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Gridkeeper and Lear

Postby Chorlton » Tue May 06, 2008 8:58 am

Just been perusing a few sites and see that on one site Lear and Gridkeeper have been cuddling up. However I fear this new alliance may soon be blown apart.
In a recent post, Lear has asked Gridkeeper to take some Moonshots of Aristarchus, (A place that both Lear and Zorgon suggest is the site of some supposed nuclear reactor HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

I dont think its going to take Lear long to realise that Gridkeeper or any of the other names he goes by isnt able to photograph anything worthwhile. In fact GK has already started dodging the requests from Lear.
Keep it up John, youre doing my work for me. =D>
Now please take a closer look at at Gridkeepers 'spaceships'

On a separate subject, I note that Gridkeepers videos on Youtube where he was impersonating Dr Michio Kaku have now been removed. Result !
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