official Leak Sensitive Email?

Postby Zep Tepi » Wed Dec 23, 2009 1:55 am

Fantastic post Tom, I really couldn't have said it better myself :)
It's great to see what a little bit of clear thinking and logic can uncover - the truth, usually.
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Re: Why Did a Senior Intelligence Official Leak Sensitive Email?

Postby longhaircowboy » Thu Dec 24, 2009 3:21 am

You hit the nail on the head AD. I've quoted that tome myself when it was neccassary. But Gary sees more than whats there "Out There" is more fiction than fact. if he quotes that book be very suspiscious.
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Re: Why Did a Senior Intelligence Official Leak Sensitive Email?

Postby Access Denied » Fri Dec 25, 2009 10:00 pm

Zep Tepi wrote:Fantastic post Tom, I really couldn't have said it better myself :)

Thank you but I have to disagree, you can and have… several times.

Zep Tepi wrote:It's great to see what a little bit of clear thinking and logic can uncover - the truth, usually.

You mean you watched the killer Ozzy video I linked to?

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Re: Why Did a Senior Intelligence Official Leak Sensitive Email?

Postby ryguy » Wed Dec 30, 2009 11:10 pm

Oh man...reading your post upon my return from Vacation really capped off the end of this year nicely for me, thank you Tom. :)

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